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February 5, 2004

Tolkien 50 Years Web Site

The official site of the Tolkien Fifty Years, the great event which will occur in Brussels between the 22th and the 28th of march, is online, both in English and in Italian, here: (click on the "english version" line above at right to read it in english). You can find there useful information about the program of the convention and how to join the party or have news about many affiliated events occurring in every part of the world (and how to affiliate your event to the T50Y).

Among the important guests attending the celebration, there will be the Tolkien experts Edward McMurr (Person in charge for Europe of the Tolkien Society UK), Paolo Paron (President of the Italian Tolkien Society), Oronzo Cilli (Person in charge of Tolkien's Fifty Years), Jimmy Chavez (Peruvian Tolkien Society), Mathias Daval, Christopher Garbowski, Gianfranco De Turris, Adolfo Morganti Brian Rosebury, Marco Respinti, Mike Foster, Stefano Giuliano and authorities such as On. Roberto Bigliardo (Coordinator of the Economic and Monetary Commission of the European Parliament) , Dr.ssa Pialuisa Bianco (Director of the Brussels Italian Cultural Institute).

During the week, we'll have several concerts and a stage work, inspired by Tolkien's books and various exhibitions (you can find the full program here:

The T50Y has already obtained the sponsorship of the Italian office of the European Parliament, the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers, the Embassy of New Zealand in Italy, the Italian Ministry of Communication, the Italian Cultural Institute in Brussels, Regione Lazio, the International Film Festival of Flanders/Gand, the New Zealand Post. Partners of the event are RAI SAT, the publisher Bompiani, Caltanet Cinema, Games Workshop and Red Carpet Tours. The Tolkien 50 Years has been covered extensively not only by the italian press and television, with several reports by the most important local channels and newspapers, but also by the international magazines and websites.

Moreover, the Tolkien Fifty Years promoter, Oronzo Cilli, received many grateful letters by important institutions and people. For example, the english Prime Minister, Mr Tony Blair, thanked Cilli for his work in an official letter. Even more important, considering the subject of the convention, the letter sent by Priscilla Tolkien, where she announces she have to refuse to participate personally to the event due to her age. Anyway, she writes to "congratulate you personally for undertaking such a responsible position as the organizer of such a large scale international event in the European Parliament building" and announces that she wrote a statement for the speciale volume reporting on the event where she wishes Mr. Cilli and his colleagues all success.

Last but absolutely not least, Tolkien fans will be excited to know that a publication of unpublished Tolkien letters is upcoming. In fact, on the occasion of TFY's presentation on January 19, Marco Respinti and Oronzo Cilli, in the presence of Elisabetta Sgarbi (Editorial Director of Bompiani), spoke of the possibility of a revision of the Italian edition of Tolkien's letters, gathered by his son Christopher and his official biographer, Humprey Carpenter. Bompiani decided to publish a new edition, revised and enlarged, and the Italian Tolkien Society is in contant with an english publisher to have an international version of the book. The volume will be introduced by an essay of Priscilla Tolkien and it will boast contributions by Tolkien experts as Mike Foster, Christopher Garbowski, Brian Rosebury, Andrew McMurry, Paolo Paron, Gianfranco de Turris, Adolfo Morganti, Marco Respinti, Oronzo Cilli, Stefano Giuliano, Jimmy Chavez, Jeroen Van Den Berg, David Beatene and many others. In fact Cilli has managed to obtain from the British Public Record Office the rights to the publication of some documents regarding Tolkien's experience in the First World War. The new edition might include these new documents (never published before in any book) and a short essay on Tolkien and the war.

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