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06-30-01: Lord of the Rings Trailer Alert (
If you haven't yet noticed, Eric B. sends word that the Fellowship of the Ring trailer ran along with Harry Potter in front of the film Artificial Intelligence.

06-30-01: McKellen's Latest E-Post Now Available (
Ian McKellen's (Gandalf) latest E-Post has been recently updated. More

06-30-01: JVC Joins With New Line to Promote Rings Trilogy (JVC)
JVC, one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of sophisticated audio, video and related software products, today announced... More

06-30-01: Video Streams Served Top 565 Million (DFC Intelligence)
According to a new report from DFC Intelligence, the total number of video streams served reached 565.3 million during the first three... More

06-30-01: Like Magic, Lord of the Rings Flies Off Shelves (USA Today)
The movie isn't out until December, but all it took was 90 seconds of coming attractions, new book covers and some help from Harry Potter... More

06-30-01: Rings Won't Play in Largest  Theater Chain (Cinescape Online)
In the kind of BS business decision that Hollywood is infamous for, New Line Cinemas, the power behind LORD OF THE RINGS: THE... More

06-28-01: Up Close and Personal With an Orc (Tolkien Online)
Here are two new pics found in the magazine Extreme Collector's Guide (Sept. 2001 issue). Neither have yet surfaced across the web. One is... More

06-28-01: Hobbit Holiday Photos from Cannes (Empire Magazine)
Nona at The Compleat Sean Bean has some scans from coverage of the Cannes event that appeared in Empire Magazine recently. More

06-28-01: Interview with Sean Bean and Viggo Mortensen (Cannes)
Interviewer: What has the relationship between the actors been like? Viggo Mortensen: I will always feel something very special for my... More

06-27-01: Love of Story and Language Propelled the 'Rings' Master (BGO)
The Lord of the Rings, due out in time to be a moviegoer's Christmas present, could well be the movie of the year. But J.R.R. Tolkien, "author... More

06-26-01: The Second 'Fellowship' Poster Is Coming (Coming Attractions)
We just received word from one of our most trusted (and anonymous) friends that New Line Cinema will be shortly handing out the second... More

06-26-01: Rings Tie-In Book Hits 350,000 (Sci Fi Wire)
Houghton Mifflin has gone back to press for an additional 100,000 copies of the single-volume The Lord of the Rings Movie Tie-in Edition less... More

06-26-01: John Rhys-Davies Talks Gimli (
British actor John Rhys-Davies is promising JRR Tolkien fans that that the upcoming 'Lord Of The Rings' film trilogy will not disappoint. More

06-26-01: Saruman and Orcs in Costume (
Three new black and white pics of Saruman, a Black Rider, and an Orc are availble over at These prints will be used for... More

06-26-01: Gordon Paddison Makes 'It' List (Entertainment Weekly)
In May 1999, he launched the most ambitious and fan friendly studio website in Internet history: New Line's, the official... More

06-23-01: The Men of 'Lord of the Rings' (Entertainment Weekly)
The newly redesigned has this bit of news posted on the home page. If nothing else, it's at least an excuse to check out the site! More

06-23-01: Man Behind 'Lord of the Rings' Speaks Out (Jam! Showbiz)
No one knows better than Ralph Bakshi what Peter Jackson and his crew are going through in trying to bring J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord Of The... More

06-23-01: Houghton Mifflin Cashes In on LotR (
The publisher Houghton Mifflin is planning on re-releasing the Lord of the Rings in time for the movie, in-fact he has already released a biography... More

06-21-01: Elves, Wookiees, and Other Myths (Jubilee Magazine)
"I heard about people who were really worried they might die, they were taking precautions so they wouldn’t get run over by a truck before... More

06-21-01: One Movie to Bind Them (13th Street)
When talking about movies people are looking forward to this year, titles like The Majestic, From Hell, Ghosts Of Mars and others pop up (well... More

06-21-01: New Hobbit and Black Rider Film Stills (Tolkien Online)
More spoiler stills... the first in several weeks. Check out the Hobbits in Moria and some Black Rider baddies lined up at the Ford... More

06-20-01: Lord of the Rings Marketing Blitz is On (Yahoo! News)
Gandalf the Wizard and Frodo the Hobbit invaded New York from Middle Earth Wednesday to kick-off a six-month countdown for the first Lord... More

06-20-01: Kiwis to Get LOTR First (
If you don't receive an invitation to the premiere, then the place to be for die-hard Lord of the Rings fans on Dec. 19 will be in a movie theater in... More

06-20-01: Vamping Up for an Epic (The Evening Post)
Lord Of The Rings distributor Roadshow Film Distributors announced yesterday that the first film in the $650 million trilogy would now be released... More

06-20-01: $10 Million Revamp for LotR Premiere (Otago Daily News)
Wellington has put a huge $10 million revamp into their Embassy Theatre to get it ready for the possibility of the prestigious Lord of the Rings... More

06-20-01: FOTR Trailer One of the Year's Ten Best (IFILM)
A ring imbued with the power of the Dark Lord Sauron falls into the possession of young hobbit Frodo Baggins (Wood), who, with eight friends... More

06-19-01: Lord of the Onion Rings? (
A Bilbo Baggins burger, perhaps? Frodo and fries? The Lord of the Rings and Burger King's onion rings are cooking up some publicity. New Line... More

06-13-01: Rings Rough Cut Thrills (
Executive producer of the trilogy, Mark Ordesky, said the founder, chairman and chief executive of New Line Cinema saw the latest, unfinished... More

06-13-01: Grand Toys is Lord of Rings (
Not many companies have to put their fate in the hands of a hobbit named Frodo Baggins or a wizard called Dark Lord Saruman. But such... More

06-13-01: Lord of the Rings Boosts Kiwi Capital (BBC News)
The film versions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy have pumped about $200m (£138m) into the economy of the New Zealand capital city, where... More

06-12-01: New Lord of the Rings Board Game (
The anticipated new Lord of the Rings board game from Wizards of the Coast is now available for pre-order on It looks coooool... More

06-12-01: Are Rings Fans Geeks? (
Who are the true geeks? Find out in this hilarious Rings comic... More

06-12-01: Is There Any Life After Rings Epic? (The Evening Post)
New Zealand Film Commission is funding development projects for several possible films involving established Wellington-based directors... More

06-12-01: Coming Soon (
Peter Jackson took quite a challenge when he began production of The Lord Of The Rings films. But with an open attitude, a strong cast that... More

06-11-01: Life in an Elven Fishing Town (
Mithlond would have to be the only place in Middle-earth which would seem like a classic English village. "But what about the Shire?" people... More

06-11-01: Irish Folk Musicians Record for Rings (
The Barleyshakes website reported that two members of the Irish Folk band, Alan Kelly and Alan Doherty, were in New Zealand last month... More

06-11-01: Tolkien Fan Reuinion for Fellowship Screening (
The following was sitting in my inbox this morning: We're sending you this message in order to make you aware that the big reunion of... More

06-08-01: J.R.R. Tolkien: Author of the Century (Tolkien Online)
I remember as a young child I would enjoy working in the garden. You see, even though I live in Los Angeles, California, my family had 1/3 of an... More

06-08-01: The Grim Truth to Jackson's LOTR (
LOTR purists, prepare to be shocked and stunned! Gasp, horror! The truth of Jackson's handling of LOTR is finally out! Y'all ready for this? More

06-08-01: Cannes Video at Official Rings Site (
The official site has some new video footage (includes comments from Peter Jackson) available from the recent French Cannes convention. More

06-08-01: New Tolkien Items in New Line Store (
Stop by to check out New Line's latest offerings, including a "Frodo Lives!" T-shirt, calendars, shirts, hats, official posters, and much more! More

06-08-01: Upcoming Comic-Con to Feature LOTR (
Visit the Comic-Con site for more info on what they'll be featuring. More

06-07-01: 'Town & Country' Worst Flop Ever (E! Online)
Maybe it's the curse of Ishtar, but Warren Beatty's better known for his flops than hits these days. Thanks to Town & Country--the forever... More

06-07-01: The News at Mithril (
We are now pleased to announce that the next figures in the Lord of the Rings series LR31 to LR35 "From Bree to Rivendell Part 1" will be... More

06-07-01: The Book of the Century (
Although its popularity is unparalleled, intellectuals dismiss "The Lord of the Rings" as boyish fantasy. Now one scholar defends J.R.R... More

06-07-01: Lord of the Rings: The Countdown Begins (TV Guide Online)
Based on J.R.R. Tolkien's classic novel, The Lord of the Rings, director Peter Jackson's big-budget epic, The Fellowship of the Ring — which... More

06-06-01: New Slideshow Toy Catalog Pics (
If you're looking to decipher a foreign language today, stop by and take a gander at some great new pics from Slideshow Toy. More

06-06-01: Fresh E-Post by Sir Ian McKellen (
Gandalf talks about his impressions of The Lord of the Rings, whether or not he's apprehensive about the release of the films, and much more! More

06-06-01: New Weathertop & Black Rider Pics (
If you're patient, these might impress you. Then again, maybe not. More

05-31-01: Burger King and New Line Sign Deal (New Line Cinema)
Art book ­ 132 pages ­ full color ­ includes all the paintings from their three calendars done in the Seventies, plus dozens of original sketches... More

05-31-01: New Hildebrandt Tolkien Products (Spiderwebart)
Art book ­ 132 pages ­ full color ­ includes all the paintings from their three calendars done in the Seventies, plus dozens of original sketches... More

05-31-01: More Pics From Cool Frenchies (Elostirion)
Have the French got sources or what? Check out the latest from the guys at Elostirion, including Orthanc, Gandalf, Hollin, and Moria! More

05-31-01: Tiny Tidbit on Lord of the Rings Score (Ain't It Cool News)
This is a quick message to let you know that last week while I was in Dublin, I went on a Musical Pub Crawl that was hosted by Allan Dougherty... More

05-30-01: Pics Coming Out of the Walls (
Aiii! The pics! The pics are come! Elostirion has some of Boromir and Gandalf, and there are some of Aragorn and Gimli here. Also check here.

05-30-01: 'Trust Me, It Is Magnificent,' Sir Ian (
A new beginning to The Lord Of The Rings movie trilogy is being shot just eight months out from its world premiere, according to English star... More

05-30-01: Giving Flesh to Myth (The National Post)
"I had little hope that other people would be interested in this work, especially since it was linguistic in inspiration and was begun in order to... More

05-30-01: Wizard on a Wheel Isn't Saruman (
I received the following debate article from visitor Paul B. today, but I figured that it was such big news that I might as well post it here... More

05-30-01: Go Tolkien at Barnes & Noble (
One of our visitors wrote to tell me about a set of free Lord of the Rings classes that are being given by Barnes & Noble. Click for more info: More

05-29-01: Silly Hobbit: Movie Tricks are for Gradual Release (USA Today)
New Line execs are asking the cast of the Lord of the Rings movies to stay on target. Facing the challenge of releasing three movies over three... More

05-29-01: NZ Cashes In on Tolkien Movies (The Independent)
New Zealand is gearing up for an influx of tourists as the hype for the film adaptation of JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy gathers pace. More

05-29-01: The Tolkien Weekend at Sarehole Mill (Tolkien Online)
It was a fun outing, indeed. First of all, I didn't even know this mill was still standing, let alone functioning. Had I known, I would have gone... More

05-29-01: It's a Dead Ringer... Or Is It? (
A budget of hundreds, a cast of dozens, and the media invited on to the set... it's film making, but not as we've come to know it living in the... More

05-28-01: Fellowship Getting New Words, Opening (Milwaukee Journal)
Most of the dialogue in the much-anticipated "The Fellowship of the Rings" the first installment of "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, is being replaced... More

05-28-01: Second Trailer Screen Captures (Realm of the Ring)
Did you miss the new Fellowship trailer? Having trouble downloading it? Thanks to Jonny, you can now at least view some pics from it. More

05-28-01: New Miscellaneous Pics (
Some great new pics of Aragorn, Frodo, Boromir, Pippin, and others have been posted by the guys at TORN. These are well worth a look. More

05-28-01: Lord of the Rings Library Posters (
The American Library Association has issued a couple of new Lord of the Rings posters featuring Frodo and Arwen. Check them out here and here!

05-26-01: Movies Won't Open With Last Alliance (
Leonides posted this to our message board. I thought I'd share it here: Jackson has gone and changed the opening of the movie on us! It will no... More

05-26-01: On the Set of 'The Lord of the Rings' (Herr Der Ringe Film)
29-year-old Philip Capil, information systems student from Christchurch, New Zealand, is the webmaster of one of the oldest sites on the... More

05-26-01: Frame-by-Frame Trailer Analysis (
TORN has an inpressive frame-by-frame analysis of the second Fellowship trailer. There are lots of hidden goodies in this one. More

05-25-01: Second 'Fellowship' Trailer Now Available (
Thanks to Bob Jones, we've got MPEG, QuickTime, Windows Media, and RealVideo versions of the new trailer for you to enjoy! More

05-24-01: New 'Rings' Video Game Concept Art (
Robert B. sent me a few conceptual pics from the new Lord of the Rings computer game that is under development by E3. More

05-24-01: Lord of the Rings Extras Plan Reunion (Ananova)
Extras from Lord Of The Rings are planning to have a reunion at the film's premiere in New Zealand. A number of local people were involved... More

05-23-01: New 'Rings' Master (Variety)
USA Films president Russell Schwartz will join New Line Cinema as president of domestic theatrical marketing. He replaces current president... More

05-23-01: 'Rings' DVD Making the Right Noises (Popcorn)
Peter Jackson's eagerly-awaited 'Lord Of The Rings' trilogy may be attracting comparisons to 'Star Wars', but there's already one big difference. More

05-23-01: MHN Views New LOTR Trailer (MovieHeadlines.Net)
I just got back from a screening of Pearl Harbor. In front of the film was the new trailer for Lord of the Rings. Incredibly impressive. It gets... More

05-23-01: Lord of the Rings Theme Park Planned (BBC News)
A theme park based around JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy of books is being planned in Wellington, New Zealand. The mayor of the city... More

05-22-01: Cave Troll, Galadriel, and Hobbit Pics (Elostirion)
Elostirion has another treasure trove of new photos. Warning! Major spoilers, including a never before seen pic of a nasty cave troll. More

05-22-01: That Cannes-Do Attitude (Newsweek)
You couldn’t get more Cannes than this year’s opening-night festivities around the film “Moulin Rouge.” The premiere was over the top even by... More

05-22-01: Hobbit Forming (Entertainment Weekly)
Ever since director Peter Jackson started shooting the $270 million ''Lord of the Rings'' trilogy in his native New Zealand a millennium ago... More

05-22-01: Kicking the Hobbit (The American Prospect)
When it comes to the fantasy novels of J.R.R. Tolkien, it is a truism that critics either love the books or hate them: Concerning Middle Earth... More

05-22-01: Gandalf Updates His Grey Book (
More miscellaneous news tidbits from Sir Ian McKellen are up. More

05-21-01: Hobbits Go to Hollywood (The Sunday Times)
The secrecy surrounding Hollywood's version of Lord of the Rings has finally been lifted. The first footage of what will be a trilogy of films telling... More

05-21-01: New Teaser Trailer Release Date Set (
I heard from Annie at New Line Cinema today. She sent me the first of some new countdown banners in preparation for the release of the... More

05-21-01: Fellowships, Hobbits, and Palantiri (Les Seigneur)
Great new spoiler pics from Necsipaal of a French site. More

05-20-01: Magic in the Making (The Press)
Landscaper Andrew Kolff has fallen under a spell after working on Lord of the Rings. His job of creating a 600-year-old landscape has left... More

05-20-01: Cannes' Hottest Ticket (
What was hotter than a ticket to the Moulin Rouge premiere at Cannes? It's not a movie. It wasn't a party. And it's not even finished. Give up? More

05-20-01: New Fellowship Trailer to be Released Soon (
Along with a spy report a few weeks ago, and a new poster over at the TORN message board (who sounds quite reputable), we have... More

05-20-01: Playsters Wanted for LOTR Card Game (IGN Xbox)
Want to be a part of Decipher's biggest Trading Card Game ever? Played a few TCGs? Think you know a little about Lord of the Rings? If you... More

05-20-01: Fellowship of the Ring Game on Xbox (IGN Xbox)
We first brought you the news about Fellowship of the Ring heading to the Xbox shortly before E3, and today we had the chance to actually see... More

05-18-01: Cannes Interviews and Hobbit Songs (Herr Der Ringe Film)
Cirdan has some video available of interviews with various cast members at Cannes, as well as Jackson and the Hobbits singing a song. More

05-18-01: Sierra, Lord of the Rings, and the License (Tolkien Online)
Before I get started, I'd like to thank the guys at Vivendi Universal Interactive, Sierra, and The Whole Experience for allowing me to get a... More

05-18-01: Wizard on a Wheel Pic Explained? (
I know this is an old issue, but it never really got resolved. Well, Matt W. from our message board has turned up a new pic that looks... More

05-18-01: Joram's Cannes Footage Recap (The Tolkien Guild)
I arrived at the Olympia 2 here in Cannes for the 10am screening of the Fellowship of the Ring footage. Outside of the theater were really... More

05-18-01: Downloadable Rings Media Booklet (
The official site recently released a downloadable Lord of the Rings info booklet that features, among other things, new images from the trilogy. More

05-17-01: Howard Shore's Score (Ain't It Cool News)
For the Mines of Moria there is a great deal of choral work... Deep male voices, but I couldn't make out the language... The mood when... More

05-17-01: Harry's First Impressions of Cannes Footage (Ain't It Cool News)
Okay. So the Fellowship has cleared this whole area, and it gets to them being surrounded by 100 (sounds like goblins)... NOT ORCS... More

05-17-01: First Look at Hobbit (The New York Post)
"I'm 23," said Liv Tyler, "a funny age for an actor: not young enough to play the ingenue, not old enough to play the attorney." But just right to... More

05-17-01: Rings Boom for Capital (The Evening Post)
Talks are under way to devise strategies and projects for Wellington and the rest of New Zealand to fully cash in on the film. Tourism New Zealand... More

05-17-01: Cannes Rings Party a Fantasy Experience (The Toronto Sun)
The film fest is as famed for its extravagant parties as it is for its films. But, with overall hype money tighter and party budgets slashed, and with... More

05-17-01: The Most Colassal Movie Production Ever (The Globe & Mail)
During the year-long media blackout surrounding the production of The Lord of the Rings movies, speculation ran rife. This was the first time... More

05-17-01: Move Over Harry, Here Come the £300m Hobbits (Mirror)
This is the epic fight Harry Potter has on his hands -- a £300m film adaptation of Lord of the Rings. And these exclusive pictures show the scale... More

05-17-01: Axl and Alanis (The Province)
Alanis Morissette has confirmed her European tour dates but Guns 'N' Roses has cancelled its dates, which means that even if the rumours... More

05-15-01: The News at Mithril (Mithril)
We are pleased to announce that we have renewed our Licence with Tolkien Enterprises. This licences us until 2003 to produce collectable... More

05-15-01: Rings Premiere in US, Fanfare in NZ (The Dominion)
Wellington has missed out on holding the world premiere of the first film in Peter Jackson's trilogy The Lord of the Rings, but will have its own... More

05-15-01: Lord of the Rings Works Its Magic at Cannes (
It's not in competition, it's not even finished, but the Hollywood adaptation of The Lord of the Rings still managed to cast a spell over the Cannes... More

05-15-01: Cannes Critics Spellbound by Rings (Sunday Star Times)
The world's harshest critics have been spellbound by a sneak preview of the New Zealand-filmed trilogy Lord of the Rings, which stole the... More

05-15-01: New Cannes Material on Official Site (
The official site has posted some new material regarding Cannes and, according to Gordon Paddison, they will be updating it continually. More

05-09-01: Gone Until May 14th (
My family and I are going on a camping trip. We'll be leaving tomorrow and I probably won't be back until May 14th, at the latest. This means... More

05-09-01: Live Reports from the Cannes Film Festival (The Tolkien Guild)
New Line Cinema is putting on quite the event this year in Cannes to kick off the medita blitz on The Lord of the Rings movies that are coming... More

05-09-01: Elf Discovery (The New Times)
Fewer than 100 people on Earth speak the language of the Chickasaw Indians, a tribe that now inhabits a swatch of Oklahoma. Their tongue is... More

05-07-01: New Cannes Event to Feature Film Clips (Official LOTR Site)
The official site has updated regarding the upcoming Cannes event... More

05-07-01: Cirdan Discovers New Official Site Pics (Herr Der Ringe Film)
Some are new, some are old, but all are very cool. More

05-07-01: Eight 'New & Exclusive' Rings Pics (Popcorn)
They're not exactly new, but some are kind of different. More

05-07-01: Peter Jackson's King of the Castle (The Evening Post)
The Lord Of The Rings' top secret promotional party during the Cannes Film Festival will be held in a castle built in 1927, according to... More

05-07-01: Internet Sites Build Early Hype for Movies (NewsFactor)
Audience burnout is a concern for Gordon Paddison of New Line Cinema, the studio behind one of the most talked-about movies of the... More

05-05-01: Sierra Announces Tolkien Game Deal (Sierra Studios)
Torrance, CA (May 3, 2001) -- Vivendi Universal Publishing (VU Publishing), a division of Vivendi Universal (NYSE: V), and Tolkien Enterprises... More

05-05-01: Mark Fergusson on Strassman (Realm of the Ring)
Mark Fergusson who stars as Gil-galad in The Lord of the Rings recently appeared on the Strassman show. They briefly discussed... More

05-03-01: The Complete List of Film Changes (Tolkien Online)
Ancalagon the Black has updated his list of confirmed and not-so-confirmed changes being made to The Lord of the Rings. Spoilers! More

05-03-01: Sierra Solves Tolkien Licensing Riddle (MSNBC)
Vivendi Universal Publishing, a unit of Vivendi Universal and Tolkien Enterprises have announced that Vivendi’s game unit Sierra will... More

05-03-01: Where Is the Pale King? (
Well, I dunno about you guys, but after seeing those Nazgul pics, I needed to sleep with the lights on! The new pics that were released last... More

05-03-01: Lord of the Rings License Plates (Realm of the Ring)
A stuntman from the films is selling some custom license plates, including 1FRODO, G0LLUM, ARWEN1, and HOBITT. Cool beans! More

05-02-01: Strange New Pic: Black Riders? (Elostirion)
Greenleaf thinks this might be Nazgūl out of their cloaks. More

05-02-01: Lord of the Thrills (Caltanet Cinema)
An exclusive interview at Verona Film Festival with the greatest horror actor now involved in two big productions: the The Lord of the Rings trilogy... More

05-01-01: Elrond in Mordor and Galadriel and Her Mirror (Imladris)
Today's fantastic pic update from the guys at Imladris. More

05-01-01: The Mystery of Lurtz Revealed? (
Our own Leonides does some research regarding the character of Lurtz and elaborates upon it from an insider's POV. Fantastic exclusive! More

05-01-01: E! Online Updates for May (
Stop by for the latest regarding Sir Ian Holm as Bilbo, the upcoming Cannes conference, and an "Ask the Insider" about Helm's Deep. More

04-30-01: Message Board... Now With No Advertising (
I have some exciting developments to announce! Thanks to the generosity of some of the members of our message board, The White Council... More

04-30-01: More Pics of Gandalf and Frodo (Imladris)
Today's fantastic pic update from the guys at Imladris. More

04-30-01: Liv Tyler Adds New Roles to Resume (
LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- With everything she already has in the can, Liv Tyler could sit back and coast yet still have a high profile in... More

04-29-01: Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf the Wizard (Imladris)
Nate over at Imladris is getting in on the spy photo action with some great pics of his own. Stop by for Bilbo, Gandalf, and snowy hills! More

04-29-01: Saruman and an Orc of the White Hand (Elostirion)
More great pics from French spies. These guys are good. More

04-29-01: Gamble of the 'Rings' (
Some are claiming that the total cost for New Line's Lord of the Rings trilogy is higher than the $270 million figure which has been reported and... More

04-29-01: Translation of Liv Tyler's Elvish Line (
Liv Tyler is speaking from Appendix A of The Lord of the Rings which is discussing The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen. The text is as follows... More

04-28-01: Official Orlando Bloom Web Site Petition (The Palantir)
Calling all Orlando Bloom and Legolas fans! Have you ever wanted to be a part of something big? Now's your chance! As of right now, there is... More

04-28-01: Developer Drops Tolkien Game Suit (MSNBC)
April 27 — J.R.R. Tolkien fans looking forward to playing the upcoming online role-playing game based on his Middle Earth characters can get... More

04-27-01: Liv Tyler Interview & Elvish Speech (
The omniscient Leonides sent me these clips. In addition, he translated what Tyler is saying: "Now, my Lord, winter has not yet come. Would you before your time leave your people?" Perhaps she is speaking to Aragorn. More

04-27-01: A Nasty Looking Orc and Hobbit Pals (Necsipaal)
Necsipaal has more great pics over at his French site. More

04-27-01: In Bet on Sequels, New Line Films 'Rings' (Wall Street Journal)
The summer movie season may be just about to kick off, but in Hollywood, thoughts are turning to Christmas. Christmas 2003, that is. More

04-27-01: Mr. Showbiz Interviews Liv Tyler (Mr. Showbiz)
[My role has] been expanded from the books. There's a big appendix at the end with a large chapter about Arwen. Basically, there wasn't enough... More

04-27-01: Arwen the 'Elvin' Princess Weds 'Ergorn' (Ottawa Citizen)
The character of Arwen in The Lord of the Rings will be a far different proposition -- a genuinely romantic human being who falls in love with Ergorn. More

04-27-01: Hobbits in Hollywood (The New York Times)
If ever you need an image to illustrate the phrase "victim of one's own success," try this: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, the tweediest and most... More

04-27-01: Liv Tyler Talks Rings on Conan O'Brien (
I woke this morning to find my inbox flooded with around 8 messages informing me that Liv Tyler had an interview on Conan O'Brien's show last... More

04-27-01: Nice Pic of Aragorn (Herr Der Ringe Film)
Cirdan has an excellent new pic of Aragorn posted... More

04-26-01: Slideshow Toy & Weta Partnership (Slideshow Toy)
Sideshow Inc. of Westlake Village, CA has partnered with Weta Workshop of New Zealand to develop multiple lines of polystone collectibles... More

04-25-01: The Fellowship at the Doors of Moria (Elostirion)
These French sites just keep coming through for us. The guys at Elostirion have a pic of the Fellowship at the Doors of Moria. Awesome! More

04-25-01: More Exclusive French Pics (Necsipaal)
Necsipaal has more pics for us, namely, a Black Rider by a river and an Orc weilding a rather deadly looking sword or mace. More

04-23-01: New French Pics Confirmed as Parth Galen (
Do you see the water in the background of one of the pics? I can confirm that these pics are at Parth Galen because I have seen this scene... More

04-23-01: Uruk-hai Attack at Parth Galen (Necsipaal)
Necsipaal, webmaster of a French Rings site, has some new exclusive pics of the Uruk-hai attacking! Could this be Parth Galen? More

04-22-01: Three 'Rings' Circus (Messenger-Inquirer)
Just call it "The Lord of the Web." The first of the three long-awaited "Lord of the Rings" films doesn't even open until Dec. 19, but the Internet... More

04-21-01: News From Around the Web (
Here's a good re-cap of what happened last week! New Hobbit pics, the Rings trailer on DVD, Liv Tyler's melting ears, Rings music, and more. More

04-21-01: Wellington Tribute Put On Hold (The Dominion)
Plans for a Lord of the Rings tribute in Wellington have been put on hold till the first film in the trilogy is released later this year. Plans included... More

04-21-01: Honorary Doctorates for Jackson and Walsh (The Dominion)
Film makers Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh are to be jointly awarded honorary Doctorates of Literature by Massey University. The couple stand... More

04-21-01: Rings Star Liv Missed Home (The Evening Post)
Hollywood star Liv Tyler felt more homesick during her stay in Wellington while making The Lord Of The Rings than other big name actors, she... More

04-21-01: New Sean Bean Interview Online (
Last month I flew to Toronto and interviewed Sean Bean (Boromir) while he was filming "Don't Say a Word" with Michael Douglas. I spent 90... More

04-19-01: Saruman, Lurtz, and Orthanc Pics (Elostirion)
This small French site scored a big scoop with some great photos of Saruman and ... Lurtz? ... in Orthanc. These are very cool pics. More

04-19-01: Brad Dourif Talks Rings (Sci-Fi Talk)
Brad Dourif participated in a Press Conference at ICON 20 discussing Lord Of The Rings. He talked about working with his co-stars and... More

04-19-01: Lifesize Lord of the Rings Standups (
Are you interested in having a corner of your room graced by Gandalf, Saruman, or a few Hobbits? Life size standups of characters from the... More

04-19-01: Arwen Speaks (Empire Online)
Sweeping through London for the opening of One Night At McCools, radiant starlet Liv Tyler took the time to share a few choice words with... More

04-18-01: New Pics of Gandalf and Frodo (Ain't It Cool News)
I posted that Lurtz photo first because I thought it was just... incredible, but these others aren't bad... it's just Lurtz is soooooooo... More

04-18-01: Sean Bean TV Appearances Worldwide (TCSB)
These are the latest Boromir TV alerts from around the world... More

04-17-01: More New Pics of Orc Helmets (Ain't It Cool News)
This is the second batch of images from this presskit of stuff from Slideshow Weta. The following is the first assortment of helmets... More

04-17-01: Swedish Source Publishes Photos (
SF has published ads about the LotR Cannes contest in Expressen (one of Sweden's two largest newspapers) during the last days. More

04-17-01: Ancanar Releases Creation Documentary (
We're proud to bring our fans a new five-minute making-of short, entitled "Creation," to Included are interviews with the cast... More

04-17-01: New Pics of Lurtz Model (Ain't It Cool News)
Hey folks, Harry here... I just got the Sideshow Weta Toys catalogue today and all of the statues and busts and helmets and stuff are... More

04-16-01: Traffic Jam at Rings Web Site (
There's a massive traffic jam at the Web site for "The Lord of the Rings," which, since its relaunch January 12th, has seen more than 350 million... More

04-15-01: Lord of the Rings Toys and More (
I am Greenleaf, webmaster of Elostirion, the French LotR Movie News site. I've come by some pics of LotR-related merchandise, and I'm sure... More

04-15-01: Can 'Rings' Bring Hollywood to New Zealand? (Digital Media FX)
New Zealand tourism is bound to substantially increase after the release of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which was filmed throughout New... More

04-13-01: John Howe Interview at Elf Fantasy Faire (Lord of the
Earlier on this morning during your lecture you mentioned there are some characters you find hard to draw. Can you give us an... More

04-13-01: Sir Ian McKellen's Latest E-Post (
Q: It has always seemed to me that the progression in Lord of the Rings equates to a geographical progression away from... More

04-13-01: Quest for the Ring: Fox LOTR Special (Ain't It Cool News)
Hmmm. This is interesting. According to Harry Knowles, Liv Tyler will be hosting a Fox special in November titled "Quest for the Ring." More

04-13-01: Some Cool Site Changes (
I'll discuss the coolest change first. I am proud to announce that we have acquired the domain name! We're not... More

04-12-01: Fellowship of the Ring Reshoots (Ringbearer)
A very well connected person dropped me some Lord of the Rings scoopage: "Not sure this is news, but it’s something that just came up... More

04-12-01: Orc Concept Maquettes Up for Sale (
An informant got his mits on an Orc conceptual maquette and he/she is putting it up for sale. You know, my birthday is coming up... More

04-12-01: Fan Fellowship Gathering in Dallas, Texas (Tolkien Online)
Dear Tolkien fans all over the world, we have started to work out the details for the Fan Fellowship Gathering in Dallas, Texas to celebrate the... More

04-10-01: Teaser Trailer in Theaters Again (
The teaser trailer for The Fellowship of the Ring is playing in the theaters again. Go see a movie like Spy Kids for a chance to view it yourself. More

04-10-01: Lord of the Rings Cannes Press Release (
'The Lord of the Rings' generates more than 350 million hits on website as New Line prepares to unveil footage in cannes. New Line Cinema's... More

04-09-01: Sean Bean News Articles (The Compleat Sean Bean)
Sean Bean (New Movie With Michael Douglas) -- Daily Express-OK Supplement -- 03 April 2001. Sean Bean (Eager to Return to Work) -- ... More

04-09-01: Film Effects with a Human Face (Imladris)
Actor Andy Serkis has a peach of a role in the film they said could never be made. As Gollum in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings... More

04-06-01: Publisher Defends Right to Parody Literary Work (Houghton Mifflin)
BOSTON--April 5, 2001--Wendy Strothman, Executive Vice President and Publisher of Houghton Mifflin Company's Trade & Reference... More

04-06-01: The Liv Factor (Dark Horizons)
Resisting big-time Hollywood, Tyler will next grace our screens in the much-anticipated Lord of the Rings, describing the experience... More

04-06-01: Saruman, Black Riders, and More (Herr Der Ringe Film)
Cirdan has some old and new pics posted at this site... More

04-05-01: Trailer Wars: Potter vs. The Rings (BBC Online)
Would we be any less happy if Sir Ian McKellen played Dumbledore and Richard Harris, Gandalf? There have been few complaints... More

04-05-01: Changes as Reported by Ancalagon (Tolkien Online)
Ancalagon graces us with his second list of changes being made in Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and Return of the King. More

04-05-01: Christopher Lee Interview (French Premičre)
This is an excerpt from an interview with Christopher Lee that was published in a French magazine recently. Thanks to Eric B. for the translation. More

04-04-01: Pics of Orlando Bloom as Legolas (Bloomin' Marvelous)
Check out some new pics of Legolas at one of his many fan sites... More

04-04-01: Liv's Bad Hobbit (Women's Day)
It may be nearly another year before Peter Jackson's highly anticipated Lord of the Rings hits the screen, yet the hype which surrounds the $350... More

04-04-01: 'Time Machine' and 'Lord of the Rings' (
Dateline: 4/1/01 (no April fools B.S. These reports are true. They just happen to fall on April 1) At the press junket for A Knight's Tale, Mark Addy... More

04-03-01: New Pics of Gilmi and Arwen (Ain't It Cool News)
Don't know where they got them, but they sure are cool, if a little grainy. Thanks to Simon from Quebec City for pointing these out to me.... More

04-03-01: Games Workshop Warrior Model Pics (Herr Der Ringe Film)
Cirdan has some great pics of the new Games Workshop warrior models for the Lord of the Rings board game that is going to be available soon... More

04-02-01: Interview with the Director of 'Lord of the Rings' (
Q. I wanted to ask you about "The Lord of the Rings." Were you planning to do a live-action version of the trilogy in the '70s? A. Yes, I spent a... More

04-02-01: The Price of Film (
Q: How'd you get involved with [Lord of the Rings]? KS: Actually, I got involved with it after [Rings director] Peter Jackson saw a rough cut... More

04-01-01: Exclusive Jackson Script Excerpt (
Late last night, I received this script excerpt from a spy at New Line. This is exclusive to our site. You won't see it anywhere else! More

04-01-01: Report on Last Night's Group Chat (
Well, our weekly chat that took place last night at 8pm ET went fairly well. I've decided to start posting weekly reports on what was discussed... More

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