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12-30-99: Ain't It Cool News posted their own excerpts from the recent interview with stunt coordinator Bruce Brown. Nothing new. More  

12-30-99: I heard from April P. this morning and she gave me an article regarding the producer of MEO transferring to another project. More 

12-29-99: Aaron was kind enough to inform me today that the official Middle Earth Online site has been taken down. What does this mean? More

12-29-99: Bart R. recently dropped me a 1-page e-mail with his thoughts on current casting, and interesting speculation on future roles. More

12-29-99: Dean K. got a peek at a recent issue of Women's Day mag which featured an article on Cate Blanchett. Here are his thoughts. More

12-28-99: Tom alerted me to this fascinating interview with Bruce Brown, the guy in charge of stunts for the LOTR trilogy, over at Tol Galen. More

12-28-99: This article is from 1996, but I think it's still relevant. The question it poses is why Jackson scored an R for "The Frighteners" when he was aiming for a PG-13. Could the same thing happen with LOTR? More

12-28-99: Here's an Entertainment Weekly article from September that we missed. Basically, it's just an opinion article, with some web info. More

12-27-99: Recently, I got my hands on a November copy of Women's Day, a   New Zealand mag, and it had a short article about Liv Tyler. Here's the article, along with scans of the accompanying photos. More

12-24-99: VaelynPhi sent us a list of the "Top Ten Failed Tolkien Marketing Schemes." I decided to wait until Christmas Eve to post them. More

12-22-99: MSNBC recently made a small LOTR mention. The blurb is near the bottom of the article, under the "Agent Blames Site" heading. More

12-22-99: Through an e-mail to New Line executive Gordon Paddison, Elenaran has confirmed that the official LOTR site will open in January of 2000 and not in mid-December as previously thought. More

12-21-99: A recent USA Today article regarding the Y2K bug included a reference to a community called, interestingly enough, Rivendell. More

12-18-99: Ain't It Cool News has dug up a supposed sample of some Elvish prosthetics. We're not sure if their photo is legit or not. More

12-18-99: Green Room Studio is running another contest in which you can win one of their excellent fantasy figurines. Drop by for more info. More

12-17-99: More from Jeremiah: a cartoon called User Friendly recently ran a string of LOTR-related comic strips. I don't get many of these. More 

12-17-99: Jeremiah pointed out to me today that IGN is running a poll on which fantasy flick visitors are most looking forward to. LOTR is losing over Final Fantasy. The poll is located to the lower-left on the page. More

12-16-99: As this short Evening Post article elaborates, there was recently a bike-related injury on one of the many Lord of the Rings sets. More

12-16-99: The guys over at managed to get their hands on a copy of a recent Woman's Day mag article with pics. More

12-16-99: Cirdan has received word on a new logo design for the upcoming LOTR beta site. He has several exclusive images on his web site. More

12-16-99: Rodrigo alerted me to a site at that has a very nice LOTR section, including an example movie screenplay. More

12-15-99: Nona dropped me a line a few days ago with information on an upcoming television show that Sean Bean will be appearing in. More

12-15-99: Here is confirmation that the recent information we received from Eomer regarding an upcoming Elemental Films movie is correct. More

12-15-99: Here's another short description of the LOTR beta web site. This confirms our suspicion that this site consisted of a press release. More

12-14-99: Ain't It Cool News has received some new photos of Elijah Wood as Frodo, Liv Tyler as Arwen, and some Black Riders. More

12-13-99: Gandalf found this at Herr Der Ringe for us. There is now an official LOTR club, featuring chat and discussion, over at NeoPlanet. More

12-13-99: This Otago Daily Times article reports that the LOTR cast and crew is taking Christmas off and won't return until later next year. More

12-13-99: Spotted this at A children's theatre in Manitoba, Canada is doing a production of The Hobbit ... with a nice twist. More

12-13-99: Gandalf was another lucky fan that got a look at the beta site. He has a short description and a screen shot for us. Take a peek! More

12-12-99: Here's a follow-up on that recent story we brought you concerning an independent film studio creating  short Aragorn/Arwen movie. More

12-12-99: Johnny Grindlay and a few of his friends got a chance to drop by the Harcourt Park set and picked up some interesting oddments. More

12-12-99: Kyriakos was kind enough to e-mail me some info gleaned from a recent interview with Blind Guardian regarding LOTR involvement. More

12-12-99: Tom Carlson was one of the lucky fans that got a look at the beta LOTR site before it went down. He has a short description for us. More

12-12-99: John Cook dropped me an e-mail to inform me that his recent LOTR cartoon contest has ended. The winning cartoon is now up. More

12-09-99: Mr. Showbiz recently ran an article and included a brief Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke mention. Thanks go to Cesar for this. More

12-09-99: For those of you interested in the official LOTR movie site, here's some information on a beta version and a new web address. More

12-09-99: Here's the latest from Filming of panoramic intro scenes has begun in Waikato. Includes some staff comments. More

12-07-99: I picked this article up over at Ringbearer. It's about the LOTR films in general, but concentrates on various movie sites. More

12-07-99: ZENtertainment recently ran a short article regarding some LOTR content that's going to be included in an upcoming DVD release. More

12-04-99: Here's an article from Contact in which Eddie McArthy, a Rings extra, describes his experiences while filming a scene. More

12-04-99: This short Sci-Fi Wire article has some information on plans for the official (and very attractive) Lord of the Rings trilogy web site. More

12-04-99: Michael Martinez has completed his latest article for Suite 101. It contains a detailed history of of Bree and the surrounding areas. More

12-03-99: I just received word that a Los Angeles film studio called Elemental Films is working on a short movie depicting the farewell departure of a younger Aragorn and Arwen. The film is to be shot in digital video. More

12-03-99: This isn't exactly movie news, but I thought some folks might want to know that Mithril has altered their retirement schedule again. More

12-02-99: LOTR has received a mention in the Wall Street Journal. Laura Landro, the reporter who wrote the article, e-mailed us a few days ago and alerted us to this article, which has lots of good information. More

12-02-99: Here's an older Press Online article covering the bad weather that was recently experienced by the film crew in New Zealand. More

12-02-99: Here's a recent Cinescape article featuring some Lord of the Rings production information, including comments from Robert Shaye. More

12-02-99: John Cook is running a LOTR cartoon competition. He has created a LOTR parody and you can win goodies by submitting a caption. More

12-01-99: Here's the latest LOTR article from This one covers a speech by Alex Funke on the trilogy's special effects. More

11-30-99: Steve Bellin recently dropped us an e-mail and included his opinion of Bakshi's film and the upcoming trilogy. Interesting reading. More

11-29-99: Mongvar Tolkien has interviewed Ralph Bakshi, creator of the 1978 animated version of Lord of the Rings. Fascinating, but too short. More

11-26-99: Lord of the Rings receives another USA Today mention! This time, the reporter writes about Christopher Lee and his involvement. More

11-26-99: Gandalf spotted this Otago Daily Times article for us. The storms in New Zealand are getting costly, with over $10m in damages. More

11-25-99: Our own Sam checks in with more information on which LOTR scenes are currently being filmed in southern New Zealand. More

11-24-99: More from The Southland Times on recent storms in southern New Zealand. The rain has stopped, but resort businesses remain wet. More

11-24-99: Although not exactly LOTR news, this article does have some info on damage inflicted by recent bad weather around Queenstown. More

11-24-99: LOTR got a mention in USA Today! A small area of a recent article regarding PG-13 movie ratings was dedicated to Peter Jackson. More

11-23-99: Here's the first article covering construction of the Helm's Deep set in a quarry Haywards Hill. It's straight from the Evening Post. More

11-23-99: Now, this is downright amazing folks! Tolkien got another mention on the television game show "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?" More

11-23-99: has posted a short article regarding the flooding in Queenstown. Check it out for a hilarious "edited" LOTR image. More

11-21-99: More from Sam, our New Zealand operative. There's lots of good info here, including bits on Jackson's teleconferencing system. More

11-20-99: At last, some casting news! Ain't It Cool News has received some evidence that Donald Sutherland might be playing Denethor. More

11-20-99: Ain't It Cool News posted this small blurb about some photos of a possible Helm's Deep set a few days ago. Nothing spectacular. More

11-19-99: Hoedr dropped me an e-mail this morning with some info on a Tolkien-dedicated heavy metal band, similar to Blind Guardian. More

11-19-99: More on the effect LOTR is having on the New Zealand economy. Hotels in Queenstown are predicting bumper to bumper bookings. More

11-19-99: The Press Online has more to say regarding Jackson filming on conservation lands. He must be getting a lot of heat down there. More

11-19-99: Looks like somebody is mad at Ain't It Cool News and the Tolkien Internet community! This fascinating CNN article has the details. More

11-18-99: Here's an article from a Canadian entertainment magazine regarding Lord of the Rings. Mostly just a bunch of general info. More

11-18-99: Our favorite Hobbit, Frodo, is featured on the ABC show "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire," and Regis makes a big mistake! More

11-18-99: This Mirror article is all about the boom many businesses are experiencing due to filming. Also, Jackson has bought a boat? More

11-17-99: I don't usually post rumors here, but these two are quite interesting (even if they're unlikely to be true) so I thought I'd add them. More

11-17-99: More for this interested in the equestrian side of these films. 120 riders were tested earlier for possible roles. More details inside. More

11-17-99: More news on the bad weather in Otago: it's stopped. Thanks go to Sam once again for finding this interesting NewsRoom article. More

11-17-99: Sam contributed this article. It looks like South Island, where Jackson is filming, is getting hit hard with some bad weather. More

11-15-99: Mithril Miniatures has added some new items, and has posted their last ordering times for Christmas. Why not start shopping early? More

11-15-99: Looks like Tolkien's Lord of the Rings has been voted the most favorite book of this millenium century by visitors. More

11-15-99: Scoop posted this press release (don't know who originally wrote it) regarding the "danger" of Jackson filming on conservation lands. More

11-15-99: Ain't It Cool News has posted a review of Sleepy Hollow, with a little bit of info on Christopher Lee, who played a minor role in the film. More

11-14-99: Straight from Scoop, an article regarding yet more pressure being placed on Jackson to stop filming on NZ conservation lands. More

11-14-99: First it was Lucas, now it looks like the environmentalists are after Jackson, mainly because he's filming on conservation land. More

11-14-99: Some Upper Hutt residents are being disturbed by strange late-night noises. Nothing to worry about, just Orcs and Trolls. More

11-14-99: Sam found Sunday Star Times article. It's all about Cate Blanchett. "I believe they will be doing something interesting with my ears." More

11-13-99: Here's another article, this time from The Press Online, regarding Lord of the Rings filming on South Island conservation land. More

11-13-99: Thanks go to Ringbearer for this article regarding Jackson's crew getting permission to film on New Zealand conservation land. More

11-12-99: This Xtra News article, titled "The Ring Heads South," has some good information on where filming of the trilogy is moving to next. More

11-12-99: Wow! LOTR is in the Los Angeles Times! This article is all about "A Day in the Life of New Line Cinema," from Deluca to Shaye. More

11-12-99: Aint't It Cool News has dug up a Russian article regarding the film trilogy, along with some great photos of the Hobbiton set. More

11-11-99: Nona at The Compleat Sean Bean dropped us a line with more information about the upcoming Extremely Dangerous TV series. More

11-11-99: Jon over at alerted me to this article. Actually, it's not really an article. It's an interview with Boyd and Monaghan. More

11-10-99: Peter Jackson was counting on the New Zealand Army to serve as extras for some scenes, but it looks like this won't be happening. More

11-09-99: checks in with their latest article regarding Elijah Wood. Includes some interesting background info I never knew. More

11-09-99: Cirdan managed to e-mail Thokild Hansen, creator of the One Ring prop for the trilogy, and got a little bit of interesting information. More

11-09-99: This Southland Times article explains that filming has moved to Wanaka, and has info on what effect this is having on the city. More

11-08-99: The Press Online examines several new films being produced in New Zealand, including LOTR. Is this the Hollywood of the south? More

11-08-99: This Otago Daily Times article has some info on LOTR cast members arriving in New Zealand, and the subsequent benefits. More

11-05-99: Here's another One News article, complete with video footage, regarding the prosperity that Wellington is enjoying due to filming. More

11-04-99: If you're interesting in the equestrian side of these films, you'll enjoy this Southland Times article. All about the horses and riders. More

11-04-99: This New Zealand Press Association article covers filming of the trilogy in general and has some info about upcoming scenes. More

11-04-99: One of our New Zealand contacts sent us some interesting tidbits, including Peter Jackson's response to Lucas' recent comments. More

11-03-99: More news for you tech mongols. Aerth sent me this article regarding Media360, an Informix product being utilized in filming. More

11-03-99: Ain't It Cool News has dug up some conceptual art. Supposedly this is an image of "Sauron's Lair," whatever that is. More

11-02-99: Adam from Mithril Miniatures e-mailed me today. They have discovered some extra stock, which is now available for sale. More

11-02-99: This Press Online article has the lowdown on a $30,000 3-D image scanner being used for computer animation in the LOTR trilogy. More

11-02-99: Here's some news from around the web, including comments from George Lucas regarding the films and an Ethan Hawke interview. More

10-31-99: The prop to be used for the One Ring has been chosen by the film crew in Nelson, New Zealand. This Herald article has the details. More

10-31-99: Here's a Spanish article regarding the casting of Liv Tyler and various other movie news. Thanks go to C. Martinez for this find. More

10-29-99: Wit Dominick was kind enough to translate an excerpt from the recent Gazeta article regarding the possible composer for LOTR. More

10-29-99: This Cook Strait News article is all about the remarkable impact that Lord of the Rings has had on the New Zealand economy. More

10-29-99: Ain't It Cool News has posted a review of Joe the King, which Ethan Hawke plays in. Not exactly LOTR-related, but interesting. More

10-28-99: We've received word on who is in final negotiations to do the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. It's certainly not who you think it is. More

10-28-99: Nick Nunziata at has added his latest Why LOTR Will Rock entry. This time he covers the media that will be produced. More

10-28-99: Another article from Nona, this time regarding Cate Blanchett. Again, no LOTR news, but lots of background information. More

10-28-99: Nona from The Compleat Sean Bean sent us this Daily Mail Weekend article regarding Sean Bean. No LOTR news, though. More

10-27-99: Sir Ian McKellen has added a journal entry to The Grey Book. In it he answers some questions regarding his role in the trilogy. More

10-25-99: Ain't It Cool News has posted a review of Cate Blanchett's latest film. Not exactly LOTR related, but it's interesting nonetheless. More

10-23-99: This Evening Post article is a bit dated, but does have some new info on Elijah Wood, for example, he didn't read the LOTR trilogy. More

10-21-99: Scoop has done some investigating around Harcourt Park and has made available more great photos of "exploding" trees. More

10-20-99: Michael Martinez's latest Suite 101 article asks the question "Is Middle-earth medieval?" and then answers it in 60 paragraphs. More

10-20-99: Straight from New Zealand, this Dominion article contains information on, you guessed it, Townsend getting dumped. More

10-20-99: You're probably getting sick of these articles, but we want to cover everything. More on Townsend from the Sunday Star Times. More

10-20-99: Here's another article (this time from the Sydney Morning Herald) regarding Stuart Townsend's departure to the Grey Havens. More

10-19-99: This may interest those of you who had hopes of auditioning for the films. Sara Taylor received a reply to an application she sent. More

10-19-99: Nona sent this article from The Telegraph which has info on the possibility of an unknown, non-Mortensen candidate for Aragorn. More

10-18-99: Aram at Imladris has received info regarding the next New Zealand filming location: Harcourt Park. Looks like Weathertop to me. More

10-18-99: David Bass from the LOTR Collector's Site was kind enough to write an article for us regarding the new Millenium Edition LOTR. More

10-18-99: This article from Sci-Fi Wire was brought to our attention by Randy. It covers the departure of Stuart Townsend from the cast. More

10-18-99: Here is Harry's own coverage of the Bag End photo published in The Mirror. Nothing new, just wanted to keep you folks apprised. More

10-17-99: Here's the latest article from and it's about, you guessed it, the Viggo/Stuart situation. Some inside info here. More

10-16-99: The Mirror recently published this article and included a stunning photo of the Bag End set. Possible spoiler material here. More

10-16-99: This is another Yahoo! News article regarding the strange Townsend/Mortensen casting shuffle. Some new information. More

10-16-99: Ain't It Cool News has "100% confirmed" that Viggo is is on board as Aragorn. As Harry says, "no more speculation, he's in." More

10-16-99: Store owners are reporting that business is booming in New Zealand. Some have seen Sam Neill talking with Jackson as well. More

10-15-99: More information on the current status of Viggo Mortensen and Stuart Townsend is available in this short Yahoo! News article. More

10-15-99: The Lifeline Theatre in Chicago is going to be running the theatrical version of The Two Towers. It might make for interesting viewing. More

10-15-99: Whoever got those great shots of the Bree set for Scoop is at it again. He took some night shots, but they aren't very clear. More

10-15-99: Here's a Dominion article with lots of interesting news (supposedly, screen doubles for the Hobbits do exist) from Barry Osborne. More

10-15-99: Did you know that Alan Lee broke his arm on Wednesday? Reportedly, it occurred while he was on a set. He's all right now. More

10-15-99: A local New Zealand newspaper ran this article regarding filming on Mount Victoria. One woman reported tens being erected. More

10-15-99: Here's principal photography coverage from the Evening Post. Again, most of this is not new stuff, but there are some tidbits. More

10-14-99: There have been some suprising developments, folks. It looks like Stuart Townsend has been replaced with actor Viggo Mortensen. More

10-14-99: Since filming began we've been receiving numerous spy reports from New Zealanders. Here they are, and very interesting too! More

10-14-99: E! Online published their own article regarding the start of principal photography a few days ago. It includes some interesting tidbits. More

10-14-99: Don't know how we missed this one! Anyway, here it is. Harry's own confirmation of several key characters in Lord of the Rings. More

10-14-99: Michael Martinez's latest article asks if Sandra Bullock would be a good Mrs. Isildur. Fascinatingly detailed and often humorous. More

10-13-99: Harry at Ain't It Cool News has received an awesome image of a Black Rider's horse wearing some very evil-looking armor. More

10-13-99: Chris checks in with a thought-provoking editorial that questions if a trilogy of LOTR films can really stay true to J.R.R. Tolkien's world. More

10-13-99: This Dominion article has some interesting tidbits from joggers who stumbled into the middle of the Mount Victoria set on the 11th. More

10-13-99: Yahoo! News adds to the mix with its own article regarding the casting of Cate Blanchett and the start of principal photography. More

10-13-99: This article ran on Mr. Showbiz on October 8th. Nothing we don't already know, just news on Blanchett and the start of filming. More

10-12-99: Scoop visited Camperdown, Peter Jackson's headquarters. They didn't find much, but some interesting photos are available. More

10-12-99: Here is an article from One News detailing the start of filming in Mount Victoria yesterday. No new stuff, but some neat tidbits. More

10-11-99: Scoop has received some images of the Bree set from an anonymous source. Here they are, with the associated article. More

10-11-99: Here is an article from regarding the latest casting announcements from New Line and the start of filming. More

10-10-99: Nona has posted another interview with Sean Bean. This time regarding his role in Essex Boys. Sadly, it includes no LOTR info. More

10-09-99: In response to Jeremiah's recent editorial, PlayBumSp1 has submitted his own opinion on the success or failure of LOTR. More

10-09-99: Here's an exclusive interview with Blind Guardian! You asked for it, you got it. BG is officially announcing their wish to do the movie soundtrack. Mr. Jackson, if you read one article here make this the one! More

10-08-99: Joram at recently discovered a One News article regarding LOTR casting. It includes some RealVideo footage of Cate Blanchett, Liv Tyler, and the Bree set in Seatoun, New Zealand. More

10-08-99: Thanks to The Tolkien Sewer and Ash we have some information on another possible Sean Connery sighting in New Zealand. More

10-07-99: Woo-hoo! Just got an e-mail from Gordon at New Line Cinema. He attached a press release which includes official announcements of the start of principal photography, and also tons of cast confirmations! More

10-07-99: This Sunday Star Times article discusses the reasons why Elijah Wood likes it in New Zealand and includes some other tidbits. More

10-06-99: Jeremiah Lewis has put his thoughts regarding the success or failure of the first film in the LOTR trilogy down on paper for us all. More

10-06-99: Michael Martinez's latest article takes a close look at Gandalf and speculates on his early movements and career. More

10-05-99: Nona recently visited the set of Sean Bean's next movie, Extremely Dangerous, and has posted a report and photos on her web site. More

10-05-99: German magazine Rock Hard has published an article regarding the possibility of Blind Guardian doing the music for LOTR. More

10-04-99: Nona alerted us to an interview with Sean Bean in the latest issue of FHM, but then she went above and beyond and got it for us! More

10-03-99: News reached us here today that Marion Zimmer Bradley, who was going to be releasing a LOTR music album in 2 months, has died. More

10-03-99: Here's an article from ICE (Iron Crown Enterprises) detailing their plans to halt all production and sales of their Middle-earth items. More

09-30-99: We've received word from Sir Ian McKellen himself that he will be flying to New Zealand to begin work on LOTR in January of 2000. More

09-27-99: Andre at MEO Voice dropped me a line. It seems that his organization is actually doing something about Sierra's recent reorganization of Middle Earth Online. You can help get MEO back as well. More

09-26-99: Cinescape has added some info to the mix of Thurman, Hawke, and Stamp rumors prevalent right now with their latest article. More

09-26-99: Quellin, a visitor to this site, wrote in with his thoughts about the recent casting speculation presented in a Film Unlimited article. More

09-25-99: Michael Martinez discusses Aragorn and Arwen sites in one of his excellent articles. Highly recommended reading. More

09-25-99: Looks like Uma will be in the LOTR films. In addition, Terrance Stamp (Valorum in Phantom Menace) might be in as well. More

09-24-99: Nick Nunziata has published his fourth installment of Why LOTR Will Rock. It's all about the 6 main LOTR movie sites out there. More

09-24-99: Boromir is locked in. The Compleat Sean Bean has confirmed through Sean's agent that he will indeed be playing Boromir. More

09-21-99: Sir Ian McKellen's official web site has opened a section with news on his role as Gandalf. The first article is by McKellen himself. More

09-21-99: Here is an article from about Liv Tyler and her role. Includes speculation on when she will fly to New Zealand. More

09-20-99: Suprisingly enough, Sierra has cancelled production of Orcs: Revenge of the Ancient and several other large projects! More

09-19-99: This latest Newsroom article is titled "Hundreds of Horses and Riders Sought." The title most assuredly speaks for itself. More

09-19-99: In preparation for the start of filming on October 11th, Matthew has written this article about what will change in terms of movie news. More

09-18-99: Thanks to we have available an article from the Wellington Evening Times detailing construction of a Bree set. More

09-18-99: Scoop contains the latest news from New Zealand, including data on a possible new LOTR filming location. This is a must read. More

09-17-99: Some news from around the web, including a status update on Jeffrey Combs and some info on who will play Ted Sandyman. More

09-17-99: Mr. Martinez just keeps cranking out the articles. His latest addition includes some commentary on weather in New Zealand. More

09-15-99: Ain't It Cool News is reporting that actor Ethan Hawke has been cast as Faramir. Images are available in Cast & Crew, of course. More

09-13-99: Michael Martinez talks about the life of an Orc in another one of his excellent articles. Highly recommended reading. More

09-13-99: Nick Nunziata has published his third installment of Why LOTR Will Rock on This time around he discusses the fans. More

09-12-99: Nona contributed this article confirming that Sean Bean will play Boromir in Lord of the Rings. It's looking like this role is locked in. More

09-11-99: Michael Martinez tells us what we can expect from the upcoming movies in this excellent and rather intensive article. More

09-10-99: Here's an exclusive interview with the head of Platus Productions. Jeremiah asks some questions about their upcoming game. More

09-09-99: Through an e-mail to Michel Deluca, Cirdan has confirmed that Sean Bean will play Boromir in the upcoming LOTR films. More

09-08-99: I don't know how we ever missed this one, but here it is. More Liv Tyler confirmation, this time from the New Zealand Herald. More

09-08-99: Luke checks in with an article about a LOTR board game. It's amazing that these collectibles have endured for so many years. More

09-07-99: Phil Cline sent us this article about how he creates his own LOTR action figures using pieces from various customization kits. More

09-07-99: This lengthy Seattle Weekly article makes for very interesting reading. The author discusses how the web and Tolkien relate. More

09-06-99: Guy Lepper was kind enough to give us some info on the Tolkien scupltures he sells, as well as his opinion on the upcoming films. More

09-05-99: Harry at Ain't It Cool News has confirmed that John Rhys-Davies is Gimli and an unknown actor named Orlando Bloom is Legolas. More

09-04-99: Nate at Imladris just sent us some info. One of his visitors caught John Rhys-Davies on his way to New Zealand. Coincidence? More

09-04-99: Have you ever heard of a Lord of the Rings amendment? The government in New Zealand is working on one to clarify tax rates. More

09-03-99: Peter checks in with some information on a Lord of the Rings symphony composed by Johan de Meij. This is fascinating! More

09-02-99: Harry at Ain't It Cool News has been able to confirm that Dominic Monaghan is going to play Merry. This is truly a great choice. More

09-01-99: Nick Nunziata has published his second installment of Why LOTR Will Rock on and it's a doozy. Short, but sweet. More

08-31-99: Joram at was kind enough to personally alert me to this report that Dominic Monaghan is up for the part of Merry. More

08-31-99: Houghton Mifflin sent me this press release. They appear to be publishing a new set of Tolkien's books, with new jackets and all. More

08-30-99: Ain't It Cool News reports on rumors that Sean Bean will play Boromir. Also, tidbits about Steve Buscemi as a Gollum model. More

08-30-99: Yet another Tyler confirmation, this time from We're thinking it's pretty safe to assume that Liv will be in these films! More

08-29-99: Here is confirmation from Mr. Showbiz that Liv Tyler will be in the films. Interesting that they don't seem to know who she will play. More

08-29-99: We spotted this article in the latest issue of Cinescape. It contains some interesting info on future plans for the official movie site. More

08-28-99: We've got some info on those 3 mystery actors that Peter Jackson hinted at. You know, e-mails to Mr. Deluca can be very telling. More

08-28-99: Here is confirmation from Cinescape that Liv Tyler is Arwen. Are you getting sick of all the confirmation articles out there yet? More

08-27-99: Harry at Ain't It Cool News has published his own scoop on the Liv Tyler rumors. He has also been tasked by Peter Jackson! More

08-27-99: This article from Gamer's Reality gives an excellent overview on Sierra's upcoming Middle Earth Online computer game. More

08-26-99: Thanks to for noticing this scoop which discusses Christopher Lee as Saruman and includes other info. More

08-26-99: It looks like Peter Jackson's crew is currently searching for some Entish props. This Dominion article elaborates on this subject. More

08-23-99: Here's an article from Yahoo! News confirming that Christopher Lee is indeed in final negotiations for the part of the evil wizard Saruman. More

08-23-99: Ain't It Cool News is reporting that Christopher Lee is in final negotiations to play Saruman. Hopefully this will be confirmed soon. More

08-22-99: Barnes & Noble mag Explorations recently interviewed Christina Scull and Wayne Hammond. No movie news, but interesting reading. More

08-20-99: Ty Burr with Entertainment Weekly gives his views regarding the upcoming films and the large reaction it's stirring up on the web. More

08-19-99: Have you heard rumors that Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke will be in LOTR? This Ain't It Cool News article proves these wrong. More

08-17-99: Does this Southland Times article cover the casting of Legolas? Galadriel? Denethor? Nope. It covers the casting of the horses! More

08-16-99: In this article Harry Knowles at Ain't It Cool News asks Sir Ian McKellen several questions about his roles as Magneto and Gandalf. More

08-13-99: Here's an article from Mr. Showbiz discussing Stuart Townsend as Aragorn. Most of the material here has already been covered. More

08-12-99: Some news from around the web, including info on the tax loophole situation in New Zealand and some blue/green screen shooting. More

08-11-99: This article from Infotech Weekly discusses Informix, the software that will make the battle scenes of Lord of the Rings come alive. More

08-11-99: Here's some info from Ain't It Cool News regarding the Visual Effects Supervisor for the films. It looks like Mark Stetson gets the job. More

08-09-99: Tim Sanders has announced several new department heads. This detailed article covers who gets what job when, if you're interested. More

08-09-99: New Line has imposed a media blackout over publicity for the movies. This article discusses this. Bonus tidbits are included. More

08-07-99: Moriarty has turned in his review of the first LOTR script, the script that was written before Jackson knew there would be 3 films. More

08-05-99: "I'll feel pretty good when I see 10,000 Urukai storming Helm's Deep," Jackson says in this very detailed Guardian Unlimited article. More

08-04-99: Jeremiah Lewis discovered this excellent interview with some of the creators of Sierra's upcoming Middle-earth game. Very cool. More

08-04-99: Here's the official press release from Sierra announcing their upcoming Tolkien computer game, Orcs: Revenge of the Ancient. More

08-03-99: According to The Dominion, Sir Ian McKellen will not be playing Gandalf. Can this possibly be true? We'll find out in September. More

08-03-99: Imladris recently featured this short article regarding casting of the voice of Gollum. Unconfirmed information, but still interesting. More

08-02-99: Toy Vault, a noted action figure company, plans to start producing deluxe 8-inch action figures, including the Lord of the Nazgul. More

07-30-99: Debbie Nicol sent us a short synopsis of her friend's trip to a screen test in New Zealand. There's some great information here. More

07-30-99: It's now official news that Stuart Townsend will play Aragorn. This Ain't It Cool News article has the full scoop and several images to boot. More

07-29-99: Another article from a Scottish magazine. The reporter discusses Star Wars, Patrick Stewart, and Gollum with Peter Jackson. More

07-29-99: This article from The Scotsman has some interesting information on Billy Boyd, the Scottish actor that will be playing Pippen. More

07-27-99: Matt sent us a synopsis of his meeting with Warwick Davis in Boston. He asked him about auditioning for LOTR and got some info. More

07-25-99: Elenaran got some great information regarding the graphical logo on the home page of the official Lord of the Rings movie site. More

07-23-99: IGN recently published this article regarding an upcoming game by Sierra called Orcs: Revenge of the Ancient. Images are included. More

07-22-99: At last, the moment we've all been waiting for is here. Gandalf and Bilbo have been chosen. This is confirmed. It's not just a rumor. More

07-22-99: This article from The Press Online details recent casting calls in Christchurch. It also discusses upcoming casting for extras. More

07-20-99: Moriarty had some tidbits regarding LOTR in his most recent article from Ain't It Cool News. Looks like Ian Holm is going to play Bilbo. More

07-18-99: James Rosenzweig alerted us to this Sunday Times article confirming that Billy Boyd will play Pippen in LOTR. Very detailed article. More

07-18-99: Lots of fans have been e-mailing Michael Deluca, the head of New Line, with their questions. Here we will post as many as possible. More

07-16-99: More from Ain't It Cool News. Looks like the Spall and Combs rumors are not true. In addition, Jude Law may not be playing Legolas. More

07-14-99: This is an article from The Press Online which covers upcoming casting calls in Canterbury. Extremely interesting and detailed info. More

07-14-99: Ain't It Cool News sure is on top of it lately. Looks like Jeffrey Combs is going to play Wormtounge. I think this is an excellent choice. More

07-13-99: More tidbits from Ain't It Cool News. Michael Deluca actually posted some comments regarding casting to their message board. More

07-12-99: New Line seems to be attempting to slow down casting rumors in an attempt to save money. This Ain't It Cool News article elaborates. More

07-10-99: LOTR becomes the second most expensive movie ever thanks to a $100m cash boost. Thanks to James Rosenzweig for this article. More

07-09-99: Cinescape reports on the possibility of Verne Troyer of Austin Powers fame getting a part in the movies. Can this be true? More

07-09-99: Rivera sent us this URL. It appears that Sierra is creating more than one Tolkien game in an attempt to cash in on these movies. More

07-08-99: Harry Knowles has confirmed that Sean Astin will play Sam Gamgee. Frankly, we feel Elijah and Sean will work nicely. More

07-08-99: The head of Platus Productions, a computer game company, sent us this article concerning their upcoming LOTR game. More

07-08-99: The news broke early this morning that Elijah Wood has been officially cast as Frodo. Check out this article for the details. More

07-09-99: Here's the official press release from New Line Cinema confirming that Elijah Wood has indeed been cast as Frodo Baggins. More

07-07-99: Harry Knowles is reporting that Billy Boyd, a Scottish actor, is rumored to be playing Pippen. You know where to look for images. More

07-05-99: Here's an excellent article from the Evening Standard in Manawatu, New Zealand regarding more casting calls for extras. More

07-01-99: Harlequin Miniatures, makers of pewter miniatures for fantasy gaming, has been licensed to create LOTR miniatures. More

06-30-99: Lara alerted me to this article in the June edition of Dreamwatch. It discusses Tom Baker's rumored screen tests. More

06-29-99: Houghton Mifflin is sponsoring a Lord of the Rings sweepstakes in which the grand prize is a trip to the Hobbiton set in New Zealand. More

06-24-99: The New Zealand Herald published this great article regarding the LOTR movies and included a link to this site. Thanks to Cirdan. More

06-18-99: Dark Horizons recently published some tidbits from Sian Clements regarding casting. Thanks to Cirdan for alerting us to this article. More

06-13-99: Another casting rumor. AICN recently reported that Claudia Christian will have a part in the trilogy. May be true, may be false. More

05-21-99: More auditions for extras were held in southern New Zealand today, as this Southland Times article reports. Includes a photo. More

05-10-99: Model Pool is allowing visitors to register for possible roles as extras in the new movies. Check out this exclusive article. More

05-05-99: Ain't It Cool News has an article on Elijah Wood as Frodo and Timothy Spall as Gimli. Check out this great scoop. More

05-03-99: It appears that Timothy Spall has been chosen by Peter Jackson to play Gimli. Thanks go to Cinescape for this fantastic scoop. More

05-02-99: Keanu Reeves interested in the LOTR movies? Cinescape published an article on April 14th regarding his goal of playing Aragorn. More

05-01-99: This article from the New Zealand Herald details rumors that Connery and Neill have purchased properties in New Zealand. More

04-24-99: Casting of extras for Lord of the Rings got underway in Wellington this weekend. Hundreds of Tolkien fans lined up to audition. More

04-15-99: Courtesy of the Army, the tiny Waikato settlement is hosting a secret Hobbiton set for Jackson's upcoming Lord of the Rings. More

04-13-99: published a story about George Lucas possibly acting as a consultant for Peter Jackson in the new LOTR movies. More

04-08-99: The Waikato Times in New Zealand ran an article about the construction of a Hobbiton movie set south of Matamata. More

03-28-99: As this Infotech Weekly article states, graphics hiring is on hold at Weta temporarily until the number of visual effects is confirmed. More

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