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Oh dear!
Posted by Farlas on 01-21-07
If an empty article is posted, which I seriously doubt will happen, but hey! Just know it was one of those weird little technical glitches!

LotR Marathon Update
Posted by Everett on 01-21-07
As I mentioned previously, I'll be getting to gether with some friends of mine to watch the entire extended LotR trilogy. Here are the details if...

No PJ?
Posted by Julie on 01-21-07
How can this be? Indeed he mangled a bit the story but I agree Annatar, he did a good job. Who do you think will take the job? The pressure on that...

Posted by Annatar on 01-21-07
Happy New Year to you all! I hope the celebrations didnt get too outa hand and ye all only had a tiny hangover. 2007 - marriage year. Wah hey!

Procrastinate now!
Posted by Farlas on 02-10-07
That ^ being a phrase I ran across recently. Heehee! Maybe that's what the thought is behind the slow posting... Well, I couldn't come new...

Posted by Annatar on 02-16-07
Farlas... just wondering is there a contact email address for you? The black tower is being rebuilt, so far... 3 of us...

Posted by Julie on 02-23-07
Join us Farlas! You are the only one missing!

Posted by Farlas on 02-23-07
Please pardon the confuzzled stuffy headed Farlas that I am... the black tower is being rebuilt?

Clearing the Misty Mountains
Posted by Julie on 02-26-07
It's just that Annatar, Everett and myself have been writing to eachother for some time, why don't you join the...

Umm... where?
Posted by Farlas on 02-26-07
Okay, I put my email address in my profile. Some one please email me and explain what the Sam Gamgee is going on! :o) And I'll join as soon as I...

Posted by Everett on 02-26-07
The rest of us are communicating via e-mail, and we were wondering if you might like to join our friendly...

Another Movie?
Posted by Annatar on 03-29-07
Read somewhere that New Line and others were/are interested in 'The Children of Hurin' and...

Re: New Movie
Posted by Everett on 04-02-07
Making a movie out of "The Children Hurin" would be an interesting challenge, at least if you wanted to keep it clean...

Narn i Hîn Húrin
Posted by Annatar on 04-04-07
Nasty stuff...? As in the friend killing or the Nienor marriage? Less nasty more tragic in my opinion... it would indeed make a class movie.

Posted by Annatar on 04-04-07
I was thinking Christian Bale as Turin... Who for the rest? Was Nienor a brunette or blonde?

Narn i Hin...
Posted by Farlas on 04-16-07
OOH! I like Christian Bale as Turin! Hmm... for Nienor though... I can't decide... I'll have to give it some thought... When I read it, I rather...

Sam Raimi & The Hobbit?
Posted by Annatar on 04-23-07
Sam Raimi to direct The Hobbit??? No waaaayy near convinced THAT would be a good idea.

A new reason to be ill
Posted by Farlas on 04-30-07
I thought watching twitterpated couples was the only reason to become ill... apparently the slaughter of my favorite books is too. Blech.

hello again
Posted by Lem on 05-03-07
hey guys, i haven't posted in a loooong time, but i still do frequent the forum. i was just posting to say that last night i watched the fellowship...

Posted by Everett on 05-05-07
Lem, if I recall correctly, there were several debates about whether the Balrog actually had wings. The relevant passages from "Fellowship" are as...

Well... ridiculous sure...
Posted by Farlas on 05-05-07
The Hobbit as a musical would be ridiculous, to be sure... but if it were done intentionally as a parody, I think I would go watch that. Can you...

Posted by Everett on 06-04-07
Does anyone know if the newly released version of "The Children of Hurin" is substantially different from the version in "The Book of Unfinished...

Balrogs and Hurin
Posted by Annatar on 06-13-07
Wings - To have or to have not. To my mind there is no proof either way, although I do tend towards the have camp. A better question, if I my be...

Another Director?
Posted by Annatar on 06-13-07
Wikipedia... "...In May 2007, rumors surfaced that New Line had also approached Peter Weir, director of Master and Commander: The Far Side of...

Posted by Farlas on 06-25-07
That snippit of that article was quite interesting... Demonic chickens... hehehehehehe! My sis likes that idea. I tend to agree that if they did...

Posted by Annatar on 07-04-07
Hi Farlas, I take it you have read the Silmarillion/Unfinished Tales? The Children of Hurin is more in keeping with that style of narrative than...

Sunshine and Lollipops!
Posted by Farlas on 07-07-07
I read Narn i Hin Hurin in The Lays of Beleriand, so I already know it's the happiest book ever that gives you the warm fuzzies... just like...

Hobbit News
Posted by Annatar on 08-15-07
Eager to move ahead with "The Hobbit," New Line has quietly been trying to mend fences with "Rings" filmmaker Peter Jackson...

Wedding Bells
Posted by Annatar on 08-20-07
Yes.... shortly, in less than a weeks time, Sauron...ermm...sorry Annatar will marry his beloved. Ironic thing is, while his gold ring is...

*crosses fingers *
Posted by Farlas on 08-20-07
Ai! Ai! Could our hopes and prayers come to pass? Could PJ really do the Hobbit? PLEASE! PLEASE!!! Good Valar I would be happy if he did it. I can...

Re: Hobbit News
Posted by Everett on 08-20-07
Here's hoping they can work things out, though I think PJ would be better suited to direct a film version of "The Children of Hurin".

Are you married yet?
Posted by Julie on 09-09-07
Congratulation Annatar ! May your union be eternal and your lives filled with peace, love and...

That's right!
Posted by Farlas on 09-18-07
That's right! Congratulations Annatar! May your marriage be filled with love and...

How High...!!
Posted by Annatar on 10-04-07
I read somewhere that Barad-Dur in the movie was, using the scale used, over 5,000 feet.... Just as a point of reference, a quick google found that...

Posted by Farlas on 10-31-07
Whoa... I've been to the top of the ole Empire State and let me tell you... that is TALL...

Posted by Annatar on 10-31-07
Seemingly Jackson has emailed McKellen, advising that even if he wasnt directing The Hobbit, that he should still play Gandalf, which it turns out...

The Hobbit - Big News, Good News...
Posted by Annatar on 12-14-07
Well tis the season to be jolly....

YAY! Merry Christmas indeed!
Posted by Farlas on 12-21-07
My mom saw that earlier today and read it to me! I was so excited! Two movies! Maybe they're going to follow the book more closely...? Who...

Even better news....
Posted by Annatar on 12-21-07 Jackson only needs to be named director...

Possible Director...
Posted by Annatar on 12-21-07
Guillermo del Toro to direct The Hobbit...??? Here's...

Re: Possible Director
Posted by Everett on 12-31-07
I'd kind of like to see the Coen Brothers take a stab at...

Not Necessarily Good News
Posted by Everett on 12-31-07
Not to throw cold water on a hot story (at least not too much), but I'm actually a little concerned by the fact that they're looking to make two...

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