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Jackson's Variations of FotR
Posted by Kevin MacL. on 01-04-02
P. Megson's posting 12/30/01: The Bashing Starts makes this...

I Was There
Posted by Galahril on 01-06-02
I went to MiddleEarth twice in the first three days of Fellowship's...

The Revelation of Boromir
Posted by Claire B. on 01-06-02
I finally saw FotR last night, and I was stunned by its beauty and...

Posted by Dwayne M. on 01-06-02
I think all of you should stop being so critical of this film. YES, some...

For It Is In My Mind Also
Posted by Brett C. on 01-07-02
I will soon be seeing the movie for the fourth time and have been...

Arwen's Role
Posted by Fred P. on 01-07-02
When you asked for us to comment about Arwen's role in the movie, I...

Review of FotR
Posted by Rob W. on 01-07-02
This will be pretty harsh - but honest. I hope somebody reads it in the...

The Book Ain't Perfect Either
Posted by Razors on 01-07-02
Okay, everyone's been ranting on about LOTR and complaining - often to...

How Unfortunate for Rob W.
Posted by GiGor on 01-08-02
It is indeed unfortunate that you did not understand before seeing the...

Movies Suffer Slings and Arrows
Posted by Jamie B. on 01-08-02
As I was watching FOTR for the third time, It dawned on me. It was...

Variations by Kevin MacL.
Posted by Drew S. on 01-08-02
I have to agree with Kevin MacL. that Peter Jackson has produced a...

Good and Evil
Posted by Brett C. on 01-08-02
This essay is largely in response to Rob W wrote in his review. Rob, it...

It Was Pity That Stayed His Hand
Posted by Terry T. on 01-08-02
I feel real pity for Rob W. He's obviously being consumed by...

PJ Muffed the Ending a Bit
Posted by David P. on 01-09-02
I really disliked how the breaking of the Fellowship was changed in the...

Weathertop... Why?
Posted by Dan H. on 01-09-02
Everybody knows that things had to be different from the book. There is...

Why the Book Cannot Be Perfect
Posted by Andrea H. on 01-09-02
Hey, Razors, don't you fear; this is not going to be a death threat,...

Reinterpretation Makes Tolkien's Myth Come Alive
Posted by Chris P. on 01-10-02
I have loved the book and the movie both; for me the movie improves on...

Re: Why the Book Cannot Be Perfect
Posted by Peter C. on 01-10-02
I agree with just about everything the other guy said about LotR, but...

The Lost Fellowship
Posted by Brett C. on 01-10-02
Reading essays like the one by Dan H., who I think made some very...

Re: Why the Book Cannot Be Perfect
Posted by Razors on 01-10-02
First of all, an apology, I realize this is supposed to be a forum...

Ol' Tom Bombadil's Importance
Posted by Lisa C. on 01-11-02
I am re-reading the books for the fourth time. Thank you, Peter...

The Grey Havens
Posted by Colles A. on 01-16-02
I am a bit of a new Tolkien fan. Last year I have read the book for the...

Re: The Grey Havens
Posted by Brett C. on 01-17-02
Hi Colles. Always a pleasure to welcome a new Tolkien fan. Don't worry...

We Would All Love It to be 9 Hours Long
Posted by Christiane B. on 01-17-02
I have just logged in my forth viewing of The Fellowship of the Ring...

Re: The Grey Havens
Posted by Andy A. on 01-17-02
To Colles A. Now you come to the part where you will realize much of...

Sword Watch
Posted by Brett C. on 01-19-02
This is not so much an essay as a plea. I saw FOTR last night [5th time]...

The Magic was Sacrificed for Unnecessary Action
Posted by Gary W. on 01-19-02
My first viewing was a disappointment. The usual people talking all the...

Sean Astin: Unsung Hero
Posted by M.S. Molla on 01-19-02
I was a little disappointed to see that Sean Astin only received less...

The Sword That Was Broken
Posted by Lisa C. on 01-21-02
It is possible that the poster did show Aragorn wearing Andruil. That is...

Some Interesting Comparisons
Posted by Jobu on 01-21-02
I've seen FOTR twice now, and I thought it was fantastic. However, I can...

Some Comments for Jobu
Posted by Jamie B. on 01-23-02
First of all, Empire is by far the best star wars movie, and even though...

The Obsession Continues
Posted by Brett C. on 01-30-02
Thanks Lisa C. for replying to my need for more info Aragorn's sword...

Arwen as Mover of Events
Posted by Joseph W. on 01-30-02
I am pleased that the film reads apendix a back into the narrative, and...

The Uruk-hai
Posted by Sam B. on 01-30-02
Is it just me or does the infamous Lurtz the captain of the Uruk-hai...

Narsil and Anduril
Posted by A Rag's Horn on 02-01-02
Back from my 4th viewing last night. It doesn't get any worse does it...

In Response to Arwen Note of 1/30
Posted by Chris B. on 02-02-02
One of the problems with replacing Arwen for Glorfindel is that he...

Re: The Uruk-hai
Posted by Peter C. on 02-06-02
It seems to me like Lurtz is there more as a general and all instead of...

The Importance of Character
Posted by Bethness on 02-06-02
I have to admit, I'm not as dedicated to Tolkien's works as some, but I...

And the Winner Is...
Posted by Brett C. on 02-06-02
Firstly thanks to Rag's Horn for keeping an eye out with the Anduril...

The Swords of LotR
Posted by Jamie on 02-06-02
I've seen the film a few times now and it was only recently pointed out...

Re: Swords in LotR
Posted by David on 02-07-02
I wanted to respond to Jamie's and others' concerns about the Anduril...

Movie vs. Books
Posted by A Rag's Horn on 02-07-02
I've taken back my copy of FOTR and began to read it over again...

Re: The Uruk-hai
Posted by Razors on 02-07-02
I kind of see Lurtz as the Darth Maul of LOTR - a big, scary, nasty bad...

Belated FotR Review
Posted by Ken N. on 02-07-02
I have been reading both the criticisms and praise for the movie and how...

More Details
Posted by A Rag's Horn on 02-11-02
About Boromir: "He was pierced with many black-feathered arrows...

Re: And the Winner Is...
Posted by A Rag's Horn on 02-11-02
In the movie, the Argonath each hold up their landward arms, and Tol...

Dispute in Dispute
Posted by Brett C. on 02-13-02
Kudos to Rag's Horn - I saw the movie promo on TV the other day and...

Two Balrog Wings 'n' Drumsticks Please
Posted by Gothaur the Cruel on 02-15-02
Quick n to the point... Balrogs have wings. and heres why, first the...

Saruman's Downfall
Posted by Michael H. on 02-15-02
I saw a still in one image gallery of what may have been Saruman spiked...

The Final Word on Balrog Wings
Posted by Shaun A. on 02-18-02
The debate about wheither or not the Balrog had wings in the book shall...

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