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January 21, 2007

Oh dear!

If an empty article is posted, which I seriously doubt will happen, but hey! Just know it was one of those weird little technical glitches!

Gweetin's Julie! And a marvelous New Year!

Everett, my semester ended peachily! I ended up getting all B's and C's in my classes, for which I was estatic! I had a ten point grading scale growing up, and NBBC has a 6 point scale. So, if I were back at highschool, I'd have gotten all A's and B's. WHEE! I REALLY didn't expect to do as well as I did.

Well, I couldn't come if I wanted to. I'm busy busy busy all the way til January 4th. That's when I get my upper wisdom teeth pulled. Oh joy. After that I think it's work. *sniffles* I HATE WORKING FAST FOOD! It's utterly miserable work! I think I'd rather work landscaping or something. Uughh...

Anyway! Enough about that!

Annatar, that little story line would make an EXCELLENT bit of fanfiction! If you do get it written, you simply must let me read it!

And to add onto my little story and give some updates on the "new guy (Michael) and just friends" thing... well... I can't say that's entirely true anymore. Now we're more "rather interested and possibly dating next semester."

But we'll see. ;o)))

Happy New Year everyone!

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