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Another Review
Posted by Lem on 01-01-04
Seven times. My second veiwing of Return of the King made tears well up in my eyes seven times. The second time it was just as good as the first, if...

You Too Bob Praz
Posted by Pippin on 01-01-04
Thank you too Bob Praz how do you guys remember these facts? You guyz are amazing ^_^...

The Various Types of Tolkien Fans: .......
Posted by Uruviel on 01-01-04
Some people cannot stand even the aroma of any part of the LOTR Trilogy. Some people taste it out of curiousity. Some people bite at it with...

Poll Answer and One Other Thing
Posted by Frodo_Lives on 01-01-04
Strider: My favorite scene in ROTK would have to be the Mt. Doom scene. Especially "I can't carry It, but I can carry you." And Frodo saying...

To Raggedy Anndy
Posted by Pippin on 01-01-04
You sceem to love PJ's work on Pippin and Gandalf but not too fond of his work on Frodo and Sam. Well I agree that Frodo's falling off the cliff...

Alas Magic Fire I Belive We Understand One Another
Posted by Pippin on 01-01-04
Well I'm glad we got that over with. I was begining to think that nobdy liked him. I felt like I had to say something for him because I have quite...

About Knal of Gondor
Posted by Pippin on 01-01-04
Almost everybody has read Knal of Gondor's first posting. Knal of Gondor is a friend of mine and they're some things I need you to know about...

My Disappointment at RotK
Posted by Josh on 01-01-04
I wanted to like it. Really I did. I've been a big fan of the books since before the movies came out. But Return of the King, was arguably the low...

RotK Commentary: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut
Posted by Bob Praz on 01-02-04
Well, I know I’ve been posting often lately, but now that I’ve sat back and read all the other posts, I still have more to say. Bear with me, if you...

Urgency, Corsairs, and Heroic Hobbits
Posted by PointyEars on 01-02-04
I REALLY loved the Return of the King movie, it was incredible. Just stating that fact before I go on. It was an awesome, indescribable film, but...

I Love It When Things Turn Political
Posted by Everett on 01-02-04
But we'll get to that later. First off, I'm going to bring up some of my other problems with the movie vis-a-vis the book, and secondly, I'm...

The Various Types of Tolkien Fans: .......
Posted by Uruviel on 01-02-04
There are different types of people in the world of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: 1) Some people cannot stand even the aroma of the LOTR...

In Response to Others Thoughts
Posted by - on 01-02-04
Hello to all again! In response to Bob Praz (I think), no, Aragorn does not touch Eowyn's face as he leaves for the Paths of the Dead. So in...

Melkor Has It Right
Posted by steve on 01-02-04
Just read the articles against Melkors view of ROTK. Sadly i`m with Melkor on this.With the first two films there were things i didn`t like that had...

Well, I'm Back
Posted by RaggedyAnndy on 01-02-04
I have finally seen ROTK. I'm still trying to let it sink in. Some things really jumped out at me, so please allow me to ramble for a bit...

Posted by Nat on 01-02-04
Did anyone else notice in the Two Towers trailer Arwen says to Elrond," You have the gift of forsight. Tell me what you have seen." and that same...

Re: Different Types of Tolkien Fans
Posted by Danny on 01-03-04
I agree with the four types of Tolkien fans. I do however feel that it would be more accurate if your 4th category was actually divided into two...

Danny, PJ and Legolas Mounting the Horse
Posted by Melkor on 01-03-04
Danny you are right those were quiet moments but how long were they? Like 30 seconds or a minute at most? ahh now you understand? How long were...

Reply to -, and a Question
Posted by Frodo_Lives on 01-03-04
In responce to - about the horses at the Black Gate.... thats a really good question. They just kind of dissapear. I soppose PJ messed up by...

To Address a Few Things
Posted by - on 01-03-04
Ok, here I am again with what will hopefully be a post relevant to the rest of you. I was thinking about Everett's question, in regard to who...

Tedious Review
Posted by Tuor on 01-03-04
Wow, that title will draw readers. I haven't posted for a while or even read the forum what with finals and then the many holidays in the past...

Disappointed By RotK
Posted by LiVa on 01-04-04
I would like to preface this little review of ROTK by saying that I've been a huge admirer of Peter Jackson's trilogy, and especially of the...

I Read About Sauroman
Posted by Knal of Gondor on 01-04-04
I read about Sauroman in the book, but what i was talking about was why they didn't put him in the movie, it is such a importent...

To Melkor
Posted by RaggedyAnndy on 01-04-04
Are you serious? Maybe you're just angry about something, but come on. Of course PJ read the books! How can you expect someone to make a movie from...

More Responses
Posted by Lem on 01-04-04
Danny, your opinion of the "category 4" Tolkien Fans was very eloquently put in your "Re: Different Types of Tolkien Fans" about the Frodo...

The Actors
Posted by Bynx on 01-04-04
i love the way the actors portrayed thier characters. they must have went down deep in themselfes to pull it off. its incredible. i wish i could do...

Posted by Strider on 01-04-04
Just a little thing I noticed while watching TTT EE. In the scene where Eowyn offers Aragorn some soup(possibly favorite additional scene), she...

To Eoil and Anyone Else Who Wants to Read This
Posted by Lannor on 01-04-04
Sadly this will be my last post since i finding it harder and harder to find the time to post things. To everyone, be free and live life To...

I Agree With Tuor
Posted by Pip on 01-04-04
Yes, I must say that although I do not especially "like" the Mouth of Sauron, I DID in fact miss him in the theatrical release. I keep wishing...

Hi Peoples!
Posted by Took on 01-05-04
Hi peoples! This is my first article, so I'm just going to say what I thought of ROTK. First of all, I absolutly LOVED the movie!! I think it...

I Hate Tittles
Posted by Orangeblossom on 01-05-04
I cannot never, ever figure out what to call anything, it is the one thing my editor hates: that I send him stories with no tittles. I am glad that...

Yeah, I Know, I Already Posted Today
Posted by Pip on 01-05-04
But I'd just like Danny to know that I am a 5 :) Funny, that's my favorite number... I don't usually post twice in one day, but I unexpectedly...

A Few Things
Posted by Ashleigh on 01-05-04
I was just looking over old posts (I've been gone quite a while) and saw a very interesting question from Pippen. It is about Wormtongue crying...

To Strider About Éowyn's Grandfather
Posted by Jarrickon Half-elven on 01-05-04
Strider, I'll have to review the movie again to see if Éowyn actually says that Thengel is in fact her grandfather, but if she does, she would be...

Just a 'Little' Mistake
Posted by Iblis on 01-05-04
Hi I'm new in the scene, liked the page so here I am. Anyway I picked up I'd say a very careless error in the return of the king. When gandal and...

To Lannor
Posted by Louimir on 01-05-04
Louimir and Eiuol are one and the same person, by the way. It seems this site has trouble remembering my username and password (Yes, I am implying...

Just to Add a Few More Points of View...
Posted by - on 01-05-04
I hope to keep this brief. I mean, I really hope to : ) OK, well after reading the review by N/A, I think for me personally there was one very...

'The Hobbit' Poll
Posted by jzombiemaster on 01-06-04
Hey everybody! Please take your time to vote on a poll at: The results fo this poll will be sent to LOTR producers and if...

Gandalf Calling Himself a Steward
Posted by Lady of Rivendell on 01-06-04
Upon reading the books and the Sil you'll discover that Gandalf's mission from the Valar to Middle Earth was to act as a steward over Middle...

Gandalf the Steward
Posted by Jarrickon Half-elven on 01-06-04
Ashleigh, the word "steward" does not necessarily mean that someone is filling in for someone else. It also can mean "caretaker," and that is...

Horses and More...
Posted by Idril on 01-06-04
Hi everybody! The question as to where exactly those horses went during the Black Gate scene is a good one. During the first viewing my husband...

Does Anyone Know How Old Celiborn Is?
Posted by Knal of Gondor on 01-06-04
Does anyone know how old Celiborn...

To Eioul
Posted by Took on 01-06-04
This isn't really about LOTR, but it's starting to really annoy me. To Eioul: Are you a Christian? You keep saying that LOTR is a Christian...

For Knal of Gondor
Posted by Artanis on 01-07-04
Hi everyone. I've never posted before, but felt now is as good as any to start. I wanted to answer Knal's question about Celeborn. I don't think...

Gandalf the Steward
Posted by Imlar on 01-07-04
Just a little theory of my own as to "Gandalf being a Steward" ...he was also the keeper or caretaker of one of the 3 elven rings (narya?) sorry...

Posted by Orangeblossom on 01-07-04
Now I do not want to get stoned for this, but I do not believe that anyone should get Best Actor in ROTK. I think it should go to Johnny Depp for...

To Took
Posted by Louimir on 01-07-04
"To Eioul: Are you a Christian? You keep saying that LOTR is a Christian book, but you aren't acting like a Christian at all"[sic]. Where...

Another Question
Posted by - on 01-07-04
To Orangeblossom, I agree about not liking titles. Firstly, I just want to address Took about the Gollum-Frodo-Cracks of Doom scene that you...

Many Questions
Posted by Brett C. on 01-08-04
Greetings again; I have been to busy to psot for a goodly while and have jsut skimmed the recent debate stuff. Here are some answers to questions...

RotK Thoughts
Posted by Artanis on 01-08-04
First, I liked the ROTK movie, but was disappointed with it. I felt there were some changes made that really didn't help move the plot along and...

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