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02-12-03: Who looked best in The Two Towers?

01-06-03: What did you think of The Two Towers?

12-19-02: The Two Towers is only a few days away! How excited are you?
12-13-02: What are you most looking forward to with the release of TTT?

11-27-02: What will you purchase your Tolkien fan this Christmas?

10-22-02: What did you think of the TTT trailer?
10-01-02: Who were your favorite evil people?

08-22-02: Which race would you be if you lived in Middle Earth?
08-11-02: How much would you pay for the extended footage FotR DVD?

06-06-02: Who would you dress up as to attend the TTT premiere?

05-24-02: Which weapon is the best?
05-18-02: Which locale had the best overall visual effects?
05-11-02: Where in Middle Earth would you choose to live?

04-26-02: Which aspect of FotR were you most disappointed with?
04-15-02: Which character has the best costume?
04-05-02: Which was your most favorite line?

03-29-02: What would Tolkien think of Fellowship?
03-19-02: How many times have you seen Fellowship?
03-08-02: Which Rings character was the cutest?

02-23-02: Which Rings character were you most disappointed with?
02-15-02: Which Rings co-star should have been given more lines?

01-26-02: How many times have you seen Fellowship?
01-14-02: How will The Two Towers be received by audiences?
01-07-02: What part of FotR did you enjoy the most?

12-23-01: So... what did you think of Fellowship?
12-19-01: When are you going to watch your first showing of Fellowship?
12-12-01: How many times do you plan to view Fellowship?

11-28-01: How will Harry Potter stack up against FotR?
11-18-01: Which movie are you most anxious to see?
11-02-01: Which member of the Fellowship is the "weakest link?"

10-21-01: Who would you be most embarrassed to dress up as?
10-13-01: What are the secret identities of the Ringwraith actors?
10-01-01: What extras would you like to see on the LotR DVDs?

09-13-01: What do you think the tone of the Rings films will be?

08-31-01: Will Weta edge ILM for some technical Oscars?
08-24-01: How much of The Lord of the Rings have you actually read?
08-17-01: What is your favorite place in Middle-earth?
08-12-01: Which character do you ALREADY HAVE as a relative?

07-31-01: Who would you most enjoy having as a relative?
07-17-01: Which character SHOULD be dropped from the movies?
07-06-01: Which would have made you angry if cast as Hobbits?

06-20-01: Which actor best portrays his or her character?
06-07-01: What did you think of the new Fellowship trailer?

05-29-01: What's your opinion regarding a Tolkien theme park?
05-21-01: Should Rings be released all together on a single DVD?
05-15-01: Which 30 minutes of footage would you show at Cannes?

04-30-01: Should we start using this design on the site?
04-27-01: Should Christopher Tolkien have been involved in Rings?
04-12-01: How much would you pay for a LotR theater poster?

03-15-01: Who would you want to have as a relative?

02-23-01: How often do you read The Lord of the Rings?
02-07-01: Who would you choose to travel with in The Lord of the Rings?

01-29-01: Which character would you most like to have been?
01-20-01: What were your impressions of the Fellowship trailer?
01-14-01: Where will you be on January 12th?
01-09-01: Who is Gandalf most comparable to in the real world?
01-04-01: Who is Elrond most comparable to in the real world?

12-23-00: If LotR is good, would you want PJ to do The Silmarillion?
12-11-00: How much would you spend on a LotR special ed. DVD set?

11-26-00: What is the greatest fantasy movie ever made?
11-06-00: Which aspect of this site needs the most improvement?

10-22-00: What will Jackson's surprise cameo in LotR be?
10-10-00: What will the opening weekend gross of LotR will be?

09-30-00: Where in Middle-earth would you live after Sauron's defeat?
09-17-00: Who is Sauron most comparable to in the real world?
09-06-00: Who is the true hero in The Lord of the Rings?

08-27-00: Which weapon would you most like to wield in battle?

07-16-00: Who is your favorite Tolkien-inspired artist?
07-09-00: Ainur excluded, who is the strongest character in Middle-earth?

06-30-00: Do you think we should use a new nav bar on this site?
06-24-00: Would you tolerate more advertising on this site...?
06-16-00: What character do you think was cast the best?

05-28-00: Which movie merchandise will sell the best?
05-15-00: Which character do you think has the greatest chance of being cut?

03-27-00: What is the primary reason why you would buy LotR on DVD?

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