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Since I can't tell
Posted by Farlas on 01-02-06
I can never tell if no one is writing or not, or whether they simply haven't been posted, so I am going to write. Hehehe! I trust most of...

Busy Hollidays
Posted by Julie on 01-03-06
Hi Faerlas! Nice gifts you had! Me too! I received a black sweater with a picture of a wolf on it, a lamp with wolves on it from my father and I...

Happy New Year!!
Posted by Pip on 01-03-06
Hello all! I'm sure I missed a lot of debates... but what did ya'll think of CON? I thought it was good... but no LOTR. And it really can't be.

Another Year
Posted by Annatar on 01-04-06
Ahhhh.... Happy New Year and belated Merry Christmas to one and all!! I posted one earlier and waited for it to appear in vain. Then I was a tad...

Oh yay! I wasn't left here alone!
Posted by Farlas on 01-04-06
I was beginning to wonder whether I was alone or not! Thank the Valars I wasn't! So, Opalys, do you like wolves? LOL! You sure got a TON of wolf...

Posted by Julie on 01-04-06
Farlas, I mispelled your name!;~P Sorry, sorry!!

Forum working right again and bloated livers
Posted by Julie on 01-07-06
Yes, I am a big fan of wolves!! I'm a wolf trapped in a human body ha!Ha! Farlas, I don't wear shirts with wolves on them all the time, just when...

Posted by Farlas on 01-11-06
The pole was changed... did anyone ever record what the results were from the old one? Was Aragorn still second favorite to take the ring then...

Me Gone? Never!
Posted by Annatar on 01-11-06
...apart from in the head. Nope, just over Christmas I posted and waited for it to appear... So after wating a bit I posted again, then Christmas...

Irish Coffee
Posted by Farlas on 01-13-06
And what makes Irish Coffee, Irish? We don't count mental states... if we did, I was never here, nor am I now. LOL! WEll, as much as I...

Irish Coffee...
Posted by Annatar on 01-14-06
Farlas - What makes an Irish Coffee Irish? A number of things might have made it so (or all of them together). It MIGHT have been first created in...

Ooh! I see!
Posted by Farlas on 01-17-06
Ah! So add Irish whiskey and Irish cream and you have Irish coffee... Nope, haven't had it. I'll stick to my Boston Cooler's thanks. That and...

Scandals? Sadly, nop...
Posted by Julie on 01-17-06
No scandals but waiting for my new computer to arrive! Can't wait to make cartoons and movie editing, create a better website with better graphics...

I Don't Believe
Posted by Everett on 01-17-06
Farlas has reached sufficient age to enjoy the pleasures of imbibing Irish coffee. I, on the other hand, have simply not taken the opportunity...

I do believe
Posted by Farlas on 01-20-06
You are correct Everett. I also have no plans to ever touch the stuff. Doesn't even sound appealing to me. My vernors will keep me company.

Fr Ted...
Posted by Annatar on 01-20-06
Arrghhh!! Pride and Prejudice and all Emma'esc novels/movies just do my head in. Well kind of. I saw the movie of Pride and Prejudice and it was...

I suppose I see your point
Posted by Farlas on 01-21-06
Well, I can see your logic as far as the drinking age (Yes, I do think it is 21... Don't plan on drinking, so I don't keep track) If you can be...

of the presence of spirits
Posted by Julie on 01-26-06
Hey dudes and duderettes! I have my new computer and I love it!!! By the way, thanx for the tip Annatar. Now, about the hauntings, it is the...

I laughed!
Posted by Farlas on 01-26-06
Well, I came across this little video, and thought you might get a chuckle from it.

Drink N Age
Posted by Annatar on 01-26-06
Farlas, you dont plan on drinking alcohol at all... Thats cool, well, as long as you don't see anything wrong in drinking alcohol itself.

Posted by Man Of Westernesse on 01-27-06
We should send that question out to everyone... whats your ages y'all!??

Re: Farlas & Annatar
Posted by Julie on 01-28-06
Farlas, I saw that video lolllll, nice way to laugh at war lollll. By the way, I am 26.

hey guys
Posted by Lem on 01-28-06
yeah, i'm still here....haven't been posting because i don't have much to say, especially since we've been talking mostly about alcohol and...

Who's Laughing Now?
Posted by Everett on 01-29-06
Cute video Farlas. Personally, I'm partial to these...

Back from Icyland
Posted by Farlas on 01-29-06
YAY! I have returned from nothern country where the snow is 9 inches deep. YAY! Where I live doens't have anything right now. *pouts* Anyway, to...

Live and let and let live I mean!
Posted by Julie on 01-31-06
I respect your point of view Farlas, and your liver will probably work better than mine later lollll!! As for me, I am not an alcoholic BUT...when...

ShhDRink *hic
Posted by Annatar on 01-31-06
No, I'm not drunk, just thought it might make a good looking title. Farlas, a good argument against Anti drink on religious grounds is "Not what...

Make me a crocadile sandwich...
Posted by Annatar on 02-04-06
... and make it snappy!! Opalys, you hit the nail on the head, sometimes its good to get wasted. Great for stress relief... well kinda.

eldest am I
Posted by Man Of Westernesse on 02-04-06
yes... I feel old, all stretched out butter scraped over too much bread...

Posted by Farlas on 02-13-06
Man of Westernesse, that was funny. It made me chuckle! The real question is, can you touch your toes? Because even at my young age I have not...

Re:eldest am I
Posted by Everett on 02-13-06
Man of Westernesse, I'm confused by your last post. Are you claiming to be Bombadil or...

Tolkien and Modern Society
Posted by Everett on 02-13-06
Seeing as discussion of Tolkien has all but disappeared from the Forum, I figure I might as well try to bring it back around. Tolkien has said...

Another video!
Posted by Farlas on 02-13-06
Hmm... I thought this one funnier than the otherone I put on here... You all judge. Obviously you click...

hey there
Posted by Julie on 02-13-06
I have written something some time ago but they did not post it...I received an email saying that they could not post it because there was too much...

Annatar, I shake your hand!
Posted by Farlas on 02-13-06
And I thank you profusely for not using circular reasoning and repeating arguments like a blasted parrot! Good Eru! I'm ready to scream! At...

Tolkien and Other Things
Posted by Annatar on 02-19-06
Everett, it could be argued Tolkien, while being a genius may have suffered from a glass half empty outlook. Its easier to see the caca than the...

YAY! Our posts are up!
Posted by Farlas on 02-19-06
I always marvel at the rate in which our posts are put up. *chuckles* Don't mind me, I have been sick the last five days, and I am now going...

Re: Everett
Posted by Julie on 02-19-06
I remember that part in "The Silmarillon". I also remembered that wile reading, I saw in my mind our modern society! I guess Tolkien described...

YAY! The Devil's Advocate!
Posted by Farlas on 02-24-06
Hooray! A debate with a thought process! But alas, I am about to take it in another direction as well! Question: Why would God say six days if...

Bay Area Screening
Posted by Cameron on 02-24-06
Hello Rings Fans, As an Employee Appreciation gesture, a group of us are hosting a Lord of the Rings marathon, showing the Extended Editions of...

Re: Farlas
Posted by Julie on 02-24-06
Cute little video you have there lolll! Funny! They should make a CD of all of these manipulations! They could call it "Lord of the hits" or...

It's the end of the world! :o)
Posted by Farlas on 02-24-06
Well, in light of recent events, I have done a little thinking and I want to see what you all think. There's that bio tracking chip thing being...

Attack Of The Giant 3 Eyed Milkshake
Posted by Annatar on 03-10-06
Farlas, There is no mention at all of other siblings to Cain, Abel and Seth. Besides it makes more sense that God was either telling a Parable or...

Re: Annatar
Posted by Lem on 03-12-06
i loved that post, it's completely right--i definitely like the Good Omens thought about the dinosaurs (I love Terry Pratchett), but i'm not well...

Now and later
Posted by Farlas on 03-12-06
I'm only going to argue with half of your arguments now and the rest later... I just spent the last two weeks cramming my head full of the first...

Imagery,and the Return of the...
Posted by Annatar on 03-14-06
... Giant One Armed Hedgehog Farlas, hmmm where to start.... Ok first off, we are all sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. It is a well known and...

Posted by Julie on 03-16-06
I have to agree with Annatar about the use of imagery in the holy book. Few years ago, I was a lost soul seeking guidance so I joined a religious...

Good to see
Posted by Farlas on 03-16-06
It's good to see that I at least had some substance to my arguement, otherwise you wouldn't have been able to come up with any sort of reply.

Raiders of the Lost Arc Welder
Posted by Annatar on 03-17-06
Opalys and meself are pretty much on the same page methinks. Oui? ... oui. Farlas... "The part about "When I was naked ye cloathed me" is...

Yes, tis a translation...
Posted by Farlas on 03-17-06
Opalys, The Bible has been translated, but, the King James Version hasn't been modified to the advantage of anyone. The Greek and Hebrew texts...

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