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New Tolkien Audio Resource Hits the Web celebrates the anniversary of the birth of J.R.R. Tolkien with the complete J. R. R. Tolkien Audio Resource Page.

Tolkien Course at Cardiff Running Again in May
Cardiff University's online course on Tolkien is set to begin again on May 1st...

Largest LotR Sale in History at
Now that four years have come and gone since’s launch they are going through the company’s massive inventory and slashing prices on over one hundred different items and offering them for sale between 50% and 90% off.

New Study of LotR Announced has published plans for a series of fourteen articles tracing the early publishing history of The Lord of the Rings.

'Shadows of Angmar' Game Reaches Alpha
A new highly-anticipated Rings computer game, titled "The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar," has entered the alpha phase of development. Over 125,000 fans have already registered as beta testers.

Daily Reports from ELF 2006 has been posting daily news updates and images from the ELF 2006 convention. Their latest update is from this past Sunday...

Exploring Tolkien: A New Course at Cardiff
Cardiff is again offering a Tolkien course this year. The course will examine Tolkien's awareness of northern European mythologies and languages as well as other aspects of his scholarly background.

'The Hobbit' in 2007?
An interesting sighting on a calendar in the New York offices of New Line Cinema...

Help Tim Get His Song in 'The Hobbit' Movie
Timothy Powell has composed a piece of music that he would like to see in the film version of "The Hobbit." Find out how you can help make this happen.

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