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February 11, 2002

Re: And the Winner Is...
A Rag's Horn

#10. In the movie, the Argonath each hold up their landward arms, and Tol Brandir sits behind flanking hills at the end of the lake near the falls. In the book the Argonath each holds up their left hand, and Tol Brandir is in the middle of the lake.

--> Nope, both hold their left hand up, just as in the book. I agree for Tol Brandir though. The actual mistake should be that only the statue on the left is holding an axe (the other a sword), while the book states both are.

#4. Speaking of Legolas, he has blonde hair in the movie, but Tolkien specifically states that only Elves of the house of Finarfin had golden hair, ...

--> I see them silver, as stated in the book, not golden at all; but maybe I have the eyesight of a Nazgul...

I'm not even mentionning the balrog's wings, which are highly disputable...

Brett C., it looks like you'll have to see the movie at least once again! :-)

btw, I have not read yet anyone had noticed that, after the Argonath, on the right of Tol Brandir, the tower/citadel/whatever of Amon Hen can clearly be seen; and on the other side, it is Amon Lhaw that is visible. Details, details...

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