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January 3, 2006

Happy New Year!!

Hello all!
I'm sure I missed a lot of debates... but what did ya'll think of CON? I thought it was good... but no LOTR. And it really can't be. The books don't even compare. I think Lewis was writing to a much younger audience.

I guess I also missed all the Kong talk too didn't I.... ah well. I just saw it last weekend. Again, good, but again, no LOTR. A lot of people were sniffling in the theater when Kong died, but I wasn't really feeling that affected. I mean, that monkey is a brat. All he wanted was his Barbie, and I really didn't have all that much sympathy for him at the end.

Sorry, had to have my rant. I was also disappointed that Jamie Bell's character (Jimmy) didn't seem to get any closure. Did he die?? Did I miss something?? Someone please explain it to me.

I apologize to all who have missed me ;)


Hey, I'm allowed to apologize to imaginary people :P


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