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March 6, 2005

Off and on subject(s)...
Bob Praz

I havenít posted in a while, but I would just like to take my turn in welcoming Opalys and all other new members to the forum.
In response to your curious inquiry, Opalys, I'm from Canada as well, but in Ottawa.

On another subject Ė which I don't intend to treat thoroughly Ė Annatar brings up a point which I vigorously agree with, and that is that the issue of being liberal/conservative or left-wing/right-wing is a surprisingly overrated one; especially seeing as the two sides often overlap a lot more than we notice. Word of advice: whichever "side" youíre on, donít take things personally and donít trouble yourself with attempts to convince anyone else; both will generally achieve nothing. Thatís all on that.

On an almost, but not quite, completely unrelated question: has anyone here, by any chance, read the works of Douglas Adams (i.e. particularly the Hitch Hikerís Guide to the Galaxy, of course)?

PS: Iím glad many of us agree on the nature of American (and Canadian, for that matter) football.

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