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January 31, 2006

Live and let and let live I mean!

I respect your point of view Farlas, and your liver will probably work better than mine later lollll!! As for me, I am not an alcoholic BUT...when there is an event where there is alcohol, I can't stop at just one drink, I want an other then an other until I loose my head! I started "partying" at 16. Back then I could drink alot and mix without getting sick and start all over the next evening but now, ten years later, I just get wasted once a month. I guess I've matured! But my point is, do what you want in life and let others do what they want! As long as you don't hurt anyone, that's what really matters. I don't consider myself a bad person because I choose to act "unhealthy" sometimes. Like I said, I respect people that refuse to abuse themselves (they will probably live longer) but I think the opposite: abusing your system from time to time is necessary. I am not saying that I am right but also I am not saying that I am wrong. It is just my opinion.

Anyway, take care all!

By the way, it is fun to see the age mixing here!

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