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12-30-01: Well Worth the Wait by Simon G.
"I too am from Australia, and this was my second time I've seen the movie..."

12-30-01: The Bashing Starts by P. Megson
"I suppose that it is inevitable that with any seminal work that some people..."

12-30-01: Blown Out of the Water by Khallandra
"Having just seen it twice (I'm in Oz too) I am still blown out of the water..."

12-30-01: Aragorn's Story by John R.
"One unexpected significant change in the story pertained to Aragorn."

12-28-01: It Was Worth the Wait by Veronica M.
"I'm from Australia so I had to wait an additional week till 'The Fellowship of..."

12-28-01: Anduril and Other Matters by Brett C.
"Here in Australia the movie has only just opened,and I saw it twice..."

12-26-01: Who Cares? by Ray C.
"It's Christmas Day here in Australia, 6:30pm to be precise and I'm going..."

12-26-01: The Movie by D. Dodson
"I've been reading some of the critiques and there is a point that perhaps..."

12-24-01: Response to 'Go Away Critics' by Jeff C.
"OK, Anthony, if it wasn't for the LOTR book fans, then the movie would..."

12-23-01: Arwen... More to Come? by Lisa C.
"Just saw the Movie and all I can say is WOW! Can you say Oscar: I think..."

12-23-01: Go Away Critics by Anthony T.
"I have one thing to say to all people who are going to throw a tantrum..."

12-23-01: A Brief Review by Everett V.
"I have now seen FotR twice, and both times I have come out of the theater..."

12-22-01: In Support of Raw by Aziz A.
"I am in support of all the staments made in the artical 'Raw' and I have..."

12-22-01: Cutting vs. Gutting by Jean-Pierre M.
"I saw the film 12/19/01. A real dissappointment. Not so much for the cuts..."

12-21-01: Re: Medieval or Before? by David C.
"Hmm, if I'm not mistaken, it says somewhere in one of Tolkien's books..."

12-21-01: My Review and It Is Raw by Jeff C.
"Just got back from seeing LOTR, a day late, but scheduling problems..."

12-20-01: My Review by John R.
"A wonderful, astonishing movie. The enhanced Arwen character did not..."

12-20-01: Film vs. Novel by Erik T.
"In all the debate about casting, omissions, etc., few seem to keep in..."

12-20-01: Medieval or Before? by Warrior Alien
"As with everybody else here, I am a Lord of the Rings fan and am going..."

12-19-01: Re: Actor Choices by David T.
"What? Of course, elven actors are debateable, though I don't know how..."

12-19-01: What Is It With...? by Skylar I.
"I have noticed a distressing tendency for people to belabor things that..."

12-18-01: LOTR by Disney (G) 90mins by Jacob W.
"Just to further make the point (from my previous debate contribution) of..."

12-17-01: Actor Choices by Jean P.
"In fairness to Peter Jackson, I'll keep my criticisms to the facts rather..."

12-17-01: Arwen is 'Essential' Says Tolkien Himself by Chris P.
"There has been a lot of talk about the role that the character of Arwen will..."

12-17-01: Note to Dean R. by Gina Marie
"I have one question to ask you Dean. Have you read The Trilogy? If you..."

12-15-01: Femenist Intervention = Arwen by Dean R.
"Okay just by looking at the comercials for LoTR Arwen's part is obviously..."

12-14-01: Well, This Is It! by A Rag's Horn
"Just wanna tell you all I was yesterday evening at the very-special..."

12-14-01: Re: Who Cares About Christopher Tolkien? by Jacob W.
"Just adding my few cents' worth as well... like Anthony, I have been..."

12-14-01: Help! Eye of Sauron by David T.
"Hello, I need some help with a debate I'm having with a few of my 'friends.'"

12-14-01: Reserving Judgement by Charles W.
"I too have deep reservations about the changes in Lord of The Rings."

12-12-01: Who Cares About Christopher Tolkien? by Anthony T.
"Well, I just thought I'd throw my few cents worth in here! Just like millions..."

12-12-01: Good Versus Evil by Jacob W.
"I know it is politically correct to say that (to paraphrase Peter Jackson)..."

12-12-01: Arwen and Goldberry by Shoaib N.
"I have got to agree with almost everybody that expanding the role of Arwen..."

12-12-01: Galadriel: Reply to Lee C. by John R.
"We should look on the bright side whenever possible, considering that..."

12-09-01: Arwen (Ad Nauseam) -- In Response to Chris S. by Lee C.
"Christopher, I definitely agree with you on the subject of Arwen's role being..."

12-07-01: Arwen, an Omen of Things to Come? by Christopher S.
"While everyone expects some changes adapting a movie from a novel..."

12-07-01: Re: Eowyn by Sonojon
"Miranda Otto was cast as Eowyn so it looks as though her character will..."

12-06-01: Eowyn: Gina T. is Right by John R.
"Gina T. is correct that Eowyn is the true warrior-maiden of the trilogy."

12-04-01: Eowyn: The Real Woman by Gina T.
"Okay, I've tired to remain calm and I said I wasn't going to speak on it."

12-03-01: So Much For New Line's Commitment by Totikus
"The web page of Intercom has an official announcement regarding the..."

12-02-01: Arwen Worry... Important? by David T.
"I should wonder why all I hear about is Arwen-this, Arwen-that; the small..."

11-28-01: The Movie Has to be Made by Toodle
"I'm as big a fan as anyone of the Tolkein books and world and I am also..."

11-28-01: Getting Worried by John R.
"I was hoping that the movie will be a dramatic adventure. But from watching..."

11-28-01: Eowyn? by Geomund
"Where oh where is Eowyn? Has any- one seen any pictures of her? I find..."

11-27-01: Praying to Eru by Joe C.
"Well all, I hope and pray to Eru the one that Arwen is not some sword..."

11-26-01: Turning Over by Tom V.
"Tolkien must be turning over in his grave. I was hoping Jackson was going..."

11-26-01: TV Guide 'Band of Power...' by David T.
"Ick... eww... sickeningly gross! How terrible! How tacky! I can't pick words..."

11-13-01: Jackson's Bain by John S.
"There is great conflict in being an enormous fan of literature as well..."

11-10-01: Lukewarm Soundtrack by Nam N.
"I'm kind of luke warm about the sound track. It seems to be constant..."

11-07-01: The Beef About Arwen by Michael W.
"If Jackson can 'beef up' the role of Arwen without hurting the premise..."

09-18-01: Copyright Law and Box Office Issues by Steve L.
"Thanks, Trudy, for all the great copyright info. I'm not sure whether to..."

09-18-01: A Tentative Choice Under Constraint by Steve L.
"Well, if I MUST choose only one scene as my favorite and from among..."

09-17-01: Copyright Info by Trudy S.
"With the time lag in this forum (as opposed to the message boards) this..."

09-17-01: Trouble for FotR Box Office in US? by Leonard S.
"The following news could cause a boycott of FOTR in the US since FOTR..."

09-17-01: Fave Scenes by Rich H.
"Thanks for responding on the above subject Steve L - over the course of..."

09-17-01: The Law Re: Copyright Duration by Steve L.
"I just did a bit of quick research to try to find some hard facts concerning..."

09-14-01: Can We Call a Truce On This Issue? by Steve L.
"Sophie, your response to my article is far more emotional than mine..."

09-14-01: Response to Sophie L.'s Response by Ray C.
"Sophie, you really should go back again and look at what you wrote..."

09-13-01: Response to Steve L. by Sophie L.
"I am unable to comprehend what your problem is. Your highly emotional..."

09-12-01: More Productive Discussion by Steve L.
"This is a response to "Calm Down," by Richard H.  Right on! So, your..."

09-12-01: What? You Didn't Mean 'Plagiarism?' by Steve L.
"Okay, I looked at your article again. You say now, "I DID NOT [accuse]..."

09-04-01: The Recent Poll Question by Jon S.
"As a regular visitor to this site, i was intigued by the new poll question..."

09-04-01: Plagierism, etc. by Cicily T.
"First of all, I think some of you actually need to go back and read what..."

09-04-01: Reply to An_Orc by Stacy B.
"Hello Orc. Huh boy! I thought that one had been quietly ignored, but..."

08-31-01: On Second Thoughts... by Sophie L.
"Regarding what I said in my previous post...well, I apologize for how..."

08-31-01: In Response to Stacy B. by An_Orc
"Now this is certainly the best one I've read in a long time. It's quite new to..."

08-31-01: Calm Down by Richard H.
"Come on people - plagiarism?!? I can't believe this is even being discussed."

08-30-01: Interpretation is NOT Plagiarism by Steve L.
"This is a brief response to an article submitted yesterday concerning..."

08-30-01: Okay, So I Overreacted a Little by Steve L.
"After writing a note here yesterday, I visited the official movie site again..."

08-30-01: Regarding Changes and Plagiarism by Sophie L.
"Officially, Cicily, what Peter Jackson is doing can't be called plagiarism..."

08-29-01: Artistic License or Plagerism? by Cicily T.
"Hi there. I am wondering what everyone thinks in regards to works of..."

08-29-01: Artistic License or Plagerism? by Cicily T.
"Hi there. I am wondering what everyone thinks in regards to works of..."

08-28-01: Dreaded Changes to the Story by Steve L.
"I feel extremely sad when I read about the changes that are being made..."

08-28-01: Tom, Eowyn and Arwen by Richard H.
"Hello! First I'd like to thank everyone for making constructive replies to..."

08-28-01: This is Getting Pathetic by Jamie B.
"To Dana F. What is a movie?  I mean what is it to you?  Do you really..."

08-27-01: What's Up With Arwen? by Bojana
"Ok, I hear that there's going to be a lot of changes about Arwen's..."

08-27-01: The Point of This? by Dana F.
"First, in regard to Richard H. saying that Tom Bombadil was merely..."

08-26-01: Other Concerns by C. Russell
"The absence of Tom Bombadil doesn't bother me as much as other..."

08-26-01: Tom Wouldn't Work on the Silver Screen by Anonymous
"Yes, I agree that Tom would not be a good fit on the silver screen."

08-24-01: Give Jackson a Break by Jeff S.
"I just read the post about Tom Bombadil being taken out. Sure, it would..."

08-24-01: Good Riddance Tom by Richard H.
"Sad that Tom 'Bumbling' Bombadil has been left out? Not me! I hated..."

08-22-01: Tom's Out? by Davor V.
"One of the most interesting and misterious caracters of the whole trilogy..."

08-21-01: Re: Apology, Correction, Reply by Sophie L.
"Thanks for the apology, Stacy B. You have a quite legitimate point..."

08-20-01: Submission by Sophie L.
"To Corey D., Paul M., and Greg M., I cede your point - variously..."

08-20-01: Apology, Correction, Reply by Stacy B.
"H'lo again. Sophie, I think I must owe you an apology as well, because..."

08-19-01: Art vs. Commerce: A Grey Area by Greg M.
"Stacey B. is worried at "the adaptation of an artistic enterprise into a..."

08-19-01: To Those Who Denounce 20th Century Media by Jamie B.
"But *sniff* *sniff* I don't want them to pervert my beloved book by making..."

08-19-01: Wow is Right: Response to Close Mindedness by Corey D.
"Here, here, Paul, Stacy... Some of you people are sooo close-minded."

08-18-01: PG-13 is Good News by John R.
"If the report is true that the movie will have a PG-13 rating, then this..."

08-18-01: To Stacy B. by Sophie L.
"Since I was not intending to sound like the zealot on a witch hunt or..."

08-18-01: LOTR Movie and Books by Stavros G.
"Lord Of The rings is a great book. In the film changes were made."

08-17-01: Response and Question for Sophie L. by Stacy B.
"Wow. I'd say it again, but it'd be melodramatic. If you really think that..."

08-16-01: Response to Sophie L. by Paul M.
"I was rather amused to read that Sophie L. will definitely NOT see the..."

08-15-01: A Few Replies by Sophie L.
"To Jason B. - In response to your statement that the curiosity will be..."

08-14-01: This is Getting Boring by Jason B.
"Please, people! This debate has been going on for more than a year."

08-13-01: Arwen a Rock Star's Daughter? by Jamie B.
"You know, it's not so much the expansion of Arwen's character that..."

08-13-01: Why Are We Still Arguing About Bombadil? by Stacy B.
"This isn't actually a rant piece, in case you felt an allergy attack coming on."

08-12-01: More on Tom by Corey D.
"So, hey, sorry about that folks, but my last forum seemed to have lost..."

08-12-01: Everything's Just Utter Sadness by Bj°rn Torske
"To read that Tom is taken out, well, I'll just have to say what I always..."

08-09-01: HP, Bombadil, Arwen, AND Bakshi by Louie V.
"I've really enjoyed the discussion about ol' Tom here. I'm fully aware of..."

08-09-01: More Bombadil by Chad G.
"Tom was always a favorite of mine, too... when I was a kid. I also really..."

08-09-01: Response to Chad's Bombadil Essay by Stacy B.
"There are a couple of things to be said here that you might want to..."

08-09-01: Arwen: No Need for Change by Greg M.
"Some have claimed that the (probable) changes to the role of Arwen in..."

08-08-01: Cannes Footage in Brazil by Mauricio K.
"I just knew that a friend of mine went to the screening of the Cannes 26..."

08-08-01: The Issue of Poor Tom Bombadil by Corey D.
"I've been, it seems like, forever trying to convince people why they should..."

08-08-01: HP, Bombadil, and Arwen by Stephanie C.
"Well, we've gotten some good discussion going here! Re: Harry Potter..."

08-08-01: Re: Bombadil vs. Arwen by Jim W.
"First of all, I just wanted to say that I agreed with you entirely. I would..."

08-07-01: Tom Bombadil by Chad Z.
"I have not followed the debate (here or elsewhere) concerning Tom..."

08-07-01: Release Date in Brazil by Mauricio K.
"Hi. I'm trying for the second time to post something in this debate. Well..."

08-07-01: Thanks to Jim W. for Release Date by Gabriel V.
"Hi, thank you for your answer. Yes, probably the brazilian tolkien's fans..."

08-07-01: Bombadil vs. Arwen by Geri A.
"The claims supporting Peter Jackson's cutting of Tom Bombadil are..."

08-06-01: Harry Potter? What? by Justin S.
"Regarding the article comparing harry potter and The Lord of The Rings."

08-06-01: Polish Release Date for Gabriel by Jim W.
"I'm not sure about Brazil, but I did find out that the realease date in Poland..."

08-06-01: Re: More Bombadil by Rich P.
"As far as I can see the arguements for the inclusion of Bombadil as a..."

08-06-01: Scene Cutting by Neil G.
"Hi. This is about the cutting of material from the films. We all are aware..."

08-03-01: More Bombadil by Stephanie C.
"Hi there! Just thought the other side should be represented in the recent..."

07-23-01: About Release Date in Brazil by Gabriel V.
"Hi Lotr lovers! I'm a Brazilian fan of Tolkien┤s works and since 1999 I've..."

07-23-01: More Bombadil by Louie V.
"My money is still on Peter Jackson donning the yellow boots and the blue..."

07-19-01: Response to Movies and Maps Question by Corey D.
"Hey, Ben.  From what I've heard and read, and their are quite a number..."

07-19-01: Re: Movies and Maps by Roberto C.
"I agree when Ben wrote that the insider's question was bad answered."

07-19-01: About Bombadil by Jim W.
"I completely agree with Renee L. about the exclusion of the Barrow-downs..."

07-17-01: Leaving Out Bombadil by Renee L.
"I am very sorry to hear that the character of Tom Bombadil will be left out..."

07-17-01: Movies and Maps by Ben
"An insider question on this month's e!online's 'Force of Hobbit' has raised..."

07-13-01: Sauron Never Touched the Elves' Rings by Louie V.
"To Corey D.'s 'Question of the Rings': The Elves developed the skill at..."

07-13-01: Response to Corey D. on the Rings by Nathan K.
"If you want information on the background of the rings, the Silmarillion is..."

07-13-01: Sauron Creating the Rings? by Derek McG.
"Would someone please tell me where this idea came from that Sauron..."

07-12-01: Question of the Rings by Corey D.
"I'm not understanding any of the banter about the rings here. My following..."

07-12-01: Use of Little People by Trudy S.
"I agree with Jim W. that it would be a mistake to purposely fill the Hobbit..."

07-11-01: Orc Talk and English: An Aesthetic Complaint by Stacy B.
"As of this very moment, I am adding flame-resistant cables to my little..."

07-11-01: The Seven and the Nine by Michael G.W.
"Tolkien implies that the 'nine' and the 'seven' were not forged by the..."

07-11-01: The Rings of Power by Obi-Gandalf Olorin
"At the time of the forging of the Rings of Power, Sauron cast a fair image..."

07-10-01: Response to RingGirl by Jim W.
"I agree that the hobbits don't look exactly the way I (or probably Tolkien..."

07-10-01: Re: Todd K. by Derek McG.
"The only ring forged by Sauron was the One Ring.  The Three, Seven..."

07-09-01: Re: The Purpose of the Ring by Todd K.
"As I recall, Sauron forged nineteen rings to give to dwarves, men, and..."

07-09-01: Glorfindel, Arwen, and Bombadil by Pam
"I kept looking in the cast list for Glorfindel's character and hoping that..."

07-09-01: Essay Response to Casting Debate by The RingGirl
"We all have a wonderful privilege within this site to express our praises..."

07-06-01: Re: The Purpose of the Ring by Derek McG.
"After reading Nina R's post, I went back and re-read the passages from..."

07-05-01: The Purpose of the Ring by Nina R.
"It has been a while since i read the books and there might have been..."

07-05-01: Re: Regarding Warfare by Obi-Gandalf Olorin
"In reference to Gror's comments on armour type and usage, I believe he..."

07-01-01: Good Points, Bad Points by Dean R.
"First I would like to say that I am very impressed with the response to..."

07-01-01: Gimli and the Ring? by Jeff C.
"After viewing the real audio clip of Davis talking about Gimli, I have to..."

07-01-01: Some Observations Regarding Warfare by Gror
"I remain both thrilled and concerned with online images from the..."

06-28-01: To Read or Not to Read by TenthWalker
"In response to Dean R.'s comments, I believe he has a valid point. Many..."

06-28-01: Response to Dean by Angela M.
"Well, the first thing I must ask is this: Can you back up your fear that..."

06-28-01: Re: The Biggest Problem by Jeanne K.
"Shakespeare has been filmed many, many times in many incarnations."

06-28-01: In Response to Dean by Edmund C.
"I differ with Dean. I think that the movies, as they are already doing..."

06-27-01: Kill Sauron with the Ring? by Jay F.
"Emil B., I liked your comments. A serious dose of patience and prudence..."

06-27-01: Of Hobbit and Song by TenthWalker
"Today I was pleasently surprised to find that the Lotr Real channel that..."

06-27-01: Overlooking the Biggest Problem by Dean R.
"Everyone on this site is typing about scenery, casting, TV series, and..."

06-27-01: I Know... That is What I Asked by Ben S.
"I know that, my question was what SAURON did with the ring when the..."

06-26-01: The Witch-King's Ring by Matt T.
"The Nazgul did not hold their rings, their rings held them. Sauron had..."

06-26-01: Tom is Gone... Hooray! by Simon M.
"The debate goes on and on and on... will Jackson make a good movie..."

06-25-01: Some Comments by Emil B.
"Though you're needlessly mean, you're almost right... almost. I think that..."

06-25-01: Of Hobbits and Song by TenthWalker
"Today I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Lotr Real channel that..."

06-25-01: Dreams vs. Reality by Eric H.
"Having worked in the film business for eight years, the economic realities..."

06-25-01: As Good As It Gets by Sentience
"I avoided for a long time finding out about the LOTR movies. The truth was..."

06-20-01: Say It Ain't So by Stormbringer
"I'm sure many fans have commented on certain omissions and insertions..."

06-20-01: In Response to Recent Casting Critiques by Edmund C.
"I couldn't help but be drawn into such a fiery debate. I think Aragorn..."

06-20-01: On Arwen and Her Role by Chad G.
"It is clear that many people here are disappointed with both Liv Tyler's..."

06-20-01: Woe and Doom by Jose Van der H.
"I only occasionally get to read the articles submitted here, and so far, the..."

06-19-01: New Response to RingGirl by Antony T.
"I've never been to this site before, but I have to admit that the comments..."

06-19-01: In Support of Leonides' Reply to RingGirl by Wulfric G.
"I completely agree with every statement Leonides made in reply to RingGirl."

06-19-01: Casting Woes? by Stacy B.
"I just tuned into the apparently running debate over the casting. I've been..."

06-19-01: To One Devastated By Casting by Louie V.
"Leonides covered quite a bit in the response to RingGirl, but there are..."

06-14-01: Commercialism by Stephanie C.
"Evidently, some of us are a little up at arms over the movies' casting..."

06-14-01: Movie Ratings by Aaron B.
"In response to Ji-Soo W., a PG-13 rating in the U.S. means 'parental..."

06-14-01: Reply to RingGirl by Leonides
"No offense, but you're criminally insane, right? If I may enlighten you..."

06-14-01: On Aragorn and Arwen by Elessar
"Certainly, as I read on the last sumbission, Viggo Mortensen has been..."

06-13-01: Response to Casting Rants by Chris
"While I did enjoy your rant, (you were on a roll for a while), I have to admit..."

06-13-01: Movie Ratings Continued by Ji-Soo W.
"This is just a follow up to my earlier debate contribution addressing the..."

06-13-01: The Big Picture by Jim W.
"First, I would like to say that even though I agree with almost everyone..."

06-13-01: Response to Pat W. by Peter S.
"Pat W., in your essay you said that you were very disappointed in the..."

06-12-01: Beware: More Casting Rants by TheRingGirl
"I have to agree in part with the comment that the hobbits (and other..."

06-12-01: Re: The Power of the One Ring by Ben S.
"The reason that Sauron created the ring was not to 'enslave the world' as..."

06-12-01: Can't We All Just Get Along? by Robert P.D.
"Ok since '99 I've been to this site several times and I hear people..."

06-12-01: Violence, Running Time, and Other Matters by Leonides
"Okay, guys, let me clear some things up: 1. These movies are going to..."

06-11-01: Depiction of Hobbits in Movie Pics by Pat W.
"I can not believe that the person who designed the way the Hobbits look..."

06-11-01: Reply to Demosthenes by Julianna B.
"I agree with you and everyone else here who has commented about how..."

06-11-01: Power of the One Ring by Rit S.
"I do not know as much as others of Middle-earth, besides the tale that is..."

06-11-01: PG vs. R vs. Disney by Cicily T.
"Hmmm... someone mentioned that they feel as though the Lord Of The..."

06-08-01: Family Ent. Isn't Neccesarily a Bad Thing by Louie V.
"Peter Jackson has a contractual obligation to not deliver the film with an..."

06-08-01: Re: Family Entertainment by Matt T.
"In response to Ji-Soo W.'s concerns: 1) I have heard Peter Jackson say..."

06-07-01: Family Entertainment by Ji-Soo W.
"There has been no lack of articles contributed to this section regarding..."

06-07-01: G.E.M. May Be Right by John R.
"In reply to G.E.M.'s observations about Tolkien's women, I fear she may..."

06-07-01: Response to Arwen by Demosthenes
"I completely and utterly agree with the portrayal of Arwen. I find Liv..."

06-07-01: Re: The Women of... by Ben S.
"To start off, I could not agree with you more. Arwen indeed lved with..."

05-31-01: Wizard-kabob by John R.
"The recent quotation from Ian Mckellan should be parsed carefully. When..."

05-31-01: The Women of the Lord of the Rings by G.E.M.
"For those of you keeping up with such things, I am the writer of Essay..."

05-30-01: One Ring's Power by Jo Q.C.
"Jim and Andrew, you bring up very good points on the One Ring. I think..."

05-30-01: Let Tolkien be Tolkien by Trudy S.
"The idea of a Middle-earth based TV series sends shivers down my spine..."

05-30-01: Casting of Arwen by Tomas B.
"Why choose Liv Tyler as Arwen. I know this is an old debate and the..."

05-27-01: Tolkien's Intent by George W.
"Tolkien had it right in the first place.  He wrote a series of books that..."

05-27-01: Re: The Ring by Rex F.
"Andrew B. & Jim W. bring up an interesting point that I've often wondered..."

05-27-01: Limiting the Ring by Stephanie C.
"Just wanted to suggest another theory to explain how the Ring got into..."

05-24-01: No TV Series by Aaron B.
"In response to John R., I can't see LOTR being made into a TV series."

05-24-01: Movie Casting: Get Over It by Lauren S.
"Don’t you think that we’re all being a bit nitpicky about this?"

05-23-01: Eventual TV Series? by John R.
"In his Forward to LotR, J.R.R. Tolkien admitted to one mistake in the..."

05-23-01: Delighted With Frodo by Trudy S.
"I've been madly in love with Frodo since I was in junior high (do I have..."

05-23-01: The Fans Are Wrong? by Jeanne K.
"I was reading the post by Glamorf saying how everything about the..."

05-20-01: Re: The Ring by Jim W.
"I think Andrew brings up a good point. The only thing I can think of is..."

05-20-01: Unhappy With Frodo by Glamorf
"What I've seen of it so far (websites and trailers) has me shivering with..."

05-20-01: Spiked Wizard? by John D.
"Saruman was not shot by arrows after stabbing Grima. In the book..."

05-20-01: LOTR Hype by Richard P.
"Whilst reading all the reviews and newspaper hype about the Lord of..."

05-18-01: Wizard Spiked on Wheel by Rob A.
"The answer to the famed wizard-on-the-wheel riddle seems to be not..."

05-18-01: Concerning Two Previous Articles by Adrian
"To Denver: who ever said that Hobbits are 'ugly and hairy'? To..."

05-18-01: The Ring by Andrew B.
"I've read the Lord of the Rings too many times to count as well as the..."

05-17-01: Don't Despair by The Bishop
"Firstly, I'd just like to say a big thanks to the people behind this site..."

05-17-01: The Heroic and the Mundane by Denver F.
"One of the things that worries me about any Hollywood treatment of..."

05-17-01: LOTR is a Nazi Book? by Colinmckenzie
"Today (11/5/2001) the very important italian newspaper La Repubblica..."

05-07-01: Re: Different Visions by Rhys M.B.
"In response to Trudy S.'s topic "Different Visions", I just want to point out..."

05-07-01: Being True to the Artist's Intent by Rhys M.B.
"I am currently re-reading LotR (for the first time in 17 years) in preparation..."

05-07-01: Bear With Me For a Moment by Lorien
"First of all Strider, if I didn't think LOTR was one of the greatest books of..."

05-03-01: Some Things to Say by Strider2k2
"I have a couple of things to say: First, in response to Lorien. This is..."

05-03-01: Some Thoughts After Waiting 30+ Years by Louie V.
"I just wanted to jump in on Lorien's coattails here for a second. I can..."

05-03-01: Different Visions by Trudy S.
"In the ancient past (c. 2000), PJ said in an interview that he felt lucky..."

05-03-01: In Response to Chris' Venting by Adrian
"I've just read the article you talked about, and I am quite in tune with..."

04-30-01: It's Only a Movie by Lorien
"Since the hype about the movie started, I've always kept an eye on..."

04-30-01: This is Incredible by Judoka
"Hi, I'm Italian... so excuse me for my mistake..... A forum about the..."

04-30-01: Venting by Chris
"OK, I just wanted to take the time to vent a little on the people who..."

04-30-01: Casting Comments by Peter M.
"I've been a devout LOTR fan for some time and have reviewed many..."

04-27-01: Not Ashamed to Admit My Mistake by Jean Marie
"Wow, I had no idea Miranda Otto was so old! So looks so young in..."

04-27-01: One Tyler Interview & Everyone Is Up the Walls by Adrian
"Just to make things clear, I took the liberty of checking the interview that..."

04-26-01: Reply to Big Mac by John R.
"You must be Liv Tyler's publicist. Standard response to embarassing..."

04-26-01: The Uninformed by G.F.
"People who are not especially informed should not be so eager accuse..."

04-26-01: The Nazgul Retreat by Joseph S.
"I would have to agree with Elinor on this one. The Nazgul (as you all..."

04-25-01: Re: Trilogy? by Rhys M.B.
"This is my first time on this forum, so forgive me if I am retreading old..."

04-25-01: Another Thought About Lurtz by Adrian
"So Lurtz (whatever it is) shows up at Parth Galen. Guess that makes it..."

04-25-01: Tyler in the Times: Response to John R. by Big Mac
"I just followed your link and read the article and I'd like to make a few points."

04-25-01: Liv Tyler's Ears by Lisa C.
"Is Liv Tyler an idiot or what? The melting elf-ears on the car dash just..."

04-23-01: Liv Tyler in the L.A. Times by John R.
"Traveling around promoting her new sexy movie McCools, Liv makes..."

04-23-01: Nazgul Withdrawal at Weathertop by Elinor
"I have just read the debate about this. As I remember it, the Ring was..."

04-22-01: Opinions on the Hobbits by Lauren S.
"Personally, I’m a hobbit enthusiast, so I paid close attention to the actors..."

04-22-01: What the Heck is Lurtz? by Adrian
"What is this creature supposed to be? Some kind of 'LotR goes Predator?'"

04-22-01: Opinions on Casting by Jean Marie
"I've read a lot of other peoples opinions on casting lately and find them..."

04-22-01: Arwen and Eowyn by T.M.
"I agree with Edmund C.'s comments about the mis-casting of Arwen and..."

04-19-01: Elijah Wood 'Research' by Trudy S.
"In response to part of Elinor's essay--I've posted the results of my ongoing..."

04-19-01: My View of Casting by Edmund C.
"I have heard lots of good things about Mortensen playing Aragorn..."

04-18-01: Casting Could Be a Lot Worse by Elinor
"Arwen is the only one that has really caused people heartache it seems."

04-03-01: You're Taking the Micky, Right? by John M.
"I have just read the rumour about re-naming the Orcs to Hollywood names."

03-29-01: Nazgűl Can Fear by Nicolas M.
"Not to discredit anything you were saying previously I would just like to..."

03-28-01: Reply to Justin B. by John R.
"Justin asks why Eriol was able to step foot in Aman in The Lost Tales."

03-28-01: Re: Eriol by Mandos
"You have to remember that the lost tales is not the same as the final..."

03-26-01: Novelization Scare by Steven G. Orr
"To those of you bemoaning the rumored 'novelization' of Jackson's..."

03-26-01: Number of Movies by Patrick F.
"I have recently started the entire adventure and am now almost finished..."

03-25-01: Eriol of 'The Lost Tales' by Justin B.
"I don't quite understand something about Eriol in The Lost Tales. The..."

03-25-01: Regarding the Bakshi Critique by Vaelyn
"I would like to bring attention to this frightening, indeed horrifying, write-up..."

03-20-01: Novelization & Other Abhorrent Merchandising Ploys by Lisa C.
"I really hope that this idea to produce a novelization based upon the movie..."

03-19-01: Novelization? Noooooo! by Chad G.
"Well, I've been one of the people more open to change in the movies. And..."

03-19-01: Gandalf Was a Maiar by Jevon W.
"In response to a previous article questioning the race of Gandalf (Elf or..."

03-19-01: Gandalf Was a Maia Spirit by Victoria K.
"Gandalf was a Maia spirit, once named "Olorin". He was chosen as one of..."

03-19-01: Gandalf's Ears Aren't Pointy by Jumper
"In response to the question by Travis B. about Gandalf's lineage, here is..."

03-18-01: A Novelization of the Movies? by Adrian
"Someone must have really gone nuts out there! I mean, who needs the..."

03-18-01: Gandalf Was Elven? by Travis B.
"Three rings for Elven-Kings, under the sky... My fellow comrades and I..."

03-16-01: Just Have to Wait and See by Freedan
"As for these movies, I have been looking forward to them, although I have..."

03-16-01: The Real Reason the Nazgul Left Frodo Alone by Phil L.
"The answers already submitted in response to the question of why Frodo..."

03-16-01: In a Perfect Fantasy World by Sam T.
"There seems to be a bit of discontent as to the alterations and casting of..."

03-08-01: The Morgul Knife Was Key by Jumper
"I have read the postings on why the Nazgul failed to follow up their attack..."

03-07-01: And What of Strider? by John F.
"In regard to the debate over the retreat of the Nazgul at Weathertop, may..."

03-06-01: Paul B. is Right by Aaron B.
"I stand corrected. The Nazgul that stabs Frodo has a crown, and is..."

03-05-01: Many Thanks to Some Fans by Atani
"How good it feels to know that there is still a few nobility left in this world!"

03-05-01: The Nazgul at Weathertop by Paul B.
"I don't believe the Nazgul retreated at Weathertop in any sense of defeat."

03-02-01: Nazgul: Reply to Dennis & Paul by John R.
"I don't think the Nazgul were afraid Frodo would put on the ring and..."

03-02-01: Thanks to Dennis P. by Aaron B.
"In response to my question, a few people have repeated the explanations..."

03-02-01: Shocking Development by Michael M.
"I have a friend who's hobby is tinkering with various software coding."

03-01-01: Edmund and Stephanie, Regarding Nazgul by Dennis P.
"Regarding the Nazgul, and their reluctance to persue Frodo after he put..."

03-01-01: On the Casting of Eowyn by G.F.
"Ok, I'm just lost. Bad enough the role of Arwen is given to young, ditzy..."

03-01-01: The Weird Nerd Answers by Thomas S.
"I think you are too superficials about this 'movie'. This is an American..."

03-01-01: Weathertop: Reply to Aaron & John by Paul B.
"I'd like to make two points about the attack on Weathertop. The Nazgul..."

02-28-01: Agree With Tom K. by Jay R.
"Tom hit it right on the head with his article on 2/26/01 when he said that..."

02-28-01: Stephanie C. -- Very Well Said! by Edmund C.
"I reiterate the title. Perfectly sensible and remarkably eloquent. I think..."

02-28-01: Casting Choice -- Eowyn by Eowyn K.
"Ever since I heard that a Lord of the Rings movie was being made..."

02-28-01: Over Produced by Mark C.
"What are peoples opinion on the standard of design as indicated by the..."

02-27-01: What's All the Hubub, Bub? by Boromir's Bane
"I hear a lot of talk about Arwen this and Tom Bombadil that, but everybody's..."

02-27-01: Eowyn Take by Stephanie C.
"Just a couple of comments: You said: 'Eowyn was not trying to impersonate..."

02-27-01: Fan vs. Fanatic by Chad G.
"It is good to be a fan. Without a fan-base, Tolkien's work would not have..."

02-26-01: The Intellectual Level Here is Dropping Fast by Adrian
"I preferd this forum against others because the discussions it contained..."

02-26-01: Write the Script Like the Book by Tom K.
"If your going to make this movie, try to be as close to the book as possible."

02-26-01: What Bothers Me... by Ben S.
"I have been silently and uncomplainingly (mostly) following the the LOTR..."

02-26-01: Arwen at the Ford by T.G. Shaw
"Glenn S.'s theory from 2-16 agrees with a list I recently saw posted..."

02-24-01: Eowyn, Take 2 by Edmund C.
"By George, I think we've got it! I'm sorry that I misunderstood your point."

02-24-01: Re: The Lord of the Fakes by Mandos
"Thomas S., forgive me for saying so, but your article is one of the most..."

02-24-01: Many Partings (continued) by Ray MacL.
"As someone who has been reading and studying JRRT of and on for..."

02-24-01: To Thomas S. by Lord of the Nazgul
"I think that these movies will be very enjoyable, and I wish that you would..."

02-23-01: To: Lord of the Nazgul by Me
"Mr. Lord of the Nazgul person, you said that Bombadil and the Downs..."

02-23-01: The Lord of the Fakes by Thomas S.
"So it finally comes to life... the Movie, it isn't? And so everybody is happy..."

02-23-01: Re: Eowyn by Brian M.
"Greetings, Edmund C. If you got the feeling I was insinuating that you..."

02-23-01: The Death of Theoden by Brad G.
"Is there a more moving scene in the trilogy than the death of Theoden?"

02-22-01: Reply to Matthew K.S. by The Lord of the Nazgul
"You have complained that Tom and the Barrow downs will not be in the..."

02-22-01: Re: Wormtongue's Whispers by Edmund C.
"Eowyn was not trying to impersonate a man. She wanted to be free of her..."

02-22-01: Reply to Michael M. by Carl K.
"David Bowie as Elrond? Please. He has neither the coloring nor the eyes..."

02-21-01: Weathertop: Reply to Aaron by John R.
"Aaron asks, why did the Nazgul run off after stabbing Frodo at Weathertop..."

02-21-01: Where's Tom? by Matthew K.S.
"Tom Bombadil is a very important part of the story, do they plan to cut the..."

02-20-01: Weathertop by Aaron B.
"The Weathertop scene from the recent trailer with the Nazgul advancing on..."

02-19-01: Re: Wormtongue's Whispers by Brian M.
"Concerning the reason for Eowyn's depression, methinks that you have hit..."

02-19-01: The Arwen Thing by Ray MacL.
"Leave the Arwen thing alone! You're talking about a character in a movie..."

02-18-01: Wormtongue's Whispers by Edmund C.
"From what I can glean from this debate, the main reason for Eowyn's..."

02-18-01: An Observation by Alice W.
"LOTR will it be a lost opportunity Peter Jackso ? The director has quite an..."

02-18-01: Ray MacL. Has It Right by Carl K.
"I agree with Ray. Tolkien's passion was language and its role in the..."

02-18-01: A Better Choice for Elrond by Michael M.
"First of all, I must acknowledge a bit of bias... I am a filmmaker by trade..."

02-17-01: Yes, 6 Volumes! by Cicily T.
"Sorry to spoil your party there, Owe P., but I am 37 and I remember..."

02-17-01: The Discussion Board ... Around One Question by Adrian
"Some of you out there are acting as if this movies are a heretic crime..."

02-17-01: Reply to Ray MacL. by Rebekah E.
"Perhaps my 2 cents will be disregarded, since I've never read LOTR yet..."

02-17-01: Your Morning Cup of Hersey by Merka
"I would like to put forward to Katerina and Byron the radical and impossible..."

02-16-01: Let Eowyn be Eowyn by DancingMantis
"Let Eowyn be Eowyn I say, and not a symbol of someone else's ideas of..."

02-16-01: To Katrina and Byron by Mark W.G.R.
"I fully understand and respect your opinion and position, but don't fully..."

02-16-01: Eowyn's Sufficiency -- Response to Brian M. by Norah M.
"Thanks for a brilliant analysis of the EoAr decisions that seem to have..."

02-16-01: Theory on Arwen's Role by Glenn S.
"There is a lot of talk about how Arwens role will play out, especially with..."

02-13-01: Trilogy and Moaning by Owe P.
"Harumph...I read the books when I was eightish or nineish and seem to..."

02-13-01: The Last of the Mohicans by Katrina & Byron
"After reading many replies, we are sad to realise that nobody actually..."

02-12-01: On Eowyn's Sufficiency by Brian M.
"Here's a question that's run throughout my mind during the whole Arwen..."

02-12-01: Tolkien's Grave-Turning by Ray MacL.
"Sometimes things that shouldn't be forgotten have been forgotten. Most..."

02-12-01: Responding to Katrina and Byron by Zyrians
"You two are bashing a movie that you haven't even seen it. I say kudos to..."

02-12-01: Reading the Trilogy by Mark N.
"In responding to your latest poll, I wish I could have answered 'other'. I first..."

02-11-01: Arwen, Arwen! Why is Everything About Arwen? by Ruby G.
"AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!! Listen, I'm sure Cate Blanchett's a great..."

02-11-01: The Two Faces of Bombadil by Harry W.
"On 02-07-01 Derek McG. said there were two perspectives on Bombadil..."

02-10-01: In Response to Katrina and Byron by Richard L.
"Katerina & Byron starts their rant with 'Sacrilege!!!' Melodramatic, to say..."

02-10-01: Reply to Katrina and Byron by SauronsBane
"I cannot believe what I am reading. People are actually NOT going to see..."

02-10-01: To Katrina and Byron by DarkAngel98
"I would like to reply to your very strange article talking about how The Lord..."

02-10-01: Not a Trilogy by David R.
"LOTR is actually divided in six parts, so there should really by six movies..."

02-09-01: It Ain't Like the Book by Carl K.
"On Arwen:  I too will be disappointed if the role of Arwen is expanded to..."

02-09-01: Answer to Angry Fans by Jean-Michel M.
"I'd like to answer both to Katerina & Byron ("Sacrilege!!!", 02/07/2001) and..."

02-09-01: Answer to Laura, Re: Trilogy by John R.
"Laura questions whether it is proper to call LotR a "trilogy", since the three..."

02-09-01: Re: Trilogy? by Alex B.
"My Oxford dictionary defines a Trilogy as:"a group of three related novels..."

02-08-01: What About Valinor? by Yannis o Flou
"When the whole story ends, Frodo,Bilbo and Sam go to Valinor. What are..."

02-08-01: On Bombadil and the Extra Nazgul Scenes by Chad G.
"I, for one, am able to see what Jackson is going for during the first part of..."

02-08-01: In Reply to Merka by Mark W.G.R.
"You're certainly not alone in really looking forward to this movie. Rather than..."

02-08-01: I'm with Merka by Sneezr
"Has anyone EVER seen a movie that was EXACTLY like the book it was..."

02-07-01: Sacrilege!!! by Katerina & Byron
"'Even the smallest person can change the course of the future'... That's..."

02-07-01: Clarifying the Bombadil Issue by Derek McG.
"I would just like to add a few clarifying comments to the Bombadil..."

02-06-01: All This Trimming and Cutting by Dave C.
"I regularly check this site for updates on the movies and for new trailers."

02-06-01: A Trilogy? by Laura
"The Lord of the Rings is a trilogy. In my opinion, this is wrong. A trilogy is..."

02-05-01: What is That? by Zyrians
"I was looking around at other various sites this evening, and I stumbled..."

02-05-01: Arwen with Sword? by Mise mi Fein
"First of all, let me say that I am  tremendous fan of Tolkien, and have the..."

02-04-01: Am I the Only One Who Supports This Movie? by Merka
"As I read the various articles, I begin to wonder if I happen to be the sole..."

02-04-01: On the Modifications of Plot by Vaelyn
"Reviewing the recent elements of the trailor, teaser images, et cetera..."

02-03-01: In Response to David K. by Adrian
"I believe that David K. might have scored a winner in his predictions."

02-03-01: Reply to Mark S. by Jeff C.
"To quote Mark: One thing's for sure... the 'favourite character' won't be..."

02-02-01: Arwen... Who Else? by Irius
"I just cannot believe what I see and read. The word dissapoitment is too..."

02-02-01: On the Role of Glorfindel by Matthew Adam J.
"When I first heard Glorfindel was likely cut from the story for these films..."

02-01-01: Regarding Glorfindel and Other Stuff by Mark W.G.R.
"It's been interesting to hear of many people's displeasure regarding the..."

02-01-01: How Far is PJ Gonna Go? by Ruby G.
"I'm really looking forward to this movie, as my little brother can certainly..."

01-30-01: Main Character? (Reply to Mark S.) by Philip
"I share Mark's concern over who the non-Tolkien-reading public are going..."

01-30-01: On the Issues of Arwen and Bombadil by Shanko
"As many of us know, Tolkien's work has in its duration captured and..."

01-29-01: Arwen... by John K.
"When I saw the picture of Arwen with a cut on her face, wielding a SWORD..."

01-29-01: Arwen... by Medved
"Personally, I had a very sickening feeling in my stomach, when I saw the..."

01-27-01: Further Predictions by David K.
"Last year I speculated (and a few weeks ago I made it a prediction) that..."

01-27-01: Silmarillion Movie by Calle H.
"I agree with many of the people who write here that it is impossible to..."

01-24-01: A Requiem for Tom Bombadil by Darklighter
"It seems I am NOT alone in my appreciation of Bombadil, and I am glad."

01-24-01: What Will Public Think LOTR's Main Character Is? by Mark S.
"Got an interesting question for the people out there -- who do you think the..."

01-23-01: About Glorfindel -- Attn. Carol K. by Ruby G.
"About Glorfindel, I've heard he's been taken out of it, which really cheeses..."

01-23-01: The Scouring of the Shire by Sarah T.
"I thought Chris K's article was very good. I agreed on everything except for..."

01-22-01: A Few More Thoughts by Stephanie C.
"Hi again, all (and particularly Max B. if he cares to continue our discussion)..."

01-22-01: As for Arwen and the Last Tolkien Fans by Adrian
"I agree with Brian that the Arwen-Cut-Pic must be a shot from the scene..."

01-21-01: Where Are You, Glorfindel? by Carol K.
"I have been searching high and low for any mention of Glorfindel. Does..."

01-21-01: What is This Movie Supposed to Be? by Chris K.
"What is this movie supposed to be? In reading many of the comments..."

01-20-01: Whew! Arwen Pic Not as Bad as I Feared by Brian M.
"When I first saw the new pic of Arwen with the cut, I felt a cold shiver run..."

01-20-01: Alas, Poor Bombadil by Mark W.G.R.
"This long-term Tolkien fan is definitely pro Bombadil for this movie, on the..."

01-19-01: Thanks a Lot to Mark S. by Ruby G.
"Thank you so much, Mark S., for dissing me and every other person who..."

01-19-01: We Are the Last True Tolkien Fans by Jeff C.
"I remember when I was younger, much younger, and a movie came out..."

01-18-01: Remember, These Movies Are Not Just For Us! by Andrew Z.
"Let's face it, it would be absolutely impossible to portray each character..."

01-18-01: Heigh, Heigh, Ho, Ho, Bombadil Has Got to Go! by Mark S.
"For those (apparantly legion) fans who decry the loss of Bombadil from..."

01-17-01: Why I'm Glad Tom Isn't in the Films by Steve M.
"Am I the only one to see the potential cringe factor of Tom if he were to..."

01-17-01: Response to Matthew M. -- Emotionality in LOTR by Mark S.
"Don't worry, Matthew, Peter Jackson is a consumate film maker and you..."

01-16-01: Bombadil, Arwen, and Legolas by Vaelyn
"Now that we have seen the theatrical trailer, I (for one) can breath a deep..."

01-15-01: Legolas: In Reply to Werewolf's Comments by Ruby G.
"No, I think Legolas has a very Elvish look. And he is very fair *blush blush..."

01-15-01: Bombadil and Astin by Ruby G.
"First of all, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm really cheesed about..."

01-14-01: About the Soundtrack by Magnus N.
"Well... Why the heck Blind Guardian didn't get to compose even 1 song..."

01-14-01: The Bombadil Crisis by Sarah T.
"Everyone is upset about the cutting of Bombadil. Where do they get their..."

01-11-01: Hush Sahl, Thanks Yvette R. by Zelax
"First of all I would like to say to Sahl to hush up, and do not try to make..."

01-10-01: Gandalf Poll by Jemo K.
"About the poll on the main page, did anyone know that Gandalf is actually..."

01-09-01: Trying to Avoid the Pictures Page by Mark P.
"I personally can't wait for the release of these movies. I've been trying to..."

01-09-01: Old Tom Bombadil is a Merry Fellow by Yvette R.
"I'm going to quote from the book: Frodo asks Goldberry who Tom Bombadil..."

01-08-01: The Worry of a Tolkien Movie by Mark A.
"I am looking forward to this forthcoming film with caution and reservations."

01-07-01: The Numenorean Blades by Tomas B.
"I've been troubled by the fact that Tom Bombadil isn't going to appear in..."

01-06-01: About Bombadil, the Barrow Wights... by Sahl
"I don't really see Bombadil as an important character and he was probably..."

01-05-01: What Is It With Legolas by Werewolf
"I was looking at the official pics and happened to see Legolas. That did..."

01-04-01: Origin of Bilbo's Name by John R.
"I've always been bothered by the name 'Bilbo'. It sounds childish and..."

01-04-01: Just Imagin Robin Williams as Bombadil by Zelax
"I think that Tom Bombadil's role in the movie is very important and..."

01-03-01: Emotion of LOTR by Matthew M.
"Now that filming of The Lord of the Rings is a wrap, how are the editors..."

01-02-01: Bombadil Exclusion and PC? by Ron L.
"I agree with Lawrence T. that Bombadil is an important part of the story."

01-01-01: Bombadil and Company: I Am Confident by Jean-Mikel M.
"I'm glad to see that you are all watchful about the Arwen and Bombadil..."

01-01-01: Arwen Won't Replace Anyone in the Fellowship by Chad G.
"There seems to be a lot of concern that Arwen may be a member of the..."

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