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January 3, 2006

Busy Hollidays

Hi Faerlas!

Nice gifts you had! Me too! I received a black sweater with a picture of a wolf on it, a lamp with wolves on it from my father and I gave him a digital watch, lotery tickets and a long sleeves sweater. I received a silver pendant (face of a wolf), a wolf ornement (six wolves surrounding a candle) and cool socks from my mother (they are like gloves for the feet, each toe is covered separately!). I gave my mother oven mits (covered with cat drawings), big fluffy rooster slippers and a book on the Irish's misery in the 1800's. My aunt and uncle gave me 30$ and my best friend gave me silver earrings. A lot of parties, food, drinks and fun!!! Great hollidays I had! Since my Grandfather on my mother's side died years ago, the hollidays were sad and boring but this year, we were all jolly! But now, thank god it is over because my liver can't take it anymore!! Ha, ha!!

P.S. It takes long before the messages get posted here...where are all the others?

Anyway, Happy New Year 2006! May it be a year of prosperity, health and passion!!

Take care!!

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