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February 13, 2002

Dispute in Dispute
Brett C.

Kudos to Rag's Horn - I saw the movie promo on TV the other day and realises I had gaffed in my comment about the Argonath's hands, and of course, I will be seeing the movie again, and will remember to look for Amon Lhaw and Amon Hen. How I long for the DVD, when we can simply go frame by frame through the whole [4.5 hour extended version] movie looking for such subtle details.

I actually sent an article prior to this where I voiced my agreement to the comment about PJ's set up of Anduril. The sword at the Argonath is certainly Narsil to judge by the hilts, while the figure holding it would appear to be Elendil as seen at the start of the movie, Anarion having been ommited. Interestingly I keep seeing pics and even miniatures of Gil-Galad, so hopefully he will make into the special edition.

As for the Balrog and wings, I replied that the one in the movie certainly does, while the one in the book does not. Seriously, beyond any discussion about the questionable strategy of dropping a winged creature in a pit to get away from it, in the Silmarillion the hidden elf city of Gondolin remains hidden because Morgoth's creatures cannot pass the mountains that surround it, guarded as they are by the Great Eagles. But can you honestly see any amount of Eagles stopping an attack wing of Balrogs. And in the War of Wrath, the forces of Aman are taken unawares by the assault of the winged dragons; it is only then that Earedil and the eagle descend and engage in aerial combat: the implication is none of the others of Morgoth's host [except, I suppose, the vampires] could fly. Perhaps the best we can agree on is that whether they have wings or not, Balrogs have all the aerodynamic qualities of a brick. :]

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