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January 7, 2006

Forum working right again and bloated livers

Yes, I am a big fan of wolves!! I'm a wolf trapped in a human body ha!Ha! Farlas, I don't wear shirts with wolves on them all the time, just when I stay home to relax or do some cleaning, I am not one of these people, don't worry!;~) When I go out, I'm quite the fashion type. For job interviews, gatherings and so on. Well...I try to look as normal as possible...not easy 'cause I'm a punk...ah well! Let's just say that I have my personnal style! But like you, I like shirts with messages like, I have a black t-shit that says: "Got blood?" in red! My favorite!

Annatar my dark lord! Still the sweet talker I see;~) Missed you! Missed you all, that's why I'm back! So busy Hollidays?

Have not seen Narnia and Kong...I'm hesitating.

So, are your livers bloated? Mine sure much much drinks...

Anyway, take care all!

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