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January 29, 2006

Back from Icyland

YAY! I have returned from nothern country where the snow is 9 inches deep. YAY! Where I live doens't have anything right now. *pouts* Anyway, to reply...

YAY! You liked the video too Opalys!

Wowzers... This has done worlds of good for my self confidence... I have debated people almost twice my age and held my own. YAY!

I shall be 18 years old on Easter. YAY!

Well, I have a notion I'm suppose to say that alcohol "is a vile drink". I think if it is abused it is. I have a hard time thinking very many inanimate objects are of themselves evil. I think drunkeness is excessive and unhealthy, but I wouldn't condem you for the occasional drink.

I have a feeling this isn't the correct Baptist answer, but... That is the conclusion I have drawn. It may change... it may not. Like I said, I'm turning 18 in spring

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