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February 19, 2006

YAY! Our posts are up!

I always marvel at the rate in which our posts are put up. *chuckles*

Don't mind me, I have been sick the last five days, and I am now going stir crazy! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Everett, I would have to say yes, that is it is applicable to modern western society. If he got any more accurate on the subject I'd be scared. It is a clear parallel of the modern world, even more so today than however many decades ago when he wrote that.

I think he is right in portraying them negatively, and I think it is a clear warning. He was a smart man to say the least, and I may put down he was wise as well.

I have seen that video Opalys. have you seen the Potatoes one?

And yes, I get those emails on occasion. I think the mod here gets a little bored and so he sends out that email. LOL!

All for now!
-Farlas of the Five day illness

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