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12-30-01: LotR Earns $37.35 Million in 2nd Week (Box Office Mojo)
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring earned an estimated $37.35 million in its second weekend, down a reasonable 21% from its $47.21...

12-30-01: Success Turns Embassy Into Shrine (The Evening Post)
Interest in the first installment of Jackson's $650 million The Lord Of The Rings trilogy has been phenomenal, with people regarding the Embassy as...

12-30-01: Official Grand Opening of LotR Online (
My friend Jeff of webmaster fame has opened a new site called LotR Online, which features web hosting and message board services!

12-28-01: Play the LotR vs. Potter Flash Game (
Hurl copies of LotR at an airborne Harry Potter in an attempt to dethrone him in this entertaining (and addictive) Flash game! Great stuff, check it out.

12-28-01: Lord of the Rings Total at $94 Million (Box Office Mojo)
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring ruled them all at the weekend box office, drawing $66.1 million over the Friday-Tuesday period and...

12-28-01: Download the LotR Winamp Skin (
Peter B. has created a LotR Winamp skin. You can download it here...

12-28-01: Jackson Takes Stand on Two Towers (The Evening Post)
The Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson is uneasy about the title of the second film in the trilogy but won't change it. The Two Towers will be...

12-28-01: Some Hobbits Were Here All Along (The Dominion)
The identification of three species of "hobbit-like" crustacean more than 20 years ago is being held up as proof that, contrary to the claims of...

12-26-01: The Skinny on the Fellowship (Skinema)
After decades of enjoying J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" books in print, fans can now appreciate a live action film version. The first installment...

12-26-01: Director Uneasy Over Title of Next 'Rings' (Chicago Sun-Times)
It's time to ring in the next adventure. Yes, we have the secrets of the sequel to this weekend's box office champ "The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of...

12-24-01: 'Rings'-side Reactions (The Boston Globe)
It's just past midnight at Loews Boston Common, and some 1,200 people rush for seats in one of four sold-out theaters screening ''The Lord of the...

12-24-01: 101 Observations from FotR (IGN FilmForce)
Yesterday, I asked those fans who had already seen the Fellowship of the Rings film to write in describing special things they caught...

12-24-01: Director Sees More 'Rings' Changes (Yahoo! News)
Defying the wrath of purists, Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson has made changes to the original scripts of J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy novels in...

12-24-01: Rings Forges Box Office Gold (The Evening Post)
The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring is a global smash hit, already pulling in more than $320 million at cinemas around the...

12-23-01: First FotR Bloopers Page Surfaces (
We all knew it would be inevitable. The first FotR bloopers web site has finally surfaced. I was already noticing blooper reports here on our local...

12-23-01: LotR Wireless Site Goes Live (
Tom Dellecave e-mailed me a few days ago with news that AOL has been working with New Line Cinema to create a web site for fans who want...

12-23-01: FotR Draws $17 Million Saturday (Box Office Mojo)
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring ruled them all at the weekend box office, drawing an estimated $45.3 million over the Friday-Sunday...

12-23-01: Rings Couple to Get the Key to Wellington (The Dominion)
The Lord of the Rings partners Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh would be honoured with the key to the city of Wellington, Mayor Kerry...

12-22-01: New Tolkien Crossword Puzzle (
Need something to do to help you start blowing time until The Two Towers? Start with this Tolkien crossword puzzle! Special thanks to Kelly for...

12-22-01: Houghton Mifflin Library Video Posted (
If you're interested, the video from Houghton Mifflin that played in certain libraries across the United States on November 8th of this year is now...

12-22-01: FotR Draws $14.3 Million Friday (Box Office Mojo)
The Lord of the Rings drew in an estimated $14.3 million on Friday, keeping it on course to do around $65 million for the five-day weekend and over...

12-22-01: Rings Storms Into Theaters (Reuters)
The power of the ring may include the power to make box office records disappear - not to mention change movie-mogul attitudes about the...

12-22-01: A Special Start to Day for Lucky People (Manawatu Standard)
It began with the forging of the rings and sweeping views of moody New Zealand countryside. There were 119 lucky people at the Manawatu premiere...

12-22-01: Focus on Capital in Wake of Rings (The Evening Post)
Cameras from around the world could be turning their focus on Wellington in the next few months, with production companies making dozens of...

12-21-01: Rings Tops IMDB's Top 250 List (
FotR has been voted #1 by IMDB's visitors. It appears at the very top of IMDB's top 250 list, ahead of films like Schindler's List and Star Wars. Oh yes!

12-21-01: Rings Good News Gets Better (The Dominion)
Director Peter Jackson's movie The Fellowship of the Rings has scored four Golden Globe nominations and smashed box office records. Jackson...

12-21-01: Orc Finds Pot of Gold (The Evening Post)
A New Zealand extra in The Lord Of The Rings has boasted to a British tabloid newspaper how he and others smoked cannabis every day during...

12-21-01: Rings Up for Four Golden Globes (Reuters)
The first instalment of New Zealand director Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy has been nominated in four categories in the Golden Globe...

12-21-01: Jackson Comfirms Changes (The Dominion)
The Lord of the Rings' director Peter Jackson confirmed yesterday that "one or two" liberties would be taken with J R R Tolkien's script in the second...

12-21-01: Warrior Elf Bloom Steals Hearts of Fans (The Dominion)
How 24-year-old Briton Orlando Bloom became a heart-throb before ever appearing in a major movie is a mystery, even to him. Bloom, the lithe...

12-21-01: Wraiths Top the Terror Stakes (NZPA)
There's no doubt about it, the actors who play the hobbits in The Lord of the Rings say - the Ring Wraiths are the scariest creatures in the film.

12-21-01: Sellouts Mark First Day of Rings Saga (Hollywood Reporter)
The midweek, day-and-date, virtually global opening of "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings" is giving off "fantastic" vibes, New Line...

12-20-01: The Editor Reviews FotR (
All I can say is that Jackson did it. What a superb film! I thought the wait for The Two Towers would be bearable after the past 4 years, but the excellence of...

12-20-01: The Movie of the Year (
The most heartbreaking thing about faithful moviegoing is that awe, beauty and excitement, three of the things we go to the movies for, are the very things...

12-20-01: FotR Grosses $18.2 Million Wednesday (Box Office Guru)
New Line Cinema has reported an estimated opening day gross of $18.2M for its fantasy epic The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings which...

12-20-01: Tolkien's 'Rings' Teems w/Spiritual Undertones (JS Online)
J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings," an epic fantasy that has sold more than 100 million books and will debut as a highly promoted movie this...

12-20-01: FotR Tops List of Golden Globe Nominees (Yahoo! News)
Dramas "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring'' and "A Beautiful Mind'' made the list of nominees for best dramatic film for the 59th Annual...

12-19-01: FotR Reviews Online (
An excellent source for reviews of "The Fellowship of the Ring." Contains dozens of reviews from every nook and cranny of the Internet. Worth a peek!

12-19-01: My Review of 'The Fellowship of the Ring' (
Ah, yes! It's finally here! I know you've been waiting to read my review for 4+ years... uh, well, maybe not, but take a peek anyway! :-)

12-18-01: This Is the Real Thing, Folks (
Well, this is it! In less than 24 hours, I will be sitting in a darkened theater, watching the words "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring...

12-18-01: Guess LotR's Gross and Win Something (
The web site "Lee's Movie Info" is sponsoring a contest in which you try to guess the weekend gross of LotR and you can win a DVD of your choice!

12-18-01: Jasmine Watson's Web Site Finished (
Jasmine Watson, who designed and created jewellry for the LotR films, recently had her web site completed! Stop by to check out samples of her work.

12-18-01: The NY Times' Tolkien Archives Page (
The New York Times has gotten in on the LotR news site scene with a page of their own featuring interesting articles and photos. Check it out!

12-17-01: Elijah Wood Talks About His AOTC Set Visit (
Sompeetalay sends us this excerpt from a Belgian magazine called Humo, where Elijah Wood talks more about the visit the Lord of the Rings...

12-17-01: Wellywood Turns On Glitz, Glamour (The Evening Post)
Hollywood's glitz and glamour hits Wellington tomorrow for the New Zealand-Australia premiere of The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship...

12-17-01: US Visitors in the Thick of Middle Earth Fanfare (The Dominion)
As Wellington was renamed "Middle Earth" to herald the week of The Lord of the Rings fanfare and to pay tribute to director Peter Jackson...

12-17-01: Wellington Becomes Middle Earth (The Evening Post)
Wellingtonians woke up in Middle Earth this morning as the Capital declared itself the centre of the cinematic universe in preparation for...

12-17-01: Star Wars Fans Plead for Peter Jackson (The Evening Post)
May the Peter Jackson be with you! Fans of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy are already pushing for the Miramar-based director to take over the reins...

12-17-01: Battle Lines Drawn Over Tolkien's Middle Earth (Sunday Star Times)
Elijah Wood - the American who plays the hobbit, Frodo, in The Lord of the Rings - may think he found "Middle Earth" in New Zealand but a battle...

12-17-01: Short People, Big Picture (Waikato Times)
Matamata woman Grace Hastie was reminded recently of the magical power of The Lord of Rings. A couple of months ago, the 78-year-old who played...

12-17-01: No 'Ring' Deal Rules Them All (MSNBC)
“Lord of the Rings” fans face a decision. Should they buy the “Rings” jigsaw puzzles with scenes from the coming movie? Or the puzzle that springs...

12-17-01: The New York Premiere (
I am probably not the ideal person to review Peter Jackson’s Fellowship of the Ring. As someone who deals with Tolkien’s works on an almost daily...

12-17-01: LotR Well Worth the Journey (Tucson Citizen)
"Lord of the Rings" will be the next "Star Wars." That's not a prediction. That's a fact. And it's coming from a person who has never read any of the [books]...

12-16-01: The Tolkien Trail's FotR Review (The Tolkien Trail)
I had the opportunity to go to the North American premiere of the most anticipated film of all time. The excitement was palpable sitting in the...

12-15-01: Excerpt from 'Meditations on Middle Earth' (
Since I had three children, I've read Tolkien's trilogy aloud three times. It's a wonderful book to read aloud or (consensus by the children) listen to.

12-15-01: Join the Ring Quest on Dec. 19th (Electric Artists)
Participate in helping turn the WWW into one ring on Dec. 19th...and while you're at it, have a chance to win a LOTR special prize pack.

12-15-01: Lord of the Rings Viewing at Stonyhurst (
The children from St. Mary's Hall, Stonyhurst thoroughly enjoyed their 'preview' of 'The Lord of the Ring:Fellowship of the Ring' on Monday at Leicester...

12-15-01: Come On Bilbo, Give Us a Clue (The Times)
Are the Bagginses secretly just a family of puny Lancastrians? Suddenly everyone is clambering onto the Lord of the Rings tourism bandwagon.

12-15-01: National Geographic Presents LotR Special (National Geographic)
National Geographic EXPLORER embarks on an extraordinary journey to the far corners of the globe and back into time to explore the impact of cultural...

12-14-01: Epic Challenge for Composer (Reuters)
For Canadian composer Howard Shore, it has been the movie challenge of a lifetime – writing the nine-hour score for the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

12-14-01: Harry's FotR Review (Ain't It Cool News)
It is everything I ever hoped it would or could be. Have you noticed a curious little habit in the reviews we’ve been seeing online from movie geeks?

12-14-01: Moriarty's FotR Review (Ain't It Cool News)
I cannot stress this strongly enough: do not see this movie. If you do, it will ruin you for everything else. Films you've seen before, films you're waiting to see...

12-14-01: A Turk Goes to Middle Earth (
I first read Lord of the Rings on holiday in 1979. I made the mistake of taking out only the first two volumes from the library, thinking that 6-700 pages would...

12-14-01: Movie Figures a Rings Sideshow (The Dominion)
When everyone who ever wanted to has seen The Lord of the Rings, Wellington special effects company Weta Workshop hopes to continue reaping...

12-14-01: Lord of the Rings Film Faces Tolkien Fans (Reuters)
Most filmmakers only have to contend with professional critics. Peter Jackson, director of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, will face millions of long-time...

12-14-01: It's Hotter Than Potter, Say Critics (The Evening Post)
British critics were talking multiple Oscars for Peter Jackson's opening Lord Of The Rings movie after yesterday's premiere in London, with rave reviews...

12-14-01: Rings One of 10 Best Movies of All Time (NZPA)
The Lord of the Rings is not even on public display, yet British newspaper The Sun today hailed it as one of 10 films that changed cinema history.

12-14-01: Jackson Lauded at Rings Premiere (The Evening Post)
The trademark shorts stayed in the wardrobe as Wellington film maker Peter Jackson arrived for the biggest day of his life in London today - the world...

12-14-01: Tattoos and Friendship Link Rings Cast (Reuters)
The cast reunited at the premiere of the fantasy epic The Lord of the Rings had two things in common - they all had tattoos and all agreed director...

12-14-01: National Geographic's LotR Special (
Straight to my mailbox from kindhearted Emily at National Geographic TV, here's the scoop on their upcoming Lord of the Rings special.

12-14-01: The Lord of the Rings Update #6 (
Here's the latest from the official LotR newsletter: Pre-Sale The Lord of the Ring Movie Tickets are On Sale NOW!Tickets also available for SPECIAL...

12-14-01: More Fantastic Film Clips (
Three more clips from FotR have been added to our media area, including the Buckleberry Ferry chase sequence, Frodo and Gandalf, etc.

12-12-01: Review of The Fellowship of the Ring (
Based on the classic J.R.R. Tolkien novel, The Fellowship of the Ring is the first in a trilogy of films. Middle Earth is a world inhabited by humans, elves...

12-12-01: FotR vs. Star Wars: Episode I (
Scott here! This past Thursday (December 6, 2001) I got the chance to view "The Lord of The Rings - The Fellowship of The Ring". Star Wars and...

12-12-01: Elijah Wood Interview on Regis (
Elijah appears to be hitting all of the major television shows today. First, he did an interview with Good Morning America. After that, I was pleased to...

12-12-01: New FotR TV Trailers/Spots (
I don't know exactly what they contain because I haven't downloaded them myself yet, but here are a couple of new FotR television trailers/spots.

12-12-01: Five Clips from the Sci-Fi FotR Special (
A number of interesting FotR clips accompanied the Sci-Fi channel's FotR special the other evening. You can download some at TORN.

12-12-01: Wood Appears on Good Morning America (
Elijah was on the GMA show this morning, accompanied by another clip from Fellowship. You can download an AVI of the interview above!

12-11-01: Spanish Site Hosts New LotR Clips (
Spanish site Terra has posted a couple of brand new clips from Fellowship in RealVideo format on their site. These are really awesome clips!

12-11-01: They're Partying With Our Products Over There (The Evening Post)
New Zealand's finest products were on show today in London at the glittering world premiere of The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring.

12-11-01: Lord of the Rings Premieres in London (NZPA)
New Zealand film director Peter Jackson has been greeted warmly by movie fans at the world premiere of The Lord of the Rings at London's...

12-11-01: The Man, the Movie... the Manuscripts (The British Library)
A different side to the creator of Middle-Earth was revealed today, as J.R.R. Tolkien manuscripts and printed editions went on display. They were...

12-11-01: Tolkien Fellowship Splits Over Rings Film (The Times)
Christopher Tolkien, son of the Lord of the Rings author and protector of his father’s heritage, yesterday distanced himself from the much-awaited...

12-10-01: London Hit by Word of Rings (The Evening Post)
Hype in Britain is reaching Harry Potter-like proportions for tomorrow's world premiere of The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring. The...

12-10-01: Tolkien 'Would Have Hated Film' (Reuters)
Lord of the Rings creator JRR Tolkien would have hated the forthcoming Hollywood adaptation of his magical story, but millions of movie-goers...

12-10-01: Film Won't Do Justice to 'Rings' (Yahoo! News)
The son of J.R.R. Tolkien says the forthcoming Hollywood adaptation of his father's classic ``The Lord of the Rings'' will not do justice to the magical...

12-10-01: Ranked #2 by Brits (BBC Online)
Brits must like this site! scores a #2 ranking on BBC's list of the top 10 LotR movie sites on the web, just a smidgen behind

12-10-01: Start or Join a Movie Line Party ( has movie line party area up in which you can start or join a movie line party in your area! Type in your zip code to find one near you.

12-10-01: Birmingham Gets In on LotR Buzz (Virtual Birmingham)
A web site about the town of Birmingham is getting in on the LotR buzz with this tour of some of the buildings and scenery that Tolkien frequented.

12-10-01: Lord of the Rings Production Notes (The Compleat Sean Bean)
J.R.R. Tolkien's literary masterpiece The Lord of the Rings has influenced generations of readers worldwide and continues to captivate new fans...

12-10-01: Miscellaneous Cast Interviews (MSN Entertainment)
Read interviews with Elijah Wood (Frodo), Liv Tyler (Arwen), Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf), and Peter Jackson himself at MSN's web site. Great stuff!

12-08-01: Entertainment Weekly Gives FotR an 'A' (
Joe from The Land of Shadow sends word that Entertainment Weekly's magazine gave FotR an "A" rating. In addition, film critic Liza...

12-08-01: New TV Spot During WWF Smackdown (
I apologize for this being 48 hours old, but here's why: Being extremely busy, I videotape my TV shows and watch them days later. Well, after months...

12-08-01: Chris Tolkien Tells World to Read the Books (E! Online)
The son of J.R.R. Tolkien telling London newspapers that Hollywood's upcoming adaptation of his father's classic The Lord of the Rings will not do...

12-08-01: Lord of the Rings Tickets On Sale Now (The Official Movie Site)
The latest e-mail from the folks at New Line contained the following URLs where you can purchase LotR tickets in advance. There was also some info...

12-07-01: Review of The Fellowship of the Ring (Hear/Say)
To many, J.R.R. Tolkien's epic adventure The Lord of the Rings is the greatest achievement in the history of fantasy writing. For plenty of others, it's...

12-07-01: Invited to New York Benefit Screening (
The story of my life lately. I received the news from New Line yesterday that I could attend a New York benefit screening of The Fellowship of the...

12-07-01: Sev Publishes Strip Commemorating LotR Opening (
John at has published a Sunday-style LotR comic in anticipation of FotR's release on the 19th. Stop by his site to submit a punchline!

12-07-01: LotR Bust and Statue Giveaway (N-Zone Magazine)
N-Zone is giving away Lord of the Rings busts and statues in a contest that they are currently running. Stop by to enter! No purchase necessary.

12-07-01: Frodo's Holiday Fun Time Sing-Song Hour (Modern Humorist)
Long spoken of in hushed tones by geeks, network executives and elves, NBC's 1972 "Lord of the Rings" holiday special has been rediscovered, and we...

12-06-01: LotR Leaps from ME to Cyberspace (The Official Movie Site)
America Online today announced the launch of the Lord of The Rings "Search for the Ring Sweepstakes," an interactive sweepstakes that brings...

12-06-01: Lord of the Rings Update #5 (
Just a sample of the latest from the official newsletter: Pre-Sale The Lord of the Ring Movie Tickets are On Sale NOW! and Aragorn Screensaver. New...

12-06-01: Sean Bean, Man of Steel (The Independent)
But what's causing most excitement right now is the Christmas release of The Fellow-ship of the Ring. Directed by Peter Jackson (Heavenly Creatures...

12-06-01: Rings Has Brit Eyes on NZ (NZPA)
New Zealand tourism and filmmaking is set to profit as Britain goes on The Lord of the Rings alert. With the first part of New Zealand director Peter...

12-06-01: Review of The Fellowship of the Ring (Jiminy Critic)
Though countless millions of readers have been almost pathetically susceptible to the pretensions of J. R. R. Tolkien’s great tome The Lord of the Rings...

12-05-01: FotR Review from Norway (Ain't It Cool News)
Warning: Strong Language!! First of all: calm the heck down, people. This is just a movie, made by mere mortal men. It's a good movie. Of course it is.

12-05-01: Tolkien on Homeland Defense (The American Prospect)
In a 1954 effusion about his friend J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, C.S. Lewis had this to say: Almost the central theme of the book is the...

12-05-01: Rings 'Premieres' in Palmerston North (Manawatu Evening Standard)
The long-awaited film Lord of the Rings, was stealthily delivered to Palmerston North last Thursday - but only three people were lucky enough to be...

12-05-01: Jackson Named Wellingtonian of the Year (The Evening Post)
The man who made Wellington the home of The Lord Of The Rings was last night named 2001 Wellingtonian Of The Year. Peter Jackson won...

12-05-01: Rings Strikes Chord with Hollywood Trades (The Evening Post)
So far, so good for Peter Jackson. Hollywood's two most influential entertainment trade magazines - Variety and the Hollywood Reporter...

12-04-01: The Land of the Rings (Chicago Tribune)
Frodo Baggins wanted to destroy a ring, and it took him three books to do it. Director Peter Jackson just wanted to film the trilogy of books about...

12-04-01: Jackson to Put Bare Foot Forward at Premieres (The Evening Post)
Peter Jackson may wear a black tie to the premieres of The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring - just don't expect him to put on trousers...

12-04-01: Rings Diehards Say It's Worth the Wait (The Evening Post)
Despite a long, cold night on a Wellington footpath, recent school leavers Alex Rider, Milly Goldberg and Joel Humphreys agreed the discomfort was...

12-04-01: Govt Announces Plans to Cash In on Rings (NZPA)
The Government has announced initiatives costing $875,000 to maximise the benefits for New Zealand from the release of the Lord of the Rings movies.

12-04-01: An Orc Talks (Manawatu Evening Standard)
Evan Nattrass is used to wearing armour in public. But as a Lord of the Rings extra, he hit the big time. Ewan Sargent reports. From the dark...

12-04-01: There and Back Again (Manawatu Evening Standard)
How cool is owning The Lord of the Rings trilogy personally autographed to you by JRR Tolkien? These days, very. Ewan Sargent reports.There it sits...

12-04-01: Newsweek Heaps Praise on Jackson (The Evening Post)
Film director Peter Jackson can breathe easy for now - the first review of The Fellowship Of The Ring is out and it's enough to make us all wish we...

12-04-01: Official FotR Stamps Issued in New Zealand (
"I work for New Zealand Post and we have issued what I consider to be a wonderful tribute to the film 'The Fellowship of The Ring'. A range of..."

12-04-01: Joram's Fellowship of the Ring Review (
I saw the film last night and knew I needed a night to sleep on it. I wanted to let the film settle with me before I sat down to give you all of my thoughts.

12-03-01: A 'Ring' to Rule the Screen (Newsweek)
First, let me tell you where I’m coming from. Before I saw “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,” I didn’t know the difference between...

12-03-01: Bombardier's Beaudoin Sees Growth (
AlthoughJ.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings series has brought generations of readers together--each interpreting the exploits of Bilbo Baggins and...

12-03-01: Tolkien Family Split Over 'Rings' Film (
London, England (Reuters) -- The heirs of British fantasy writer J.R.R. Tolkien are split over the "The Lord of the Rings" films, according to a media...

12-03-01: A 'Ring' to Rule the Screen (Newsweek)
First, let me tell you where I’m coming from. Before I saw “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,” I didn’t know the difference between...

12-03-01: Teacher, Students Attend London Premiere (
Jonathan Hewat of Stonyhurst CollegeI will be taking a small contingent of pupils from the college to the world premiere of The Fellowship of the...

12-02-01: Download Fox's Moria Sequence (Ain't It Cool News)
Missed the Fox LotR special last week? Not to worry. You can download the Moria segment (the highlight of the special) over at Harry's!

12-02-01: Lure of the Rings (MSNBC)
Before coming to the land of “The Lord of the Rings,” you’d heard two things over and over, the first of which concerned the landscape: as Liv Tyler...

12-02-01: Liv Tyler's Fear Spurs Double Take (Sunday Star Times)
American glamour actress Liv Tyler may be riding a wave of success, but don't offer her a ride on a horse - chances are she'll cringe in fear. A stunt...

12-02-01: From Matamata to Hobbiton (Waikato Times)
Paeroa has its L&P bottle, Ohakune its carrot but Matamata could go one better renaming itself Hobbiton after the mythical village in JRR...

12-01-01: New Zealand Perfect Location for Rings (Reuters)
The makers of the epic Lord of the Rings picked New Zealand as the perfect movie location - a primal, untamed landscape representing the world as...

12-01-01: New Line Abuzz Over Rings (Reuters)
New Line Cinema breathed a sigh of relief Wednesday as the Internet went on overload with positive buzz for The Lord of the Rings after an exhibitor...

12-01-01: Rings Tipped to Boost Tourists (The Evening Post)
The Lord Of The Rings film trilogy could do for New Zealand tourism what Crocodile Dundee did for Australia, a travel writer for one of America's...

12-01-01: Rings Star Says Film a Wonder (The Evening Post)
Sir Ian McKellan, who plays Gandalf the wizard in The Lord Of The Rings, has finally seen the completed film - and he says it's great. Sir Ian details...

11-30-01: LotR Fan Club Sweepstakes Winner Announced (Decipher)
(NORFOLK, Va. November 30, 2001) Bradley of Surrey, British Columbia, will soon be on their way to London for the highly-anticipated world...

11-30-01: Clay Harper Interview and Tolkien Tattoo Contest (
Beau here from in NYC.  I wanted to bring to your attention two points of interest on my website,  This past week, we...

11-30-01: Lord of the Rings Update #4 (The Official Movie Site)
Here's the latest from the official LotR newsletter: The "Ringmessenger" Interactive Agent is Here! Chat 24/7 about The Lord of the Rings with...

11-29-01: Review of The Fellowship of the Ring (Ain't It Cool News)
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is what got me through high school. I spent 5 years escaping into the three books, revisiting Middle Earth every chance I got.

11-29-01: Review of The Fellowship of the Ring (Ain't It Cool News)
I have just returned from a special screening of LOTR:FOTR, which I was fortunate enough to get into (due to the kindness of my new favorite person...

11-29-01: Jackson 'Delighted' to Direct Rings (BBC News)
Millions of people are excitedly awaiting the release of the first Lord of the Rings movie - but few more so than its director Peter Jackson. "I waited a...

11-29-01: More New FotR Reviews (
I'm working on setting up a section of the site for reviews only, but until that happens, here are a few more new FotR reviews.

11-28-01: Review of The Fellowship of the Ring (Ain't It Cool News)
Warning: Strong Language!! I was privileged enough attend the Fellowship of the Ring tonight in Sherman Oaks and let me say right off the bat that I was...

11-28-01: Review of The Fellowship of the Ring (Tolkien Online)
I cannot tell you how excited I was as I sat down, the feeling was simply amazing. The buzz was, I don’t know, kinda like electricity. When the film...

11-28-01: Review of The Fellowship of the Ring (Home Theater Forum)
The film begins with lengthy female narrative that tells the story of Middle Earth - the ancient land of elves, dwarves, hobbits, wizards and other creatures.

11-28-01: Review of The Fellowship of the Ring (
I've recently seen a screening of Fellowship of the Ring. A small number of us within [ahem] distrubion company have seen it, albeit in a small projection...

11-28-01: Gandalf Reviews Fellowship of the Ring (
What to tell you about The Fellowship of the Ring which I have now seen in a private screening room in New York? Certainly a great deal less than...

11-28-01: For Tolkien's Middle Earth Read New Zealand (Reuters)
For Middle Earth read New Zealand. The makers of the epic Lord of the Rings picked New Zealand as the perfect movie location -- a primal, untamed...

11-28-01: Several New FotR Reviews (
I thought that things were heating up a month ago, but now the site is really getting pounded and my e-mail box is filling up with news every hour...

11-28-01: 'Potter' Star Radcliffe: 'It's Just Good Fun' (
I think it's really, really silly the way the press has kind of built up a rivalry between the two films cause really the only likeness is they've both got...

11-27-01: Lord of the Rings London Premiere Tickets (
If you have a lot of extra cash just lying around, you might consider bidding on this pair of tickets to the LotR premiere in London that are on eBay.

11-27-01: RingFan Back Up w/New Design (
My pal Jeff, the webmaster of, has the site back up and has done a redesign, so if you want more news, click on over and check it out!

11-27-01: Lord of the Rings Soundtrack News (The Official Sondtrack Site)
As you are well aware, the Soundtrack to LOTR: FOTR is out and available in stores across the world this week. This morning, I saw the 6 different...

11-27-01: Tolkien Auction at Sotheby's (
The auction at Sotheby's London on 13 December 2001 will include a fine collection of material by J.R.R. Tolkien. Lots include autograph letters...

11-27-01: Upcoming LotR Feature on TNT (
Due to your dedication as a true fan of Tolkien's work and THE LORD OF THE RINGS series, we at Turner Network Television would like to inform you...

11-27-01: The News at (Ancanar)
The end of November greets us here in LA with stormy weather, possibly to forebode the upcoming release of the Ancanar Internet Trailer...

11-27-01: New Tolkien Library to Open at Stonyhurst (Stonyhurst)
With the filming of J.R.R. Tolkien’s timeless trilogy classics, The Lord of the Rings, complete, and with the first film, The Fellowship of the Rings...

11-26-01: Finding God in The Lord of the Rings (Focus on the Family)
It was a dark and stormy night. Well, windy, at any rate. On the grounds of Magdalen College, Oxford, two tweed-jacketed, pipe-puffing professors...

11-26-01: Voices from the Last Age (Visimag)
Writer and broadcaster Brian Sibley brings a unique perspective to his role as the author of The Official Lord of the Rings Movie Guide, and two further...

11-26-01: Rings Movie Mania Hits (The Dominion)
Lord of the Rings movie mania is upon us. Tickets for the first movie in the Rings trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring, went on sale yesterday...

11-26-01: Red Carpet to Roll for Rings Cast (The Dominion)
Gandalf won't be there. Nor will Galadriel, Gimli and certainly not computer generated Gollum. So it may not quite be Hollywood ... but the list...

11-26-01: World Press Raves Over Rings (The Evening Post)
Hype over The Lord Of The Rings is reaching fever pitch in the United States and Britain, with director Peter Jackson's $650 million film epic...

11-26-01: Rings' Carpet Ready to Roll (The Evening Post)
The longest red carpet ever needed in New Zealand has been obtained. Organisers of the Australasian premiere on December 19 of The Lord...

11-26-01: Lord Rings Up Big Advance Sales (Reuters)
If the earliest advance sales of New Line Cinema's Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring are any indication, it could give corporate...

11-26-01: NZ Classics Ride on Rings' Release (The Dominion)
A season of classic New Zealand films is to coincide with the Lord of the Rings release. The programme, presented by the New Zealand Film...

11-25-01: 'Band of Power' Ad in TV Guide (
Brad C. found this advertisement in the Sep. 29th/Oct. 5 issue of TV Guide. He told me that he finds this "joke of a ring" offensive to the LotR tradition...

11-25-01: InStyle Magazine Orlando Bloom Article (Tolkien Online)
Tolkien Online has a scan of an InStyle Magazine article about some of the firsts of Orland Bloom (Legolas), including details about his first job.

11-25-01: InStyle Magazine Elf Promo Article (Tolkien Online)
A scan from the December 2001 issue of InStyle magazine featuring some Lord of the Rings jewelry. Nice looking stuff here, but a little expensive.

11-25-01: SLG Collectibles Releases New LotR Items (
The folks at SLG Collectibles have some really incredible LotR merchandise for sale on their site (specifically, wall scrolls). I just noticed it today!

11-24-01: Rings Tickets Prove Hot Property (BBC News)
Advance tickets for the first The Lord of the Rings film have reportedly been selling like hot cakes in several countries - more than a month before...

11-24-01: Tolkien Fever in NZ as Movie Opening Nears (
In a war of the wizards on New Zealand's silver screens, old-timer Gandalf looks like he will take a broomstick to young pretender Harry Potter.

11-24-01: Special Warning for Rings Film (BBC News)
The first film in the trilogy of Lord of the Rings movies will carry a warning in the UK that young children may find it frightening - even though the film has...

11-24-01: Boromir's Fellowship Tattoo (The Compleat Sean Bean)
As previously reported by someone, Orlando Bloom appeared on Channel 4's Big Breakfast in the UK on November 21. One other thing that he...

11-24-01: Adapting the Lord of the Rings (Scr(i)pt Magazine)
There was a major question in scr(i)pt’s mind as we spoke at length with Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, co-screenwriters with Jackson of the...

11-21-01: Sneak Peek: The Fellowship of the Ring (Reader's Digest)
Long before there was Harry Potter, there was The Lord of the Rings, first published in 1954. What the two book series have in common...

11-21-01: Lord of the Rings Update #3 (The Official Movie Site)
I received my LotR update e-mail #3 today and it had these goodies in it...

11-21-01: The News at Mithril (Mithril)
Here's the latest pewter figure news from our friends at Mithril.

11-21-01: Former Child Star Grows Up Gracefully (People)
Elijah Wood has been in movies for most of his life. But as he teeters on the verge of super-stardom with his upcoming role as Frodo Baggins, the...

11-21-01: Interview with Howard Shore (SoundtrackNet)
You'll first hear the Fellowship theme forming in the film when Frodo leaves Hobbiton with Sam on his way to Bree - but it's just a fragment of the...

11-20-01: J.R.R. Tolkien's Take on the Truth (ZENIT News)
Catholic convert Joseph Pearce is author of two popular books on J.R.R. Tolkien, "Tolkien: Man and Myth" and "Tolkien: A Celebration"...

11-20-01: LotR Movie Guide Hits Bestseller List (The Official Movie Site)
THE LORD OF THE RINGS OFFICIAL MOVIE GUIDE by Brian Sibley, Houghton Mifflin's fully authorized, behind-the-scenes guide to the...

11-20-01: Reasons for Liking Tolkien (LRB)
A writer, born around 1890, is famous for three novels. The first is short, elegant, an instant classic. The second, the masterpiece, has the...

11-20-01: New Dwarven Screensaver at Official Site (
Visit the official site to download a new Dwarvish screensaver for your computer. A host of other character-focused screensavers are also available!

11-18-01: Pics of Burger King Collectible Items (
Want to take a peek at what you can expect from Burger King this coming December? Some of these toys are actually pretty cool.

11-18-01: More Spoiler Pics at Fantasy Planet (
Fantasy Planet has a very long page of new spoiler pics available at their site. Pics include Bill Ferny, Gimli, Arwen, Saruman, and more!

11-18-01: Soprano's 12 Lines of Fame (The Press)
She hasn't read the books, but she has sung in the movie. When the long awaited Lord of the Rings hits movie screens next month, the voice...

11-18-01: Tolkien Archive Sale Outstrips Expectations (
First editions and letters of British fantasy writer J.R.R. Tolkien sold for 57,000 pounds ($81,650), outstripping experts' estimates, a spokeswoman for...

11-16-01: Early Rising Just the Ticket (The Evening Post)
It wasn't a hoard to match the Orc armies, but about 30 hardy souls queued at Hoyts Mid City at 7.15 this morning to buy tickets for the first public...

11-16-01: Digital Effects Bring 'Rings' to Life (BBC News)
Putting contours into JRR Tolkien's Middle-earth hasn't just been the job of the locations in the New Zealand landscape where the three Lord of the...

11-16-01: Rings to Aid Attack Fund (Variety)
New Line Cinema will hold an advance screening of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring on Dec. 13 to benefit the New York State World...

11-16-01: Harry vs. Frodo: Different Crowd's Fantasy Films (USA Today)
One is a Harry while the other is merely hairy-footed. But both are the brainchildren of teachers-turned-authors who prefer to go by initials...

11-15-01: LotR Screening in New York to Benefit WTC Fund (New Line)
New Line Cinema will hold a special advanced screening of the epic adventure The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring on December 13...

11-15-01: Peter Jackson's Cameo Discovered? (
My friend Jonny has discovered what may be PJ's cameo role. The photo on this Decipher playing card bears a striking resemblance to the director.

11-15-01: Sev's LotR Cartoon Caption Contest Ends (
John over at has wrapped up his LotR cartoon caption contest and the winning entry has been selected. Visit his site to read it and others.

11-14-01: Ring-a-Rosy Future (The Evening Post)
Stand by for Lord Of The Cash-Ins - that ringing in your ears is the sound of cash registers being sent into overdrive as businesses seek to jump...

11-14-01: 'Lord of the Rings' Props Draw Crowds (Reuters)
An exclusive exhibit of props and costumes from the set of The Lord of the Rings is attracting record crowds to Toronto's stately Casa Loma...

11-14-01: Rings Duo Honoured (The Evening Post)
Lord of the Rings duo Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh have been honoured by their own industry. The pair has been awarded the Screen Producers...

11-14-01: Official Site Updated (
The official site has been updated with a new video on the scoring session between Howard Shore and Peter Jackson and a host of other goodies!

11-13-01: Sean Bean Costume Pics (The Compleat Sean Bean)
One of Nona's visitors went to Casa Loma and provided her with some excellent commentary, as well as some fantastic pics of Boromir's costume.

11-13-01: A History Lesson from Harry Potter (
Here are scans from an article that compares LotR with Harry Potter. In my mind, there is no comparison, but it's a relatively interesting article.

11-13-01: Can Fantasy Take Flight? (Calendar Live)
Every moviemaker will tell you it's all about the story. Director, producer, screenwriter, animator will look you straight in the eye and say, "It's all...

11-13-01: Hollywood's Great Escape (Calendar Live)
Anthrax. Hijackings. Terrorism. Israelis and Palestinians at each other's throats. Destruction and loss of life on a staggering scale. Had enough?

11-13-01: Hobbits Reunite Through LotR Fan Club (Decipher)
Astin (Sam Gamgee), Dominic Monaghan (Meriadoc Brandbuck, Merry), and Billy Boyd (Peregrin Took, Pippin) have joined fellow cast member...

11-11-01: First Lord of the Rings Film Review (Ain't It Cool News)
Harry has posted what may be considered by some to be the first LotR review. Prepare to read an article from someone who has seen FotR!!

11-11-01: Christopher Lee Speaks Elvish (
Caltanet Cinema has an audio clip posted on their web site that features Christopher Lee (Saruman) speaking a few sentences of Elvish.

11-10-01: Review of Cedco's Red Book Journal (
The folks at Cedco Publishing were nice enough to send me a copy of their newly-published Lord of the Rings-themed journal. I liked the journal...

11-10-01: Message Board Added to LotR Fan Site (
The official LotR Fan Club web site has a new community message board feature. Why not stop by to register and post a message or two?

11-09-01: LotR CD-ROM Cardz in Stores on Thanksgiving (Serious USA)
New York, New York (November 7, 2001) –As the first installment of New Line Cinema’s highly anticipated epic, live-action trilogy, The Lord of the...

11-09-01: Figuratively Speaking with Toy Biz (Toy Mania)
RTM had a chance this week to speak with Joann McLaughlin, who is the VP of product development for Toy Biz. Joann had plenty to say about Toy...

11-09-01: Official LotR Soundtrack Site Posts Clips (
The official Lord of the Rings soundtrack site has posted complete clips of every track of Howard Shore's score for FotR! Incredible stuff here.

11-09-01: Arwen, Galadriel, Gandalf, and Elrond Pics (
More great pics from Fantasy Planet have arrived. Click here and here.

11-07-01: What Was That Trailer Before Monsters, Inc? (
I'm not ashamed to admit it, I saw Monsters, Inc. the other day with my brother. I have to say that it was a great movie, one of the best Pixar has...

11-07-01: Interesting E-mail About EW Holiday Preview (
Next week, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY presents its annual Holiday Movie Preview, a special double issue packed with buzz on all the big-screen...

11-07-01: The News at Mithril (Mithril)
We are pleased to announce the release of our new 54mm Lord of the Rings figures. We have put up the first photograph of on the web site. Check...

11-07-01: Tolkien Movie Maker Sees No Rivalry With Potter (
Lord of the Rings movie maker Peter Jackson on Wednesday dismissed talk that the first movie of J.R.R. Tolkien's classic fantasy trilogy is in...

11-07-01: Pics of Moria (Fantasy Planet)
Fantasy Planet does it again with some new pics of Moria.

11-07-01: Collectible Cards From Soundtrack (
Ben from the Tolkien Trail sent me this link to some collectible cards that will be in the LotR soundtrack. You can send them as online e-cards!

11-06-01: News From Around the Web (
Here's the latest edition of my semi-weekly recap of what's going on in LotR-land here and around the web! Dark Horizons reports that now...

11-06-01: Tolkien Fever Outside Norway Cinema (Aftenposten Interactive)
Around three hundred Tolkien fans braved the cold to queue up outside the Colosseum on Sunday night/Monday morning. And their efforts proved...

11-06-01: Lord of the Rings Update #2 (The Official Movie Site)
I received my second official LotR e-mail newsletter today! Some of the features included the following news: Creatures of Middle-earth Desktop Series...

11-05-01: LotR Archive Set for London (Reuters)
An archive showing the development of J.R.R. Tolkien's classic fantasy The Lord of the Rings is expected to fetch up to 35,000 pounds ($50,940)...

11-05-01: The Wizard, Peter Jackson (USA Today)
Enchanting players: Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Sean Astin, Cate Blanchett, Viggo Mortensen. Magical moments: In the first of three films based...

11-05-01: New LotR Commercial Featuring Gandalf (
The Arwen and Frodo commercials were awesome, but this commercial featuring Gandalf tops them all. Download it for a real treat!

11-05-01: More New Pics at Fantasy Planet (
Fantasy Planet has more new pics! Check them out here, here, and here.

11-05-01: Listen to LotR Soundtrack Samples ( has posted some fantastic samples from each track on the Lord of the Rings soundtrack CD. Includes commentary!

11-05-01: Lord of the Rings Hits Popcorn Bags (Tolkien Online)
Check out this scan of a Lord of the Rings-themed popcorn bag. Will this be a collector's item in a few years? We'll just have to wait and see, eh?

11-04-01: New Pics of Celeborn & Galadriel (Fantasy Planet)
Fantasy Planet comes through again with a pic of Celeborn and Galadriel, as well as one of Sam and the Hobbits leading Bill through.

11-04-01: The Lord of the Rings (Digital Producer)
"In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit." These words, first doodled by Oxford professor J.R.R. Tolkien on a student’s exam paper in the...

11-04-01: Another Burger King LotR Sweepstakes (Burger King)
Lindsey was kind enough to alert me to this LotR sweepstakes! Enter for a chance to win a trip fo the Lord of the Rings premiere in New York.

11-04-01: Lord of the Rings Day Reminder (
Don't forget LotR day coming up on Nov. 8th. Also, an update Sir Ian McKellen and Sean Astin will be appearing at a few of the libraries on that day!

11-02-01: Planet Tolkien Reopens With New Design (
Taz at Planet Tolkien has finally reopened the site with a new design and lots of updated content. This is a site you'll want to add to your bookmarks!

11-02-01: War of the Wands (The Sun)
Lord Of The Rings, a Ŗ55million adaptation of the classic JRR Tolkien fable, follows the fortunes of Frodo the hobbit, the keeper of a magical...

11-02-01: New World Series LotR Commercials (Tolkien Online)
A couple of new LotR commercials were featured during the World Series this past week. You can download the Frodo spot or the Arwen spot.

11-01-01: E! Online's November Update (
E! Online's update for this month is not that spectacular, but news is short right now, so why not click over to their site and check out what they have?

11-01-01: Music Samples From the FotR Score (
Some samples of Howard Shore's score for FotR have been converted into MP3 by a sneaky spy and are available for download! Awesome.

10-31-01: Rings Actor: It'll Be the Biggest Film of All Time (Jam! Showbiz)
Veteran actor John Rhys-Davies is taking a page from baseball legend Babe Ruth in predicting the commercial prospects of the upcoming film...

10-31-01: More FoxTrot Madness From Bill Amend (
I'm starting to really enjoy Bill Amend's comic strip! His latest FoxTrot features, you guessed it, more LotR (and Halloween) madness. Hilarious!

10-31-01: Listen to Full Version of 'May It Be' (Tolkien Online)
Someone has posted the full version of Enya's song May It Be (the song that will be featured in the LotR films) at the Tolkien Online message board.

10-30-01: Gobs of New Fantasy Planet Pics (
Fantasy Planet is really cranking out the pics. For Aragorn, Gimli, Galadriel, Frodo, Sam, and more simply follow these links: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

10-30-01: 'Fellowship' One Flight Closer (Wired News)
Over the weekend a precious cargo reached the shores of the United States -- the final cut of the first film of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. From that...

10-30-01: Fraud of the Rings LotR Cartoon Contest (
Two snippets of news about the Fraud of the Rings cartoon website: We're running a Lord of the Rings parody at the Sci-Fi Cartoon Contest.

10-30-01: Decipher Seeks LotR Volunteers (Decipher)
As many of you may know Decipher currently has more than 220 Product Champion volunteers for The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game...

10-30-01: Reprise Records Releases LotR Soundtrack (Reprise Records)
On December 19, 2001, audiences everywhere will be taken on a journey unlike anything they have ever witnessed when New Line Cinema releases...

10-29-01: Irish Times Article Scans (Caltanet Cinema)
Robert at Caltanet has some scans of a LotR article that recently ran in the Irish Times. There are a total of 3 scans, available here, here, and here.

10-29-01: Forums Open (
My pal Jeff over at has reopened the site and added a new forum to it. I encourage you to stop by and register for some great discussion!

10-27-01: Hobbit of a Lifetime (The Sun)
Here's a 2 page spread from Britain's newspaper, The Sun, featuring some lavish pics from the films. No new movie news here, though!

10-25-01: Tolkien vs. Rowling (Town Online)
It won’t be long before furry-footed Frodo challenges goggle-eyed Harry Potter for the hearts and wallets of film-goers around the world. Get ready...

10-25-01: New Zealand Plans LotR Tours (
A group of Kiwis has started a tourism venture to take fans of Lord Of The Rings to places in New Zealand where the trilogy was filmed. It is...

10-25-01: Frodo Lives (San Francisco Gate)
You can either sit around these days waiting to see if the Nasdaq will ever again top 2,000, or, like me, you can be counting the days until the big...

10-25-01: Hollywood Pic Parties Pooped (The New York Times)
Marketing anxieties are putting a  damper on the holiday season's traditionally splashy picture premieres. In fact, many studio executives wonder...

10-25-01: Updates at Official Site (
Check out details on the creation of Weathertop (as well as new photos of Weathertop, Bree, and Hobbiton) at the official LotR movie site.

10-25-01: Lots of New Film Stills (Tolkien Online)
The guys at Tolkien Online have posted a slew of new film stills from the "Hoyt's Cinemas" web site, including Gandalf brandishing Glamdring.

10-25-01: Updates at Official Site (
Check out details on the creation of Weathertop (as well as new photos of Weathertop, Bree, and Hobbiton) at the official LotR movie site.

10-24-01: JoBlo Reviews 25 Minutes of LotR Footage (JoBlo)
Yesterday morning, I was invited to a special press screening for about 25 minutes of footage from the LORD OF THE RINGS film trilogy. You...

10-24-01: Decipher Unveils Product Plans for LotR (Decipher)
The Lord of the Rings Adventure Game, the first of Decipheršs roleplaying games (RPGs) for New Line Cinemašs epic adventure, The Lord...

10-24-01: The LotR Director Honors Fans (Decipher)
Inspired by the one hundred million readers of The Lord of the RingsTM, Director Peter Jackson has become the first person in movie-making history...

10-23-01: Lord of Literature (The Los Angeles Times)
It began, as many things do, in a bar. An Oxford pub, circa 1940, called the Eagle and Child, or the Bird and the Baby to the locals. At Tuesday...

10-23-01: The Fellowship of the Ring (Wired)
In early 2000, young Jonny Grindlay and his dad drove down to the studio backlots of Wellington, New Zealand, to see what they could see.

10-22-01: Sean Astin's Official Web Site Opens (
Sean Astin (Sam) has a new official web site that recently opened. It was created by the webmaster of and is quite impressive.

10-22-01: The Great Chocolate Cake (Tolkien Online)
Once upon a time it was announced to all the world that a group of ambitious cooks and kitchen helpers would come together to bake the greatest...

10-22-01: What Upcoming Movie Trailer Looked Best To You? (TKCS)
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is a product that has begged for attention for nearly five decades. Disregarding the atrocious attempt...

10-22-01: Lord of the Rings Soundtrack Site Opens (
Have you checked out the new LotR soundtrack site yet? NO?!? Well, stop by! There isn't much content there yet, but the graphics are pretty sweet.

10-22-01: Another LotR-Themed FoxTrot Comic (
Bill Amend has taken the LotR pen to his FoxTrot comic strip again, and this is probably one of his funniest yet. How many of you have done this?

10-21-01: Fans Camping for Tickets in Denmark (
This group of LotR fans in Copenhagen, Denmark may be the first to start camping for tickets for the December 19th release of Fellowship!

10-21-01: Sample of Enya LotR Song Available (Realm of the Ring)
My good friend over at Realm of the Ring has gotten his mitts on an MP3 sample from Enya's song "May It Be" which is to be featured in LotR.

10-21-01: Praising the 'Lord' (
Often, the difficulty associated with translating a novel into a theatrical production, is the laborious task of painting a picture as imaginative...

10-21-01: Balrogs! Cave Trolls! Hobbits! (
In the preview, viewers see three major scenes, and then a five-minute collage of other footage. In the first one, we see Gandalf visit Bilbo, the title...

10-21-01: London Debut for Lord of the Rings (BBC News)
The world premičre of part one of the Lord of the Rings trilogy is set to take place in London on 10 December. Sir Ian McKellan, Cate Blanchett...

10-21-01: Wait Almost Over for Sci-Fi Fans (
The first film in New Line's massively budgeted Lord of the Rings trilogy will have its world premiere in London on Dec. 10, a spokeswoman for...

10-19-01: News From Around the Web (
Yes, it's time for another great edition of my "News From Around the Web" recap. The big news right now is that most of the images on...

10-19-01: Michael Dirda LotR Chat on November 2nd (The Washington Post)
On December 19th the first of three highly anticipated screen adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's book "The Fellowship of the Rings" will be released...

10-19-01: Short Ringwraith Documentary Video (
Here's some fantastic Ringwraith "documentary" footage that aired at ComicCon this summer. This is a very informative video clip here!

10-18-01: Sir Ian McKellen Updates His Grey Book (
More great question and answer sessions from McKellen (Gandalf), including tidbits ranging from Gandalf as an "instigator" to... well, you'll see!

10-18-01: Lord of the Rings Fan Club Launches (Decipher)
Inspired by the one hundred million readers of The Lord of the RingsTM, Director Peter Jackson has become the first person in movie-making history to...

10-18-01: New Trailer Appears to Give Tolkien His Due (Chicago Sun-Times)
Forget about New Line Cinema's strategy to release "The Lord of the Rings" in three successive December installments beginning this year. After the...

10-18-01: 'Lord' of the Budget (The New York Post)
And you thought "Titanic" was big. Get ready for "Lord of the Rings," the biggest gamble in Hollywood history: a $300 million trilogy based on...

10-18-01: Toy Biz Introduces New Line of Products (Toy Biz)
Feel the sword lunging, arrow attacking excitement as Toy Biz, a division of Marvel Enterprises (NYSE: MVL), introduces an action-packed...

10-18-01: Save 30% Off Recorded Books LotR Items (
The kind folks at Recorded Books (who have always done a great job of transitioning books to audio cassette and CD while maintaining...

10-17-01: Hidden Message from Gandalf on Official Site (
Follow the instructions below to discover a hidden audio message from Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) on the official LotR movie site! Proceed to the...

10-17-01: Hollywood's Efforts to be Relevant (The New York Observer)
Mr. Shaye used the opportunity to plug New Line’s upcoming $300 million Lord of the Rings trilogy. “I just received a note that said, ‘What the...

10-17-01: LotR Single Available by the End of October (
Douglas from Singapore was kind enough to send me this short article he found on Billboard's web site the other day. Ethereal vocalists Enya and...

10-17-01: Wise Words from Sir Ian McKellen (
The great English actor talks about getting into the character (and costume) of the wizard Gandalf in this great video interview from

10-17-01: First Look at Cirith Ungol (Imladris)
The fine people at Imladris have some new pics posted at their site, including Galadriel's swan boat and the tower of Cirith Ungol. Stellar!

10-17-01: Lothlorien 7 -- 1,000 Free Hobbits (NUblog)
The other day, we at NUblog were minding our own business – for once – and happened upon a seeming parody of an article claiming that mighty...

10-17-01: A Look at the LotR Promotional DVD (DVD Review)
New Line Cinema is currently offering a promotion that will get fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy masterpiece The Lord Of The Rings to break...

10-13-01: Lord of the Rings Video at Local Bookstores (Houghton Mifflin)
November 8th is Lord of the Rings Day! As fans prepare for the much anticipated release of "The Fellowship of the Ring," the first film in...

10-13-01: Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack Available (
A number of mysterious listings have popped up on recently, including what appears to be the soundtrack to The Fellowship of the...

10-12-01: Sean Astin Tries On Rings (Sci Fi Wire)
Sean Astin, who plays Sam Gamgee in Peter Jackson's upcoming Lord of the Rings films, told SCI FI Wire that he learned "so much" about the...

10-12-01: B. Dalton's Interview With Peter Jackson (Tolkien Online)
Tolkien Online has some exclusive scans of an interview with Peter Jackson that appeared in the October/November issue of a B. Dalton brochure.

10-12-01: More Info on Rosie Cotton (Herr Der Ringe Film)
Cirdan has a few tidbits regarding actress Sarah McLeod, who plays Rosie Cotton in the Lord of the Rings trilogy of films. Also includes a pic.

10-12-01: Hobbit Name Generator & Promo Partners (Official Movie Site)
The official site now features a Hobbit name generator and a list of LotR's promotional partners. The Hobbit name generator is really awesome!

10-12-01: The Lieutenant of Dol Guldor (Decipher)
Decipher's latest trading card features a rather menacing Ringwraith.

10-12-01: The Sad Legacy of Tolkien's Fable (The Daily Express)
Richard from the great site alerted me to this article early this morning. It takes a quick look at Tolkien's life as a writer and teacher.

10-12-01: Medallion Program at Slideshow Toy (
An e-mail in my box a couple of days ago alerted me to this awesome new program that Slideshow is running. These LotR medallions are sweet!

10-10-01: Even More FotR Script Details (Tolkien Online)
More conversations between Leo and his secret contact. Great stuff here! The remainder of the transcript is available at Tolkien Online. Link is...

10-10-01: LotR Trailers on Rush Hour 2 DVD (The Digital Bits)
So you say you're a fan of Lord of the Rings and you can't wait for a look at the upcoming film version of The Fellowship of the Ring? Well, if you're...

10-10-01: 11 Things You Don't Know About LotR (
Bringing J.R.R. Tolkien's epic trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, to the big screen is unquestionably one of the largest projects undertaken in movie history...

10-08-01: Wireless Middle Earth (Wireless Middle Earth)
I don't know much about this system yet, but a company called Wireless Middle Earth is offering cellphone users some Tolkien-related software.

10-08-01: LotR Busts, Statues, Helms Now Shipping (Slideshow Toy)
Slideshow Toy is not shipping these series 1 toys. Really cool stuff here!

10-09-01: More FotR Script Details (Tolkien Online)
Here's a conversation I had with my source tonight. Not a great deal of new stuff, but we'e starving for news. BTW, if you can think of new...

10-09-01: The News at Mithril (Mithril)
From the 10th of October through to December 10th we are introducing a special Mail-order promotion. Orders placed with a value over 25 Euros...

10-08-01: Win a Trip to the LotR Premiere (
This fine book company is offering a visit to the premiere of Lord of the Rings to the winner of their sweepstakes! Click the link above for more info.

10-08-01: Decipher Releases New Card Pics (Tolkien Online)
These new pics from Decipher which feature Gimli and a Stone Troll, among other things, are well worth a look-see. I gotta get me some o' those!

10-08-01: News From Around the Web (
All of a sudden, lots of LotR news is available! Here are the latest tidbits that don't warrant a news article of their own: Tolkien Online reports...

10-06-01: The Lure of the Rings (My Generation)
The Tolkien books have been a cult favorite for nearly half a century. With the new movie, hobbits will be bigger than ever. So what's all the fuss...

10-05-01: News From Around the Web (
Things have been pretty quiet on the news front lately, but here are some tidbits from various quarters. There's a new interview with Billy Boyd...

10-04-01: Life-Size LotR Standups in New Line Store (
I received a message from New Line this morning with info on some new life-size LotR character standups that are now available in their store.

10-04-01: 'Lord of Rings' Artifacts Go On Tour (Jam! Showbiz)
With the enthusiasm for the "Lord Of The Rings" movies building to a fever pitch, the film's artistic directors have decided to show off some...

10-03-01: Ancalagon Updates His Film Changes (Tolkien Online)
Gandalf's messenger moth, Arwen shouting spells at the Ford of Bruinen, Elrond healing Frodo in real-time, and more. Scary stuff here, folks.

10-03-01: More Gooey Orc Pods at Numenor (
I've linked to the pics at Tolkien Online because they have them organized better. Here they are in living color... yet more gooey Orc pods.

10-03-01: Massive Info & Pic Update at Decipher (
Rules for Decipher's LotR card game, as well as some new pics from the cards themselves, have been added to Decipher's site. Well worth a look.

10-03-01: A Magic Formula to Print Cash (The Sydney Morning Herald)
Of the many thoughts going through J K Rowling's head when she wrote Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, few can have involved...

10-01-01: Boorman's Attempted Trip to Middle Earth (Jam! Showbiz)
It's a little-known fact that a live action version of "Lord Of The Rings" almost happened in the mid-'70s. Director John Boorman, best known at...

10-01-01: We Are All Hobbits Now (National Post)
Hollywood, as we have heard, has been frantically airbrushing images of the World Trade Center out of its movie trailers and hastily reviewing...

10-01-01: The Hobbit From Cranhill (The Scotsman Online)
Ten years ago, Billy Boyd was working for a Glasgow publisher, manning a pony-binder as it slapped covers on to paperbacks. Among them...

10-01-01: Winners in One Ring Contest Announced (
Well, I am suprised that nobody found my 2 hidden One Rings until yesterday! What's wrong with you people? :-) Congrats to Jim Anderson and...

10-01-01: Force of Hobbit Updates for October (E! Online)
Lots of goodies including news on Howard Shore's score, Enya's involvement in the films, and how John Rhys-Davies was shrunk to Dwarf-size.

09-28-01: Which Fall Movie Are You Looking Forward To? (TV Guide)
TV Guide is running a poll that asks which fall movie you're most looking forward to. So far, LotR is winning with a hefty 28% of the vote!

09-28-01: Screenwriter Phillipa Boynes Discusses LotR (Cinescape)
With the long-awaited release of a big budget, live-action THE LORD OF THE RINGS just around the corner, fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s hugely popular...

09-28-01: Green Eggs and Ham (Tolkien Online)
GANDALF: That Samwise-Sam! That Samwise-Sam! I do not like that Samwise-Sam! FRODO: Would you like some bread and jam?

09-28-01: Fantasy and Adventure Ready to Rule (Entertainment Wire)
The holiday season's two major fantasy-adventure offerings - The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's...

09-27-01: Lord of the Rings Action Figures Released (
Thanks go to Tolkien Online for pointing this out. One of the staff members there had this to say about the new Toy Biz figures' popularity...

09-27-01: To Make a Hobbit of Success (The Herald)
Last time I saw Billy Boyd he was presenting the award for best film at the Empire magazine televised luvvie fest. This time next year he might...

09-27-01: Ringleader (InQuest Gamer)
The tip of the gnarled staff rhythmically taps upon the rocky terrain as the old wizard makes his way up the mountainous path. Behind him follows...

09-27-01: Cannes Interview Videos (
Some interesting interivews (in English) with various LotR cast and crew members, including Peter Jackson, have been posted on a French site.

09-27-01: Houghton Mifflin Updates Site (
Hoghton Mifflin's new calendar features some exciting events related to the movies and the upcoming books. Stop by their site to check it out.

09-27-01: Title of Enya Songs Revealed (Tolkien Online)
Enya is writing some of the music for the upcoming Lord Of The Rings film trilogy. Two pieces have been registered with the BMI database...

09-26-01: New Merchandise at Official LotR Shop (
Pick up a JVC DVD player from the official LotR shop and you'll receive a free 17-minute DVD featuring a behind-the-scenes look at LotR. More

09-26-01: Tolkien's Life in Birmingham: A Feature (Birmingham Online)
Birmingham Online have just produced a series of features to do with
Tolkien's life in Birmingham, picture galleries of Sarehole Mill... More

09-26-01: RealVideo Film Report From Midlands (Planet Tolkien)
Watch a report on the making of the LotR film, including extracts, from Midlands Today reporter Lindsey Doyle at Planet Tolkien. More

09-26-01: Paddison Thanks Visitors for Patience (
Gordon Paddison told me that the new trailers are now being hosted by AOL and he wants to thank visitors for their patience while downloading.

09-25-01: Lord of the Big Screen (Toronto Sun)
New Zealand filmmaker Peter Jackson calls J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy classic The Lord Of The Rings "one of the greatest books ever written." More

09-25-01: Cartoon Rings a Travesty (Toronto Sun)
Don't confuse the newly released DVD version of The Lord Of The Rings with the movie trilogy set to launch in December. The DVD, out Sept. 11... More

09-25-01: Nintendo Gamecube Marketing Enters Final Phase (Yahoo!)
With eight weeks before the U.S. launch of its innovative NINTENDO GAMECUBE(TM) home video game console, Nintendo of... More

09-25-01: What's it Like to be Frodo Baggins? (
Elijah Wood discusses his role and shows us some new footage in these RealVideo clips from for slow and fast connections.

09-25-01: New Slideshow Toy Collectibles Available (
Slideshow's web site was recently updated with some new figures, including Bill the Pony with Sam and what is referred to as a "Cleaved Orc." More

09-25-01: Third LotR Trailer Now Available (
The third and, arguably, most spectacular FotR trailer is now available for download in QuickTime format from the official site. More

09-24-01: Info on New LotR Preview (Moviefone)
Moviefone has information on the new LotR preview available through their home page, as well as a contest in which you can win a LotR poster. More

09-24-01: Birth of the Rings (Kansas City Star)
Just imagine it: Life without hobbits, elves, wizards and all the other wondrous folk that people Middle-earth, the magical world created by J.R.R... More

09-22-01: New LotR Trailer to Air Monday on WB (The Official Movie Site)
The WB’s action-adventure drama ANGEL, starring David Boreanaz and Charisma Carpenter, will have a cinematic flair this season. More

09-22-01: Shire Post News Update: A House Fire (The Shire Post)
Greetings to all the members of the Shire Post message board. I occasionally send out a email to let everyone know about certain events. More

09-22-01: Deals at New Line Shop for Baggins Birthday (
Yes, today is Frodo's and Bilbo's birthday, and as "Hobbits give presents to other people on their own birthdays," we thought we would do... More

09-22-01: 'Find the One Ring' Contest for UK Visitors (
We've teamed up with Hasbro UK to run an exciting week long "Find the One Ring" contest on this site. 2 lucky winners from the UK will... More

09-22-01: Latest Issue of Cinescape has LotR Feature (
The latest issue of Cinescape, available in newsstands now, has a brief LotR feature in it. I've been told it has some nice pics, so pick up a copy!

09-21-01: First Issue of the Official LotR Newsletter (Tolkien Online)
Welcome to the official Lord of the Rings newsletter! The first film of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring, opens in theaters... More

09-21-01: New Info on Men and Bree at Official Site (
Read The Journey: Bree and Culture: Humans at the Official Movie Site.

09-21-01: David Weatherley is Barliman Butterbur (
The Official Movie Site has announced that Mr. Weatherley will play Barliman. His IMDB entry is here and a pic from Tolkien Online is available here.

09-20-01: Help NY Firefighters at Spiderwebart (
Help us help the fallen fire fighters and EMS workers families in New York. Spiderwebart Gallery has just purchased the entire remaining... More

09-19-01: Review of the Bakshi LotR DVD (
The widescreen format (as usual) makes a great difference in the cinematography. The clarity of the picture also reveals things... More

09-19-01: New Saver & Wallpaper at Official Site (The Official Movie Site)
A new "Beyond the Shire" screensaver is available at the official site, as well as a piece of wallpaper titled "Ringwraiths Ride." Great stuff here. More

09-18-01: Week 12 of TO's Caption Contest (Tolkien Online)
Tolkien Online is going into week 12 of their caption contest, which they've been running for quite a while now. This week's caption pic is of Gimli. More

09-18-01: Gandalf's Battle at Helm's Deep (
This is actually an image from New Line, even though the guys at TORN , as usual, branded it as "their own." Anyway, it's a pretty cool pic. More

09-17-01: New Information About Middle Earth (
For about a year now, online discussions about Tolkien's world have been peppered -- in a few places -- with references to an obscure... More

09-17-01: Archive Footage of JRRT Talking Hobbits (
This is some fantastic rare archival footage of J.R.R. Tolkien himself discussing how he came up with the idea of writing The Hobbit. Good stuff. More

09-17-01: The Lord of the Rings: The Search (Rio Grande Games)
Another Lord of the Rings board game is now available as Rio Grande Games has announced that they are shipping The Lord of the Rings... More

09-17-01: El Seņor de Los Anillos: Beleg Aderthad (Beleg Aderthad)
The organization of the Beleg Aderthad salutes you. With this e-mail we want to present you one of the greatest events organized by Tolkien... More

09-14-01: The Ring of Power (Wired Magazine)
In early 2000, young Jonny Grindlay and his dad drove down to the studio backlots of Wellington, New Zealand, to see what they could... More

09-14-01: Minister of the Rings (New Zealand Herald)
First we had a Minister responsible for the America's Cup. Now we have our own Lord and Minister of the Rings. The Government had... More

09-14-01: Last Alliance & Gil-galad Pics (

09-13-01: Bakshi's Masterpiece Released on DVD (
Chris S. sent me the following "mini review" of the DVD yesterday: I just received a copy of the Bakshi WIDESCREEN format! More

09-13-01: Interview With Viggo Mortenson and Sean Bean (
Reporter: How deep into this role (Aragorn) did you get, and why? Viggo Mortensen: I think like everybody, I certainly didn't want to let... More

09-13-01: Australian Cannes Footage Publicity Stills (
Take a gander at these new pics, including Gandalf at the Council of Elrond, Saruman, and one of the first pics of Celeborn available. More

09-12-01: New Tolkien DVDs Now Available (
Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings on DVD Widescreen!! ($14.98)
Rankin & Bass' The Hobbit on DVD ($14.98)
Rankin & Bass' The Return of the King on DVD ($14.98)

09-12-01: Exclusive Video: Believing the World of Bree (Official Movie Site)
Welcome to Bree, a behind the scenes look at bringing the Middle-earth town to life. Features interviews with director Peter Jackson... More

09-12-01: Cannes Footage Comments (Ain't It Cool News)
Harry here, Months ago when I was in Cannes writing up my report of the footage, I was writing upon having just seeing the reel the first... More

09-12-01: Wood Fought to be Frodo (Sci Fi Wire)
Elijah Wood told SCI FI Wire that he went all out to win the role of the heroic, Ring-bearing Frodo Baggins in Peter Jackson's epic Lord of the... More

09-12-01: Shooting Rings (Cinescape)
Peter Jackson has been talking about the Herculean task of filming the LORD OF THE RINGS three films at one time. While talking to Sci Fi... More

09-11-01: To All the Firefighters and Rescue Personnel (
To all my brethern that I have lost my prayers are for you.... for the love of those firefighters who ran into the building to rescue their brothers... More

09-11-01: Up-to-the-Minute News Flashes on the Disaster (MassLive)
The nation reeled in horror and security measures spun into effect as the work day began with a series of plane crashes that tore through...  More

09-11-01: World Trade Center Disaster News Updates (
Calisuri is providing news updates regarding this over at, since most of the major news sites are impossible to get to. More

09-11-01: New York City, Washington Turned Into War Zones (Drudge Report)
United Flight 93, a Boeing 757, left Newark at 8:01 a.m. Eastern Time, headed for San Francisco with 38 passengers, two pilots and five...  More

09-11-01: Plane Attacks Destroy World Trade Center (Yahoo! News)
Three hijacked planes crashed into U.S. landmarks on Tuesday, destroying both of New York's mighty twin towers and plunging the...  More

09-10-01: Jumped the Gun on the 4-Fingered Dwarves (
We may have jumped the gun a bit on the 4-fingered Dwarves story. I'll take just as much blame as the others for being too hasty in... More

09-10-01: 10,000 Word Wired Magazine Article Coming (
Erik from Wired Magazine has given me advance notice about his 10,000 word Lord of the Rings spread that will be featured in October's... More

09-10-01: Fellowship Trailer to Air on TV Again Today (
Matt deM. sends word that May's Fellowship trailer aired on E!'s "Coming Attractions" TV show today and it might air again at 2pm PT.

09-10-01: Jackson's Dwarves Have Only 4 Fingers? (
This certainly is interesting news if it's true. Morrigan e-mailed me a few days ago with links to some new pics posted by the French... More

09-10-01: Many New Spoiler Pics at French Site (Numenor)
French site Numenor has tons of new spoiler pics available here and here. Most are from the Chamber of Records in Moria. One is of Pippin.

09-10-01: Badali to Sell Reproductions of The One Ring (
Paul J. Badali has recently successfully completed negotiations with Tolkien Enterprises to create and sell reproductions of The One Ring. More

09-08-01: First Glimpse of Gollum in TV Commercial? (Mordor)
Joe over at Mordor: The Land of Shadow has come across what may very well be our first glimpse of Gollum in the recent Rings TV trailer! More

09-08-01: Hobbits Go Head-to-Head with Potter at Movies (Reuters)
The Hobbit is to go head-to-head with Harry Potter in a battle at the movies that could match their rivalry in the bookstores of the world. Over... More

09-08-01: Rings Extras Had to Pass the 'T test' (The Evening Post)
People who applied to be extras on The Lord Of The Rings may have missed out after being labelled "tossers" by the $650 million epic's... More

09-08-01: Now, a Minister of Middle Earth (The Evening Post)
First we had a Minister responsible for the America's Cup - now we have our own Lord and Minister of the Rings. The Evening Post can... More

09-07-01: Moriarty's Review of the Cannes Footage (Ain't It Cool News)
Hey, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab. I am finally able to set aside my voodoo doll of Knowles and stop... More

09-07-01: QuickTime Versions of the TV Trailer (Ain't It Cool News)
Get 'em while they're hot. 2 versions, one for those with bandwidth to burn and one for those of "lesser stature." Great new shots here! More

09-07-01: Frame-by-Frame Guide to New TV Trailer (
As usual, has the jump on everybody regarding the new TV trailer. Stop by for their frame-by-frame analysis. More

09-07-01: New Lord of the Rings Trailer on TV (
I've been receiving word from many visitors that there is a new Lord of the Rings teaser trailer running on some isolated television stations. More

09-06-01: Movie Quotes From New Line's Calendar (Tolkien Online)
Here are most of the rest of the quotes from the page-a-day calendar, divided into 3 posts. I've run together related quotes from... More

09-06-01: Ringgamer's Report From DragonCon (Tolkien Online)
DragonCon is an incredible conglomeration of just about every fandom that exists under the umbrella of sci-fi and fantasy. Goths... More

09-06-01: Tolkien Fans In for a Treat (The Herald Sun)
Cate Blanchett has retained her natural beauty for a role in one of the most expensive film projects in history. Blanchett is known for her... More

09-06-01: Nienna at DragonCon (Imladris)
Our Nienna gets around - this week she was at DragonCon at met Gimli (seven more Fellowship members to go, Nienna). "I had pretty much... More

09-06-01: Lord of the Rings in New York on Sep 9th (Ain't It Cool News)
Hey folks, Harry here... This Sunday in New York a special LORD OF THE RINGS presentation/cool-as-heck thing is going down! There isn't... More

09-05-01: The News at Mithril (Mithril)
The next figures in the Lord of the Rings series from Mithril LR36 to LR40 "From Bree to Rivendell Part 2" should be available in October, you... More

09-05-01: Italian Lord of the Rings Premiere (
Robert B. of the Italian Lord of the Rings movie site e-mailed me a few days ago. He had this to say: Yesterday it was announced that the... More

09-05-01: Film Changes Out of the 2002 Rings Calendar (
Michae S. has apparently been able to determine once and for all what some of the film changes will be. He used his 2002 Lord of the.. More

09-04-01: Ancanar's Site Gets Flashy (
The folks at the Ancanar web site have updated with a new Flash design. I haven't checked it out myself, but they tell me it's impressive. More

09-04-01: Tolkien Trail's Middle-earth Poetry Contest (
The Tolkien Trail, a relatively new member of the Tolkien Network, is holding a poetry contest. Simplar to RingFan's art contest, it's worth a peek! More

09-04-01: French Lord of the Rings Phone Cards (Tolkien Online)
I find this kind of funny, actually. If you're calling Middle-earth, do it in style. Tolkien Online has pics of some French Rings phone cards. More

09-04-01: E! Online's Force of Hobbit Update (Games Workshop)
In addition to their awesome new site design, E! Online has some news regarding the casting of Frodo and the trilogy's music. More

09-04-01: New Games Workshop Miniatures (Games Workshop)
New miniatures of various members of the Fellowship. Cool beans! Some of these are quite impressive and look to make great Christmas gifts. More

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