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April 18, 2007

Composer Timothy Powell Releases 'New Places' Song

In anticipation of the filming of The Hobbit, there is an emerging world-wide grass-roots campaign to include the music of songwriter and composer Timothy Powell on the soundtrack. In particular, his song "New Places" has received a great deal of attention in the last year since the first rumors of a Hobbit movie began to circulate on the net.

The song "New Places" was written while the composer was doing research in Bulgaria through the U.S. Fulbright program. It was inspired by Tolkien's poem "The Road Goes Ever On." Powell hopes that with enough world-wide attention, this song could be featured on the soundtrack.

He says: "Any attention generated for the movie is good. If my song gets people excited about the books and about a film version, then I have done my part!"

"New Places" features lush strings, ambient acoustic and electric guitar loops, African drumming, and wood flute - perfectly capturing the text, which gives poetic homage to J.R.R. Tolkien. The song is bathed in nostalgic and mythic imagery, recalling a world where there are still "fields where no one has been." In homage to Tolkien, Powell invites us to travel "round the corner," where a "secret road may wait."

Powell says: "I was listening to a great deal of Cold Play, Nora Jones, and classic Sting when I wrote 'New Places.' Perhaps there is something of all three artists in the music. I imagined that I was Tolkien on vacation at Loch Ness on a particularly foggy day. I could just see him smoking his pipe, sitting on the blue hills, breathing the cool, clean, air and dreaming of Middle Earth. The music was meant to sound otherworldly and ancient, while at the same fitting into a contemporary pop framework."

Powell's myspace page is "ground zero" for information about the composer, his music, and the song "New Places." You can help spread the word about Timothy Michael Powell's song "New Places" by logging on to

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