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January 11, 2006

Me Gone? Never!

...apart from in the head.
Nope, just over Christmas I posted and waited for it to appear... So after wating a bit I posted again, then Christmas Hols (driving around the place like a lunatic, north south east west... ) New Years in Drogheda (mental driving there, took hours with gear trouble)
A great time there though, (Thanks B, you know who you are, for a great party).

So currently in recovery... money wise anyways.

Maybe Ill win the lotto

Opalys... Me a sweet talker?!! awwww shucks!!!
Making me blush...

Anyways I better head, do a little work and drink more coffee (nectar of the Gods.... that and Whiskey. Irish Coffee, now theres an idea....)

See yas later :) Ash Nazg...

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