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03-31-01: E! Online Update for April (
The great folks at E! Online have posted their April update. On Location: Using miniatures to get the big picture. The Latest Word: France readies... More

03-31-01: Houghton Mifflin Book Cover Released (
The folks at Houghton Mifflin sent me this prototypical cover for their new book set of the Lord of the Rings trilogy that will be released... More

03-31-01: Theater Posters Arrived Yesterday (
Well, well. New Line came through on their promise to send me copies of the new Fellowship theater posters! The posters arrived ... More

03-31-01: Of Thegns and Kings and Rangers and Things (
Maybe only once have I ever seen anyone ask how many Rangers would have been guarding Sarn Ford the day the Nazgul showed up. And ... More

03-30-01: Michael Lynne Named Co-Chair of New Line (New Line Cinema)
LOS ANGELES, March 28 -- Michael Lynne has been named co-chairman and co-chief executive officer of New Line Cinema, it was announced ... More

03-30-01: Movie Images Dilute the Imagination (The Kansas City Star)
There's a curious role reversal going on in my home. When we should be turning off the lights at night, I'm telling my son, "One more page," instead... More

03-29-01: The Fraud of the Rings Comic Archive (
This isn't "real" news, but I thought some of you might be interested in some of the new Fraud of the Rings comic strips that have been released. More

03-29-01: Interview by Wired Magazine (The LOTR Movie Site)
Some good news here, folks. I got interviewed yesterday by Erik Davis, a reporter from Wired Magazine. The interview went very well. More

03-28-01: Sir Ian McKellen's Latest E-Post (
Despite the good professor's comments to the contrary, many people characterize LOTR as a World War II allegory, what with both... More

03-28-01: Tolkien: Wizard of Words (Sun Media)
Let's be quite honest here. This is a blatant attempt to plug my new book, J.R.R. Tolkien: The Man Who Created The Lord of the Rings. More

03-26-01: L.A. Times Children's Bestsellers List (The L.A. Times)
7. THE HOBBIT by J.R.R. Tolkien (Houghton Mifflin: $12) The adventures of Bilbo Baggins. (Ages 9 and up) 8. IF YOU TAKE A MOUSE TO... More

03-25-01: The Manly Men of Myth and Middle Earth (
I was first introduced to the Beowulf legend in the fourth grade. My classmates and I were assembled along with a few hundred other lucky kids ... More

03-24-01: Bakshi's 'Lord of the Rings' Review (Matt Ford)
This sensitive adaptation of Tolkien's epic fantasy classic skilfully maintains the spirit of the book while adding the energy, pace and atmosphere... More

03-23-01: Gandalf Priases NZ Magic ( NZPA)
Lord of the Rings actor Sir Ian McKellen has given New Zealand top billing in his British homeland. Sir Ian lived in Eastbourne -- a Wellington ... More

03-22-01: 'Lord of the Rings' to Take Over Cannes ( Ananova)
Cannes is to be turned into Middle Earth during this year's film festival. The event in May will show what's described as an appetiser for Lord... More

03-21-01: Decipher Takes Another Key LOTR License ( Gama 2001)
(Las Vegas, Nev., March 20, 2001) - Decipher Inc. announces today it has captured another of the key licenses for this year's coveted... More

03-20-01: Ian McKellen: It's a Glorious City ( Independent)
A year's work abroad isn't unusual or daunting for an actor – but a year in New Zealand? That was how long I would be needed there as Gandalf... More

03-20-01: Liv Tyler Speaks Elvisn ( Tolkien Online)
Tyler, admittedly, is maybe a bit giddy lately over her relationship, partly because The Lord of the Rings has kept her away from home.. . More

03-19-01: Houghton Mifflin NOT Publishing Novelizations (Tolkien Online)
Houghton Mifflin replied to my inquiries about a report that a version of Lord of the Rings they were releasing in June as a film novelization. More

03-19-01: More Hidden Pics on Official Site (The LOTR Movie Site)
The omniscient Leonides alerted me to these. Behold Isildur, Gil-galad, and Haldir below. Have an opinion on 'em? Stop by our... More

03-19-01: A Movie Hopes to Ride a Wave of Web Fervor (Herald Tribune)
Los Angeles -- At 12:01 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on Friday, the official Web site for the forthcoming film trilogy based on J.R.R. Tolkien's... More

03-18-01: Hidden Pics on Official Site (The LOTR Movie Site)
Eric B.C. was kind enough to send me these pics that were hidden somewhere on the official site. I can't permanently "post" them, but... More

03-17-01: Project W.I.N.K.L.E. (Tolkien Online)
We as a community have spent much time arguing over the actual changes in the storyline. The problem is, none of us have seen the script... More

03-17-01: Tolkien Film Trilogy Draws Fans to the Web (The Seattle Times)
Just call it "The Lord of the Web." The first of the three long-awaited Lord of the Rings films doesn't even open until Dec. 19, but the Internet buzz... More

03-17-01: New LOTR Trailer May Premiere at Cannes (Cinescape)
A longer trailer for the Lord of the Rings did not appear at this year's ShoWest function, but another one is coming. According to E! Online's... More

03-17-01: LotR Film Novelization to be Published in May (
Yes, the movies will have a novelization. At least, that is what Diamond Previews is saying. Order your copy from Amazon.Com and... More

03-16-01: Hollywood Knows the Web's Net Worth (Jam! Showbiz)
"For me, in my world, they're unbelievably important," said Gordon Paddison, New Line Cinema's senior vice-president of worldwide interactive... More

03-16-01: How's That? (SFX Magazine)
John Howe is one of the world's most popular Tolkien artists. And he's been working on the forthcoming movie, as he tells SFX. "They said, at... More

03-16-01: Lord of the Rings Cannes Sweepstakes (Moviefone)
You are invited to enter for a chance to win access to the exclusive party for the cast of The Lord of the Rings during the Cannes Film Festival. More

03-15-01: News From Around the Web (The LOTR Movie Site)
Well, I'm back (pun not intended) and I have a fairly good vacation. There is a lot of catching up to do, though, so let's start with some... More

03-08-01: On Vacation Until March 15th ( The LOTR Movie Site)
I'm leaving on spring vacation tomorrow, so the site won't be updated again until March 15th, when I get back. I apologize for the delay, but I've... More

03-08-01: Townsend Clocks In for '24 Hours' ( ABC News)
HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Irish actor Stuart Townsend ("Queen of the Damned") will star opposite Charlize Theron in the kidnapping thriller... More

03-08-01: He's Good at Keeping Secrets ( The NY Post)
Actor Hugo Weaving chuckles at the suggestion that his presence in New York City yesterday made him a prime kidnapping target for fanatical... More

03-08-01: Animated Rings AIM Buddy Icons ( The LOTR Movie Site)
John B. sent me this link to some great Lord of the Rings buddy icons for AOL's Instant Messenger software. A sample is below. Click on the link... More

03-07-01: The Filmarillion (Tolkien Online)
Great were the wonders of the Golden Age! For the people, in those days, purchased for themselves Seeing-Boxes, filled with light the Wise... More

03-07-01: Pics of Haldir, Gil-galad, Isildur & More (The LOTR Movie Site)
Elostirion from the French LOTR movie site was kind enough to inform me about these pics that were hidden on the official Rings site. More

03-07-01: Lord of the Rings: A Pictoral Journey - Part I (IGN FilmForce)
Whether you're a long-time fan who's read the Lord of the Rings trilogy ten times cover to cover, or someone new to the story who just thinks it... More

03-07-01: The Site Seer: Lord of the Rings Official Site (IFILM)
What You See: Nothing overly fancy. Just a little bit of Flash, a little bit of some fog effects and a gratuitous picture of Liv Tyler (of course) but... More

03-05-01: Lord of the Rings: Sean Bean Feature (Empire Mag)
Nona sent us this scan of a pic of Sean Bean and a short article. More

03-05-01: Cate Blanchett Interview (Popcorn)
Speaking of extraordinary places, tell us about playing Galadriel in The Lord Of The Rings... New Zealand is really the most perfect place to shoot... More

03-05-01: The Hosting Situation & Other News (The LOTR Movie Site)
Some of you today are visiting this site on an entirely new server. I hope the speed is satisfactory. Our domain transfer has not yet gone... More

03-03-01: Upcoming Trailers & Other News (The LOTR Movie Site)
Leo from our message board is currently receiving some interesting news from an anonymous source. Read on for info on future trailer release... More

03-03-01: Count of the Silver Screen (BBC News)
With an acting career spanning more than five decades and some 250 films to his name, one might expect Christopher Lee to be taking things... More

03-03-01: From One Count to Another (Empire Online)
George Lucas has officially revealed the name of the character Christopher Lee will play in Star Wars: Episode II. And yes, it looks as if 79... More

03-03-01: March 2001 Force of Hobbit Report (E! Online)
On Location: An interview with Billy Boyd (Pippin) and Dominic Monaghan (Merry), the two "Fonzies of the Shire." The Latest Word: Filming... More

03-02-01: Official LOTR Theater Poster Now Online (The LOTR Movie Site)
Gordon Paddison from New Line e-mailed me this morning regarding the first official Lord of the Rings theater poster. According to... More

02-28-01: Howard Shore: Composer of the Rings (
After a few months into the production, there was only one important remaining question regarding the film crew. Who would be the composer? More

02-28-01: Meeting Sean Astin (Sean Astin Online)
"Comparing Sean to Sam Gamgee... kind of tough. He was kind and gentle like Sam but Sean loves to be in the limelight I think. When all the. .. More

02-27-01: Capital Debates Middle Earth Title (The Evening Post)
"Welcome To Middle Earth, Wellington - Home Of Lord Of The Rings". That's the sign that could grace Wellington's major entrances - or not.. . More

02-27-01: Licensing Wizardry (
Excitement surrounds The Fellowship of the Ring, the first of three films based on J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings fantasy book series. New.. . More

02-27-01: 'Eomer' Sick Over 'The Price of Milk' (MSNBC)
"I’d love to say it was fantastic and wonderful, but I vomited," Urban admits. "I liked it the first five or ten minutes, but then, after that, there was.. . More

02-26-01: Lord of the Webring (The Kansas City Star)
Just call it "The Lord of the Web." The first of the three long-awaited "Lord of the Rings" films doesn't even open until Dec. 19, but the Internet buzz.. . More

02-26-01: 'Saruman' Works Hard, Plays Plenty of Golf (Guardian Unlimited)
Lee is not at liberty to say much about The Lord of the Rings, a three-film adaptation of the Tolkein trilogy; but since he has read the books.. . More

02-26-01: Powerful PJ (The LOTR Movie Site)
The Sunday Star Times in New Zealand recently named Peter Jackson as the 22nd most powerful person in the country. "22. Peter Jackson is. .. More

02-24-01: Leo's Middle Earth Play-by-Mail Game (The LOTR Movie Site)
J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" is the definitive fantasy novel of all time. It is also an epic work of mythological literature, one of the best.. . More

02-24-01: Security Even the FBI Should Be Proud Of (Tolkien Online)
I have not been able to confirm or deny the following. I wanted to pass it along anyway. It seems a bit harsh, but not out to the realm o f.. . More

02-24-01: The Alternative Soundtrack to LOTR (The LOTR Movie Site)
Thought I would drop you a line to tell you that my ' Alternative Soundtrack' to The Lord of the Rings is now available at .. More

02-24-01: New Dark Fantasy Tolkien Music CD (The LOTR Movie Site)
I am writing to you to inform you of a new CD with Tolkien-inspired music from a dark fantasy setting. Unlike anything previously seen, this CD tells.. . More

02-23-01: Peter Mentions Post-Production (Tolkien Online)
Michael S. shot over a brief email to me about Peter Jackson appearing on 1ZB yesterday. Here's a recap: Just thought I'd drop you a note, Peter.. . More

02-22-01: Images of Lurtz and Ringwraith Figures (
face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Our first stop was ToyBiz, and we were there for one reason and one reason only: Lord of the Rings. The new line of figures for Peter Jackson's. .. More

02-22-01: Interview, Wardrobe Sup. Carolyn Fenton (Official LOTR Movie Site)
NL: When Ian McKellan puts on his Gandalf costume does he begin to walk and talk like Gandalf? Carolyn: Definitely. You can see the majority of. .. More

02-21-01: List of Toy Fair 2001 Rings Toys (
Animatronic Banks: Three animatronic banks which will move and play sounds when you deposit a coin or press a button, based on characters. .. More

02-21-01: Live LOTR Q&A With Christopher Lee (The Official CL Web)
This Saturday, February 24, 2001, Christopher Lee will be answering questions regarding The Lord of the Rings books and their author J.R.R. .. More

02-21-01: Ancanar Goes to AFM (
The American Film Market, the "gathering for the global motion picture industry," held annually in Los Angeles, will be the premiere. .. More

02-20-01: The folks at Urban Cinefile have streaming video from the New Zealand wrap party available in 56k and cable versions! Interesting footage. More

02-20-01: Liv Tyler Engaged to a Spacehog (Yahoo! Entertainment News)
Liv Tyler's got a thing for rock stars. It's enough to make any spandex-wearing father proud. The 23-year-old actress and star of Armageddon and.. . More

02-20-01: Dwarf and Hobbit Talk Tolkien (Empire Online)
Since the Lord of the Rings epic production wrapped just before Christmas, the stars of the show have spent the intervening period recovering at.. . More

02-19-01: The Trailer, Official or Not? (
I received an email back from Trish Maunder, who had put up the article alongside the old/new trailer. I asked her if it was an official trailer. .. More

02-18-01: 'Lord of the Rings' Gets Big Web Push (The Wall Street Journal)
The first installment in New Line Cinema's ''Lord of the Rings'' film trilogy won't hit theaters until December. But the studio's "Rings" Web site.. . More

02-18-01: Episode II's Jay Laga'aia to Play Uruk-hai (Herr Der Ringe Film)
The Star Wars fan site reports that Episode II cast member Jay Laga'aia will play a Uruk-hai leader in the Lord of the Rings. .. More

02-18-01: Bree Now Open to Travellers (Under Bree Hill)
We are proud to announce the opening of Under Bree Hill, an interactive adventure on the net. Enter Middle-Earth's quaint town of Bree. .. More

02-18-01: New 140m Movie is Hobbit of All Right (The Sun Newspaper)
THESE are the latest astonishing pictures from The Lord Of The Rings - which is shaping up to be one of cinema's all-time top films. In America. .. More

02-17-01: Gollum Pics in Lord of the Rings Trailer (The LOTR Movie Site)
Leonides, one of the regulars over on our message board, The White Council, e-mailed me today with a link to a new set of Lord of... More

02-17-01: J.R.R. Tolkien Interview (Harper Collins)
J.R.R. Tolkien was born on 3 January 1892. After serving in the First World War, he embarked upon a distinguished academic career and was.. . More

02-17-01: New Rings Trailer at Toy Fair (Fandom Shop)
Toy Biz launched a new 5-minute Lord Of the Rings trailer at the Toy Fair in New York this week. Although there was no dialogue—except. .. More

02-17-01: New Lineup (Entertainment Weekly)
It was euphemistically termed a ''mutual'' decision, but when New Line's head of production, Michael De Luca, 35, left the studio last month, few. .. More

02-17-01: 'Black Hawk' Gets New Recruits (
Director Ridley Scott has rounded out the cast for his fact-based war thriller 'Black Hawk Down'. Three 'You know the face...' American actors.. . More

02-16-01: Lord of the Toy Tie-ins (Advertising Age)
New Line Cinema's $270 million larger-than-life "The Lord of the Rings" film trilogy will introduce its toy line tie-ins at this week's 98th annual.. . More

02-16-01: Breaking Bread with Denizens of Middle-earth (IGN FilmForce)
The air is crisp on this, a rather routine Tuesday morning. The sky blankets the horizon in a bleak, shimmering azure blue fairly devoid of clouds.. . More

02-16-01: Decipher at Toy Fair (IGN FilmForce)
My visit to Decipher counts as the second unexpected nugget of Toy Fair. I had just about given up hope of finding them when I spotted their. .. More

02-16-01: 'Lord of the Rings' Teaser 1-Sheet Next Month (Tolkien Online)
Dark Horizons received the following information from an informant: "I've gotten word the teaser 1-sheet for Lord of the Rings will be out be the end.. . More

02-16-01: 'Rings' of Desire: The Toys Fans Will Yearn For (NY Daily News)
Here's what to expect later this year on the Lord of the Rings toy shelf: Action Figure Twin Pack Assortment — Boromir vs. Uruk-Hai, Galadriel.. . More

02-16-01: Rings Collection Up for Grabs (Sunday Star Times)
A former Lord of The Rings security guard who stole $213,000 worth of costumes and props from the movie set is now selling his own ... More

02-12-01: Rings Toy Images From Slideshow Toy (Herr Der Ringe Film)
Sideshow Toy has posted some examples of their Lord.. . More

02-12-01: Rings Collection Up for Grabs (The Sunday Star Times)
A former Lord of The Rings security guard who stole $213,000 worth of costumes and props from the movie set is now selling his own.. . More

02-11-01: Ringing Endorsement (Entertainment Weekly)
The Internet was crasling with wizards and orcs and elves: Tolkien buffs got into the hobbit of downloading the heavily hyped trailer for The Lord of... More

02-10-01: How Mt. Potts Became the Edoras Set (Company of the Ring)
It was May 1857 when Thomas Potts registered runs No 181 and 189 totalling 10,920ha. Shortly after he took up another 2000ha where the ... More

02-10-01: Questions Raised About Animal Rights Group (The LA Times)
More recently, AHA officials waited months to weigh in about persistent reports that horses were abused during the New Zealand filming of "Lord... More

02-10-01: LOTR Merchandise Among the Next Hot Toys (The Mercury News)
NEW YORK -- Every February, toy manufacturers, game designers and journalists descend on Manhattan for the biggest toy fair in the.. . More

02-10-01: Movie Tie-Ins, Video Games Big at Toy Fair (The New York Post)
Toy Fair opens Sunday in the city with toy makers and sellers praying the horrible holidays of 2000 are behind them.The industry is hoping... More

02-10-01: After a long respite, the LOTR Collectibles Site has finally reopened to the public! Stop by for the latest news regarding LOTR collectibles , as well as a complete list of upcomign Toy Biz Lord of the Rings action figures! More

02-08-01: Arwen in the Middle (Philadelphia Daily News)
Walk through the writers' rooms of most TV sitcoms and you might think you've wandered into a day-care center for bright young adults. Full of.. . More

02-08-01: Harry Going to New York to Intro Jackson Flick (Ain't It Cool News)
Hey folks, Harry here in Austin about 3 hours away from my flight up to New York where I'll be hosting a screening tomorrow (Friday, February.. . More

02-08-01: New Tolkien CD by Marion Bradley (The LOTR Movie Site)
Flowinglass Music is proud to announce the release of The Starlit Jewel, a new CD featuring songs from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and... More

02-07-01: 'LT Sulu' to Narrate LOTR Symphony Performance (Tolkien Online)
The Long Island Philharmonic will perform a "Flights of Fantasy" program conducted by David Warble and narrated by Star Trek's George... More

02-07-01: 'Hobbit Squad' Derided (The Otago Daily Times)
London: After heroism in two world wars, New Zealand's army is again front-page news in Britain, but this time as an object of derision . More

02-07-01: Calling All Hobbits (Assassin Films)
Assassin Films, the production company behind documentary-in-progress have released the following press article . More

02-06-01: Jackson Wants 'Rings' Reality (Sci Fi Wire)
Peter Jackson, director of the upcoming Lord of the Rings film trilogy, told E! Online that he faces a year's worth of post-production now that ... More

02-06-01: Samwise Talks 'Lord of the Rings' (Popcorn Interview)
One of the stars of the three Lord Of The Rings movies has been speaking exclusively to Popcorn about the upcoming trilogy, saying he ... More

02-06-01: Rings Travel Plans Stir Epic Debate (The Evening Post)
The meeting was as long as a Tolkien trilogy when it could've been a 10-minute short story. For those who like to skip straight to the last page ... More

02-06-01 : Lee C. sends word that the trailer for The Fellowship of the Ring was on television on the United Kingdom on Monday morning. Woo-hoo!

02-05-01: Michael from New York sends word that E! showed the Lord of the Rings trailer on TV last night. Word is getting out quickly, folks!

02-04-01: City Councillor to Ask Permission to Use Images (The Dominion)
Wellington city councillor Mary Varnham will accompany Mayor Mark Blumsky and a private sector delegation to New York next week More

02-04-01: Christopher Lee Answers Rings Questions on Video (Herr Der Ring)
Christopher Lee has answered a batch of questions as Real Media More

02-04-01: Rings Trailer Shown on 'Coming Attractions' (New Dimension Games)
I recorded the show "Coming Attractions" on "E!" today at 2:30, and you betcha--the LOTR trailer was shown in it's entirety! Put out the More

02-03-01: Ancalagon Updates 'List of Film Changes' (Tolkien Online)
Our own AncalagonTheBlack tells us that he has updated The Complete List of Film Changes with all the differences between the books More

02-03-01: Absolutely Positively Middle arth (The New Zealand Listener)
Currently, the sign at Wellington airport identifies the nation's capital as a nuclear-free city. Clean/green image, 1980s style. "It's dated More

02-03-01: Lord's Prayer (The New Zealand Listener)
Whether we like it or not, we all now have a stake in the Lord of the flings films being successful. Mainly because, as New Line executive Michael More

02-03-01: Lord of the Rings Museum in Wellington? (The Evening Post)
Wellington city councillor Mary Varnham will accompany Mayor Mark Blumsky and a private sector delegation to New York next week to try to More

02-03-01: Andy Serkis Talks Gollum (Ain't It Cool News)
"They were looking for someone who was capable of doing a creature voice but portray him as human as well," says the 36 year old actor about More

02-02-01: Slideshow Toy to Develop LOTR Collectibles (Slideshow Toy)
In what is surely one of the most creative theatrical licensing deals ever, Sideshow Toy of Westlake Village, CA has partnered with Weta More

02-02-01: Hobbit Soldiers 'Not Exploited' (BBC News)
The New Zealand army has rejected claims that it should not have used its soldiers to play hobbits or elves in the new film of novel Lord of the... More

02-02-01: Announcing the Mithril Gathering III (Mithril)
To be held at the Lancaster Host Hotel. Lancaster PA. USA March 9-11 in the Game Rooms of the Host; Times of the Gaming Events and other... More

02-01-01: Rings Paid $20 a Day for Defence Staff (The Evening Post)
The Defence Force said the payment was adequate to cover expenses incurred by having 15 to 250 personnel work each day, mainly as extras... More

02-01-01: February Force of Hobbit (E! Online)
I'm forever grappling to think of imaginative ways to show how evil the Ring is. And ultimately it can only ever be conveyed through ... More

02-01-01: How [To] Rate a DVD Movie Before It's Released (
I'm amazed to find this product listed, but I guess anticipation is important for a project as large as The Lord of the Rings. Peter Jackson is giving... More

02-01-01: Jackson Keen to Get the Movie Out (TV3 News)
As many J.R.R. Tolkien fans know, "The Lord Of The Rings" is a trilogy and Jackson has taken on the unenviable task of bringing each of the... More

02-01-01: Soldiers' Rates as Film Extras 'Disgraceful' (The Dominion)
The Defence Force was paid $205,000 by the producers of The Lord of the Rings trilogy for providing up to 300 staff as extras. Figures obtained... More

01-31-01: Company to Produce 'Rings' Tabletop Game (The LOTR Movie Site)
I just heard that New Line Cinema signed a deal with Games Workshop to produce a LotR tabletop game. As it seems, this will not be a... More

01-31-01: Top 100 Showbiz Earners in 2000 (OK! Magazine)
Sean Bean is 49th. His starring role in Essex Boys, released last summer, was highly acclaimed. Since then he's been busy at work on the... More

01-31-01: Lord of the Rings Computer Games (Computer Gaming World)
How do you make a computer game out of a story so famous that your audience knows it backward and forward? Almost a decade ago... More

01-31-01: Robbie Magasiva is Mauhur (Imladris)
I followed up on the recent story about Robbie Magasiva (pictured) apparently having a role in Lord of the Rings. The publicist for... More

01-29-01: A Dragon Comes to Life (The Atlanta Journal Constitution)
They are subterranean stars of the dark in J.R.R. Tolkien's classic fantasy tale "The Hobbit." The slimy Gollum is a lonely lake-dwelling creature... More

01-28-01: More spoiler pics from the New Line calendar have been added to our image directory. Stop by to see Frodo, Aragorn, and more. More

01-28-01: The Great Tolkien Convention (Herr Der Ringe Film)
Well, hello everybody, it's me again. Elanor, with an exclusive report of the event that took place from January 12th until January 14th at Castle... More

01-28-01: RealNetworks, New Line in Rings Deal (New Zealand InfoTech)
Web connected Tolkein fans have another resource to help while away the 47 weeks remaining until the first instalment of Lord of the Rings ... More

01-27-01: Exclusive Photo of Gandalf Battling the Balrog (Jimcalagon)
No other site has brought you a picture of the Balrog. Thanks to the prowess of my on-set spy, Winja Celeborn, I was lucky enough to... More

01-27-01: Animal Watchdogs Ask Court to Stop LA Times (The Vancouver Sun)
The American Humane Association is facing an uphill battle as it prepares to go to court Thursday morning to ask for an order that would, among... More

01-27-01: Screening of a Cult Classic (The Vancouver Sun)
You know you're in the presence of a cultural phenomenon when a movie trailer generates more press than the movies that opened that week. More

01-27-01: Reporter Investigating LOTR Runs Afoul of AHA (Inside! Magazine)
The American Humane Association, the nonprofit organization whose western office monitors the treatment of animals in television and film... More

01-26-01: Under Bree Hill to Open Soon (Under Bree Hill)
Ever wanted to spend a night in Bree? Have a drink at the Prancing Pony? Enjoy a pipe with hobbits from Buckland? We are a fan... More

01-26-01: For those of you who have been having trouble downloading our MPEG and QuickTime versions of the Fellowship trailer, we've moved them to a new anonymous FTP server, which should greatly increase download speed and reliability. I was getting 4k/sec download speed before, and now I'm getting 80k/sec on my DSL line. A big improvement if you ask me. More

01-26-01: A couple of new photos of Gandalf and the Hobbits have been added to our image directory. The pic of Gandalf is very cool. More

01-24-01: World Goes Mad for Lord of the Rings (Teletext)
The latest movie trailer for Lord Of The Rings (LOTR) has just been posted on the official site But if you have... More

01-24-01: Bad Jokes Heard After the LOTR Movie Trailer (Twisted Concepts)
"One Ring to Rule Them All," wasn’t that AT&T’s business plan? More

01-24-01: Something Familiar This Way Comes (The LA Times)
Director Peter Jackson's lavish version of Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" arrives Dec. 19 complete with two sequels at the ready, which will follow... More

01-24-01: Tracking Trailers (The Trades)
Lord of the Rings -- Starring Elijah Wood, Ian McClellan, Liv Tyler, Viggo Mortensen, Sean Astin, Cate Blanchett, and John Rhys-Davies. More

01-24-01: Week 5: Beren's Adventures on the LOTR Blue Screen Set (CotR)
We were shooting Gandalf as he rides Gwaihir, so he was on a barrel type thing that could be tilted and moved around to make it look... More

01-24-01: Musings About Edoras (
Acting in such circumstances is what all of us, filmmakers and audiences, love so much about film: the sense of actually being there. Bernard... More

01-24-01: The Lord of the Rings Indepth (TV3)
The first trailer for the Lord of the Rings is now playing in New Zealand cinemas. It advertises the coming film trilogy that's still a whole year away... More

01-24-01: Oh 'Lord' (Entertainment Weekly)
EW gives you a sneak preview of "Lord of the Rings" -- Will Tolkien's otherworldly trilogy be Hobbit forming? "One ring to rule them all..." More

01-23-01: 'Lord of the Rings' Brings Riches to Wellington (The Guardian)
The cafe chatter in Wellington may be dominated by talk of the new film version of JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, but New Zealanders are feeling... More

01-22-01: Rings fan Bob J. was kind enough to let me know about what I think is the definitive QuickTime release of the first Fellowship teaser trailer. The sound is fantastic, the image is large and incredible. Check it out! More

01-22-01: Check out this newly-discovered footage of a black and white production of Rings by Warner Bros. starring Humphrey Bogart, Orson Welles, Sydney Greenstreet, and Peter Lorre. This is truly hilarious! More

01-21-01: LOTR Fans Experience 360-Degree Look at Films (Yahoo! News)
If you're one of the millions of fans chomping at the bit for J.R.R. Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings trilogy to come to the big screen, no ... More

01-21-01: Coming, Lord of the Clicks (
True Hobbit fans, prepare to watch and weep as the commercial juggernaut that will carry tonnes of Lord of the Rings merchandise into stores .. . More

01-21-01: Teasing Australians Into a Hobbit Hole (
When the trailer for the film The Lord of the Rings was released in the United States last Friday, hard-core J.R.R.Tolkien fans queued in the ... More

01-21-01: LOTR Trailer Promises Great Things to Come (The NZ Herald)
You could say it's a sight for sore ears - we've heard so much about Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, it's about time the other ... More

01-21-01: Lord of the Tantalizes (The Dominion)
Peter Jackson was not there. Nor was Cate Blanchett, nor any of the others in the star-studded cast. But Fleur and Felicity Hamill were among a.. . More

01-21-01: Movies: Cate Expectations (Newsweek)
SHE GREETS YOU warmly, but warily. As you anticipated, Being Interviewed does not appear on her Top 10,000 List of Favorite Things. More

01-21-01: One Ring to Rule Them All (Newsweek)
WORD GOT OUT three years ago that New Line Cinema planned to film “The Lord of the Rings,” J.R.R. Tolkien’s sword-and-sorcery trilogy... More

01-19-01: You knew we'd bring it to you, right? RIGHT?!? Well, even if you didn't here's it is. An MPEG version of the Fellowship trailer for those of you who can't access the official site and/or can't play streaming media. More

01-19-01: Rushes (
On Friday, January 19th, RealNetworks and New Line Cinema will launch the Internet premiere of 'The Lord of the Rings' Movie Trailer in tandem... More

01-19-01: For those of you who missed it in the theatre (like me) the Fellowship trailer is available for download at the official LOTR site. More

01-18-01: What the HECK?!? We've got more great spoiler pics for you, and one of them is particularly interesting. Arwen on a horse with a cut on her face? Surely not!! Didn't Jackson recently dismiss those rumors?? Check it out for yourself. Also, pics of battles at Helm's Deep, Gandalf deep in thought, Elrond and Arwen in Rivendell, and much more await you! More

01-18-01: Audio Interview With Peter Jackson (Herr Der Ringe Film)
The German distributer Kinowelt published in it's press section an audio interview (in MP3 format) with director Peter Jackson from the... More

01-18-01: New Line Production Chief DeLuca Out of a Job (Yahoo! News)
LOS ANGELES, (Reuters) -- After a dismal 2000 when high-profile films like Adam Sandler's "Little Nicky'' tanked at the box office, New... More

01-18-01: Breaking of the Record (The LOTR Movie Site)
In my opinion, it seems that LOTR will the best cinema of our lifetimes. So in order to show our love for the Professor and his works, I propose... More

01-17-01: Cate's Captivating Gift (The Globe)
LOS ANGELES -- All work and yet, remarkably, Cate Blanchett is still an interesting girl. The internationally admired Australian actress... More

01-17-01: U.S. to Get Rings a Week Before Kiwis (
A Wellington contingent will travel to New York next month to talk the makers of the multi-million dollar Lord Of The Rings trilogy, into allowing ... More

01-17-01: Wellington Bid to Cash in on Lord of the Rings (The Dominion)
A Wellington contingent will travel to New York next month to talk the makers of the multi-million dollar Lord Of The Rings trilogy, into allowing ... More

01-17-01: Jonny Grindlay over at The Realm of the Ring has some personalized Lord of the Rings license plates for sale. This is cool stuff here! More

01-17-01: Elijah Wood Sizzling in 2001 (E! Online)
We knew Elijah Wood had talent (not to mention good taste) when the precocious youngster pushed Macaulay Culkin off a cliff in 1993's... More

01-17-01: Sites Give Tolkien Fans Their Fix (The New York Times)
At 12:01 a.m. last Friday, the official Web site for the forthcoming film trilogy based on J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings books was... More

01-17-01: Are You Watching the Superbowl? (Ain't It Cool News)
So you hate Football, Why are you going to be watching the SUPERBOWL this year? I'll tell ya why! It seems that at various points... More

01-17-01: Support the Lord of the Rings Films (The LOTR Movie Site)
Fellow Tolkien lovers, we should be darned happy! A lucky generation of fans are we, that we get such treatment. In the 1970s, little cults of... More

01-16-01: Online Fans Await Tolkien Tale (BBC News)
Millions of Lord of the Rings fans are expected to log on to a website on Friday which accompanies the forthcoming film version of the classic... More

01-16-01: Houghton Mifflin Aquires Book Rights to Movies (Houghton Mifflin)
Boston, January 16, 2001 -- Houghton Mifflin Company, longtime publisher of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, has secured the U.S. rights to publish... More

01-16-01: Hobbits, Elves, Orcs Go Onscreen From Thursday (The NZ Herald)
The inhabitants of Middle Earth will march across screens around New Zealand from tomorrow in a teaser for The Lord of the Rings films. Hobbits... More

01-16-01: 'Rings' Fan Jumps the Gun on Trailer Posting (Daily Variety)
Oh, those wacky Netizens. A "Lord of the Rings" fan who couldn't wait for New Line to post the pic's teaser trailer on the Web Friday decided to... More

01-16-01: Film Web Site Draws Hobbit Fans (
About 41 million fans clicked on since the Web site's relaunch last Friday, studio representatives said Tuesday. More

01-16-01: Big Studios Bank on Super Bowl Spots (USA Today)
NEW YORK -- Grab the popcorn and Sno-Caps and get ready for some of the most action-packed movie trailers in Super Bowl history. More

01-15-01: Entertainment Weekly has posted a short article about the revamped official Rings site, and they include a list of what they consider to be the top fan sites out there, although the list isn't by any means complete. More

01-15-01: The official Lord of the Rings web site has been voted "Site of the Week" by the folks at SF Gate. Check inside for the full scoop. More

01-15-01: Cinescape has unearthed some more massive hidden spoiler pics from the official Lord of the Rings site. Great stuff here. More

01-15-01: Week 4: Beren's Advtrs. on the LOTR Blue Screen Set (CotR)
Monday started off with finishing Saturday's stuff, so that was more stuff in Fangorn. Now this was another very very cool day, John... More

01-15-01: Flowinglass Music has just released a new CD called The Starlit Jewel. It consists of Tolkien-inspired music by Marion Zimmer Bradley. They only have 2000 copies available, though, so hurry and order one! More

01-15-01: Kiwi Staff Cut as Weta's Rings Work Finishes (The Dominion)
Wellington's Weta Workshops, where armoury and miniatures for the Lord of the Rings trilogy were created, has "downscaled" its New Zealand ... More

01-15-01: Te Papa Hits LA to Court Film Lords (The Sunday Star Times)
A high-powered delegation from Te Papa, including museum chief executive Dame Cheryl Sotheran, returned from Los Angeles yesterday after . .. More

01-15-01: Pirated Lord of the Rings Trailer On Web (The Evening Post)
New Zealanders can get a sneak preview of the new Lord Of The Rings trailer on the Internet -- but only if they put up with a pirate copy featuring... More

01-14-01: 'Rings' Buzz Starts Months Before Dec. Release (LA Daily News)
BURBANK -- After driving 215 miles from the Yosemite Valley, David Schulze stood 12 hours in the pouring rain outside the AMC Theaters... More

01-14-01: Secret Sections by Sneaky Webmasters (The LOTR Movie Site)
It's coming out now that those sneaky webmasters over at the official Rings site hid a bunch of goodies inside the site. Here are links to... More

01-13-01: 'Fellowship' Teaser Trailer Review (The Tolkien Archives)
I had the great pleasure of seeing the Lord of the Rings movie trailer before watching another New Line Cinema film, Thirteen Days. More

01-13-01: Official LOTR Movie Site Review (The Tolkien Archives)
I was struck by New Line’s most recent attempt at web communication and presentation in the newest unveiling of Not that... More

01-13-01: 'Lord of the Rings' Trailer Released (The Washington Post)
LOS ANGELES –– Movie fans this weekend will get their first glimpse of one of 2001's most anticipated films, the first installment of the [LOTR]... More

01-13-01: Official 'Lord of the Rings' Site Goes Live Today (The Register)
An official Web site for the much-anticipated film trilogy based on JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings books goes live today (Friday) at 8pm GMT. More

01-13-01: 3 screen captures from the bootleg version of the Fellowship preview have been added to our image directory. Check 'em out. More

>01-13-01: I've been receiving tons of comments from fans around the world regarding the Fellowship preview. I've posted them all inside. Most of them are short descriptions of what they saw, but one guy actually has a link to a bootleg version of the trailer that is downloadable online! Not that I'm endorsing that. There is also news for you UK fans on when you'll see the trailer. More

01-12-01: Taz sends word that the new Rings trailer wasn't attached to Lost Souls in the United Kingdom, but it will be available on another flick. More

01-12-01: Lord of the Rings Theatrical Teaser Trailer (Ain't It Cool News)
I knew that the trailer was in town. I felt the vibrations of the FED EX trucks carrying it to theaters everywhere... I knew where the... More

01-12-01: Reopens (
After many devoted hours, we at announce the launch of our completely redone Lord of the Rings fan site. Done in Macro... More

01-12-01: Los Angeles Preview Line Weathers Storm (Tolkien Online)
A midnight rainstorm was not able to dampen the enthusiasm of Tolkien fans in Los Angeles as they lined up at the AMC 14 Theaters in Burbank... More

01-12-01: Woohoo! The official site has updated, and the material that is now available is fantastic. Q&A with Jackson, cast and crew lists, photos, etc. Stop by and check it out. Also, the Fellowship trailer releases today! I'll be posting reviews right here, so once you've seen it, submit one! More

01-11-01: We have tons (and I mean TONS) of new pics posted. Stop by our directory to check out a pic of Frodo holding a sword (Sting?), Boromir blowing his horn, Legolas with his bow, and Gimli getting mad! More

01-11-01: Leo alerted me to the fact that there's a reporter from Newsweek asking members of our message board to post their reactions to the films thus far. Stop by the board and post some thoughts of your own! Maybe you'll get quoted, and even better, maybe this site will get mentioned. More

01-11-01: Rings Taps the Net to Build Excitement for Film (The NY Times)
HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 10 — At 12:01 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on Friday, the official Web site for the forthcoming film trilogy based on.. . More

01-11-01: New Line Gives Rings a Push on the Web (Wall Street Journal)
The first installment in New Line Cinema's "Lord of the Rings" film trilogy won't hit theaters until December. But this Friday, the ... More

01-11-01: Lured by the Rings (National Post Online)
Do Balrogs have wings? When John Ronald Reuel Tolkien published his three-volume book The Lord of the Rings in 1954 and 1955, he... More

01-11-01: Week 3: Beren's Advtrs. on the LOTR Blue Screen Set (CotR)
Week three on the production and the first 6 day week, though I only worked 5 due to prior arrangements. We started off with more ... More

01-11-01: Line Forming for the LOTR Trailer? (Ain't It Cool News)
Hey folks, Harry here... well, it is starting for real now. Fan culture is organizing lines... people are signing up... personally I don't want no dang... More

01-11-01: First Theatrical Trailer to Debut This Friday (New Line Cinema)
LOS ANGELES, Jan. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- New Line Cinema will unveil the first theatrical teaser trailer for "The Lord of the Rings'' trilogy this... More

01-10-01: Cinescape is holding a poll asking what the best movie of 2001 will be Guesss which selection is winning, my preciousss? Yess, yess! More

01-10-01: Questions for Galadriel... and Answers Too (Daily Radar)
What can you say about your Lord of the Rings experience? The answer from Cate Blanchett, and much more Q&A, is inside. A must-read. More

01-10-01: Slip on the Latest in LOTR Fashion (The Tolkien Guild)
A few months back I saw Karl Urban wearing a similar stitched garment at a convention in Georgia. It was actually the topic of many questions.. More

01-10-01: Here's the latest news from our good friends at Mithril More

01-09-01: Questions for Dominic Monaghan (The Unofficial Dom Site)
After working for over 18 months on LOTR how do you feel now that filming is coming to an end? The answer, and more questions, are inside. More

01-09-01: Spoilers abound as the preview release date draws closer! Here's an interesting pic of Gandalf that was published in Empire recently. Eric B.C. was the cool guy who ended up getting this scan to me. More

01-09-01: My good buddy Hugo Julius dropped me an e-mail today with a link to some new Tolkien-based Shockwave games he has available on his site. They're very well-done and fun to play, so go check 'em out. More

01-09-01: Rings Fans Form Film Preview Lines (The Tolkien Guild)
The Tolkien Guild, a united group of websites and societies with a common interest in the works of author J.R.R. Tolkien and his immensely... More

01-08-01: Week 2: Beren's Advtrs. on the LOTR Blue Screen Set (CotR)
On Thursday it was some stuff with Frodo, Sam and Gollum. The first one was on the Cirith Ungil stairs, this involved a large prop once.. . More

01-08-01: Dark Horizons has the scoop on what to expect from the Fellowship trailer on the 12th, including the actual length of the trailer itself. More

01-08-01: Thirteen Daze (Newsweek)
How do you get kids in theaters for a Kennedy-era drama? More

01-08-01: Only 4 days left until the Fellowship preview, and we have more great spoiler pics for you! Stop by our image directory to check out a pic of Bilbo's birthday party area, as well as what may very well be the Internet's first pic of Cate Blanchett as Galadriel... in full costume! More

01-07-01: Rings Film 'Will Force Tolkien Family Into Hiding' (The Telegraph)
THE making of a 66 million film trilogy of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of
the Rings will force the late author's family into hiding to escape... More

01-07-01: Why Frodo May Be More Than a Match for Harry (The Telegraph)
IN this country, it seems impossible that 2001 could bring a more eagerly
awaited movie than Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, based... More

01-06-01: New Line has officially re-released the recent pics of the Hobbits, Gandalf in Moria, and the armies of Rohan and Gondor . Check near the bottom of our image directory index for these larger, clearer pics. More

01-06-01: Week 1, Days 4 & 5: Beren's Advtrs. on the LOTR Set (CotR)
As promised day 4 and 5 of my experience on the movie. Day 4 was the same thing over and over but with a few differences each time. More

01-06-01: Looks like Cirdan of Herr Der Ringe Film got to take a trip to New Zealand in November of last year, similar to what Harry Knowles did . He says that he'll be publishing a report on his adventures quite soon. More

01-06-01: You saw it here first! Check out these two fantastic pics from an anonymous source . The first shot is of the Hobbits in Barliman's inn at Bree. The second is of Bilbo holding the Ring. Great stuff here. More

01-05-01: In preparation for the January 12th trailer release, we've created a new Promotions area to store miscellaneous images and screen captures from the trailer. There are already some nifty countdown pics posted. More

01-05-01: Jackson Cameo in All Three Films (Herr Der Ringe FIlm)
A year ago we got the information that director Peter Jackson will have a cameo in a Bree-scene in the first movie. A few months ago we got the... More

01-05-01: Dave Dobbyn -- Back With His Kinda People (The NZ Herald)
Dave Dobbyn, after the folky theatre jaunt last year with Tim Finn and Bic Runga, is back as a rock’n’roll road warrior half way through... More

01-05-01: The Shows to See, the Music to Hear in 2001 (The Times)
Here’s your Trivial Pursuit question for the new year. What took three years to plan, 438 days to shoot, employed 20,000 extras, 300 crew, and... More

01-05-01: Beren Answers Questions About the Films (Cpny. of the Ring)
From what I've picked up Liv didn't suit the Xena-type roll that Arwen was going to have, so it was rewritten to suit her acting style so... More

01-04-01: Alan Lee, Doomed to Die? (Company of the Ring)
Well maybe not, but the character he plays in the movie is. Yes that's right the conceptual artist for the movies has got himself a small part... More

01-04-01: Week 1, Days 2 & 3: Beren's Advtrs. on the LOTR Set (CotR)
Day two on the job started the same as every other, breakfast. Then over to the studio to do another day of watching, and getting a few ... More

01-04-01: Week 1, Day 1: Beren's Adventures on the LOTR Set (CotR)
So what did I get up to the first day on the job. Well Monday morning I turned up at Studio V over at Park Rd, and get pointed in the right... More

01-04-01: 'Break a Leg' -- Kiwi Soldiers Fight for 'Ring' (Sunday Times)
Kiwi soldiers are more than a match for mace-wielding rock trolls and legions of murderous orcs. The New Zealand troops have been kicking butt... More

01-04-01: American Visual Effects Expert Quits Rings (The Dominion)
Top American visual effects expert Mark Stetson has left the $600-million Lord of the Rings project amid a big production shake-up on the movie... More

01-04-01: The Best Reading of the 20th Century (American Mensa)
Last summer a Mensan and fervent fan of the written word, Robert M. Beattie, Jr., of Wichita, Kan., volunteered to tabulate the results if we... More

01-03-01: Bilbo and Frodo are having a party and you're invited! Our own Shire Post web site, founded and maintainted by Whil Whitfoot, is now accepting reservations for the Baggins party to be held on Sep. 22nd , 2001. More

01-03-01: You all must be looking forward to Jan. 12th almost as much as I am . Here's something to get you more excited. New Line has posted an official countdown to the trailer splash page at the official LOTR site. More

01-02-01: Here's a first! An interview with New Line President Michael De Luca . In this excellent article, he answers various questions about LOTR. More

01-02-01: I'm slobbering . Beren over at The Company of the Ring has landed six-week job on film production for The Lord of the Rings. More

01-02-01: Sir Ian McKellen's latest E-Post entry has been added to his site, and he answers lots of questions about the wrap of filming . More

01-02-01: Rings Polystyrene Battle Set 'Cost $1m' (The Evening Post)
What cost almost a million dollars and is largely made of polystyrene?
According to the official Lord Of The Rings website, that was... More

01-02-01: There haven't been many interviews with Cate Blanchett (Galadriel) since filming started, but here's one, and it's quite interesting. More

01-02-01: Michael Martinez has confirmed that Ioreth will be appearing in the third part of The Lord of the Rings! This is great news. More

01-02-01: Harry Knowles takes a lengthy, but interesting, look forward at the year to come and future movie releases in this article from his site. More

01-01-01: The Long Arm of the Year (Newsweek)
Remember the Star-Child? The Star-Child was a mysterious interplanetary fetus that floated portentously toward Earth in the closing scene of... More

01-01-01: Year in Review: Fads of the Year (The NZ Herald)
In the first of five articles looking back over the year, JOSIE CLARKE focuses on fads that caught on big. Fads -- every year has them, and the first... More

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