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February 19, 2006

Tolkien and Other Things

Everett, it could be argued Tolkien, while being a genius may have suffered from a glass half empty outlook.
Its easier to see the caca than the good. 'Course if we had had to fight in the trenches and see out friends die maybe we would have a less than great view of the modern world and any advances we make, be they technological or other.

Farlas, "...rather debate an evolutionist..."???
Annatar looks at the Can...
The Can looks at Annatar...
Will Annatar open the Can?...
Can wonders does Annatar want to see the Worms inside...

Ahh the devil take the hindmost!

Evolution is God's way of getting things done.
Adam and Eve... well... they were hardly the first and only humans. The little matter of 3 sons and no daughters, would make it a very shortlived species. Not to mention the therefore possible issue of brother/daughter/praps even mother incest, which would make Oedipus feel fortunate. Not that such "carry on" was ever mentioned, so even that possibility is closed.
Adam and Eve could be argued to be the first of a LINE sotaspeak. Head family of a new tribe, exiled from their homeland because of dodgy dealings.
Anywho, Evolution just goes to show God sets his clock using Eons, not the piffling use of hours, days, years etc

Anyways see you all later :) Ash Nazg...

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