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Debate forum has reopened!
Posted by Matthew on 06-11-08
Is anyone still around? Let's pick up the conversation again.

Posted by Everett on 06-14-08
I've been checking every so often to see if there's anything new up. I don't have any new information at the moment, though I did have a couple...

The Wait
Posted by Everett on 06-14-08
According to IMDB, "The Hobbit" isn't scheduled for release until the end of 2011. When it comes out, it will have been eight years since RotK...

And Playing the role of Bilbo?
Posted by Everett on 06-27-08
Anyone have any thoughts on the potential casting of James McAvoy...

A Question?
Posted by Everett on 07-09-08
I probably should have asked this before I voted for revitalizing the site, but...

Re: A Question?
Posted by Matthew on 07-09-08
Everett, judging from your question I'm guessing you're wondering what changes are being considered. Mainly just small fixes at this point.

No, the Balrog still has no wings...
Posted by brettc1 on 08-01-08
Hello all, its been a while. Busy busy busy. Anyway, I recently stumbled across in interesting article at Xenite my Michael Martinez basically...

Posted by Everett on 08-02-08
Brett C., how the heck are ya? It's been, what, four years? As far as the winged Balrog debate goes, the important thing to remember is that the...

4 years & 2 kids later & still talking balrogs LOL
Posted by brettc1 on 08-09-08
As it says in the title, since my last post I and Mrs Brett C have been blessed with 2 children, Alexander [almost 4] and Gwendoline Rose...

Balrogs flying in Moria
Posted by N Kalanaga on 08-26-08
Balrogs flying in Moria would hit their heads on the ceilings. They may be able to fly as well as any bird, but not in a...

Blast You, Brett.
Posted by Everett on 08-26-08
You and your posts that make me have to think and look things up. We seem to be in agreement about the ability of Balrogs to alter their physical...

Right where I left you
Posted by Farlas on 08-31-08
Didn't I last see this forum debating balrogs? Or was it the pros and cons of a split up "Hobbit" movie? -F.

Kudos and Welcome
Posted by Everett on 08-31-08
Kudos to Brett for bringing up the most plumbed debate in the history of the Forum and getting an interesting back-and-forth going on a subject I...

Did you hear...
Posted by Farlas on 10-30-08
I was on another website and I read this headline about how Viggo Mortenson was trying to contact whats-his-face about being in the Hobbit. Do...

To Shoehorn or Not to Shoehorn
Posted by Everett on 11-04-08
Farlas, that's the first I've heard this rumor. It would be difficult for him to reprise his Aragorn role within the context of the original...

Posted by alex45 on 11-04-08
Internet marketing, also referred to as web marketing, online marketing, or eMarketing, is the marketing of products or services over the...

Not sure...
Posted by Farlas on 11-07-08
I'm not sure I want them to incorporate Aragorn into the Hobbit. I'd really rather they'd leave it as is. Although, a small guest appearance...

Aragorn in The Hobbit
Posted by N Kalanaga on 11-19-08
There's no reason he couldn't be at Rivendell. Don't mention his name, and leave him as "one of the locals", and it would be a great...

The Real Question
Posted by Everett on 11-27-08
It's not whether or not Aragorn will be in one of the movies or whether he should, but How will they shoehorn Arwen into "The...

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