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January 17, 2006

Ooh! I see!

Ah! So add Irish whiskey and Irish cream and you have Irish coffee... Nope, haven't had it. I'll stick to my Boston Cooler's thanks. That and I'm a tea-totaler.

Well, I haven't gotten my grades back yet for my English exam... I think I did okay... I hope I did... this past week was insanity itself! A very bad week for finals. We had our school spirit week, so we are all dressing up and suppose to be enjoying ourselves, whilst studying like mad and trying to focus on school work. :oPPPP

Oh, and I must thank you, for you introduced me to Paradise Lost, so I remembered who wrote it and what it was about. A round about way perhaps, but I thank you anyway. :o)

I'm so happy, this coming up semester we shall read "Pride and Prejudice" and we shall do our next Lit book which contains exerpts from the Screwtape Letters. YAY! *does a happy dance*

All for now!

-Farlas Ava

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