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March 14, 2006

Imagery,and the Return of the...

... Giant One Armed Hedgehog

Farlas, hmmm where to start....
Ok first off, we are all sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. It is a well known and accepted way of saying a decendant of.
As for the Flood... I do believe there was A flood which flooded the black sea basin and gave rise to alot of flood stories... Gilgamesh etc
But there is not enough water on this planet or in its atmosphere to completely swamp it. Remember the waters have to reach up past the highest point of Mt Everest...
Indeed, there is no way a ship of the Arks proportions could accomodate all the creatures of the world (including if accepted Dinosaurs) and their fodder, fresh water etc (not only for the time in the Ark, but also for a good while afterwards till the earth recovered - which would also require a massive meat mountain to feed the carnivores, It would take a good few years to allow the breeding stock of prey to rise sufficently to allow them to be consumed).
Not only that seeing that only two of each kind was brought onboard you dont have a large enough breeding pool. Short term newly born animals would be deformed, long term they would be barren.
Anyways the "global" view of the ancient peoples of the Middle-east was exactly that, the middle-east was their world.
I dont know of the fossil example you speak of but, I'd guess soil movement could easily explain it. After all fossils are basically stones...
Humans were bigger in the past? There will always be those who stand out in the crowd (hehehe) because they are so tall, big etc, but within the past say 10,000 years, in general humans are getting bigger, taller etc - a result of a better diet etc
Anyways if everyone was 10 feet tall a T-Rex would still make short work of us. He'd just have a slightly bigger meal.

"Hell is full of many very good and wonderful people that never realized it's through Jesus alone that you get to Heaven. " That is a very harsh view of things. What of people to whom the Word was never preached? Are they damned because of Geography? Or could it be that God is a little more forgiving and understanding?
It isnt a belief/acceptance in/of God that gets you into Heaven its unselfish unknowing love for one another that does it. The ability to do good without even recognising it as it has become second nature.
How do I get into Hell? Glad you all asked! Do selfish things without acknowledging what evil you do. We lie to ourselves to spare ourselves the guilt. We mock and belittle people but sooth ourselves with the belief that it was "only a little fun". Denial of wrong doing is what gets you.
Where do I get all of this??! Just check out the passage about the division of the Goats and Sheep.

Not all things in the Bible are meant to be taken literally. How many times do we hear the Christ refered to as the Lamb Of God. Are we to believe Jesus was not human but a wooly little animal? No, it was an image to show Jesus as He who would be sacrificed in a new Passover, just as the original lambs were killed in Egypt during the original Passover. (Include all the parallels of Death passing by/Death of the Soul etc).
Like I said .... Imagery is a huge part of the Bible.
Revelations may have (probably was) a warning to the early Christian church not to fall into the evil Roman ways. A good hint at this was one of the horse men is described as a horse archer. The most famous of these in those times were Romes arch enemies the Parthians. A wish, a hope, the Parthians would bring War and destroy pagan Rome, the oppressor.

There is loads more but Id bore you all to tears. (Waayyy too late)

See you all laters :) Ash Nazg...

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