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03-29-00: We first heard it from the President of New Line, now Tol Galen's sources have confirmed it. David Wenham is the new Faramir. More

03-29-00: Entertainment Weekly ran a small LOTR tidbit today. Simply put, it's a rather short review of the official web site for the production. More

03-29-00: The spies at The Realm of the Ring have struck again and have more photos of Rivendell and Helm's Deep to show you. More

03-28-00: Beren over at Tol Galen got his mitts on some excellent news footage of the tub race that took place a month ago. More

03-28-00: The Dominion has released their own little write-up on Liv Tyler's appearance at a recent cricket match. Includes an exclusive photo of Tyler taken by a spy. Thanks go to for this article. More

03-28-00: Here's the latest news from around the web. More Rivendell news. Find out how you can win a LOTR prop from the Harcourt set. More

03-28-00: It's been quite a while, but the folks at have finally cranked out another article. It's about Tongariro filming. More

03-27-00: The spies at our sister site, The Realm of the Ring, have come up with more great photos. Enter to see Elrond's house. More

03-26-00: Tol Galen is reporting that Ethan Hawke, who was all but confirmed to be playing Faramir, has been replaced with David Wenham. More

03-26-00: Sir Ian McKellen has updated his ePost area of his web site again. This round features some very interesting questions, so stop by. More

03-26-00: Another Rivendell photo has been submitted from the good people at The Realm of the Ring. This is another tower photo. More

03-25-00: Here are some Rivendell photos from The Realm of the Ring, one of which is a truly stunning close-up of the ornate tower. More

03-24-00: Here is confirmation of Jonny's report from Scoop. Jackson has indeed gained access only to ski fields and areas near highways. More

03-24-00: New Zealand spy Jonny heard on the radio this morning that the DOC has given Jackson permission to film only on ski fields. More

03-23-00: Cirdan over at Herr Der Ringe Film has somehow sneaked a peek at the LOTR preview that was featured at ShoWest. According to Cirdan, this is truly fantastic footage. Here is his report on what he saw. More

03-23-00: Cate Blanchett has commited to star with Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton in Outlaws, due to start shooting in September. More

03-22-00: Some of you might be interested in this excellent article by Edmund Little which discusses LOTR and the Christain faith. More

03-22-00: Jonny picked up this Evening Post article. It's basically more info on the economic boost that LOTR is generating in Wellington. More

03-20-00: Jonny with our sister site, The Realm of the Ring, stopped by the Rivendell set today. There were no signs of activity, though. More

03-20-00: Another LOTR article has appeared in the Wall Street Journal. This one is about the movie sites. Yes, we're recognized in the article! More

03-20-00: Here's the latest news from around the web, including some scoops on filming at Helm's Deep from our location spy, Jonny. More

03-19-00: Picked this up at It's an article about Sir Ian McKellen's homosexuality. I don't agree with it, but I'm still posting it because, unlike the U.S. media, I'm attempting to be unbiased. More

03-18-00: The Dominion ran an interview with Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) recently and Helton got us some excerpts from the article. More

03-18-00: New Zealand spy Eynon caught this elusive article that ran in Hawke's Bay Today. Includes info on casting and auditioning! More

03-15-00: Here is some miscellaneous news from around the web, including some exciting info regarding Cate Blanchett and Tom Baker. More

03-14-00: Sharon submitted this review of a play called "Fangorn." Get ready to laugh! This is a hilarious example of someone abusing Tolkien's work. Special thanks to for allowing me to post this. More

03-14-00: Sir Ian McKellen mentioned in his latest update that Kiran Shah is playing Frodo's miniature double on certain scenes in LOTR. Cirdan was kind enough to find some information on this fascinating actor. More

03-14-00: It's been confirmed: Bernard Hill will play Theoden. Images and a bio of this actor will be available soon. For now, read this article. More

03-14-00: Adam from Mithril dropped me an e-mail with the latest news. Mithril's web site has moved, and they now have new e-mail. More

03-14-00: Thanks to Ringbearer for this lengthy excerpt from a Dominion interview with Liv Tyler. Not too exciting, but quite interesting. More

03-13-00: Here is some more news on the possibility of parts of the LOTR preview shown at ShoWest being released to the public online. More

03-13-00: I picked up this Dominion article from the good folks over at Yet more validation that Csokas is Celeborn. More

03-13-00: Johnny at The Realm of the Ring sent me this article and photo from the Evening Post. Ever wanted to see a Hobbit in a kilt? More

03-13-00: Sir Ian McKellen has updated The Grey Book with lots of new information, including data on the future of the Hobbiton set. More

03-11-00: Thanks go to Cirdan over at Herr Der Ringe Film for the heads-up on this article from The Press detailing filming in New Zealand. More

03-11-00: Johnny has more for us. This Sunday Star Times article has info straight from Claire Raskind, publicist for LOTR, regarding the casting of Marton Csokas as Celeborn and Hugo Weaving as Elrond. More

03-11-00: Liv Tyler showed up in a Wellington cafe last night. Johnny with The Realm of the Ring contributed this Evening Post article. More

03-11-00: Tommy Garrote sent me this exclusive report on the footage recently shows at ShoWest. It's short, but it's quite positive. More

03-11-00: NeoPlanet has released an update to the official LOTR browser which includes a new Moria skin. You have to check this out! More

03-11-00: It's been confirmed by Marton Csokas will play Celeborn, the husband of Galadriel, in the upcoming LOTR trilogy. More

03-10-00: The webmaster of Ringzone has forwarded me some more interesting information regarding the official German LOTR site. More

03-10-00: Vanity Fair has published a fairly short LOTR article along with a wonderful full-color photo of the Hobbits in full costume. More

03-09-00: Here are some spy reports from New Zealand. Also, some more descriptions of LOTR footage at ShoWest are inside. More

03-09-00: Johnny has had another adventure at Helm's Deep. He will also be taking a tour of the set in a couple of weeks! More info is inside. More

03-09-00: The winner for Houghton Mifflin's "Win a Trip to Middle Earth" contest has been chosen. This short release has the details. More

03-09-00: Cinescape has their own report on the ShoWest footage. Most of this has already been covered, but it's exciting nonetheless. More

03-09-00: Straight from Ain't It Cool News, here's Moriarty's report on the LOTR preview footage at ShoWest. Quite interesting. More

03-08-00: The folks at have released their own article regarding the ShoWest convention and associated film previews. More

03-08-00: Harry over at Ain't It Cool News gives us his report on the LOTR screening at ShoWest. This is fantastic! The exciting news is that Jackson and crew may be preparing a version for the web fans. More

03-07-00: According to Ain't It Cool News, New Line Cinema will be showing some footage from Lord of the Rings at ShoWest tomorrow. More

03-05-00: Finally, some news! Looks like Peter Jackson may be filming in Tongariro after all. This Sunday Star Times aricle has the details. More

03-02-00: Johnny has a short scoop from the Bree set, and I have some news on where some of the cast members are currently filming. More

03-02-00: Johnny with The Realm of the Ring grabbed this Evening Post article for us, which has info on Jackson filming in Tongariro. More

03-02-00: E! Online has poted one of the most interesting articles I've ever read regarding Sir Ian McKellen and Christopher Lee in action. More

03-01-00: If any of you are interested, I dug up this Cinema Papers interview with Miranda Otto (Eowyn) that was made in October of 1997. More

03-01-00: E! Online has confirmed that Hugo Weaving will be playing Elrond and Miranda Otto will be playing Eowyn in the LOTR film trilogy. More

02-29-00: In this article, Harry at Ain't It Cool News reports on the 6 minute LOTR reel, the casting of Elrond, and a few other exciting items. More

02-29-00: Here's a short article from The Daily Telegraph regarding Cate Blanchett turning down a role in Sam Rami's Spiderman film. More

02-29-00: Our European spy Gandalf just got some interesting news. It seems that the first dog to hold a passport in the UK is named... More

02-28-00: Cirdan over at Herr Der Ringe Film has the scoop on who won the bath tub race, along with some photos of Hobbits in the bath. More

02-28-00: Thanks to, we have some info on another film role that Cate Blanchett turned down in favor of Lord of the Rings. More

02-28-00: More info on the benefits that Wellingtonians are reaping from Jackson filming The Lord of the Rings right in their own backyard. More

02-28-00: Who won the celebrity bath tub race? The Dominion has an answer for you right here, along with a nice photo of Frodo B. in the tub. More

02-28-00: The popularity of Wellington, New Zealand as a movie-making haven is soaring. This article from The Press has the full details. More

02-27-00: Author Len Roberto, Jr. has written a book that he feels is a good introductory text for anyone starting to read books by Tolkien. More

02-27-00: Thanks go to Cirdan for pointing out this New Zealand Herald article regarding a six-minute LOTR reel that was recently shown. More

02-27-00: The message boards over at Imladris have some interesting reports from New Zealanders who caught the Hobbit bath race today. More

02-26-00: Jeremy R. located this article for us. It was published in 1998, back when Jackson was negotiating with Miramax. It's still fascinating to read about what could have been in light of current happenings. More

02-26-00: Here's an article from the Evening Post. Looks like some folks are requesting that Star Wars III be filmed in New Zealand like LOTR. More

02-25-00: Johnny succeeded in locating the new Rivendell set at Kaitoke Regional Park. He has both a story and photos for us. More

02-25-00: One of's visitors noticed some interesting similarities between a recent set photo and some concept art. More

02-25-00: Here is the latest news update from the good folks at Mithril. They now have a much better e-mail system to handle your requests. More

02-24-00: Nona with The Compleat Sean Bean alerted me to this Variety article which details New Line's involvement at the upcoming American Film Market in Santa Monica. Includes LOTR and Sean Bean tidbits. More

02-24-00: I picked this up over at It looks like all the NZ filming that has been going on is attracting a third film crew. More

02-24-00: If you've ever wanted to see Hobbits in the bath, you'll get your chance next Sunday. Someone bring a camera and take photos! More

02-24-00: Sir Ian McKellen has opened a new area of his site where he answers various e-mails he has received from excited LOTR fans. More

02-23-00: Johnny with The Real of the Ring picked up this article regarding a new LOTR set in Kaitoke Regional Park. An image is included. More

02-23-00: Wojiech Kilar recently appeared on Polish TV and confirmed that he is under scrutiny to score LOTR. Thanks go to Marek for this. More

02-23-00: Picked this up at Its main focus is Star Wars, but it's an interesting article and includes a small LOTR mention. More

02-23-00: The folks over at Media Junkies are running an interesting series of articles detailing Peter Jackson's career and film qualifications. More

02-23-00: Here's an article from Chuck Wagner over at VFXPro. It has some general info on the films, as well as some special effects news. More

02-21-00: brings you this report that Wojciech Kilar is not the only composer being considered to do the LOTR soundtrack. More

02-20-00: The Lord of the Rings may be one of Cate Blanchett's last films. This article from The Australian has the details on her decision. More

02-19-00: Thanks to Cirdan, more hidden material has been found on the official LOTR site. It's not images this time, though. It's music. More

02-19-00: Remember that recent interview with actor Vin Diesel? Since then, I've received info from visitors on who is is and what he has done. More

02-19-00: I managed to discover around 20 "secret" images and sketches on the official site that have not yet been posted. I'm still waiting for permission to post them here, but I do have a detailed description of them. More

02-19-00: Well folks, it finally happened. The official Lord of the Rings site has been updated. Lots of new information is now available there. More

02-18-00: A Waikato teenager dealing with a brain tumor has won a part in Lord of the Rings. It's speculated that he might play an Ent. More

02-18-00: New Zealand contact GroBo has been in touch with a LOTR crew member and has the scoop on who might end up playing Eowyn. More

02-18-00: Here's an interesting interview with an actor. Frankly, I have no clue who he is, but he wants into the LOTR film trilogy very badly. More

02-17-00: This is from The Evening Post, and is basically identical to the article below, although it's a tad longer. Again, nothing new here. More

02-17-00: Here's a short piece from The Press regarding Helm's Deep filming and the associated visitors and gawkers. Not much news here. More

02-17-00: Ever wondered what role Christianity played in Tolkien's life and writing? A Rutgers University professor gives us a good overview. More

02-17-00: Michael Martinez's latest article addresses the rather controversial issue of race in J.R.R. Tolkien's trilogy. More

02-16-00: Joram at Ringbearer is reporting that Haldir has been cast. Television actor Craig Parker is said to have been given the job. More

02-16-00: Scoop has come up with a couple of photos of the Helm's Deep set, which is now being called the most photographed set ever. More

02-15-00: Here's some fairly big news, folks. It's been officially confirmed that Uma Thurman will not be playing Eowyn as previously thought. More

02-15-00: Cirdan with Herr der Ringe Film dropped me a line today with info on a secret beta version of the official German LOTR movie site. More

02-15-00: Jonathan over at got his hands on a recent Evening Post article and the accompanying Helm's Deep photo. More

02-14-00: Gurthaur, head of the War of the Ring project, was kind enough to answer some questions about his upcoming LOTR video game. More

02-14-00: Rodrigo over at has heard from Gordon Paddison, who told him that the official LOTR site will be updated soon. More

02-14-00: New Zealand film earnings are nearing the $1 billion mark. What does this mean? Get all the details you need in this Press article. More

02-14-00: Here is an Evening Post article with information on New Zealand film earnings nearing the $1 billion mark. Very interesting reading. More

02-11-00: Here's the latest on when the official LOTR site might be updated. Thanks go to Cirdan at Herr der Ringe Film for this nice scoop. More

02-11-00: is really cranking out the articles lately. This one is about filming on New Zealand's ecologically sensitive land. More

02-10-00: This interesting interview with Sir Ian McKellen ran in the October edition of British Heritage. I found it while surfing the other day. More

02-10-00: Here is a fascinating follow-up report from Onfilm regarding Lord of the Rings producer Tim Sanders stepping down from his position. More

02-10-00: Straight from The Dominion, more news on Peter Jackson's purchase of the National Film Unit. Lots of interesting tidbits. More

02-09-00: Johnny visited the Helm's Deep set again, not to take photos, but to observe filming. His report is detailed and quite interesting. More

02-09-00: We've waited a long time for this day! The official LOTR browser has finally been released to the public. You can download it here. More

02-09-00: I did some digging on the local library's computer index today and came up with a couple of interesting, older LOTR articles. The first was published last October and is about business in New Zealand. More

02-09-00: This is the second article I found at the library. It was published in March of 1997, back when Jackson was negotiating with Miramax. It's interesting to confirm what this reported speculated on years ago. More

02-08-00: Filming is still going on at Mt. Victoria. Our contact Sam did some scouting and got a first-hand look at some of the work going on. More

02-08-00: Here's the latest news from Adam and the good folks at Mithril, including information on a Mithril activity being held in the USA. More

02-08-00: Sam has more information on the LOTR news clip that aired on TV3 News on the evening of February 6th. Some nice tidbits here. More

02-08-00: has completed another news update. This one is in regards to Peter Jackson opening a new studio in Upper Hutt. More

02-07-00: New Zealand visitor Andrew dropped me a line with information on a short LOTR clip that ran on a New Zealand TV station last night. More

02-07-00: Here's another interview with Hansi Kursch and Jon Shaffer regarding their new album. Includes another minor LOTR mention. More

02-07-00: Christopher Lee (Saruman) will be starring in a BBC television program this evening. Our UK visitors might want to check it out. More

02-07-00: Poor old Eddie McCarthy. Blacklisted for leaking information about his experiences to the public. Oh, but it's okay if Sir Ian does it. More

02-05-00: Our New Zealand contact, Sam, was in an eatery in Wellington last night and who did he happen to stop and chat with? Sean Astin. More

02-05-00: This article is on an entirely different subject, but it does include a mention of Alan Lee and John Howe in connetion with LOTR. More

02-04-00: This is an excerpt from a lengthy article regarding what certain movies achieved in the box office last year. Small LOTR mention. More

02-04-00: For you Elijah Wood fans, here's an Evening Post article with some nice tidbits on the young actor who is playing Frodo. More

02-04-00: The Dominion has cranked out their own article regarding the strange happenings going on at Breaker Bay on February 1st. More

02-04-00: Here's a rather humorous article from The Press discussing the "filming" for LOTR that went on at Breaker Bay a few days ago. It's humorous because it turned out that it was not LOTR being filmed. More

02-04-00: This is an Evening Post article regarding Sir Ian McKellen's (Gandalf) arrival in New Zealand and his recent Grey Book entry. More

02-04-00: We haven't heard about John Rhys-Davies in a while. Well finally, here's an article about him and his "Dwarvish" devotion to cars! More

02-03-00: has published, as they put it, a rather humorous article regarding payment for certain LOTR extras at Matamata. More

02-02-00: Good news. Another Tolkien-related question was featured on "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?" tonight. Things are rolling! More

02-02-00: Looks like things might be heating up on North Island again. This recently published article was sent in by New Zealand spy Hap. More

02-01-00: E! Online comes through again with this exclusive interview with Elijah Wood, who is playing Frodo in the upcoming film trilogy. More

02-01-00: A reporter from E! Online got a chance to tour the Hobbiton set in Hamilton, New Zealand. He provides a good overview of the site. More

02-01-00: Onlookers at a Wellington beach recently witnessed some strange happenings. Osborne says that it's not LOTR-related, though. More

02-01-00: Winona Kent from The Compleat Sean Bean checks in with news that Sean Bean (Boromir) will be in the UK until mid-May. More

01-30-00: The folks at Tol Galen were the first to make public this photo of a set being constructed near some mountains in Closeburn. The photo is accompanied by an article that was published in Mountain Scene. More

01-30-00: Sir Ian McKellen has updated The Grey Book. He includes several interesting photos and commentary on what Gandalf will look like. More

01-29-00: Here's an article from It's in regards to previously reported rumors that might be involved with LOTR. In short, these rumors are false and they are not involved. More

01-29-00: Peter Jackson and crew seem to have about faced on their decision to ban's Tehanu from several LOTR sets. In fact, they gave Tehanu a tour of the Hobbiton set recently. Wow! More

01-29-00: Here's an article from (thanks to for this one) that isn't exactly LOTR related, but does have some interesting information on the movie business in Australia and New Zealand. More

01-27-00: The latest from Ain't It Cool News is that Lincoln Gasking's next camping-out project has been decided: it's going to be LOTR. More

01-27-00: Here's an interview with Ray Park (a.k.a Darth Maul) in which Ray mentions that he'd like to get involved in LOTR in some way. More

01-25-00: Found this Contact article over at It's a follow-up with comments from Eddie McCarthy regarding his blacklisting. More

01-24-00: Alex was kind enough to get us a copy of this article that ran last year in an October edition of Empire Magazine. Check it out. More

01-21-00: Here's another article regarding a spy from being banned from all LOTR sets. Don't worry, this won't happen to us! More

01-21-00: This is a Dominion article with coverage of the start of filming which began again in Wellington a few days ago. Lots of nice tidbits. More

01-21-00: Nick Nunziata's sixth installment of "Why LOTR Will Rock" is done. This time around he covers the big man: Peter Jackson. More

01-20-00: Harry at Ain't It Cool News has posted his own thoughts on the announcement that a spy has been banned from all LOTR sets. More

01-19-00: has released another article. Set security head Barry Thompson has banned an Auckland fan from LOTR sets. More

01-19-00: Here's more new regarding LOTR producer Tim Sanders leaving. Producer Barrie Osborne says Sanders will not be replaced. More

01-19-00: According to The Press Online, cast and crew members on various Lord of the Rings sets are getting along fine. More details inside. More

01-17-00: Here's the latest LOTR scoop from Producer Tim Sanders has stepped down from running LOTR operations. More

01-17-00: Some of you may remember an article a while back in which he discussed life on a LOTR set. Eddie McCarthy, the author of that article, is in deep trouble because of it. Thanks to for this. More

01-16-00: Mithrigil has news on what color Legolas' hair will be. She also has some comments on what this means for the upcoming trilogy. More

01-16-00: Here's another article covering Sir Ian McKellen's appearance in New Zealand, this time from The Press Online. Check it out. More

01-16-00: Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellen) has finally shown up in New Zealand. This Evening Post article by Beattie Simon has all the details. More

01-13-00: Cate Blanchett is getting mentioned in lots of news articles lately. Here are excerpts from a few which contain LOTR mentions. More

01-13-00: A play involving Bilbo Baggins, a Wizard and twelve Dwarves recently took place in Brisbane, Australia. The details are here. More

01-11-00: Thomas A. was kind enough to send us this short Lord of the Rings fact sheet that appeared in a recent copy of Cinescape. More

01-11-00: More on Cate's possible role in Hannibal, this time from Jam! Showbiz. This article includes a LOTR mention at the bottom. More

01-11-00: This is a CNN Online article regarding Cate Blanchett's possible involvement in an upcoming film called Hannibal. Includes a small Lord of the RIngs mention near the bottom. Thanks go to Cesar M. for this. More

01-11-00: Here's the latest news from Mithril. If you're interested in reserving any models, or you'd like to bid in an auction, this is a must-read. More

01-11-00: This Dominion article provides some very interesting tidbits on filming occurring at the Helm's Deep set near Haywards Hill. More

01-09-00: Sir Ian McKellen has made another long-awaited update to his site, The Grey Books. In this latest update, he covers his travel plans. More

01-07-00: This Washington Times article ran on the 4th. It contains some general movie info, as well as some nice extras. A must read. More

01-07-00: Here's an article that appeared in the Southland Times. It covers the LOTR crew's holiday break and gives a return-to-filming date. More

01-05-00: This isn't exactly LOTR-related, but this article does include a small mention. It's about plans for a design exhibition in NZ. More

01-05-00: Joram over at Ringbearer came up with this older article regarding the relationship between the LOTR crew and local businesses. More

01-05-00: Here's a short Yahoo! News article regarding the general situation of things in Hollywood this year. Includes a small LOTR mention. More

01-04-00: Olorin submitted this article regarding Blind Guardian's involvement in LOTR to the rumors area, but I think there might be truth in it. More

01-04-00: Cirdan at Herr Der Ringe checks in with the final word on these rumors that Loreena McKennit might be doing music for LOTR. More

01-04-00: Michael Martinez has finished another article. It's about the book There and Back Again and its relation to Tolkien. More

01-04-00: The fashion magazine Seventeen recently featured some of the principal character women from LOTR. Mithrigil has the details. More

01-03-00: Cesar M. was the first to discover that ICQ has created a chat group for the upcoming LOTR trilogy. Stop by and join today! More

01-02-00: LOTR placed number 92 in a list of the 100 most influential spiritual books of the century. This USA Today article has the details. More

01-02-00: Michael Martinez has completed his first work of poetry, and I think you'll all agree that it's excellent. That's why I decided to post it. More

01-01-00: I picked this up over at Ringbearer. It's a list of books by Tolkien that Houghton Mifflin is planning to publish sometime this year. More

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