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Empire Online
February 3, 2004

Empire Online's Poll Results

I thought you might be interested in the results of our largest online poll ever, which gathered opinion on which Rings films our readers preferred. Over 67,000 votes were collected- and the verdict was not what one would expect!!

The question was:

"Which of the three Lord of the Rings instalments do you think rules them all?"
Don't make me choose. I WILL NOT CHOOSE! : 11%
Return of the King rocks : 32%
Nope, gotta be The Two Towers : 44%
Fellowship without a doubt : 13%

I was surprised- and yet not surprised. The general feeling is that ROTK is a spectacular and wonderful movie (which deserves all the Oscars coming to it). However TTT has a tighter and more dynamic dramatic structure. It is also more intense- with a better contrast between good and evil. It has some of the best dialogue scenes in the trilogy (eg Sam's speech at the denouement, Merry telling Pippin that there won't be a Shire, and Peter Jackson's favourite, "Who am I Gamling?....the sun goes down in the West....."). The pacing is also better in TTT. ROTK has a magnificent expansive beginning, then races away far too quickly for us to keep up, and then slows right down again to glacial speed. I think we all need to see ROTK EE!

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