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05-31-00: Jim M. tied me in with this great site that offers every Tolkien computer game imaginable for download. You've got to stop by! More

05-31-00: Here's an interesting article from You probably already know that Jackson is going to be carrying the Olympic flame on its trip from Greece to Sydney, Australia. More info is inside. More

05-30-00: Cirdan got the full scoop from New Line Cinema on who did the music for the Internet-released LOTR trailer. More info here: More

05-30-00: Here is Father Geek's take on the Gollum pics posted (and then taken down) by Personally, I think they should've held off on posting them, but the cat is out of the bag now. More

05-30-00: Max tipped me off to this LOTR computer game, called Riders of Rohan, that I never even knew existed. Very interesting. More

05-30-00: Cinescape has pictures of Gimli in full costume and (the kicker) some shots of the CGI for Gollum! Check them out! More

05-29-00: Jonny at The Realm of the Ring stopped by the Gates of Moria set and found that it's being taken down. He has a photo for us. More

05-29-00: Bob L. pointed out to me the other day that this band on claims that they've involved in LOTR in some way. True or false? More

05-28-00: Cirdan has come up with some totally awesome pics of filming with Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Orcs, and Elves. Check 'em out! More

05-27-00: Father Geek has scored some information on a European showing  of the "Lord of the Rings" 6-minute reel. Perhaps this is the same reel that Cirdan saw. Detailed descriptions await the rabid Tolkien fan: More

05-27-00: Check out the "User Friendly" comic strip for May 27th: More

05-27-00: With this talk of Sierra's planned RPG Tolkien game being worked on again, I figured it would be nice to take a look at some of the LOTR games that have come before. Ron Prichard has some info for us. More

05-26-00: Cirdan got another look at the famous 6-minute LOTR preview clip. This time it was on the big screen! His review is available here: More

05-26-00: has discovered similarities between a recently-released LOTR photo and a capture from Bakshi's film. More

05-25-00: If you haven't already done so, head over to the official X-Men movie site and download the latest trailer. It has some great shots of Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) with limited dialogue and everything. More

05-24-00: Is Sierra's Middle Earth Online RPG game still being developed? It had supposedly been cancelled last year. I wonder what's up. More

05-24-00: For nostalgic and comparison purposes, here's a review of Ralph Bakshi's animated version of Lord of the Rings from More

05-24-00: Here is more information on allaged cruelty to horses on LOTR sets. Feel free to discuss this issue on our message board. More

05-24-00: For those visitors who have their own LOTR movie sites, here is an announcement of the creation of a new Tolkien movie web ring. More

05-23-00: has an long interview with Liv Tyler (Arwen) posted on their home page. If you're bored, go check it out. More

05-23-00: John Cook over at has posted another LOTR-related contest and is asking fans to submit punchlines once again. More

05-22-00: For you horse lovers, LOTR producer Barrie Osborn is busy dealing with accusations of cruelty to horses. Is this hype or truth? More

05-22-00: has some awesome photos of Saruman and Arwen in full costume. Don't know where they got them. More

05-22-00: Hugo Julius reconstructed the home page of the official German Lord of the Rings site and uncovered a nifty Fellowship pic. More

05-21-00: Satin from The Realm of the Ring checks in with some information on horses being used in filming The Lord of the Rings. More

05-21-00: Lord of the Rings has received its first national exposure! has the story. Anybody have a tape of this? More

05-19-00: Houghton Mifflin is in the process of releasing two new books all about J.R.R. Tolkien, his books, his life, and his writing. Exciting! More

05-19-00: New Line is aggresively pursuing deals with various international organizations who want a piece of the Lord of the Rings pie. More

05-19-00: Jonny checks in with an exclusive scoop regarding LOTR film ratings, specifically The Two Towers, which has lots of battles. More

05-19-00: Myst and Riven are my favorite computer games, so I'm pleased to announce that the sequal to both of these games, Myst 3, is going to be starring Brad Dourif (Wormtongue). A trailer is already available. More

05-18-00: has an article confirming that New Line will release the first LOTR film worldwide on December 15th, 2001. More

05-18-00: Here's the latest news from the folks at Mithril. More

05-17-00: Thanks go to for this Evening Post article regarding filming at the new Mt. Potts location. Interesting. More

05-17-00: has been named the number one site for movie trailer downloads, due largely to the success of the LOTR preview. More

05-17-00: Harry over at Ain't It Cool News checks in with more details on Ethan Hawke's involvement (or non-involvement) with LOTR. More

05-17-00: Jonny created a really nice closeup shot of the White Rider in his recent photograph of a horse charge at Helm's Deep. More

05-17-00: Jason P. Wyatt has manufactured a RealVideo version of the LOTR trailer for visitors with slow connections. It's just 6.8 megs! More

05-16-00: I was perusing Sir Ian McKellen's (Gandalf) official web site this evening when I noticed that Ugluk's casting was mentioned. You'll never guess who the actor is! There seems to be a pattern here. More

05-16-00: We have a pic of the Mt. Potts area now, and Jonny managed to snap a fantastic photo of a horse charge at Helm's Deep. The horse charge isn't that important, though, when compared to what else he caught on his precious roll of film. Can anybody say "White Rider?" More

05-16-00: Jonny has a report for us regarding a new set being constructed near Wellington. Could Jackson be doing more Rivendell filming? More

05-15-00: I'm back from vacation (duh) and have tons of e-mail to sort. Just what I wanted to do. Anyway, here's my vacation report if you're at all interested. Oh, and I also include a synopsis of our latest news. More

05-15-00: The folks at Tol Galen got some RealVideo footage of areas around Closeburn, which are allegedly being used for Amon Hen scenes. More

05-15-00: According to this news clip from Tol Galen, Queenstown is still in the LOTR mix as a definite filming location. More info here: More

05-15-00: The latest info for Wellingtonian casting hopefuls. A tad dated (the original article ran on the 8th), but some might still find it useful. More

05-15-00: Sir Ian McKellen's (Gandalf) official site has been updated. This latest update includes lots of interesting questions from fans. More

05-15-00: Looks like a new set is going up near or on Mt. Potts. I have no clue where this is. If anybody has additional info, let me know. More

05-15-00: What's up with this? We thought Ethan Hawke was out as Faramir, but this article from The Daily Express says otherwise. More

05-10-00: Here's the update I promised. Remember, I'll be back on the 15th and will begin updating again regularly at that time. Joe took a frame of Mordor from the LOTR preview and darkened it up a bit to make it look more sinister. The effect is really stunning. I suggest you take a look: More

05-10-00: Joseph F. came up with this fairly original (and humorous) poem which I'm sure sums up the feelings of many other fans like me. More

05-10-00: Jonny from The Realm of the Ring stopped by Helm's Deep and observed some filming which was intriguing to say the least. More

05-05-00: I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow. It'll be a good break for me, but how will you get your movie news and when will I be back? More

05-05-00: More from the Evening Post, courtesy of Peter Jackson is going to be an Olympic torch-bearer on June 5th! More

05-05-00: The Dominion has some news on audition opportunities for all you lucky New Zealanders that have the time to get involved. More

05-05-00: The Evening Post has confirmed what we brought to your attention yesterday: Karl Urban is indeed going to portray Éomer. More

05-04-00: In case you haven't found it, E! Online's latest "Ask the Insider" area has some facsinating LOTR qestions and answers. More

05-04-00: One of our New Zealand spies took a hike through the Tongariro region and picked up some interesting clues and LOTR info. More

05-03-00: Some of my Internet spies have discovered several reports that Eomer has been cast. This is very good news. More info inside: More

05-03-00: Nona reports that Sean Bean (Boromir) is tentatively scheduled to return to New Zealand to continue filming sometime around May 12th.

05-03-00: This Dominion article has remarks from producer Barrie Osborne. He's finding similarities in special effects requirements for The Matrix in 1999 and The Lord of the Rings starting in 2001. Very interesting. More

05-03-00: Carl Boening was kind enough to send us 9 pics from his recent journey through New Zealand. Yes, there are some LOTR tidbits. More

05-03-00: If it's been confirmed by 3 sources than it's good enough for us. David Wenham is officially in as Faramir, Hawke's replacement. More

05-03-00: Sam from the California film studio called Elemental Films dropped me a line with news that their operation has been put on hold. More

05-02-00: Michael Stroud has been doing a bi-monthly article for Wired News on, you guessed it, the upcoming films. Here's his latest news. More

05-02-00: The Realm of the Ring has come up with a couple more fantastic animations utilizing the LOTR preview footage. Check them out. More

04-29-00: Planet Tolkien has received word that Lord of the Rings filming is on hold. Also, rumor has it that some actors have had a falling out. More

04-29-00: Looking for news on the latest filming going on at Whakapapa? has an article and lots of pics available for us here. More

04-29-00: Winona sends us some info on some American commercials for Acuvue, which Sean Bean (Boromir) will be appearing in. More

04-29-00: E! Online's latest LOTR update is completed. They have lots of new stuff for you to look at, including a brief description of Sauron! More

04-29-00: has published Michael Martinez's latest article. I haven't actually had time to review it yet, so why don't you? More

04-28-00: Daniel Tonal sent me these links to some LOTR articles recently published in Spanish magazines. I'm posting them here for our Spanish visitors. Click here and here to visit both articles. Interesting stuff.

04-28-00: Johannes Spoerl, webmaster of the official German LOTR movie site, dropped me a line today to inform be that the current site is not a beta version as previously thought, but is final and now has news. More

04-28-00: Nona feeds us a little more info on Sean Bean's upcoming film called Essex Boys. The reports say Sean is really good in it. More

04-27-00: My friend Joram over at Ringbearer has a scan of a letter that is now being included with orders of LOTR from the New Line store. More

04-27-00: What? You say you still haven't read LOTR? Oh, I see, you don't have the time. Well, here are the Book-a-Minute versions of  The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. Hehehe.

04-27-00: Bill Amend's string of  FoxTrot strips has ended. You can view all the LOTR strips, from April 17th through the 22nd, right here: More

04-26-00: Wellington actors are auditioning for another Tolkien production, this one on-stage. Thanks to for this article. More

04-26-00: I wanted to bring this to the attention of our French visitors. These folks run an excellent French LOTR movie site. Check it out: More

04-25-00: I noticed this over at yesterday. It's a list of errors in J.R.R. Tolkien's masterpiece. Very interesting. More

04-25-00: Thanks go to Planet Tolkien for this report from Akami, the folks that enabled delivery of the LOTR trailer to 6.6 million visitors. More

04-25-00: Gandalf brings us this information for Belgians. Elijah Wood will appear on Belgian television later tonight in the movie Paradise. More

04-24-00: Thanks go to Planet Tolkien for this link to an excellent interview with Dominic Monaghan (Merry). It even includes a photo of him. More

04-24-00: According to this Mr. Showbiz article, we could see a preview for Lord of the Rings in theatres as early as this summer. Wow! More

04-24-00: This is from Ringbearer, but it's actually a article. The LOTR trailer received 6.6 million downloads in the first week. More

04-24-00: The Realm of the Ring recently interviewed an Elf extra. It's a short interview, but as you might expect there is a wealth of info. More

04-24-00: Fandom got an interview with Christopher Lee (Saruman). Lots of interesting information regarding this very experienced actor. More

04-21-00: John Cook's Lord of the Rings cartoon contets has ended and the winning punchline has been chosen. The details are inside: More

04-21-00: The FoxTrot comics for Thursday and Friday were hilarious. Check them out. You can view old comics using the drop-down menu. More

04-21-00: The folks at The Realm of the Ring have cracked out this animated GIF of some Nazgul filming at Mt. Ruapheu. Very interesting. More

04-21-00: The Boromir debate continues. I've been swamped with comments! There are more rabid Tolkien fans out there than I had thought. More

04-20-00: Jeremiah B. was kind enough to send me this recent LOTR article from Newsweek. Looks like Star Wars fans are getting nervous. More

04-20-00: T`nariel got lucky and saw Dominic Monaghan (Merry) at a British stage production. She has an interview and comments for us. More

04-20-00: I've received comments from several other fans regarding Boromir holding the One Ring in the LOTR preview. Here are some more. More

04-19-00: The FoxTrot comics for yesterday and today were also LOTR-related. The following link leads to today's FoxTrot comic. More

04-18-00: I've received numerous comments regarding the "Boromir w/Ring" scene in the LOTR preview and have selected some to post here. More

04-18-00: Special thanks to Jeremy R. for telling us about this LOTR news article that was recently posted on .. yes ... the FoxTrot web site. More

04-18-00: Ilya spotted this news over at Looks like the true composer for the LOTR preview music has finally been located. More

04-17-00: Check your newspaper! Today's edition of the comic strip FoxTrot is about the LOTR films. I don't really get it, but maybe you will. More

04-17-00: Coleman spotted this review of the recently-released Lord of the Rings preview for us. It's quite in-depth and includes lots of pics. More

04-17-00: Jonny from The Realm of the Ring managed to get us this copy of a short (very short) mention of Sir Ian Holm (Bilbo) in TV Week. More

04-17-00: Here's the latest news from the folks at Mithril. More

04-16-00: J.P. has reviewed a recent stage production of "The Hobbit" that was shown at the Edinburgh Playhouse. Interesting reading. More

04-15-00: Our sister site, The Realm of the Ring, has come up with another animation using some of the LOTR preview footage. More

04-15-00: Jonathan D. sent me his comments regarding the recent news that broke on Ain't It Cool News that an Elven army might appear at Helm's Deep in The Lord of the Rings. He addresses a few other issues too. More

04-15-00: Weta Digital is still searching for digital effects specialists for Lord of the RIngs. They published an ad in the latest issue of Cinefex. More

04-14-00: Our sister site, The Realm of the Ring, has come up with another animation using some of the LOTR preview footage. More

04-14-00: Ralph picked up this report from an extra (an Uruk-hai to be exact) from Ringbearer. Interesting reading what an insider has to say. More

04-14-00: Jonny from the The Realm of the Ring has some tidbits regarding Helm's Deep for us. His excellent site recently got some media attention as well, so I'd like to encourage you to stop by and check it out. More

04-13-00: Got some exciting news from Jonathan D. just now. While going over our review of the LOTR trailer he found ... Orcs on Wargs. More

04-13-00: J.P. is going to be attending a production of "The Hobbit" at the Edinburgh Playhouse in Scotland and will review it for us. More

04-13-00: A visitor suggested that we alert you once again to the "Integrity Petition" that the folks at are running. Over 10,000 people have signed it already, but the closing date is May 1st. More

04-13-00: Our sister site, The Realm of the Ring, has come up with another animation using some of the LOTR preview footage. More

04-13-00: Rodrigo at is reporting that the music in the LOTR preview was composed by Danny Elfman. More info is inside: More

04-13-00: Josh M. writes in to confirm that the LOTR preview music is most certainly NOT Carmina Burana. Who was the true composer? More

04-13-00: Nona from The Compleat Sean Bean dropped me a line this morning with some miscellaneous Sean Bean (Boromir) news. More

04-12-00: The folks at seem to be a little upset that the LOTR trailer beat TPM's record for total downloads. They're making up excuses as to why this doesn't prove that LOTR is more popular than TPM. This link will take you to their page. Just scroll down to the bottom and read: More

04-12-00: I've received more information regarding the musical track for the recent LOTR preview. Lots of rumors and speculation here. More

04-12-00: According to this Daily Variety article, the folks at New Line will be releasing more teasers as the trilogy release dates approach. More

04-12-00: reports that filming is proceeding at Mt. Ruapheu, but attempts to keep fans from filming the proceedings have failed. More

04-12-00: Here is Mr. Showbiz's LOTR preview coverage. More

04-12-00: Our sister site, The Realm of the Ring, has come up with another animation using some of the LOTR preview footage. More

04-12-00: We've done some scouting around and have come up with some leads on who might have done the music for the LOTR preview. More

04-12-00: Maggie alerted us to this Atlanta Journal-Constitution article. It's another article about the preview's 1.7 million download record. More

04-11-00: Andrew H. has some interesting news regarding LOTR publicity in New Zealand. He also caught an interview with LOTR's producer. More

04-11-00: Thanks to Tom G. for tipping us off to this CNN article. It's a list of celebrities' favorite books. Most of the folks listed picked LOTR. More

04-11-00: Our sister site, The Realm of the Ring, has come up with another animation using some of the LOTR preview footage. More

04-11-00: John Cook notified me this morning that his site,, is running a week-long LOTR punchline contest. Check it out! More

04-10-00: This just in. In New Line's post-LOTR preview press release, it has been confirmed that over 1.7 million fans downloaded the footage. This breaks every record on the book, even Star Wars: Episode I. More

04-10-00: Our sister site, The Realm of the Ring, has come up with another animation using some of the LOTR preview footage. More

04-10-00: Sir Ian McKellen will be in a guest chat tonight on Yahoo! at 8:30 PM EDT, which is 5:30 PM PDT. I'll be there myself, so stop by! More

04-10-00: Kaal sends in his own preview observations, and confirms a few that were proposed by Leonard below. Includes pics. More

04-09-00: Our sister site, The Realm of the Ring, has come up with a cool animation using some of the LOTR preview footage. More

04-09-00: Leonard S. sends in his own thoughts on various scenes in the LOTR preview reel. There is some interesting info here. Also, Cirdan has explained to me the whole Boromir with Ring issue. More

04-09-00: The Realm of the Ring, our sister site, picked up this Evening Post article. It's a follow-up to the Friday release of the LOTR footage. More

04-08-00: Here is Daily Radar's shot-by-shot coverage of the LOTR preview footage. Some interesting things, but nothing new. More

04-08-00: You've all been waiting for this ... haven't you? It's my review of the LOTR preview. Includes screen captures from the reel. More

04-08-00: Simon G. from Australia sent me this information about a theatre production of "The Hobbit" that is currently touring down under. More

04-08-00: This is's article about the LOTR preview. Hey, they actually posted one of my quotes from April 2nd. Check it out! More

04-07-00: Straight from MSNBC, the announcement of a merge between and What does this have to do with LOTR? Included is a mention of a multiplayer LOTR game in the works. More

04-07-00: Steve D. sent me this very funny "excerpt" from the LOTR script. This is sort of a late April Fool's joke for any interested parties. More

04-07-00: Michael Martinez's latest article discusses the LOTR preview reel that was just released. Fascinating reading. More

04-07-00: Christian M. sent in this link to a tidbit which apparently confirmed that James Horner is New Line's pick as composer for LOTR. More

04-07-00: ABC ran a short article on their web site last night announcing the footage release. More info will be made available as it comes in. More

04-07-00: The Lord of the Rings preview footage is now up!!! More

04-07-00: Liv Tyler got a scare from some charging Orcs recently. This article from has the details. Very humorous. Very stupid. More

04-06-00: Our sister site, The Realm of the Ring, picked up this article from the Evening Post, which is about yet another LOTR stage show. More

04-06-00: The folks at New Line just sent me this official press release announcing to the media the pending release of the LOTR preview. Keep your eyes open for news coverage on your local television stations! More

04-06-00: Here's an update from me regarding the down time we experienced last week. I also have some exciting news regarding this site. More

04-06-00: Tomorrow is the day! We've received a tentative release time, as well as this final countdown image. It's our own Mr. Frodo Baggins himself. Hmmm, should we brace for some major bandwidth usage? More

04-06-00: It's in the wee hours of the morning here and I'm waiting for the next countdown image to arrive. While I wait, here's an e-mail from Nona with an exclusive review of the Sean Bean (Boromir) film Essex Boys. More

04-06-00: Dang, so much news to post! Though their online store, New Line is offering a bonus with each copy of LOTR they sell: a full-color letter from Peter Jackson about his love for the books and plans for the film. More

04-06-00: Looks like a New Zealand radio station went a little too far with an April Fool's joke. Thanks to and Sharon for this. More

04-06-00: What the heck is this? If you know, please tell me. More

04-06-00: The latest sound byte from the official LOTR site is now available. Listen to Jackson himself! Link directly to the RealAudio file here: More

04-06-00: Phil Garmonsway sent me this information on a new set being constructed in Waioru on the 4th, but I couldn't post it until now. More

04-05-00: Only 2 more days until the LOTR footage is released. More

04-04-00: It's day 3, and we're getting close to ground zero. The pic today looks to be a group of Hobbits, perhaps the 4 heroes themselves? More

04-04-00: Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) has updated his E-Post area. He has even posted an image of his shadow. The shadow of Gandalf. More

04-04-00: Thanks to Cirdan at Herr Der Ringe Film for this article. It's basically a synopsis of some of the alterations Peter Jackson is making to the LOTR films. Some interesting deviations are being taken. More

04-04-00: The folks at got to this first. More concerns from a LOTR fan who doesn't like the direction the films are taking. More

04-04-00: Here's the first coverage we've seen of the countdown to the LOTR footage release. Thanks to Judy for this Evening Post article. More

04-03-00: It's day 4, and the associated countdown image is available. It's quite obviously a pic of some cool hand-to-hand combat. More

04-02-00: It's day 5, and the associated countdown image is available. It looks to be a battle of some sort. Possibly Helm's Deep. More

04-01-00: Tol Galen snagged this article about a wedding that recently took place at the Rivendell set. Kind of interesting for females, I guess. More

04-01-00: It's day 6, and the associated countdown image is wicked. How could New Line do this to us? A pic of Legolas on the 6th day? More

04-01-00: E! Online's monthly LOTR article has been released. Lots of news regarding Liv Tyler as Arwen and the Rivendell set. More

04-01-00: Olorin over at the Ducth Tolkien community isolated the hand in New Line's recently released countdown animation. The results are pretty interesting. You'll need Shockwave Flash to view this. More

04-01-00: It's what we've all been waiting for! New Line has begun the 7-day countdown to the official release of the LOTR preview footage! More

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