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February 15, 2002

Two Balrog Wings 'n' Drumsticks Please
Gothaur the Cruel

Quick n to the point... Balrogs have wings. and heres why, first the books never said they didnt have wings, while it did strongly hint that they did. Oh and when the Nazgul flew overhead when they were on the river, they immediately thought of the Balrog. Now if the demon didnt even have wings why should they think "OH thats the balrog again!"??. Just cos its got wings doesnt mean it can fly!!, glide perhaps, but the confines of the chasm Gandalf sent it down would have been too tight to allow for the wings to unfold(and later he was too injured n hacked up to do much gliding). annnnddddd.... the overall visage of a Balrog was designed to inspire fear and panic in their opponent, winged Balrogs do a better job at that. Course it doesnt really matter how you see the characters in the book, having your own view of em makes the book more personal. ohh just a thought... who sed all Balrogs had to be the same???!!? perhaps some had wings some didnt. Afterall, Morgoth did like variety...and skittles.

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