The LOTR Movie Site
April 28, 2000

Official German LOTR Page
Johannes Spoerl

I'm the designer of the German official LOTR Homepage for Kinowelt. It's very funny to read your article at: http://www.tolkien-movies.com/words/2000/02-15-00b.htm

It was never a beta version! It is official! so it will not be replaced. You can find now some news on it, but Kinowelt didn't like my designs for the subpage.s, so they are not linked (as a matter of fact they are online, just try a bit)

I'm now making the designs for Scream 3 and after that I will do (finally) the new designs for LOTR. There are three motives from New Line which I can use for the page (patiently waiting for it).

Cirdan from herr-der-ringe-film.de will work together with me for this site.

I'm a great Tolkien for myself, have a own LOTR- site (http://www.derherrderringe.de) and looking forward to design the site.