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12-30-00: Arwen in the Fellowship by Greg S.
"If she's there, it will be because of the money. 'Hollywood' doesn't think..."

12-29-00: Bombadil and Arwen by Vaelyn
"I'm wondering what got this mess over Arwen taking a place in the..."

12-27-00: Jackson's Interpretation & Silmarillion via Film? by Vaelyn
"One must take great pains to realise that there is not a single chance that..."

12-27-00: Silmarillion on the Silver Screen ... Insanity! by John K.
"I mean insanity in a really, really good way, that is. It could be done in..."

12-24-00: Pipesmoking and Hobbits by Anthony B.
"As you all may know Tolkien invested one his earthly pleasures of smoking..."

12-24-00: Jackson and Silmarillion by Pyro Flame
"Jackson's doing the Silmarillon would be a desecration of all that is Tolkien..."

12-23-00: Don't Cut Bombadil by Lawrence T.
"I think that cutting Tom Bombadil is going to subtract from the story line."

12-23-00: Arwen: For Pity's Sake, WHY? by Martin S.
"Please forgive me if I do not feel sufficiently knowledgeable (or interested)..."

12-20-00: About the Oliphaunt/Nazgul Pic by Chris K.
"I want to politely disagree with a recent post about the two pics being the..."

12-19-00: The Silmarillion for Cinema by Mark S.
"In response to Brian K, I've always felt that there are two 'sequences' from..."

12-19-00: More On Those Orcs by Brian K.
"I have wrote to clear something up from my last article. What I was trying..."

12-17-00: Enough of My Orc, Your Orc by Clown
"Of course he can't make Orcs exactly as they are. That is part of the..."

12-17-00: The Current Voting Booth Question by Brian K.
"Now really. Think about this long and very hard. Go look at The Silmarillion."

12-16-00: Of Nazgul and Oliphaunts by Brodie S.
"Looking through the photo archives, I noticed the picture of the Nazgul..."

12-16-00: Response to Disagreements by Matt A.
"I have wrote to clear something up from my last article. What I was trying..."

12-14-00: Media Adaption by Emil H.
"All the people who are ranting about things they find 'wrong' with the few..."

12-14-00: Images of Orcs by Big Mac
"With all these essays flying around containing various opinions on what..."

12-13-00: Regarding Hobbit Size by Vaelyn
"Apart from what has already been mentioned, I'd like to point out that surely..."

12-13-00: Pictures of Gondorians and Rohirrim by Adrian
"I've seen the picture and wondered when this is supposed to happen."

12-12-00: Responses, Responses Everywhere... by Brian M.
"Greetings. I think this one's going to be kind of long, even given that I've only..."

12-12-00: Orcs, Arwen and Wizard Kabob by John R.
"Orcs: They came in many different sizes and shapes. Sub-species appear..."

12-11-00: Trailer = Spoiler? by Ians
"Honestly, I do not know if I should be looking forward to the release of the..."

12-11-00: My Orc, Your Orc by G.E.M.
"Hey, wait a minute! That’s not an Orc! Here is the thought that leapt..."

12-09-00: Disagreement with Neal C. by Rob D.
"I have seen the internet preview for the movies and was very impressed..."

12-09-00: Orc History by Cicily T.
"Here is the Tolkien Illustrated Encyclopedia's definition of Orcs. It is actually..."

12-08-00: Disagreement with Neal C. by Chad G.
"Just as I thought, the D&D phenomenon may prove the worst enemy of what..."

12-08-00: Down With Arwen! by Jose Van der H.
"If there is a God out there (or an Eru) :please let the screenplaywriters and..."

12-07-00: Response to Neal C. and Matt A. by Dennis P.
"Neal C. and Matt A., I'm afraid that you are getting your descriptions of..."

12-07-00: Orcs and Elves by Brian M.
"Greetings Neal. I suspect that the majority of the orcs we'll see in the..."

12-06-00: Response to All (Again) -- Oh, and Orcs Too by Max B.
"As I'm sure you've all noticed, there are a plethora of responses in this thread."

12-06-00: Orcs Look Fine by Robert D.
"I am responding about Neal C.'s December 3 criticism of Jackson's Orcs."

12-05-00: D&D vs. Tolkien Orcs by Eynon P.
"In response to Neal C. and his ideas of what Orcs should or should not..."

12-05-00: In Response to Neal C. by Jared P.
"Today I was wandering around through all the LOTR websites out there..."

12-04-00: Agreement With Neal C. by Matt A.
"Neal C. is right.  When I first saw the LOTR trailer, I liked everything but..."

12-04-00: Response to David K. -- Mate, You're Brilliant! by Mark S.
"Regarding David K's suggestion of enhancing Arwen's role without..."

12-03-00: Reason for Arwen Not Being in the Fellowship by Stephanie C.
"After reading many of these articles regarding Arwen and her possible..."

12-03-00: The Orcs Look Like Dark Elves, Not Orcs! by Neal C.
"I am impressed with everything so far, and as a Tolkien fan, and a fan of..."

12-02-00: More Arwen for Max B. by Stephanie C.
"Hi again Max! I appreciate the compliment and would like to address..."

12-02-00: Olpihaunt & Arwen by David K.
"I would just like to point out the obvious. The new picture of the dead..."

12-01-00: Necessary Sexism by Jose Van der H.
"I've been going through the articles rather casually, but apparently some..."

12-01-00: Regarding Glorfindel by Matthew M.
"Why send Glorfindel in search of four Hobbits instead of Arwen Evenstar?"

11-29-00: Sandboxes Responses by Brian M.
"Greetings. Thanks for your response; I definitely appreciate your..."

11-29-00: Response to Max B. by Aaron B.
"Max B. has overlooked a crucial aspect of the LOTR plot in his naive..."

11-27-00: Regarding Arwen & Bombadil by Elanor
"OK, I've been listening to all of you debate the changes that are to be..."

11-27-00: Arwen Already by John K.
"Arwen will surely not be leaving from Rivendell in the place of any..."

11-26-00: Response to Max B. by Robert Van de W.
"Unfortunately, I won't have the time to continue this enjoyable..."

11-26-00: Response to Changes etc. by Ian S.
"I feel a need to add my say to the jumble of opinions, particularly..."

11-24-00: Change Happens by Catherine R.
"I love the Lord of the Rings, as I'm sure we all do. But the Lord of the Rings..."

11-22-00: Everytime I Turn Around, Re. to Rob Van de W. by Max B.
"My second posting for today (I hope the first to Brian worked..."

11-22-00: Tolkien: The Sandcastle Stands by Max B.
"Hello. You're correct that I seem to be "fighting" this debate on several fronts."

11-21-00: An Oliphaunt? Maybe Just Rocks by John R.
"The picture showed a very large black object on the ground..."

11-21-00: And They Make Me Wonder... by Robert E.
"Max, I wonder if you read my article at all? It seems to have elicited..."

11-20-00: Re: Arwen in Company by John L.
"I believe that if Tolkien didn't put Arwen in the company then she..."

11-20-00: An Appeal to Max B. by Robert Van de W.
"I am a philosophical theist and a Born Again Christian. As you pointed out..."

11-19-00: Tolkien & Sandboxes: Another Resp. to Max B. by Brian M.
"Greetings. Point form for these sorts of discussions is fine with me."

11-19-00: Oliphaunt? I Think Not by Chris K.
"I seriously doubt that the infamous picture of a 'dead oliphaunt' is really..."

11-18-00: Rob E. Stating the Obvious ... and Others Too by Max B.
"Unfortunately, it is yourself who wishes to bring this down to an argument..."

11-18-00: Re: Legolas, Arwen, and the Sexes ... Oh My! by Cicily T.
"Thank you for your support Marta A. Also, I agree with you, on that the way..."

11-17-00: Max B. Missing the Obvious by Rob E.
"I'm beginning to think that these debates on Arwen and the warrior princess..."

11-17-00: Another Article About Legolas by Marta A.
"I've said in September that Orlando Bloom can't play the role of Legolas..."

11-16-00: Response to Max B. by Cicily T.
"You completely 'missed the boat' on the Legolas issue. The whole point of my Legolas argument is that, Legolas' father imprisoned Gimli's father..."

11-16-00: Skleptic No More by John K.
"I have participated in many debates about the upcoming LOTR films over the last year, and from what I have seen so far and read, I am confident that Peter Jackson was the person for this undertaking."

11-15-00: Arwen in Army Boots by Max B.
"I find point form is all that I have time for, and you'll's adequate. To continue the numbering system. 1) Ah, too subtle for me."

11-15-00: Another Response to Max B. by Stephanie C.
"Again, I respectfully disagree. I don't necessarily expect you to agree with me about some of this, but at least we can discuss our differences reasonably!"

11-14-00: Legolas is Important! by Cicily T.
"Dear Max B. You have mentioned that Legolas is not a necessary character in the book, and  could easily be replaced with any other elf. Well, let us take a closer look at the elven-prince known as Legolas..."

11-14-00: Response to Max B. by Brian M.
"Thanks for the response Max. I'll have to beg everyone's pardon myself. I just spent the last eight hours reading 19th century scribble and my brain is fried."

11-13-00: Re: Austin G., Stephanie G. and Brian M. by Max B.
"I will address the last round of commments on Arwen more or less in point form. I am in a rush, so grammatical and structure mistakes are a certainty."

11-12-00: Arwen & Bombadil, Is That Right? by AnCJNa
"Although it is a bit late of entering this to the discussion, I consider the cutting of Tom Bombadil one of the worst decisions made about the LOTR movie."

11-12-00: Response to Danniene R. by Big Mac
"I agree with you totally that Sir Sean is a great actor, but I'd like to submit the perhaps astonishing opinion that so is Sir Ian McKellan."

11-11-00: Arwen & Bombadil, Is That Right? by Juan T.
"Everyone who is waiting for the movie are talking about that. Jackson's movie is HIS movie, as he said at first in one of the interviews."

11-11-00: Re: What's Wrong With This Picture? by Cesar
"I personally think that the picture in question is NOT about the Nazgūl at all, but rather about the Barrow-wights."

11-10-00: The Arwen Picture by Erica
"Just to remind eJust to remind everybody that the poster that possibly has
Arwen on it is a promotional poster."

11-10-00: Weathertop Picture by Dennis P.
"Regarding David's (not my brother either) analysis of the scene from Weathertop, who cares if the actual attack takes place."

11-09-00: Have You Lost It? by Danniene R.
"It is my opinion that Sean Connnery would have been the only choice for Gandalf!!! He has the maturity , the talent, and the ability..."

11-09-00: Arwen Pic by Stephanie C.
"We probably shouldn't be unduly worried that Arwen is represented in the picture of the Fellowship recently posted on this site."

11-06-00: Arwen in the Fellowship? by Mark N.
"This is in response to the proposition that the figure in the movie poster could be Arwen. The figure is quite tall and is obviously in the motion of turning..."

11-06-00: Arwen in Fellowship by Shane S.
"Just to remind everybody that the poster that possibly has Arwen on it is a promotional poster. They could have just enhanced it to..."

11-05-00: Poster News Item by Jack M.
"In response to the suggestion that Arwen is pictured on the poster..."

11-05-00: Poster Interpretation by Stacy B.
"Regarding the poster analysis submitted earlier in the news section. Wasn't this one of the earlier posters? If so, assuming that the one figure is Arwen..."

11-03-00: Weak Evidence in Arwen (?) Poster by Brian M.
"After viewing the poster given on 11-2, I must raise a few objections to the idea that the phantom member is Arwen instead of Boromir."

11-03-00: Frodo & Hobbits by Robin H.
"No article here, just a burning question: Why is most of the news and debate on the net regarding special effects, CGI, Bombadil, Arwen?"

11-01-00: Bombadil, Treebeard, and Beorn? by Cicily T.
"The renewed interest in the theories surrounding Tom Bombadil pose interesting speculations on other strange inhabitants of Middle Earth."

10-31-00: Response to Rex F.'s Bombadil Solution by John R.
"Rex F. advances several interesting theories about Tom Bombadil and his true nature. I have a different theory. In my opinion, Bombadil had..."

10-31-00: Re: Bombadil Solution by S.H.O.
"The idea that Bombadil is a walking remnant of the Music of the Ainur is a pretty neat idea, and the most original one that I have seen."

10-30-00: Bombadil Solution! by Rex F.
"After reading yet another attempt to find a conclusive identity for Tom Bombadil, I was finally motivated to get out my typing finger and post what I have long considered to be the only ... answer to this persistent riddle."

10-26-00: Response to Sean Bean (Who?) Fan Site by Winona K.
"Regarding the essay posted regarding the amount of space being given to Sean Bean on this website, I feel I ought to respond."

10-23-00: Sean Bean (Who?) Fan Site by Colin G.
"[This] movie site is amazing! The Tolkien movie news, clips, pictures and articles are informative ... but what is up with all this Sean Bean coverage?

10-23-00: Casting Decisions by Sophie T.
"From what I've seen, the casting on the whole seems to be pretty inspired. On the question of Arwen, I myself would have chosen Sophie Marceau..."

10-22-00: Response to Stacy B. by Derek McG.
"I want to start by saying I agree with what Stacy B. said in 'Natural Law, Middle Earth Style', but I would like to clarify something."

10-21-00: Early Exposure of Arwen's Role is a PR Coup by John R.
"One of the movie producers' biggest concerns must be the possibility of unfavorable 'word of mouth' from loyal Tolkien fans when the movie..."

10-21-00: Attention Lady of the Golden Wood by Cicily T.
"I would like to address 'The Lady Of The Golden Wood' a rebuttal to your response to Mark S. and I quote you, verbatim..."

10-20-00: The 'Political Correctness' of the Female Character by Gary N.
"I believe I understand the debate over the inclusion of stronger female characters in the movie despite the fact that..."

10-20-00: Natural Law, Middle Earth Style by Stacy B.
"Derek McG. mentioned something that jogged a thought, and probably one that you all thought of a long time ago."

10-19-00: Two Tables... I Mean, Responses by Stacy B.
"To the Lady of the Golden Wood, I apologize if I misread you, I am not always up to date on who posts what and for what reasons."

10-19-00: To Mark S. by Lady of the Golden Wood
"I read over your response to Stacy B's article and I approved of all that was said, all that is but one little thing..."

10-18-00: Arwen Again, Again by David K.
"Has no one read the Ian McKellan Q&A that was posted recently where he was asked something to the effect of [is Arwen a warrior princess]?"

10-18-00: Bombadil and Istari by Kandor L.
"First, in response to the earlier comment re: the Valar sending the Istari. Yes, it's true. However, each Wizard had a 'patron deity' in a Valar."

10-17-00: In Response to Stacy B. by Lady of the Golden Wood
"Stacy, I believe you misunderstood my 'silly question' statement."

10-17-00: Tolkien Didn't Know Who Tom Was by Derek McG.
"Of all the characters in Lord of the Rings, Bombadil is the most mysterious.   It seems to me that Tolkien intended it that way."

10-16-00: Fate, Freewill & Heroism -- Response to Stacy B. by Mark S.
"As regards your pleased recognition of our debates at this site, I think we are all here because other Tolkien chat sites tend to attract 'dungeons and dragons' types who are more interested in how long Gandalf's staff is..."

10-16-00: Feanor, Greatness, Language Evolution by S.H.O.
"Mark, you are a good writer and an intelligent guy, and I appreciate you taking the time to argue this question.  It is good to know someone cares and pays attention to language, which was Tolkien’s pride and joy! But..."

10-15-00: The Truest Hero by Eric F.
"An earlier essay states that Gandalf was the true hero of the trilogy. Certainly, he is a heroic figure in Tolkiens history, as is Aragorn and many others."

10-15-00: Arwen Again... by Stephanie C.
"Max ... again, I think you've missed the point. The point is that making Arwen an ever-present fixture destroys more than simply her character."

10-13-00: Tom Isn't God by Timothy J.
"From Gandalf’s speech in Rivendell, it is obvious that he would not trust Bombadil with the ring, he would set it aside or forget about it. If Tom Bombadil is Iluvatar, why is Gandalf worried about giving him the Ring?"

10-13-00: Fate, Choice, and Heroism by Stacy B.
"Austin brings up an interesting point that I hadn't previously paid much attention to. Tolkien plays around a lot with destiny, fate, and freedom."

10-12-00: Greatness, Semantics, and Response to SHO by Mark S.
"Your argument is fair enough -- if one cares to define the meaning of 'greatness' with an exclusion of moral discretionary power. But..."

10-12-00: I've Followed ... With Increasing Disinterest by Benjamin
"I really don“t want to be negative, but I think I need to say that this 'Arwen issue' is getting on my nerves more and more each day."

10-11-00: Alas, It's Legolas! by Cicily T.
"In response to your post, Ben, it is the official pic of Legolas played by actor Orlando Bloom. Apparently the costume people have seen fit..."

10-11-00: An Overlooked 'Fan' Pitches Back In by Brian M.
"Apparently Max thought so little of my previous response to him that I don't even rate as one of his 'fans,' at least not one he felt like responding to."

10-10-00: Who is Tom Bombadil? by Matthew M.
"Who is Tom Bombadil? This character in LOTR who seems to not have a care in the world and helps some simple hobbits out of a terrible situation?"

10-10-00: The Moment of Truth by Daria S.
"To flame or not to flame? That is the question. Nah, of course I won't flame you, Max, buddy. Getting flamed by me is a special privilege..."

10-09-00: Another Short Response to Max B. by Austin G.
"I see your point as so I understand the difference in being an active female and being 'macho'. Nevertheless, I still consider Arwen's bladeslinging..."

10-09-00: Regarding Feanor and the Definition of Greatness by S.H.O.
"As a telling exercise, you can scan several dictionaries. None of them will include, in the definition of 'greatness', wording such as..."

10-08-00: A Little About Heorism by Austin G.
"This article will indeed be extemely short because I've little time on my hands and I cannot spend it giving the full account of my thoughts."

10-08-00: You've Almost Convinced Me ... Almost! by Mark S.
"In response to Stephanie C. Dang, you write a good essay!! You almost got me agreeing with you."

10-07-00: Gandalf is the True Hero by Jeff C.
"I originally posted that Gandalf is by far the true hero of this story.   I do
not see how anyone can ignore that."

10-07-00: Hobbit or Silmarillion? by Ben
"Now I know that the book of the century has been named as The Lord of the Rings, but we mustn't forget the events leading to that epic classic."

10-06-00: Still Rooting For Frodo by Beto H.B.
"Not only he [Frodo] carried the Ring to Mt. Doom, which no one else could, but he, through true pity and mercy, kept Gollum alive, against prudence."

10-06-00: In Response to S.H.O.'s Post by Michael B.
"First of all, there are other possibilities than Bombadil being a Maia, Vala, or Iluvatar. Secondly, Bombadil was definitely none of these three."

10-05-00: On the Subject of Arwen by Anonymous
"Following the progression of essays at this site, it only makes since to talk about the ever present issue of Arwen. Indeed, she plays a part in the Lord of the Rings, and not just being a bride at the end."

10-05-00: Bombadil and Legolas by Ben
"As happy as I was, when I first found out about the Lord of the Ring, movies, I am heartbroken at finding out Bombadil will be cut."

10-05-00: Cutting Tom Bombadil Was a Mistake by Alfred B.
"Tom Bombadil, although not an intrinsic part of the story, should never have been cut.  If you consider he was the one character the ring held no sway over, that in itself should be reason enough to have left his part in the story intact."

10-04-00: In Response to My Fans by Max B.
"I haven't much time, so one by one: Firstly, for anyone who believes I framed the issue incorrectly, please note that I was responding to a specific post."

10-04-00: Why Arwen? by Coleman R.
"First I'd like to say that I agree with Mark S. in this issue.   Jackson's decision to put a sword in Arwen's hands is a major error!"

10-02-00: Miscellaneous Responses by Stephanie C.
"I've been very impressed by most of your articles. I think I've reached two conclusions in reading them..."

10-02-00: Silly Questions Can Have Real Answers by Stacy B.
"In response to the Lady of the Golden Wood, the 'silly question' of who is the hero of the Lord of the Rings was initially asked by those silly poll masters."

10-02-00: It Depends On How You Define 'Greatness' by Mark S.
"Feanor has a lot of admirable qualities mentioned in his favour (good scholarship on finding that quote, by the way!) but the 'claim' Tolkien makes for Feaor's greatness is not borne out in the sum total of Feanor's actions."

09-30-00: Bombadil Most Likely WAS a Maia by S.H.O.
"Bombadil and Goldberry absolutely could symbolize Adam and Eve before the "fall", with the Old Forest being their Eden..."

09-30-00: Let the Books Speak For Themselves by Robert E.
"I to would like to see the movie follow the book as closely as possible, and this, in my opinion is not to the belittlement of women anywhere."

09-30-00: In Response to Max B. by Brian M.
"Having read the essay by Max B. on expanding the role of women in the trilogy, I would like to point out that his opponents' arguments are less 'elitist' than his are politically correct and post modern."

09-21-00: Heorism: More Than Mere Success by Stacy B.
"If I'm killing this issue, I apologize, but heroism is no minor thing. Heroism is a large part of what makes the Lord of the Rings such a seminal work."

09-21-00: Bastardizing LOTR vs. So-Called 'Purism' by Mark S.
"Those commentators who express their angst at Jackson's insistence on 'chicks in chink' (Arwen as a warrior) do so for highly justifiable reasons."

09-20-00: Response to Stacy B. and Max B. by Austin G.
"First as regards to Stacy B.'s article, I think that its criticism of the current poll is rather ridiculous. You have to cut the poll writers some slack. It's not easy."

09-20-00: Response to Max B. by Laura J.
"Whoever wanted Arwen to be a "teary maiden at home?" Arwen patienly waited at home, doing what she could to encourage Aragorn."

09-19-00: LOTR Photo Opinion by Matthew M.
"I recently viewed several pictures of characters in the Lord of the Rings movie and several details got me thinking."

09-19-00: The Arwen Debate Isn't About Female Roles by R.T.O.
"No one that I have seen has argued for lessening the presence of females in the films, or argued that Tolkien's writing would be 'fouled' by strong women."

09-18-00: What a Silly Question by Lady of the Golden Wood
"I noticed recently that the forum seemed to be suddenly devoted  to debating the question [who is the hero in LOTR?]. I think that's a rather silly question."

09-18-00: Heroes by Kim K.
"There are certainly many 'heros' within this tale, even the Rangers who protected the Shire for generations are men of merit."

09-17-00: Heroism: In Response to 9-7 and 9-8 Articles by Michael B.
"Yes, I am willing to concede that I was wrong in saying that all those people were heroes just because they were necessary in destroying the ring and I am willing to revise my definition of heroism."

09-17-00: Who is Bombadil? by Rusty F.
"I have always thought that one of the most intriguing characters in Middle Earth was old Tom Bombadil."

09-14-00: "Fellow"-ship of the Ring: No Girls Allowed! by Max B.
"In regards to the inclusion of females in the movie and the strengthening of their roles...I've looked at the arguments against it and they seem to be nothing more than excuses for being elitist and purist."

09-14-00: Directors & Demigods: Who Thinks of These? by Stacy B.
"Before I start, let me say this: Thank God the for the polls or we'd have nothing to talk about between teasers. Anyhow..."

09-12-00: Legolas by Marta
"Do you like Orlando Bloom in the role of Legolas? Really?"

09-12-00: More About Arwen by Anonymous
"I know you're all fed up with hearing about the change to Arwen's character, but here is my two cents anyway..."

09-08-00: The True, Tragic Hero: Frodo by Beto H.B.
"I'd like to disagree with Mike B. The question of who is the true hero does not mean who really helped the destruction of the ring, or I'd include Saruman."

09-08-00: Sam is the True Hero! by K.E.T.
"I think that Sam Gamgee is the true hero for his perseverance, faithfulness, and strength."

09-07-00: Heroism: More Than Necessary by Stacy B.
"I have to agree with the author of 'True Hero? A Bad Question.' The question itself is bad because all of the characters are heroes."

09-07-00: Fingolfin the Greatest ... What? by S.H.O.
"Fingolfin was most likely endowed with the greatest physical strength, and swordsmanship of all the Noldor, but he was not the greatest non-Ainu."

09-06-00: Bombadil is Sauron? by Ben McC.
"Bombadil is NOT Sauron. In Fellowship of the Ring at the council of Elrond, Gandalf referes to Bombadil as "oldest and fatherless" [man]..."

09-06-00: In Response to Matthew McC. by John K.
"I would have to say, that Bombadil is most definately not Sauron."

09-05-00: I Have Forgiven Peter Jackson by Alan L.
"After thinking about it for along time, I have come to a final conclusion. That I have forgiven Peter Jackson."

09-05-00: Samwise the Great by Rodrigo E.
"When the entire middle earth had lost almost any hope, when Frodo was caught by Orcs, when nobody expects anything from him, only Samwise stand, made the right choice, took the ring and then save Frodo."

09-04-00: True Hero? A Bad Question by Mike B.
"All of the people listed in the question were essential to the destruction of the ring. If anyone of them had messed up, it would have ended in disaster."

09-04-00: Sauron, Saruman Name Confusion by William S., Jr.
"[Jackson] will have to do nothing to keep the names from being confusing."

09-03-00: Frodo's Birthday (September 22nd) by Janine C.
"In my last article, I outlined how my husband and I met, and how it related to Tolkien. I briefly described a party that I had on September 22nd to celebrate Frodo and Bilbo's Birthday."

09-03-00: Why Gil-galad is in the Film by Louie V.
"In response to Virginia H.; it may be that Gil-Galad is present in the film because he headed the Elven host in the assault on Mordor."

09-02-00: Yes, Virginia, There Is a Gil-galad by John R.
"In response to Virginia H., who inquires as to the reasons why Gil-Galad and Morwen are in LotR movies..."

09-02-00: Sauron & Bombadil: One and the Same? by Matthew McC.
"I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, also an ardent Tolkien fan, who mentioned a rumour that Sauron and Bombadil were the same person."

09-01-00: Fingolfin the Greatest? Absolutely! by Mark S.
"Anyone doubting the greatness'of Fingolfin need only compare his situation with that of the other would-be greats."

09-01-00: Learn From History's Mistakes by Shawn G.
"Peter Jackson [is just making] another Bakshi movie. You'd think he'd learn."

08-31-00: Frodo the Hero? I Don't Think So by Jeff C.
"I noticed the current poll running seems to to reflect most people think Frodo was the real hero of the LOTR. I find this rather funny."

08-31-00: Take It Easy by Erik G.
"To everyone who has been complaining about the alleged character removals or scene selections, I would like to say this..."

08-29-00: Elder Days? Perhaps Not by Chris "Ulmo" B.
"The Elder Days only refers to the time before Morgoth was cast out, i.e. the First Age (see appendix B of LotR)."

08-29-00: Nice Story, Janine by Pieter B.
"Liked your story... very impressive dedication to the man's works indeed!"

08-27-00: Elder Days in LOTR Movies by Virginia H.
"Can anyone please explain why there are characters like Morwen in the film?."

08-24-00: Fingolfin the Greatest? Perhaps by John R.
"...the reason Fingolfin fought Morgoth is that Fingolfin ultimately dispaired. He went on a suicide mission which had no hope of succeeding."

08-23-00: What? No Bombadil? by J.A.S.
"Whilst I realise that certain things were bound to be cut from the book, surely a place could have been found for Tom..."

08-23-00: Photo of Closeburn Set by Kit H.
"...the Closeburn photo is used in a scene with armed warriors that have long black hair. Clearly then this rules out the possibility of it being Edoras."

08-22-00: Fingolfin is the Greatest by Matthew M.
"In my opion Fingolfin is the greatest charecter in Middle Earth history. King Fingolfin covered up for Feanor's ego and rallied the elves against Morgoth."

08-22-00: They Probably Know Best by Andrew D.
"I am a fan of the books, a great fan, and I am a believer in the original storyline's integrity. I am disappointed in the removal of Tom Bombadil..."

08-21-00: Raising a Second Generation Hobbit by Janine C.
"Around the age of 12, I was given my first copy of The Trilogy in a nice boxed set. It stood on the bookshelf in my room for the next two years..."

08-21-00: Impaled Wizard by Rodrigo E.
"I still have my doubts about the "wizard in a wheel" pic. I agree with those who says that it is a very odd way to film a scene like that in the open..."

08-20-00: Not Enuff Gals? by Doria S.
"In a whole lot of posts I heard people explaining PJ's alteration of Arwen's role thus: not enough females, not enough love dramma."

08-20-00: Wizard's Wheel by John N.
"This thought occured to me just now. That scene could be when Gandalf was spinning his tale of when he was in the dungeon of the Necromancer."

08-19-00: Outraged Over the Changes? by Doug O.
"I agree with Kit H. and some others regarding the hysteria surrounding that pic with the figure impaled on the spike."

08-19-00: Arwen Skeptic by Stephanie C.
"Maybe I'm spoiling for an argument. But some of the latest rumors about Arwen's newly expanded role in the trilogy are beginning to worry me."

08-18-00: In Response to Entwife and Frank H. by John K.
"I really think the crux of the matter is, changes to the storyline."

08-18-00: The Boromir Holds the Ring Shot by Ralph J.
"I think this shot is an interpretation of the moment when Galadriel looks every member of the Fellowship in the eyes and sees what is in his heart."

08-16-00: Don't Expect an Exact Duplication by Kit H.
"The audience shouldn't expect an exact visual duplication of the trilogy. That will surely lead to disappointment."

08-16-00: Response to Entwife and Matt A. by Cicily T.
"We are NOT whining about the changes in the film. We are debating several issues that we want to discuss."

08-15-00: Entwife by Frank H.
"It is absolutely normal to be disappointed, also because, as powerful as they may be, images never match our imagination."

08-15-00: Arwen Again by Matthew McC.
"Sorry to bring this up again guys, but That Thing You Do, a movie starring Tom Hanks and Liv Tyler was shown on TV here (Scotland) last night."

08-13-00: Agreement With EntWife and John K. by Matt A.
"I am in total agreement with John K.'s speculation of the Wizard on a wheel pic. It is, no doubt, a hoax made by PJ's endorsement guys to sell tickets."

08-12-00: John K. Has It Right by Dennis P.
"I believe John K. has hit the target with his evaluation. The film crew is obviously striking back (in a fun way) at the hordes of us internet fans."

08-10-00: Why So Much Negativity? by EntWife
"I have been a fan of Tolkien's works for over 20 years and I cannot believe how much everyone is trying to pick apart Peter Jackson's adaption."

08-10-00: In Agreement With John K. by Ralph J.
"I absolutely agree with John K. that the latest 'spy pic' (wizard on the wheel) must be a contrivance. I mean, it seems like a difficult set to film."

08-09-00: Name Confusion: Disagreement by Gabriel V.
"Why could Peter Jackson change the names of the main bad ones in the movie? They are very different in the pronunciation and writing!"

08-09-00: Wizard Picture by John K.
"I honestly think that this picture may be something purely contrived (by the crew) to start up the rumour mill."

08-07-00: Please, No Changes! by Jakob K.
"The reason the first cartoon was so bad was because the had changed the stories to get it to fit them. Please don't make the same mistake twice!"

08-07-00: Response to Name Confusion by Keith M.
"There should be no changing of names. The names are quite different."

08-03-00: Sauruman vs. Sauron Name Confusion by John R.
"How should [Peter] Jackson address the confusingly similar names of the two bad guys, Sauron and Saruman?"

08-03-00: New Terms For the Bombadil Debate by Greg C.
"I appreciate the trepidation about a Tom Bombadil-less film, but I believe the current terms of the debate are highly unfair to Peter Jackson."

07-30-00: Tolkien's View of Bombadil by John K.
"I've heard many discussions concerning who Tom Bombadil is, and what he represents. size="2"> In the book ... Tolkien explains Bombadil's role, to a degree."

07-30-00: Don't Be Too Hard on Jackson by Mike
"Every single movie I have ever seen that was based on a book was a major disappointment. However ... the LOTR movie may break that cycle."

07-28-00: A World That Is No More by Jeremiah L.
"The story of the man who stole over two hours of original film footage of The Lord of the Rings compelled me to write a short editorial."

07-27-00: Why Keep Arguing? by Gwaihir
"It's more than obvious to me now that Jackson is not definitely not going to include Tom Bombadil in the movies, so why do we keep arguing about it?"

07-27-00: Regarding Bombadil's Absence by Cicily
"I have read articles that say he is of little or no importance; and others that argue against that point. I, too, wish to argue in favor of Bombadil."

07-27-00: Morwen and Halifirien by John R.
"Morwen of Lossnarch was Theoden's mother. Strictly speaking, Morwen must have been long dead by the time of the War of the Ring."

07-26-00: Regarding Arwen and Bombadil by Carl K.
"Regarding Arwen, I agree that [she] should have no role in the War of the Rings ... Tolkien says in his prologue that the tale grew in the telling."

07-26-00: I'm Upset About the Changes Too by Shawn G.
"I am also upset about all the changes, but it's [Peter Jackson's] view. Of course he changed the story a bit, but you can't blame him."

07-23-00: Reality Check by Erica W.
"Did it ever occur to any of you that maybe they're just using all these rumors to keep people talking about the movie?"

07-23-00: The Scouring of the Shire by John K.
"Here are some more reasons that I believe Tolkien fans are quick to criticize and quick to anger over deviations from the books."

07-20-00: Why Meddle with the Classics? by Erica W. (age 13)
"When I first caught wind of the rumor that Arwen would be portrayed as the warrior princess type I was shocked and appalled."

07-20-00: Reply to 'Exclusion of Bombadil' by John K. by Jeff C.
"I have to disagree with you here John. In fact, I keep hearing how hard it is going to be to squeeze the books into 3 movies. Why?"

07-18-00: Seralize the Movie by Joaquin N.
"We can all benefit in enjoying the movie in all its wonders, characters and story if everyone would go for serialization."

07-18-00: Arwen as a Hero by Arwen
"I know you are quite upset about this change and my question is why."

07-18-00: The Exclusion of Bombadil by John K.
"In my opinion, the cutting of Bombadil is probably due to one thing ... time. size="2">"

07-16-00: The LOTR Movies -- An Artist's Take by Robert B.
"A movie based upon a book is not simply the book put into live animation, but rather an artist's take upon the movie..."

07-16-00: No Movie Can Be As Good as THE Book by Lee B.
"As much as I liked the preview, I, too, think that the rumored changes to Arwen's character would be at best mildly amusing and at worst a disaster."

07-14-00: More on Arwen by John R.
"Just try marketing not one but two movies with no major female characters."

07-14-00: Eowyn, Arwen Evenstar by Alan L.
"I am utterly confused about the LOTR upcoming movie. Somehow the character Arwen somehow got connected to the idea of a hot chick in chink."

07-14-00: What's Next? by Austin G.
"LOTR is bigger than Episode 1 and the other three SW movies put together. So why do we need to change it?."

07-12-00: Why Cut Bombadil? by Lensink
"Perhaps the makers of the movie believe ... that making an accurate film isn’t as important as making one that will make money."

07-12-00: Response to Mark S.'s Response by Xiri
"Your argument of Bombadil's inclusion is well presented, but there is importance to the character in the trilogy which you yourself alluded to."

07-12-00: Supporting Hundomiel's Viewpoint by Cicily
"Although, Liv Tyler is a skilled actress, she is far too young and inexperienced to play the part of the mystifying and ancient soul of Arwen."

07-09-00: Sophie Marceau as Arwen? by Mark S.
"Just a very very quick note of support for Hundomiel's suggested casting of Sophie Marceau as Arwen. I utterly absolutely 1000% agree!"

07-09-00: In Response to Ralph J. by John K.
"The point I was making about mass market appeal is the attempt to change and contrive Arwen's role ... to try to better suit mass market appeal."

07-09-00: Galadriel: All the Woman the Movie Needs by Derek B.
"The most important woman in the Lord of the Rings was Galadriel."

07-06-00: In Response to John K. by Ralph J.
"You complain about ‘mass market appeal’. Well now, how about ‘the best selling book of the 20th century’, with over a 100 million copies sold in 50 languages?. How’s that for mass market appeal?"

07-06-00: Response to the Response to No Bombadil by Mark S.
" size="2">Jeff C. has done an excellent job justifying the existence of Bombadil but only by an academic tour de force. Let's see if I can do as well in my reply to his accusation that I don't know what I'm talking about."

07-06-00: The Casting of Arwen by Hundomiel
"I don't know what made [Jackson] think he had to degrade Arwen in this manner, but even if nothing changes, I'm going to be in line."

07-01-00: In Response to David, Austin, Brian, and John by Aelfscyne
"It's been my experiments that films or plays that best capture the spirit of books are often not the ones that follow the book verbatim."

07-01-00: Rsp. to John K's Rsp. to 'Tolkien Police?' by Austin G.
"I just think that one outraged voice against Bombadil, Arwen and the barrow-wights is enough."

07-01-00: In Response to John K.'s Article by Austin G.
"This may be the last attempt at making Tolkien's books into movies and
as his fans we want those movies to be the best they can possibly be."

06-28-00: In Response to Austin G.'s Article by John K.
"I think the reason we as Tolkien fans are very quick to anger or give an opinion on alterations of the movie is to show our love of the books, and how we would not like to see Tolkien's story bastardized to the mass market appeal."

06-27-00: Response to Brian's Response to My Article by David B.
" size="2">Brian, you have some very good points in your latest rebuttal. However, I think you missed the whole point of my previous article."

06-26-00: Response to David's Article by Brian R.
"My reason in posting the quote about Tokien's willingness to sell LOTR movie rights for "a good deal of money" was to point out that he, too, was human."

06-25-00: Tolkien Police? by Austin G.
"Fans must remember who has the power in the issue of these movies. None of us here are big  time movie directors or editors."

06-24-00: Does No Bombadil Mean No Barrow-wights? by Dave M.
"I have to wonder how Bombadil's absense will affect the plot."

06-24-00: Interesting Info by John K.
"In an excellent biography by Daniel Grotta, Michael Tolkien makes known the true origins of Ents, Bombadil and shoeless Hobbits."

06-24-00: Response to 'Tolkien Wasn't Opposed to a Movie' by David B.
"The evidence that Tolkien did care about his literature is much more overwhelming than the quick blurb from Carpenter's biography."

06-23-00: Response to 'Hear! Hear! to No Bombadil' by Jeff C.
"There are very many reasons why Tom was put into the book. Let me try and show you SOME of the reasons why the Tolkien (or his editor) "left" him there."

06-23-00: Commentary on the Survey by Stacy B.
"The survey prior to the current one asked: "Which character do you think was best cast?" Does it strike anyone else as premature to ask such a question?"

06-23-00: The Movies Could Answer Some Riddles by John R.
"While Jackson is probably doing what he must, in cutting characters and scenes and adding new composites, I wonder whether he will use the opportunity to surprise the loyal followers by answering some of the riddles?"

06-21-00: Tolkien Wasn't Opposed to a Movie by Brian R.
"It may be sobering to recall that Tolkien himself was not above sacrificing his imaginative creation on the cold, hard alter of cash."

06-20-00: Observations of a New Reader by Me
"As a new reader and fan of the books, without even having read your site or any other, I expected Tom Bombadil's scenes to be cut."

06-19-00: 'Hear! Hear!' to No Bombadil by Mark S.
"Philip M. is right. Tom Bombadil has got to go. Why Tolkien left him in the book in the first place is beyond me."

06-18-00: Stay Faithful by Toddy
"J.R.R Tolkien's life work should not be changed by even ONE WORD size="2">!"

06-18-00: An Answer by G.E.M.
"As I have said before, there is an immeasurable difference between adaptation and destruction. I understand the boundaries of film-making."

06-18-00: More Arwen, Yes, As Long As It's More Arwen! by Mark S.
" size="2">I color="#FFFFFF" know there have been rumours that Arwen might be set as a warrior princess, but where would that leave Eowyn?"

06-17-00: A True Tolkien Fan Can See Past the Cons by Robert G.
"There are simply so many pros in the trailer alone that I, a true Tolkien fan, can see past most of the cons."

06-16-00: Bombadil Out? Good! by Philip M.
"I am delighted that Bombadil is not going to appear. He is a character lacking in any appeal whatsoever as far as I can tell."

06-16-00: Schrodinger's Cat vs. the LOTR Purist Masses by The Nine
"Can we really know what Liv Tylers Impact, Arwen's role, or their effect on the film will TRULY be until we OBSERVE it for ourselves?"

06-04-00: The LOTR Movie: Success or Failure by Dino L.
"I think that the movie will be a success among the people who haven't met with LOTR before and most likely it will be compared to Braveheart, etc."

06-02-00: What About Rosie? by Chris R.
"I would have liked to hear more about the Sam-Rosie connection in the book."

06-02-00: Powerful Evenstar by Victoria_Arwen
"I thought, ever since I read the book, that [Arwen] had to have a bigger part."

06-02-00: Luthien is Turning Over in Her Grave by Ron W.
"How can I convey my disgust and disappointment at [butchering the Arwen Evenstar character]? Words are almost not enough."

06-02-00: Why Arwen Shouldn't Be a Major Character by Ron W.
"Arwen was not intended to be a major character in the LOTR books."

05-31-00: Gollum and Arwen by Hannibal
"The Arwen part should be bigger and I have felt that way since I read the book 15 years ago. Just not part of the Fellowship, but a bigger part."

05-30-00: Stop Complaining by Nathan
"I wish everyone would stop complaining about these LOTR films."

05-29-00: Tom's Exclusion From the LOTR Movie by Andrew O.
"I feel that cutting the part of Bombadil in the upcoming movie is ridiculous."

05-26-00: Tom Must Be Put to Rest by Joseph C.
"On the surface he could easily be mistaken for a frivolous creature. Those who have read the books know this is certainly not true, but the descriptions of him written on the pages simply cannot be translated effectively to film."

05-26-00: Bombadil, A Movie Star? by Nicedemus
"I feel that cutting Tom's character is a right choice. It would be of worse fate to cut Eomer, or Denethor. Just my two cents."

05-25-00: In Defense of What Has Come Before by Cagliostro
An excellent compilation of the author's thoughts on the Bakshi and Rankin/Bass versions of Tolkien's books, and what is coming next.

05-25-00: Tom Bombadil and Other Things by Henriette P.
" size="2">I've been twice on your site now, and I suddenly see that Tom Bombadil won't be in the movie?! That's ridiculous, he stands firm among the oldest creatures in Middle Earth, and [they] are going to leave him out of the movie?"

05-25-00: Of Fangorn and Other Ents by Rider of Rohan
"I'm curious and anxious to see how is PJ going to portrait [the Ents]."

05-24-00: A Bunch of Fuss Over Nothing by Allen W.
"Fans of the book are both excited and scared to death: a mixture of hope, and pessimism over the fact that these movies will NOT live up to our own expectations. They cannot, and will not. It's a simple fact."

05-24-00: Elves at Helm's Deep by Sam F.
"I hate to tell all of you but it is not the end of the world because the elves are at Helms Deep, if Jackson can put it of a certain way."

05-23-00: My Thoughts on Casting by Sarah L.
"Poor Liv Tyler. Can't you people cut her a break? Who she is and what she says in real life should have no effect whatsoever on her character."

05-22-00: Notes on Casting by John R.
John gives us his opinion on casting for Lord of the Rings thus far.

05-18-00: Just to Put In MY Two Cents by Ralph J.
"I must say that I am getting sick and tired of all these people whining about how Mr. Peter Jackson should make this film."

05-17-00: My Two Cents by John C.
"I understand the need to expand Arwen's role in the movies, but I think they could have done a much better job casting Arwen."

05-17-00: Arwen and Luthien by Ian S.
"The whole thing just smacks of a complete mistaken view on what elves
are in middle earth and this undermines the [history of] the story."

05-16-00: Elves, Weathertop, Bombadil, and Arwen by Jonathan D.
Jonathan addresses many movie issues in an informative and fun way.

05-16-00: Size of Orcs by Jonathan D.
"It appeared from some of the requests for extras that the orcs would be bigger than they were in the book."

05-16-00: Weathertop Once Again! by Chad P.
"I have read Alonso L.'s, "Commentary on Weathertop", and all I can say is that he needs to read J.R.R. Tolkien's The Fellowship of the Ring more carefully."

05-16-00: Tolkien Speaks by Brian McCandliss
"While others presume to speak for the great one himself, I will abstain from such pretense of worth and resign myself to merely to quote him directly."

05-10-00: Scenario for Arwen (In) and Bombadil (Out) by John R.
"How does Jackson expand Arwen's role without adding her to the Fellowship?   Several possibilities are apparent ..."

05-05-00: Commentary on Weathertop by Alonso L.
"I've read Jared P.'s thoughts on Weathertop, but besides his observations I have another doubt. "

05-05-00: Pros and Cons of Jackson's LOTR by Tweig & Family
"With all the controversy over Jackson I figured that it would be a good idea to try and balance the pros and cons of Jackson’s movies."

05-04-00: In Reply to Jonathan D. by John R.
"Making the movie as a complete documentary version of the Lord of the Rings, staying true to every micro-detail in the books, would simply not work."

05-02-00: A Worrisome Undercut by Brian M.
"What troubles me is that attached to the rear of the statement 'We're staying true...' is ... under the breath ' the parts that we agree with.'"

05-01-00: Regarding Orcs by Andrew G.
Andrew makes some interesting discoveries from the recent E! Online report.

04-27-00: The Judgment Gap by Stacy B.
"You know, all this chatter about 'we have it right, the film writers are unqualified to change LOTR' is absolutely fascinating but completely pointless."

04-26-00: Jackson on Arwen by Andy B.
"I find it hard to believe that no one has brought up the fact that Jackson himself has adressed the [Arwen] issue."

04-26-00: The Hobbits at Weathertop by Jared P.
Jared makes some interesting observations regarding the LOTR preview.

04-26-00: Tolkien's Trilogy is Not Just For Adults by David B.
In answer to Cinzany's recent article regarding the trilogy's age rating, David argues that Tolkien's trilogy was written for every age group.

04-26-00: Speculation on Arwen's Role by John K.
"A big question that surrounds the LOTR movie is whether Arwen will join the Fellowship or not. I really hope she doesn't join it."

04-25-00: A New Concern: How Will the Movie be Rated? by Cinzany
"If the movie is given an all-ages rating, it will have serious repercussions on everything from the atmosphere to the screenplay, even the plot."

04-25-00: Thoughts Regarding the Boromir Issue by Totikus
"Jackson can, will, and must change many things about the book in order to adapt it as a movie, but the elves are where the line has to be drawn."

04-25-00: In Response to John R.'s Excellent Articles by Jonathan D.
"Making Arwen part of the fellowship of the ring runs completely contrary to everything Tolkien wrote in the first age."

04-25-00: Spasms, Then Death... by James A.
A hilarious look at a malady claming the lives of Tolkien fans worldwide.

04-22-00: It Makes Sense to Include Arwen in the Fellowship by John R.
"So including Arwen in the Fellowship is not 'policitally correct'.  It is instead true to Tolkien's original material about the First Age."

04-22-00: How Would J.R.R. Tolkien Write the Screenplay? by John R.
"Tolkien did not write LOTR with movie rights in mind, to put it mildly."

04-22-00: I Didn't See No Bad in the Preview by Robert G.
"I don't think Viggo Mortensen has that....that...'Stridery Aragorny' look."

04-22-00: What's Boromir Doing With the Ring? by Kevin McIntyre
"If any fan looked at the trailer and didn't get excited, he/she is truly heartless."

04-17-00: Changes For the Better? by Iian N.
"Peter Jackson is sure enough of his directorial craft to know that the
heart of a movie is its story ... and has stated that that is the primary focus."

04-17-00: True Fans Getting Bad Rap by Joshua M.
"I feel that true fans are getting a bad rap, or at the very least are being greatly misunderstood."

04-15-00: Comments Regarding Changes by Kevin M.
"This is a Hollywood movie, and Hollywood movies require a love story."

04-15-00: Political Correctness in Jackson's LOTR by Amy B.
"I'm wondering if the strong anti-smoking social pressures will lead Peter Jackson to eliminate another element [from The Lord of the Rings]."

04-14-00: They've Cut Down the Party Tree! by Norm W.
"Why not make Jerry Springer Gandalf and have done with it?"

04-14-00: Get a Life! by Andy
"I find all the knitpicking about the film fascinating...and excessive."

04-13-00: What's With This Trailer Scene? by Cinzany
Cinzany comments on the infamous Weathertop scene in the preview.

04-13-00: Exit Bombadillo? A Good Thing! by Ralph J.
"It is simply impossible to convey all of the books' riches to film."

04-13-00: My View on 'Alterations' by Jeff Capron
"What we want [is for the] movie to contain the same FEEL as the book."

04-12-00: Arwen, Bombadil, and the Role of Women by Richard Purves
Removing Tom Bombadil and increasing female roles was a bad move.

04-12-00: Thoughts on the Trailer by Faramir
Interested in hearing someone else's opinion of the LOTR preview?

04-11-00: Did We Lose Something in Translation? by Stacy Bautista
Stacy encourages us to give Peter Jackson the benefit of the doubt.

04-09-00: What Do We Mean "Unaccepteble Changes?" by J. Davis
This author seeks to define some terms that have been tossed around here.

04-08-00: Further Outrage by G.E.M.
Here is more fascinating reading from the now 17-year-old author of Essay of a 16-year-old. She brings up some very good points here. Read it!

04-06-00: It Has Become a Nasty Fan by Iian Neill
Excellent reading here; it convinced me not to give up on Jackson yet just because of some rumors. A little harsh, but it's on my recommendation list.

04-06-00: Arwen and Bombadil, Tomorrow the Ents? by John K.
An excellent essay from a fan who feels that Jackson's changes are entirely unwarranted and have the potential to ruin the film. Recommended reading.

03-22-00: Arguments Against Inclusion of Bombadil by B.R.
Yes, you read correctly! Although this visitor is an admitted fan of Tom, he feels that the old fellow shouldn't be included in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

03-21-00: Bombadil, Arwen, Galadriel, & The Fellowship by John Paul
More interesting thoughts on the possibility of Arwen joining the Fellowship.

03-19-00: Lord of the Rings, My Take on the Movies by Brad
Brad thinks that J.R.R. Tolkien's books were dying to be made into a movie.

03-17-00: Insider Info ... Well, Sort Of by Chrystall
Based on info provided so far, Chrystall speculates on what LOTR will be like.

03-16-00: LOTR Movie and Other Thoughts by Amy Bradley
Amy is excited about the films, but is a little unsure about Liv's casting.

03-16-00: LOTR Movie Debate: An Analogy by Joshua Miller
Josh drawns an analogy between Coca-Cola and Lord of the Rings.

03-15-00: About the Movie ... and Movies in General by Steve Davis
The movies will be a financial success, but may not stay true to the books.

03-14-00: Movie vs. Books: Where to Draw the Line by David Kime
David believes that a good book does not necessarily make a good movie.

03-13-00: Rantings of a Fantasy & Sci-Fi Whore by Grant
Here's some encouragement for those of us who feel uncertain about LOTR.

03-11-00: My Thoughts on the Whole Movie Thing by PlayBumSp1
More from PlayBumSp1 on the movie in general. Very interesting reading.

03-11-00: Regarding the Cast; Liv Specifically by Mithrigil
This writer believes that Liv Tyler is not the right actor to portray Arwen.

03-11-00: Arwen: Eowyn or Luthien? by Jonathan Davis
An excellent debate article which compares Eowyn and Luthien.

03-10-00: Arwen ... a Queen, Not a Princess by Derek Bessette
More excellent apologetics from a fellow who knows his Tolkien quite well.

03-10-00: It's a Book, Folks by Matt Inkster
Commentary on casting and some other interesting thoughts.

03-10-00: Essay of a 16-year-old by G.E.M.
If you read one article here, this should be it. Very good points.

03-09-00: Further Thoughts Regarding Adaptation by Michael Bell
More commentary, including a response to Chris Skinner's article below.

03-07-00: Arwen 2: Electric Boogaloo by Chris Skinner
Chris responds to Michael Bell's article and clarifies a few issues.

03-05-00: Arwen and John Keeler's Ruminations by Anonymous
Possible acceptable explanations for Arwen's presence at Helm's Deep.

03-05-00: Arwen Doesn't Need Expanding by Mithrigil
This female writer feels that Arwen's role in LOTR is already well-defined.

03-04-00: Arwen Part of the Nine? Err, Ten? by John Keeler
John noticed something quite intriguing in a recent E! Online article.

03-04-00: Don't Expand Arwen, Expand Eowyn by Colby Thomas
Eowyn was described in more detail by Tolkien. Why not expand her?

03-01-00: Arwen's Role: Why Change It? by Salva Tomas
This fellow presents some commentary on Mr. Bell's debate article, as well as some good points regarding leaving Arwen's role the way Tolkien wrote it.

02-29-00: Let's Just Enjoy the Movies by Brian Daly
Brian says we should take the good apples with the bad.

02-29-00: Expanding Arwen is a Good Thing by Tom Manning
Tom believes that expanding Arwen in certain areas could be beneficial.

02-28-00: A Perspective on Arwen by Michael Bell
A response to Chris Skinner's previous debate article regarding Arwen.

02-22-00: The Neverending Arwen Debate by Chris Skinner
The title speaks for itself. Arwen shouldn't be a sword-toting teen rebel.

02-02-00: The Movies in General by Anonymous
Discussion of the films in general. This writer brings up some good points.

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