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February 24, 2006

It's the end of the world! :o)

Well, in light of recent events, I have done a little thinking and I want to see what you all think.

There's that bio tracking chip thing being slowly introduced to the modern world. People are taking it voluntarily. Some of them can track you by radio waves, some by satellite, so forth. What do you think? Is it just awesome great technology or is it just one step closer to the Last Days?

Also, I just wonder what you all's opinions are: When do you suppose The Rapture shall take place?

Personally, I think it is going to be around the year 2026. Why do I think this? Well... the Bible says the Rapture shall be one generation from the Founding of the nation of Israel. That was about 1948. Seventy is the age God gives as the human average life span. That puts us about 2018. Then, I have heard scientific guesses that the glaciers in Glacier National Park shall be melted and gone in twenty years. I also heard that the ones in Iceland are melting too! Factor in extreme volcanic activity and there you go. Now, God promised he would never flood the entire world at once again... this seems to create a problem. Now, I was told this theory and I tend to agree... here it is: The lion will lay down with the lamb in the Millenia kingdom. Prior to Adam's fall the animals were (most likely) not carnivors. It was also the pre flood world. Therefore, when the icecaps melt, the canopy will be recreated because the water has to go somewhere and the earth can't be destroyed with water again. Peace cannot come back like that until the Millenial kingdom, thus, by the time the glaciers melt the tribulation must be over so the water can form the canopy.

My prediction in a nutshell:
-Rapture around 2018
-one year for Anti-Christ to rise
-Seven years tribulation
-At end of seven years Jesus returns, the glaciers melt, and the canopy is reestablished allowing the lion to lay down with the lamb and things to reassume the Garden of Eden like conditions, Millenial kingdom shall be established.
After that it's all future present tense history.

It works out beautifully! And! I have a chance at being right because God said no man will no the day or the hour, but he will know the times and the seasons. HAHA! All the prophecy that needed to be fufilled for the Rapture has been. All we await is the peace treaty in the Middle East (War on Terror anyone?). Mwahaha!

Wouldn't it be simply hillarious if I was actually right?

Any other theories out there?

-Farlas the Guesser

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