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In Reference to the Scouring of the Shire
Posted by Deekay on 01-03-03
Is it really true that PJ is leaving that out? Personally I find that...

To Roxy M
Posted by Magic Fire on 01-03-03
I want to hartily agree with Roxy M's defense of Peter Jackson's vision...

Jackson's Folly
Posted by Beorning on 01-03-03
Just saw TTT. Nice movie, could have been much better. Superfulous...

Hello Roxy
Posted by Brett C. on 01-03-03
Was interested in your article about criticism of the movie. Yes, we...

My Two Towers Review
Posted by Danny on 01-03-03
You would have to be one fanatic purist to not say that Two Towers was...

In Response to Roxy M.
Posted by Mithril Miner on 01-03-03
I understand where you are coming from, and I myself have wondered...

Let Tolkien Rest Please
Posted by Parsley Gamgee on 01-04-03
I am writing to you again in response to Roxy M's article about leaving...

A Case of Betrayal
Posted by Martha N. on 01-04-03
I first read the LOTR trilogy when I was in college, and for the last 22...

Been a While, But...
Posted by Rocket on 01-04-03
Saw TT last night and though it's been quite a while since I read the...

Somewhere in... Osgiliath?
Posted by Happiscotsman on 01-04-03
OK, I just saw The Two Towers, and it was one of the most exciting...

My TTT Review
Posted by Jeff C on 01-04-03
Well, it is that time of year again. This is almost becoming tradition!

Moments Lost!
Posted by Ollie Phaunt on 01-04-03
Against the crushing tide of the many who viewed the Two Towers and...

Earendil the Mariner
Posted by Beren on 01-05-03
Colin, I don't have the book with me right now but I have the impression...

Saruman Dead? I Didn't See That...
Posted by Narsillion on 01-05-03
What is all this about Saruman dying in TTT? It simply didn't happen (to...

Of Haldir, Treebeard, and Faramir
Posted by Justin A. on 01-05-03
I saw The Two Towers last night and I must admit that I walked away...

Elf Lords At Helms Deep
Posted by Lee on 01-05-03
Its been awhile since I have read the Lord of the rings, but I don't...

My Thoughts on the Movie
Posted by Ashleigh on 01-05-03
As probably many people have done, I saw TTT the day it came out...

Tom vs. Shelob
Posted by Andrew on 01-05-03
I have read the books many times, but do not claim to be an expert. In...

The Two Towers: Disappointing to Only Me?
Posted by Ashleigh on 01-06-03
Ok how about I saw the Two Towers on the 18th, when it came out, and...

Re: Scouring of Shire
Posted by Curious George on 01-06-03
Maeglin, I disagree that the removal of the Scouring of the Shire is like...

Deleted Two Towers Scenes
Posted by Andrew on 01-06-03
indeed Two Towers is finally here. Of course we all know that Peter...

Earendil's Voyages
Posted by Brett C. on 01-06-03
Colin, I'm also writing without the benefit of the books, but I believe...

They Ruined Faramir!
Posted by Eowyn on 01-06-03
I just got back from seeing the film. I was distraught when I saw the way...

Aragorn's Choice
Posted by Brett C. on 01-06-03
Fluidshaggy, I'm afraid I think you've been a little hard on Aragorn in...

Posted by Puzzled on 01-09-03
I've no complaints about Gollum and the rest of the CGI cast in this...

How Big Where Those Oliphaunts Really?
Posted by Marxmoore on 01-09-03
Now we all know that the Lord Of The Rings was supposed to be written...

TTT (and Scouring of the Shire)
Posted by Feanor the Great on 01-09-03
First of all, I saw TTT. Great! Not as good as promoted, but even better...

Was That Supposed to Be Me?
Posted by Faramir on 01-09-03
While there have been endless discussions of how the films and the...

Followup to Two Towers Deleted Scenes
Posted by Andrew on 01-09-03
I already wrote an essay on the deleted scenes I've noticed for the Two...

Fararmir Shows His Quality?
Posted by Nathanael147 on 01-09-03
Maybe it is too soon yet, but, I found the portrayal of Faramir in TTT...

Woses Or Dunlendings?
Posted by Nathanael147 on 01-12-03
While Christmas shopping recently I was looking at books and picked...

Gimli in FotR
Posted by Mithril Miner on 01-12-03
I know this is coming out of nowhere, but I just recently read the...

Thoughts on TTT
Posted by Curious George on 01-12-03
After seeing this amazing film, the only change I truely disagree with...

Re: Gil-galad in the Movie?
Posted by Dandtsrr on 01-12-03
In response to the question on Gil-galad being in the movie he is in two...

TTT Review (Spoliers)
Posted by Mr. Underhill on 01-12-03
So I saw The Two Towers on Saturday and I was treated to an awesome...

Blade of Aragorn
Posted by Faramir the Brave on 01-12-03
First of all even though Faramir's character was thoroughly ruined in...

Wisdom, Queries, Gripes and TTT
Posted by Annatar on 01-13-03
Ah Everett, Everett! Great age does not assure great wisdom. Although...

Participants at Helm's Deep (Spoiler)
Posted by Viking on 01-13-03
On 12/24, Kevan posed the question of who fought at Helm's Deep...

Re: Who Was At Helm's Deep
Posted by Aiglos on 01-13-03
Kevan, the movie added the arrival of the Lothlorien elves; PJ probably...

The Forces at the Deep
Posted by Brett C. on 01-13-03
Kevan, I'm sure by the time I'm writing this, others will have posted...

TTT Failure
Posted by Ichibo780 on 01-13-03
Is anyone talking about how terribly TTT the movie departs from...

Triumph of the Two Towers
Posted by Swynwr on 01-13-03
Hello people! It is I , Swynwr. I haven't posted here in quite a while...

Note to the Disatisfied TTT Viewer
Posted by Jamie B on 01-13-03
It saddens me to learn of a petition to Peter Jackson chastizing him for...

Which Way to the Grey Havens
Posted by Bill the Pony on 01-14-03
After reading the books a few years ago, and seeing the movie I am...

Unnecessary Changes to the Story
Posted by Steve L. on 01-14-03
Some people respond to criticisms of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the...

Both Seen and Unseen
Posted by Brett C. on 01-14-03
Well, of course I've seen TTT now and I found my reaction very similar...

To Forgive Or Not...?
Posted by Nathanael147 on 01-14-03
Thanks to Christian Hobbit for demonsrtrating part of what it means to...

Tolkien as a Racist?
Posted by Peter D. on 01-14-03
This is partly in reply to Laurie (thanks for bringing this subject up)...

Posted by Great Fish of Ulmo on 01-15-03
I was reading in The Silmarillion today that the fortress of Angband was...

PJ's Roman Circus
Posted by Steve L on 01-15-03
There is a famous quote by a Roman writer about how an emperor only...

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