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08-31-01: New Fan Trailer Rivals Theater Counterparts (IFILM)
It's a fan-made fanboy Flash trailer from the land of Frodo! With powerful visuals and a great soundtrack, this trailer gives the one you've seen in... More

08-31-01: Next Rings Trailer Set for October (Dark Horizons)
An attendee at a talk LOTR producer Barrie Osborne gave has some major details about the upcoming trilogy. Basic breakdown of facts... More

08-31-01: Glimpse of a Visual Universe Faithful to Tolkien (National Post)
But will the Lord of the Rings trilogy capture the author's messages? In J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, war comes to the world of the... More

08-30-01: Australian Wenham Happy as a Cinematic Gypsy (Reuters)
Forget the Hollywood blockbuster. Australian actor David Wenham is happy to travel the world as a "cinematic gypsy" in search of quirky roles... More

08-29-01: Hollywood Pins Its Hopes on the Fall (The Associated Press)
Tolkien fans have craved a Lord of the Rings adaptation for decades, but Elijah Wood, who stars as hobbit Frodo Baggins, said the wait was... More

08-29-01: Designer Dressing for Orcs (Massey News)
"Dressing the Orcs in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings was the project of a lifetime," says costume maker Matt Appleton. As the Orc... More

08-29-01: An Interview With Frodo (The Official Movie Site)
The official site has a new interview with Elijah Wood, who plays Frodo in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Interesting stuff. Click below to visit... More

08-29-01: New Fellowship of the Ring Theater Poster (
Wendy Rutherford e-mailed me this morning with the following news: Check out the new teaser poster for The Fellowship of the Ring on... More

08-28-01: McKellen's Grey Book: Cannes Do (
In all standard film contracts, amidst the verbiage that surrounds the interesting paragraph about remuneration, there nestles a commitment that... More

08-28-01: Making Middle-earth (Hemispheres)
If New Line Cinema and director Peter Jackson have their way, millions of people across the globe will soon be bound to theater seats by... More

08-28-01: Oscar Candidates Plentiful as Falling Leaves (Calendar Live)
Is it really possible that Hollywood only made about four movies this year that weren't aimed at charter members of the Britney Spears fan club... More

08-27-01: Pippin Talks Hobbits vs. Big People (The Official Movie Site)
The official site has a new video posted. In it, Billy Boyd (Pippin) discusses some of the differences between Hobbits and Humans. Good luck... More

08-27-01: Stop Warner's Pan and Scan Redux (Petition Online)
Petition Online has gotten in on the "stop Warner Bros. pan and scan DVD version of Bakshi's Lord of the Rings" with their own petition. More

08-27-01: Ready Aim... (Newsweek)
If Hollywood can refashion underwear model Mark Wahlberg into a box-office sure thing, why can’t it turn a literary best seller into a good... More

08-26-01: Holding Tolkien Art Contest (
My pal Jeff who runs (formerly the LOTR Fan Site) is sponsoring, in association with Harper Collins, a Lord of the Rings fan art... More

08-26-01: Spooky Business on 25 Hobbits (
I was visiting 25 Hobbits yesterday when I noticed something odd. More

08-24-01: New Pics of Witch King's Armor and Ring (
Apparently, the guys at can get away with more than I can! They've posted some interesting new pics of what is... More

08-24-01: Lord of the Rings Trading Card Wrapper (Tolkien Online)
Decipher, creator of the upcoming Lord of the Rings trading card game, has released an image of what one of the trading card... More

08-24-01: Tolkien's Hobbits Still Charm (Associated Press)
Before Harry Potter and wizards, there was Bilbo Baggins and hobbits. The hairy-footed, diminutive creatures charmed children and adults... More

08-24-01: Never Judge a Book by Its Movie (Knight Ridder Newspapers)
When director John Madden set out to adapt Louis De Bernieres' widely adored novel Corelli's Mandolin into the movie Captain Corelli's Mandolin... More

08-24-01: Decipher to Bring Rings to Life for Card Game Players (Decipher)
Decipher announces plans today for its captivating trading card game based on the epic adventure trilogy The Lord of the Rings. Designed to ... More

08-22-01: Help Stop Warner's Pan and Scan of Rings (
Apparently, Warner Brothers is going to be releasing Bakshi's Lord of the Rings on VHS and DVD in September in pan-and-scan format, which... More

08-22-01: Interview With Rings RPG Game Designer (IGN Vault)
Hi, can you tell our readers who you are, what you do, and what type of background do you have? Steve: I'm Steven S. Long, and I'm... More

08-22-01: Make Room for Dragons (
People sometimes ask why there are no dragon stories from the Second Age. In the development of Middle-earth, the Second Age was almost an ... More

08-22-01: What Happened to the Script Excerpts? (
Sorry, folks, but the powers that be at New Line have spoken. Gordon Paddison e-mailed me this morning and said that Peter Jackson didn't want... More

08-21-01: InQuest Bits Regarding Rings Footage (Herr Der Ringe)
InQuest was fortunate enough to see some exclusive footage from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Here are some of the cooler moments. More

08-21-01: Exclusive Q&A w/Script Excerpts: Part II (
More info from Leo's contact, including stuff about the snowstorm on Caradhras, whether or not the levitating Elves rumor is true, how.. More

08-20-01: Insider's Look at Hobbiton and Residents (The Official Movie Site)
The official Rings site has a new insider video available. Click on over to the site and take a tour of Hobbiton and meet with some of its... More

08-20-01: Hobbit Debuts (The Daily Telegraph)
Harry Potter has been bumped by Frodo the Hobbit. In 20 minutes, The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring stole the title of the most... More

08-20-01: Weta Hiring Render Wranglers (Tolkien Online)
Beren, who worked on a Lord of the Rings blue screen set, has sent the guys over at Tolkien Online a recent Weta ad for a render wrangler job. More

08-20-01: Exclusive Q&A Complete With Script Excerpts (
Leo has made my day. He has managed to do a little question and answer session with a contact who is obviously quite close to... More

08-19-01: Bakshi's Rings Available on VHS at Wal-Mart (
We are receiving reports that Ralph Bakshi's animated Lord of the Rings is available on a newly-released VHS format at selected Wal-Mart... More

08-19-01: Fellowship Clarified as Locked, Not Finished (Ain't It Cool News)
Looks like AICN jumped the gun a bit. Moriarty clarifies that New Line does have a locked version of the film (clocking in at 2 hours and 45 minutes)... More

08-18-01: New Pic of Gandalf and Frodo in Moria (Tolkien Online)
My friends at Tolkien Online have a scan of the latest pic from Entertainment Weekly and it's rather interesting. Gandalf sits on a rock... More

08-18-01: Fellowship Computer Game Trailer Available (IGN)
We first brought you the news about Fellowship of the Ring heading to the Xbox shortly before E3, and today we had the chance to actually see... More

08-18-01: Expanded Signature Merchandise Store (Ain't It Cool News)
Harry at AICN reports that The Fellowship of the Ring is finished. Filming, special effects, editing, everything... done! It took several years... More

08-17-01: Expanded Signature Merchandise Store (
Due to Cafe Press' recent site updates, we have drastically expanded our signature merchandise store to include the... More

08-17-01: Ring of Security Around Film Preview (
It's not every day that cinemagoers have to hand over mobile phones and handbags then file through a scanner to see a new film. More

08-17-01: Official MPAA Rating for FOTR Released (
I received this e-mail from a fellow Tolkien fan yesterday: I don't know whether this is good news, bad news, old news, new news, boring news... More

08-16-01: Sir Ian McKellen Updates E-Post (
Gandalf has updated his E-Post with answers to new questions regarding Radagast, pseudo-Cannes previews, and film commercialization. More

08-16-01: Decipher Chats About Upcoming Rings Card Game (13th Street)
13th St: So, what can you tell us about the upcoming Lord Of The Rings game? Monica: It's going to be huge. We are the licensor of the Lord ... More

08-16-01: Decipher Seeks Rings Fans for Corps of Prod Champs (Decipher)
Most of the exciting details surrounding The Lord of the Rings™ Trading Card Game are still strictly confidential, but Decipher is already ... More

08-16-01: Reference to a Slimy Friend (
There's a reference to a slimy friend from Rings at More

08-16-01: Interesting Discussion Surrounding Tolkien (
My Dad found this discussion thread on a message board the other day and he sent it to me. I thought I'd share it with all of you because. .. More

08-15-01: Win Slideshow Toy Figures at AICN (Ain't It Cool News)
Harry is giving everyone a chance to win some awesome Lord of the Rings action figures from Slideshow Toy over at his site. Check it out! More

08-15-01: Wood Hasn't Read the Rings Trilogy (
I just got back from lunch and I looked at the new "Premiere" magazine, with Elijah Wood on the cover. No new pics (except out-of-costume... More

08-15-01: Rings Stars Butt of Star Wars Jokes (The Evening Post)
The Lord Of The Rings star Elijah Wood says there was tension between the $650 million epic's stars and those in Star Wars: Episode II. .. More

08-14-01: Release Date of Rings Tabletop Battle Game (Tolkien Online)
Brad tells me that November 7th is the release date for the upcoming Lord of the Rings Tabletop Battle Game from Games Workshop, though ... More

08-14-01: Rings Announcement Wows GenCon Attendees (
Excitement ran high as GenCon began, with whispered rumors of "something big" happening Friday afternoon. Throughout the convention's... More

08-14-01: New Photos of Rivendell at French Site (Numenor)
French site Numenor has some new pics of Rivendell available, including one of Bilbo in a garden and another of a couple of statues. More

08-14-01: The Rings Adventure Begins Here Sweepstakes (
In September, via a partnership with Houghton Mifflin and New Line Cinema, Book Sense and will launch an eight-week... More

08-13-01: Chat with Rings Sound Editor (
"Amber" has a chat transcript available from a recent interview with an unnamed sound editor from the crew of The Lord of the Rings. It has... More

08-13-01: Regal Tiff Slows 'Rush' a Bit (Yahoo! News)
NEW YORK (The Hollywood Reporter) --- New Line Cinema's "Rush Hour 2" stormed to an estimated $131.9 million total at the domestic. .. More

08-13-01: Get a Free Smaug Sweatshirt at Spiderwebart (
The good folks at Spiderwebart are giving away Smaug sweatshirts (a $35 value each) with every order of $50 or more. Here's the ad they sent. .. More

08-13-01: Jackson Takes On More Artists (
Peter Jackson's computer art graphics workshop Weta Digital hired double the number of graphic artists it expected to need to create effects. .. More

08-13-01: The Hobbits Visit the Airport in FoxTrot (
See if you can spot the cloaked and hooded Hobbits in line at the airport in this recent FoxTrot comic by Bill Amend. The comic is funny too! More

08-13-01: Boromir Kisses the Enemy (The Compleat Sean Bean)
Nona has a new pic of Sean Bean (Boromir) getting friendly with an evil Orc. Is this supposed to be funny? I just don't get it myself. More

08-12-01: New Lord of the Rings Merchandise Pics (Tolkien Online)
Wow, talk about some awesome products! Swords, figures, models, DVDs, games, and much more... available for purchase soon. More

08-12-01: Rewriting Tolkien (IGN FilmForce)
J.R.R. Tolkien's masterful Lord of the Rings trilogy has been hailed as the past century's greatest and most popular English-language work... More

08-12-01: Call to Re-open Tolkien's Dell (
Campaigners in the Moseley district of Birmingham are calling on the city council to make more of the area's links to the famous writer ... More

08-12-01: International Brochure at New Line Store (New Line Cinema)
In addition to their recent addition of a 2002 Rings calendar, the New Line store also has an international Rings brochure available for purchase. More

08-12-01: New Lord of the Rings Merchandise Pics (Tolkien Online)
Wow, talk about some awesome products! Swords, figures, models, DVDs, games, and much more... all coming to a store near you. More

08-09-01: Rings Calendar in New Line Studio Store (New Line Cinema)
New Line has a new 2002 Rings calendar available in their online store. The art on it is fantastic and at $12.99 it's cheap enough for everyone! More

08-09-01: Sam Neill Turned Down Role in Rings (Entertainment Weekly)
According to EW's interview, Neill was offered a role in Rings, but turned it down due to "other commitments." He says he's up for Rings 7, though! More

08-09-01: New Pics of Black Riders in The Shire (
J oram has a new pic taken from Empire Magazine. It shows a couple of Black Riders snooping around The Shire. Great stuff here! More

08-07-01: New Pics of Elrond and Trailer Release Date (Tolkien Online)
T olkien Online has some pics of Elrond from the September issue of Empire Magazine and also some info about the next Rings trailer. More

08-07-01: Film Maker Returns to His Roots (The Dominion)
Wellington film maker Peter Jackson returned to his roots when he launched the refurbishment of the city's Embassy Theatre ahead of the New... More

08-07-01: Observers Question How Tolkien Will Translate to Film (ECP)
In the beginning there was Eru, the One, who also was called Iluvatar.
“And he made first the ... Holy Ones, who were the offspring of his ... More

08-06-01: New Images in Rings Student Planner (
Tolkien Online has posted a slew of new images from the recently released Lord of the Rings Student Planner (available at More

08-06-01: Win Rings Busts in N-Zone Contest (N-Zone Magazine)
Slideshow Toy collectibles are being given away at N-Zone's web site every two weeks. Stop by to enter the contest and win something yourself! More

08-06-01: Defenders of the Ring Up in Arms at Myth (Times Higher Ed.)
The film of Tolkien's classic is courting controversy but creating a mythology, say Bill Welden and Jo Alida Wilcox. Once upon a time, in the... More

08-06-01: Wizard Guides Out of Our Middle-earth (Times Higher Ed.)
Fantasy worlds of good and evil, black and white, provide a balance lacking in life. Hence our insatiable appetite for Harry Potter, The Lord of... More

08-06-01: Rings Costume Patterns Found in Fabric Shop (
Sharon was king enough to send me this photo of some patterns that her friend found in a fabric shop. They were labeled "Trilogy Costumes." More

08-06-01: New Lord of the Rings Collectible Items (Tolkien Online)
The following information come by way of Christopher Edwards AKA "TOLKIEN COLLECTOR." Thanks go to him for pointing this one out. More

08-03-01: Chalk Farm Gallery and the Art of Ted Nasmith (Chalk Farm)
Chalk Farm Gallery is pleased to announce it's 4th exhibition of world-renowned Tolkien artist, Canadian born Ted Nasmith. The exhibition opens... More

08-03-01: Rings 'List of Film Changes' Finds Home (Tolkien Online)
Popular film reference fan resource now hosted by the Internet's most popular Tolkien web site. PASADENA, CA -- The Complete List of Film... More

08-03-01: Rings Discussed on Local Radio Talk Show (
The local talk radio station in Raleigh, North Carolina (680 WPTF-AM) featured discussion regarding Lord of the Rings today at 5pm ET. More

08-01-01: Police Get Tough with Hobbit-lovers of Kazak (Independent)
People who dress up as hobbits have become the latest victims of a police crackdown on unconventional lifestyles in the Central Asian... More

08-01-01: Meet Bilbo, the 'New' Harry Potter (The Ottawa Citizen)
A generation gone potty for Potter is beginning to take up with Tolkien, and if the upcoming movie version of Lord of the Rings lives up to the hype... More

08-01-01: The Extra's View of Orc Fighting (
They were planning on a turnout of about 9,000. They found out the night before {Tuesday} they were down about 3,000, which meant a 3 hour... More

08-01-01: New Shire Screensaver at Official Site (
More goodies from the official site. Stop by for a Shire screensaver. More

08-01-01: August 2001 Force of Hobbit (E! Online)
The latest from E! Online. As usual, it's filled with spoilers, including a new photo gallery and info regarding Sauron in the films. More

08-01-01: New Advertising Artwork for Europe (Dark Horizons)
Some concept art that is rumored to be used for European promos. More

07-30-01: Rings Trailer Gets an A- (Entertainment Weekly)
You know you're in the middle of a slow summer-movie season when ''A.I.'''s emotionally detached teddy bear is a standout. But don't worry... More

07-30-01: Finding Hobbiton at the Official Site (
The official site has this special "making of" video available. Peter Jackson talks about how he created his own version of Hobbiton for the films. More

07-30-01: Nasmith Exhibition at Chalk Farm Gallery (Chalk Farm Gallery)
Chalk Farm Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of the work of world-renowned Tolkien artist, Canadian born Ted Nasmith. More

07-30-01: Request Made for Noisy Jet to Visit NZ (The Evening Post)
Lord Of The Rings production company Three Foot Six Ltd has applied for consent to bring a Gulfstream III jet to Wellington International... More

07-27-01: Tolkien's Impact in Literature and Life (PCANews)
A popular British magazine recently surveyed its readers to get their opinions about the best book of all time. Thousands responded. The... More

07-27-01: Inside Information (
We stand in the hallway of the art department at Stone Street Studios in Wellington, New Zealand. The walls are covered, floor to ceiling... More

07-27-01: Movie Trailer Ignites Interest in Books (Tolkien Online)
For the past month my local Barnes & Noble has been promoting a Tolkien discussion session: "Read, reread and discuss the books ... More

07-26-01: Author of Century Reaches Online Community (Harper Collins)
If you haven't heard about the Lord of the Rings film coming out in December then the 2m marketing campaign the film-makers will be... More

07-26-01: Electronic Arts Gets 'Ring' Rights (MSNBC)
Gearing up for competition over one of the most valuable entertainment licenses available today, Electronic Arts is expected to announce Wed... More

07-26-01: Notes Regarding Electronic Arts Rings Game (Cinescape)
After months of negotiations between Electronic Arts and New Line Cinema, the two have finally struck a deal that will allow EA to develop games... More

07-25-01: Comic Fans Live a Film Fantasy (Los Angeles Times)
Despite their outward differences, however, the estimated 70,000 attendees of the 32nd annual convention, which ran from Thursday through... More

07-25-01: John Rhys-Davies to Appear at Dragoncon (
John-Rhys Davies, who plays Gimli in Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" movies, will be a guest at Dragoncon. His current schedule... More

07-25-01: Lord of the Rings Pewter Goblets (Tolkien Online)
Efforts to track down an image of the Burger King "Gandalf Goblet" Ian McKellen describes in his July 24th Grey Book entry lead us to an even... More

07-24-01: Hugo Weaving Seeing High-Profile Work (Yahoo! News)
And because he's so protean, Hugo Weaving may be one of the most low-profile actors to get steady -- and sometimes high-profile -- work. He was... More

07-24-01: Rings Cutlery in Time for Christmas (United Cutlery)
United Cutlery, the industry leader in movie knife reproductions has been awarded the license to reproduce swords from all three films. More

07-24-01: Elijah Wood Appearance at Slideshow Toy (Tolkien Online)
Elijah Wood (Frodo) makes a surprise appearance at the Sideshow Toy Comic Con 2001 booth, where helmets, weapons and figures were on ... More

07-24-01: New Lord of the Rings Movie Posters (Herr Der Ringe)
The German Online-Shop published a first view on four new posters that will be available September 2001. The... More

07-24-01: The Lord of the Rings: The Search (Tolkien Online)
Rio Grande Games sent us a product description of their Lord of the Rings board game, which will be released in August. Frodo and Sam... More

07-24-01: Sir Ian McKellen's Latest E-Post Entry (
From what I have seen of the finished Fellowship of the Ring, the audience will feel that everything they see onscreen was actually happening... More

07-24-01: Sir Ian McKellen's Latest Grey Book Entry (
At the beginning of this month I was back in New Zealand for six days completing my contribution to The Fellowship of the Ring. More

07-23-01: Weta Flat Out With Lord of the Rings (Tolkien Online)
The New Zealand Herald reports that Weta Digital Effects has deployed NetApp F840 Filers with a total of five terabytes of usable storage capacity... More

07-23-01: Off to Be the Wizard (Orbitz)
Christopher Lee has made so many movies and TV productions that he's listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the international star... More

07-23-01: Lord of the Rings Temporary Tattoos (
Although I most certainly will not be ordering one for myself, the official site has free Lord of the Rings tatoos available to for the cost of a stamp! More

07-21-01: Writing Area & Forum Open (, formerly the LOTR Fan Site, has the fan writing area of the site online. A fantastic new msg board is also available to visitors! More

07-21-01: Peter Jackson Worth $20 Million (The Evening Post)
Seatoun movie mogul Peter Jackson has joined New Zealand's wealthy elite, winning a spot on the National Business Review's annual list ... More

07-20-01: Glitches Hamper Progress on Rings Films (Ottowa Citizen)
The eagerly awaited Lord of the Rings trilogy may be costing more than $270 million U.S., but apparently filmmakers fudged on the money... More

07-20-01: Changes Shape the New Face of New Line (Hollywood Reporter)
On June 4, Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne, the co-chairmen of New Line Cinema, boarded Shaye's private plane for a flight from... More

07-20-01: Elijah Wood Talks Lord of the Rings (Cinescape)
On hand to enjoy the excitement of the Comic-Con International: San Diego was actor Elijah Wood, whom many may recognize as Frodo the... More

07-20-01: InQuest Mag's Take on Rings Sneak Peak (Herr Der Ringe)
InQuest braved the streets of Manhatten for a sneak peek at the "Fellowship of the Ring" courtesy of New Line Cinema. The footage... More

07-20-01: Sauron Actor Announced at ComicCon (Coming Soon!)
Today at San Diego's Comic-Con, announced the name of
the actor playing the role of Sauron in "The Lord of the Rings". More

07-19-01: J.R.R. Tolkien's Kingdom Coming to Cell Phones (ZDNet News)
Middle-Earth just got a phone number. The fictional kingdom in J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" will be re-created for cell phone users... More

07-18-01: Liv Discusses Elves, Romance (Sci Fi Wire)
Liv Tyler found portraying an elf in Peter Jackson's upcoming Lord of the Rings film trilogy "nearly impossible." "They are just so otherworldly... More

07-18-01: Lord of the Rings Calls Mobile Users (Reuters)
Mobile phone users will be able to download messages from Gandalf the Wizard and Frodo the Hobbit as a marketing ploy to promote the... More

07-18-01: A Curiously Very Great Book (
Although its popularity is unparalleled, intellectuals still question the literary stature of "The Lord of the Rings." Now, one scholar defends... More

07-16-01: NZ to Miss Out on Rings' Premiere (Sunday Star Times)
The Lord of the Rings world premiere is likely to be held in London, not Wellington, and details are expected to be revealed within... More

07-16-01: Now Playing at the Toy Box (The Record)
Let the movie moguls worry about how their films are performing at the box office. Jordan Hembrough needs to know how the summer... More

07-16-01: The Ring Cycle: Countdown to Debut... (The Boston Herald)
It's July 15. Do you know how many days until The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring finally premieres? If you have to ask... More

07-16-01: New Houghton Mifflin Book Covers (Tolkien Online)
Looks like Houghton Mifflin will be releasing more copies of Lord of the Rings with new cover photos. Some of these are pretty slick. More

07-16-01: Latest Film Length Figures (
The guys over at Tolkien Online send word that the latest figure as far as running time goes for Fellowship is 160 minutes (2 hours and 40 minutes).

07-16-01: Boromir Gets Friendly With Orcs (TCSB)
"The Compleat Sean Bean" has more Variety pics available, the most notable one being Sean Bean (Boromir) making a kissy face (?) with an Orc. More

07-16-01: Bean, Tyler, and Hawke Featured in Variety (TCSB)
The August edition of Vanity Fair (US) has a two page spread of their Cannes party. There are pix of Liv Tyler, Sean Bean, and Ethan Hawke. More

07-16-01: Faramir From the Family (Spettacolo)
Amusing interview with next australian star David Wenham who talks about his character Faramir in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings. More

07-13-01: Reopens (
After a long period of down time, has reopened under the new name "Tolkien Hollow." They're ready for business, so stop by! More

07-13-01: Enya to Perform Music for Lord of the Rings? (
There are rumors circulating the Net that Enya will perform "music/theme" for The Lord Of The Rings movie..." One of them states .. . More

07-13-01: Hobbits Going Over Niagara Falls? (Ain't It Cool News)
It looks like the flooding of the Ford of Bruinen is going to be very, very wet. Supposedly, Rings crew were there filming Bridal Veil Falls earlier... More

07-13-01: Lord of the Rings Footage Report: Part II (MovieHeadlines.Net)
There was a screening of the Cannes footage for merchadising folks in London last Wednesday, the fourth of July. Here's part two... More

07-12-01: Lord of the Rings Footage Report (MovieHeadlines.Net)
There was a screening of the Cannes footage for merchadising folks in London last Wednesday, the fourth of July. Here's part one... More

07-12-01: Tolkien Buzz Moves Books (Christian Science Monitor)
Moviegoers won't be able to see the big-screen version of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings" until Dec. 19, but unlike all the new Star Wars... More

07-12-01: Lord of the Rings Caption Contest (Tolkien Online)
Jonathan and the rest of my good buddies over at Tolkien Online are running an ongoing caption contest using pics from the Rings trilogy. More

07-11-01: The Game of the Rings (Caltranet)
We are confident that the combination of the Lord of the Rings story, the huge pre-awareness of the films, and Games Workshop's top flight .. . More

07-10-01: Separate Vaults for Rings Scripts (
Episode II is a big secret. Harry Potter seems to be an even bigger one. The biggest of them all? Try to get your hands on the next two Lord.. . More

07-10-01: Vivendi Aquires 90% of Houghton Mifflin (Vivendi)
Vivendi Universal today announced that its cash offer for all outstanding shares of common stock of The Houghton Mifflin Company expired, as.. . More

07-10-01: Details About Character's Film Death Revealed (Tolkien Online)
Major spoilers here! I'd take this information with a very large grain of salt. A spy over at Tolkien Online reveals a rather... major... polot change. More

07-10-01: Special Preview of Fellowship of the Ring (NOW Mag)
Nona over at "The Compleat Sean Bean" has NOW's latest Rings-related article posted. It's basically a look at what the frist film will cover... More

07-10-01: Peter McKenzie is Elendil (
Joram is reporting that McKenzie of New Zealand is cast as Elendil.

07-09-01: Official News Archive Open at Site (
The official Rings site has finally taken a hint and has opened up its ery own news archive. Sadly, I haven't had time to peruse it myself... More

07-09-01: E! Online's Report for July (
The July report from E! Online is now available. It features news regarding sound in the films, the Burger King marketing deal, and much more . More

07-09-01: New Life for Reign of 'Rings' (Chicago Sun-Times)
The reading world is divided into two groups: those who have read The Lord of the Rings and those who haven't. Those in the first group number.. . More

07-06-01: Lord of the Rings FX Farmed Out? (Cinescape)
Third party special effects studios may be aiding in rush to bring FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING in on time. It isn't all that unusual to hear that any... More

07-05-01: Win a Bilbo Baggins Figurine ( Jimcalagon)
Earlier this year, Italian company SRC, famous across Europe for their "Lucky Irish Leprechaun" figures, sold exclusively on cable Channel... More

07-05-01: Lord of the Rings Sting Sword for Sale (Diamond Comics)
This detailed sword — carried by Bilbo and Frodo Baggins in all three films of the Lord of the Rings trilogy — is presented with a hardwood.. . More

07-05-01: Creating the Locations of Fellowship of the Ring (FilmForce)
Book publisher Houghton Mifflin and author Brian Sibley (There and Back Again: The Map of the Hobbit, C.S. Lewis Through the Shadowlands).. . More

07-05-01: Films to Renew Interest in Tolkien's Home (BBC Online)
The Lord of the Rings, a fictional world of magic and goblins, inspired partly by the author's childhood memories of living in Birmingham has... More

07-05-01: Regarding Gimli Destroying the Ring (
There was a question brought up in the debate section that I can answer. It concerns what John Rhys-Davies said about his character.. . More

07-03-01: Bakshi and Rankin-Bass DVDs Available (
DVD Planet has available for pre-order Bakshi's Lord of the Rings and the Rankin-Bass versions of The Hobbit and Return of the King. More

07-03-01: New Line Store Opens With New Items (
The official New Line store has opened with some new Rings items. More

07-03-01: Record Numbers Download Rings Trailer (
The 90-second trailer for the first installment of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring, was downloaded a record-setting 350 million times this past month, according to the folks at the London Sunday Times.

07-03-01: July 2001 Force of Hobbit Report (E! Online)
An extensive interview with sound recordist Hammond Peek, tidbits about merchandising, the casts' next films, and Howard Shore's score ... More

07-03-01: I'm a Tolkien Junkie (Empire Online)
British actor Andy Serkis will be appearing in one of the biggest movies of the year - but his isn't the type of role that will get him pestered on... More

07-03-01: Hobbits Take Revenge on America (The Sunday Times)
Call it Frodo's revenge. Almost half a century after the American literary establishment dismissed The Lord of the Rings as balderdash... More

07-03-01: The Latest News From Mithril (Mithril)
In line with the conversion to the Euro on January the 1st 2002 the Irish Punt will no longer be legal tender. In order to be ready for this we are... More

07-01-01: July Update to Tolkien Music List (
The Tolkien Music List has been updated with over 200 new entries! More

07-01-01: Lidless Eye Animation at the Land of Shadow (
Joe at the excellent site Mordor: The Land of Shadow has a new flash intro animation available. Titled "The Lidless Eye," this is a must-see. More

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