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March 12, 2006

Now and later

I'm only going to argue with half of your arguments now and the rest later... I just spent the last two weeks cramming my head full of the first chapter of Ruth so I could get up at 5 today, go to the middle of the state and recite it and get a 2 rating and go home with blisters on my feet. In other words, Mesa tired, brain dead, and wanting to veg out. Therefore, my answers shall be very undiplomatic, nigh unto tactless, painfully direct and no nonsense... and probably incoherant.

Somewhere in some book of the Bible (I think it was Genesis, but part of me says somewhere in the New Testament... too tired to check) it mentions the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. Thus, there were at least a few unrecorded siblings.

(Great debating this is... Somewhere it says something...) (whatever)

Okay, Dinosaurs fit in beautifully! Just read Job. And... explain to me how one fosilized tree goes through multiple layers of earth that are supposedly billions of years apart from eachother. It is fossilized, it is old. It did not just fall into a hole. It is more than plausable that all the dinosaurs died in the flood and that all the layers were formed, because... the waters from the deeps of the earth were gushing up, the rain was falling down. The water coming up was sliding loose plates of the earth causing continental drift, mountains to form, and canyons as well that parallel the mountains. Now, if all this land is sliding about, wouldn't you think a dinosaur could get sucked into the dirt if left outside the ark? There is also ample evidence to suggest that men were a good deal larger than modern humans, so the dinosaurs wouldn't have been as massively huge.

Oh I know, I just love theories about the end of the world. I'm kinda weird that way. Conspiricy and apocolyptic theories have always been a hobby of mine.

If Revelation was about the death of a person, then I would like to know why the nations of the world will be at war. That theory doesn't hold water in any way for most of the book of Revelation.

That was Abraham and the old testatment, and even though the city of Sodom may have been spared, Rest assured the inhabitants are burning right now. Besides, God is perfect and cannot tolerate inperfection, therefore, a mostly good creature with one or two little sins cannot get into heaven by his own accord. Hence Jesus' death on the cross. Hell is full of many very good and wonderful people that never realized it's through Jesus alone that you get to Heaven.

Yeah, I often think God sits in heaven laughing at us and our speculations. I think humans are God's way of showing His sense of humor. I wonder if He finds any of our speculations interesting at all, or just humorous...

And I do think we'll be laughing hysterically, be pleasantly surprised, and beating our heads against the wall once we see everything.

-Farlas the Tired

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