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February 13, 2006


Man of Westernesse, that was funny. It made me chuckle! The real question is, can you touch your toes? Because even at my young age I have not managed to touch my toes but a handful of times in my life.

My flexibiility is zero.

I'd give the rebuttle to that Annatar, but frankly, I don't feel like getting into an argument, debate, or anything remotely related to it. I have enough problems I'm in the middle of enough right now to start something. Nothing terribly wrong or illegal or anything weird like that. In fact, I didn't even star it... I was an innocent bystander! Boo! I'm being dragged into things I can't do anything about! Bahumbug! I'm in protest! *grumbles under breath*

A big red rock eater? HEHE!

One of my favorite jokes, infact, the only one I can tell with out cracking up in the middle of it: Two guys walked into a bar, the third one ducked.

It's corny, I know! :o)

You took your Christmas lights down? Mine are still up in my room... right next to my chineese paper lanterns.

I really need to take the Christmas lights down. And get more tacky lights... Like flamingo's, or pineapples and palm trees. Always fun! And a fire. A bonfire. With marshmallows! LOTS OF MARSHMALLOWS! And coconut smores! Yummmm!!! And some Tiki lights and a Yogi Bear movie on an outdoor theater screen! With a grape slush puppy and really buttery popcorn. And a kareoke machine with all sorts of random songs! Anyone have a guitar? Because a guitar is always good too. And JELLY BEANS! LOTS AND LOTS OF JELLYBEANS! And Gummy bears! a ton of those too! And a few apples. Big ole apples. A few carmel covered ones as well. For good measure let's through in some chips and olive dip. AND BLACK CHERRIES!!!!

Sorry, I got a little carried away there... But it's when I get carried away that I write the best. Stories that is.

Okay, I'm gonna leave before I get into a non-sugar sugar high.

-Farlas Ava of the Gummy Bear people

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