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February 13, 2006

Annatar, I shake your hand!

And I thank you profusely for not using circular reasoning and repeating arguments like a blasted parrot!

Good Eru! I'm ready to scream!

At least you have some intelligent thought behind your answers and you have thoughts of your own. I swear, people these days are mindless idiots that only repeat what they're told!

I am debating these two people on another forum and they both have this whacky ideas about God and truth. I might actually be able to get somewhere if they didn't contradict themselves, use circular reasoning, and repeat words like an answering machine!!! And debating an answering machine is less productive than walking down the up escalator. At least with that you make progress! Sheesh!

It is utterly and hopelessly infuriating! I would rather debate an evolutionist! At least they have differing theories about some things!!! It's two different people with the exact same answers. In fact, I thought it was the first person at first til I got to the bottom of their post and saw their banner.

*collapses on floor* I get the same goobledygook each time. I can now tell you the answers I will get before I get them. I have only been debating them the last two days. We've only had eleven posts in between the three of us... all together. Yes this works out, because I had one more than the first person, and the second person had only one... I'll let you add it all up.

I'm going to scream now from frustration.

-Farlas Ava teh Frustrated Defender of Truth!

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