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March 17, 2006

Yes, tis a translation...

The Bible has been translated, but, the King James Version hasn't been modified to the advantage of anyone.

The Greek and Hebrew texts haven't been modified either. Ever since they first written, copies have been made by men laying a piece of paper over the original text and tracing the words through it. Then, seven men would proof read each page to make sure not one thing was altered. It has been very well preserved.

If you read something in the Bible that shocked you, rest assured so have I. The miracles are pretty shocking, not to mention the plagues and so forth.

I agree with the priest that you do not have to take everything literally, in that I don't think when Jesus comes again a literal sword shall be coming out of his mouth. As I told Annatar, sometimes it is simply a metaphor, but many times I think it is literal. I think the plagues that have been and will be are literal. I think when God speaks of eternal damnation he is speaking literally. I think the lethiathin in Job is quite literal too.

You can have differing opinions on what the Bible says, to a point. Revelation is highly debatable on when, what things shall be, what certain things are or symbolize and so forth, but Romans is set in stone. So to speak. On doctrinal things there isn't a debate or differing opinion. Either you agree with God or you do not. God doesn't comprimise on doctrine as humans will.

I disagree when that priest said some things are just images. Nothing in the Bible is just some random image. That's what the internet is full of, random images. Everything in the Bible has a distinct purpose or it would not be in there. I also disagree with saying you can interpret things how you want thus putting flaws in the story. This may be true with a human's book, but it is NOT true with God's. You can interpret it wrong and think about it incorrectly, but it in and of itself cannot have flaws. If it does... *flash back to Bible class essays* "then the Bible isn't true, God is a liar, and my faith is in vain."

I think I ended most every essay I wrote last year with those words. HEhehe! It didn't matter the topic of the essay, I brought it down to that conclusion. (The questions were usually what if's or explain why. I could do it with those.)

I'd love to ramble on more, but I've got to get ready to go to a play. :o)))


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