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February 4, 2006

Make me a crocadile sandwich...

... and make it snappy!!
Opalys, you hit the nail on the head, sometimes its good to get wasted. Great for stress relief... well kinda.
Opalys doing dodgy things now and again doesnt make you bad, it just makes you human. A side effect of calling yourself bad is that self worth gets a hit, ya start believing it, and before long ya stop struggling against those dodgy things that started the ball rolling(cos whats the point) and so it gets progressively worse. Sometimes the way we view ourselves is the biggest lie of all, and the most damaging.

Argghhh... we need something a bit more light hearted in here.... I'm putting the Xmas lights back up.

Jokes!! yeah.... some of my favs...
Q: Why do Elephants have big ears?

A: Cos Noddy wouldnt pay the ransom!!

Q: Whats big, red and eats rocks?

A: A big red rock eater!!

Two Nuns sitting on a park bench a naked man walks by..... Okay ermmm welll maybe I wont tell THAT joke.

See you all later :) Ash Nazg...

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