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January 20, 2006

Fr Ted...

Arrghhh!! Pride and Prejudice and all Emma'esc novels/movies just do my head in. Well kind of. I saw the movie of Pride and Prejudice and it was okay (ish). But had to do "Emma" at school... a more annoying %&^*(& so n so....Argghh.
Manipulative, spoiled brat.... the list goes on.

*Annatar cools down slowly*

You like Paradise Lost... I bet you like The Rolling Stones - "Sympathy For The Devil" (Guns N Roses do a great version). The song is based on a book... the name escapes me, if memory serves it takes place on a park bench in Moscow ... I think, or did I dream it?!?

Tea totaller... I was till I was 18 (Promise at Confirmation and member of Pioneers till then too). Still, nothing wrong with a tipple now and then.
Spose you have to be 21 in the States to legally drink (?). Thats a bit mad, if you can vote, join the army etc etc you can drink. If 18 is judged too early to handle drink, an 18yr old is too young to handle a gun, car - any possible lethal piece of equipment or be mature enough to Vote.

Opalys - new PC? Who's a lucky Crow!!!! He He.
You like messing with web graphics etc? Try getting your mits on Macromedia Studio. Very good for all things Web. Flash, Dreamweaver and Fireworks (amoungst others).
Hauntings??? Oohh you have to give us all the details.
Guinness is ok... a bit of an aquired taste. Not really my thing.

Everett - I can see what you mean about spoiling the taste of Whiskey. But if you look at it as raising the taste of Coffee, it doesnt seem so bad.... oh yes my precious, not bad at alllll...

Anywho, better head off :) see you all later Ash Nazg...

PS: Any one here see "Fr Ted" on the telly?

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