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Debate (1999)

12-21-99: Proposal for the Enhancement of Female Roles by Mithrigil
A humurous look at why the trilogy's female characters should be altered.

12-13-99: The Movies In General by Stu
Stu discusses the movies, the cast members, and the secrecy.

11-20-99: Response to "Bakshi Film Opinion" by David Bass
David has compiled his own short response to Lan's recent article.

11-20-99: My Opinion on the Bakshi Film by Lan
Here's a short article by someone who doesn't agree with David's recent Bakshi's Blunder columns. Some credible points are brought up here.

11-16-99: Arwen as a Warrior Princess? Why Not? by Kevin McIntyre
This fellow is all for expansion of Arwen's role, but doesn't think that this enlargement will cause Eowyn to be cut from the script.

11-15-99: Enlarging the Arwen-Aragorn Relationship by H. Hobbit
This long but intriguing essay is full of interesting facts on the supposed enlargement of the love interest between Arwen and Aragorn.

11-15-99: Casting Characters for the Movies by Rolando Procupez
Rolando brings up some very interesting points in his essay on the whole character changing thing.

11-14-99: Essay on the Bombadil Situation by David Bass
This insightful and to the point essay brings up some great points about Peter Jackson's apparent deletion of Tom Bombadil from the script.

11-13-99: Essay on the Arwen Situation by David Bass
David Bass has finally gotten a chance to jump in and write his own commentary on the changes that Jackson is making while translating LOTR to film.

11-13-99: Arwen Enlarged? Under Tolkien Premises by Salva Tomas
Salva adds to the Arwen debate with his own essay. He tends to share the view of Mark below. He brings up some more very good points.

11-12-99: Another Arwen Thought by Mark
Mark joins the Arwen debate with his own opinion. He feels that increasing Arwen's part would add something good to the trilogy. A must read.

11-12-99: A Few Short Words on Arwen by Jason
Jason thinks we shouldn't sweat it. "Have little faith in Peter Jackson."

11-11-99: An Opinion or Two by Jan-Lynn
Jan-Lynn shares her own comments regarding the Arwen situation.

11-11-99: Arwen, Xena and Fantasy in General by Bret Moore
Bret Moore talks about Arwen, Xena and fantasy in general in this thoughtful essay. He brings up some very good points. Definitely worth reading.

11-08-99: On LOTR and Arwen's Part In It by PlayBumSp1
PlayBumSp1 graces us with his own views on the Arwen situation.

11-05-99: The Saul Zaentz Connection by David Uskovich
In response to that previous Ringbearer article we posted regarding turning Arwen into a warrior, here's some venting from David U. on the same subject.

11-04-99: The Undoing of Jackson's LOTR by Robert Van De Water
Joram over at Ringbearer gave us permission to post this excellent article regarding the danger of Jackson making Arwen a warrior princess.

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