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Sorry, should have mentioned it...
Posted by Farlas on 01-03-05
I know you love to play the Devils advocate. No, I do not think that you truley believe everything you type. I really should have mentioned it...

Jake, I think your right!
Posted by Farlas on 01-03-05
I do think some music is missing. I'm not sure, I coulndn't manage to time it right, but I think it has Sauron's tower falling, but not where...

Re: Jake
Posted by Bob Praz on 01-03-05
Yes, there is plenty of music missing in the official soundtrack. Keep in mind that Howard Shore has to edit and cut a lot of the score of each...

The Way Of Things...
Posted by Annatar on 01-04-05
Happy New Year one and all! Faerlas, I never said that Orc killing an Elf was not a bad thing (Hmmm but thats a different arguement hehe), just...

Back again
Posted by Lem on 01-06-05
I was avoiding the forum until I could see the RotK EE in full. I really liked it! But...I agree with what everyone has said about the Palantir.

Re Annatar
Posted by Farlas on 01-06-05
I'm not even going to try to debate you on the author vs. fate thing. Mostly because I can't explain my view that well. One of those things...

The West Wind Blows...
Posted by Annatar on 01-06-05
Faerlas, weather up here in ol' Donegal, is wet. It has ever so slightly less rain in the summer. Cold, rainy and a little windy in the Winter.

Posted by G on 01-06-05
Lem, you are right to say that Merry was still in the Houses of Healing during the final battle. Pippin was indeed the only hobbit representative.

Re: Back again
Posted by Farlas on 01-06-05
If you really want to know, the whole Aragorn vs. Troll thing was done to cover up stuff they had shot earlier. I watched the extra stuff and...

Posted by Lem on 01-07-05
Thanks for the clarification, G and Faerlas.

The Hobbit
Posted by Lem on 01-18-05
Has anyone heard anything about PJ doing The Hobbit? I knew he was doing King Kong and I've heard rumors that The Hobbit was coming...

Did you read...
Posted by Farlas on 01-21-05
Has anyone else read the article on this site about more LOTR stuff? It sounds interesting! And no I havn't heard anything more than...

The Hobbit Movie
Posted by The Bruce on 01-22-05
Faerlas, I read that PJ has bought the film rights to the book The Lovely Bones. I would imagine that will be his next project after King Kong. This...

Too early...
Posted by Bob Praz on 01-23-05
For now, itís still very early to be looking forward to any adaptation of The Hobbit. PJ and all of the cast members that would be concerned are all...

Just in case nobody knows this yet...
Posted by Frodo_Lives on 01-23-05
...Howard Shore won another Golden Globe for his musical score for "The Aviator." Congrats Mr. Shore!!!!!

Hobbit Concerns
Posted by Everett on 01-29-05
While I look forward, like the rest of you, to a movie adapatation of "The Hobbit", it seems to me that Peter Jackson would not be the best choice...

I don't know Everett...
Posted by Farlas on 01-31-05
Peter Jackson may have a thing for the dark might of evil and the weakness of humanity, but LOTR was pretty dark. I mean, the fate of the world was...

Re: I Don't Know
Posted by Everett on 02-01-05
Faerlas, I think you're missing my point. LotR certainly has its darker side, and I don't think that was ever in dispute. My point is not that...

Re: Everett
Posted by Farlas on 02-02-05
I understand what you're saying. If I didn't before it's because i'm sick and my mind has been mush. Anyhow, perhaps Peter Jackson would have a...

The Hobbit
Posted by Annatar on 02-03-05
'Scuze me for butting in about filming The Hobbit. The book is alot lighter in mood than the LOTRs. What I'd like to see is a less childish...

Re: The Hobbit
Posted by Everett on 02-06-05
Stop the presses! Hell has frozen over! Squadrons of pigs are soaring through the skies!! Annatar and I actually agree on something!!!! I think.

Off subject (sort of)
Posted by Farlas on 02-08-05
Just have to say, the begining of Everetts last post cracked me up. Especially Hell freezing over. You see, about an hour from where I live is a...

Squadrons of flying pigs...
Posted by Annatar on 02-09-05
I was gonna make a comment about law enforcement individuals in helicopters but thought better of it. Everett agreeing with Annatar!! You are on a...

Re: Hell Freezing Over
Posted by Everett on 02-09-05
Well Faerlas, it's always nice to make the acquaintance of a fellow Michigander. I'm over in Lansing, though I'm from Ypsilanti originally.

Cool beans Everett!
Posted by Farlas on 02-10-05
I was born in Ann Arbor and have spent half my time in the Milan-Saline area, but I live in Norhtern Oakland county. Wouldn't it be crazy if we...

Silamarillion Mini-Series
Posted by G on 02-10-05
I've never really warmed to the idea of a Hobbit movie as much as most (Dwarfs are boring, there's not much genuine excitement to the standard of...

I Think It Would Be Cool If...
Posted by Farlas on 02-14-05
I think it would be kinda cool if they made the hobbit and had Bilbo narrating it at his 111 birthday to the young hobbits. Perhaps every once and a...

Re: I think it would be cool...
Posted by Lilly on 02-15-05
That would be cool, but in truth I've been thinking about that also, and I've always thought it would be awesome if it was narrated by Sam...

I was thinking that too!
Posted by Farlas on 02-16-05
After I submitted the article I thought something close to that too, but I was also thinking more along the lines of shifting narrators through most...

Bilbo, Michigan, Wings, and Things
Posted by shire squire on 02-26-05
In response to Faerlas' posting the other day I have some responses. First off I love the idea of a Bilbo narrated Hobbit movie. And in quick...

Re: Shire Squire
Posted by Farlas on 02-26-05
I'm ticked off in a major way about the strike too! Frankly I'm ready to go after some people and wack em with a rubber hockey stick until they...

The Captain
Posted by shire squire on 02-28-05
Hard question faerlas. But i have to go with the captain. Steve Yzerman. Not the most dynamic player in the game, but he's got the most hart for...

Oh Hell
Posted by Annatar on 02-28-05
May as well put in my pennies worth... sportswise... Anyone watch the 6 Nations Rugby?! Sweet Chariot is really banjaxed HEHE! Ireland rolls on.

Welcome Shire Squire
Posted by Elendur on 03-01-05
Haven't posted in forever, but I come out of my hole to welcome Shire Squire. New recruits are always welcome. Gotta keep this place alive.

The White Council
Posted by Julie on 03-01-05
Hi I'm new here and I was wondering, who animates debates or who created this website? And by the way, to register to the White Council...

Hockey and Rugby
Posted by Farlas on 03-01-05
Well, Hockey first, my favorite was Sergei Fedorov until he left, then I never picked another one officially, but Datsy, Mac, and Zette...

Smash 'em Nab 'em Grab 'em
Posted by Annatar on 03-02-05
Faerlas you will be pleased to hear, yes Rugby is far more fluid in game play than American Football. 'Course you do get awful games at times but...

RE: The White Council
Posted by Elendur on 03-02-05
The White Council is free, but I don't recomend it. It might well be call the Whiney-Liberal-Girls-With-No-Lives-Council. Actually, that's a bit harsh...

Thank you!
Posted by Farlas on 03-02-05
Thank you Elendur for the greeting! It helped brighten my day! In turn, greetins Opalys the crow! It is always nice to see new names. By the way...

Posted by Julie on 03-05-05
Thank you for your advice Elendur and your info. (you made me laugh!) Thank you for your greeting Faerlas, so it was not a rumor then...

Rugby and ...Politics?
Posted by Farlas on 03-05-05
In that case, Rugby sounds like something I could like! American football makes me cry too. Why millions of Americans spend time watching overpaid...

Lust For Power
Posted by Annatar on 03-05-05
Elendur, whiney-liberal...?!? hmmmm sounds like you are a little narked about something. Conservative/Liberal... why do people like these extremes.

Welcome Opalys the Crow
Posted by Elendur on 03-05-05
Greetings, cawing creature. Feathered friend. Beaked bird. Flying fiend. Black b..b..b..I'm done.

Posted by G on 03-05-05
Annatar I too have been following the Six Nations, albneit with less enthusiasm than your good self as Scotland aren't doing too well (again).

Posted by Julie on 03-05-05
So, where do you all come from? I'm from Montreal, Canada.

Posted by Elendur on 03-05-05
Well, I'm not familiar with the word "narked", but judging from context, no, I am not especially narked. I just like descriptions to be extreme...

Off and on subject(s)...
Posted by Bob Praz on 03-06-05
I havenít posted in a while, but I would just like to take my turn in welcoming Opalys and all other new members to the forum. In response to your...

Me, well I'm from...
Posted by Farlas on 03-06-05
I'm from the other side of the river Opalyis. (sp?) Did you watch hockey when there was such a thing as the NHL? My favorite team will always be...

Re: Location
Posted by Lem on 03-06-05
hey, opalys, i live just outside washington, d.c. what bout...

Re Hockey and location
Posted by Julie on 03-07-05
Well Faerlas, I used to watch hockey on television with my father when I was a little girl. As I grew up, I lost interest so I did not have a...

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