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January 4, 2006

Oh yay! I wasn't left here alone!

I was beginning to wonder whether I was alone or not! Thank the Valars I wasn't!

So, Opalys, do you like wolves? LOL! You sure got a TON of wolf stuff. I like wolves, I think they are beautiful, but I'm not a big wolf-on-shirt fan. (I prefer shirts that say something like "I'm not here" or "I have a Ring of power and I'm not afraid to use it.")

Pip, Lewis was writing to the kiddies, but his goal with Narnia was to make a set of childrens stories that would be read to children with out totally boring the adults. He wanted everyone to enjoy his work. I think he was rather successful. No, it isn't LOTR, but I can't complain. Narnia is, after all, the first world I fell in love with. *sentimental sigh*

No, I don't think there was an Kong discussion... Annatar hasn't been poking around for a bit, and the rest of us were busy, so feel free to discuss it. I haven't seen it yet though, I only ever saw the moldy oldy version from '33. That one was laughable.

One minute the village gate was only ten feet above the villagers heads, the next minute it is one hundred feet above their heads. I know the technology was not as good, but for pities sake, get the scale at least close!

But I like the old one, good for laughs. Hehe!

Namarie all!
-Farlas Ava

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