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09-30-00: E! Online has updated a day early! Stop by for a feature on filming at Edoras, as well as info on whether or not Maggot is in the films. More

09-30-00: Here's another excellent report from The Timaru Herald regarding filming at the Edoras set near Mt. Potts. Includes a great photo! More

09-30-00: Ouch! The Evening Post is reporting that LOTR is going to end up costing $675 million, $315 million more than previously reported. More

09-30-00: Due to my wonderful ISP, this report is a little late for some of you who might have wanted to take advantage of it. Sean Bean "scribbled a squirrel" and it was auctioned off over the Internet yesterday. Details inside. More

09-30-00: Santiago R. dropped me a line a week ago requesting a link to his LOTR-inspired comic strip. I don't get it, but maybe you will. More

09-21-00: Are you ready for a long article? It's from The New York Times and it discusses ... what else? ... the online fandom revolution. More

09-19-00: Here's an article from The Timaru Herald. In it, New Zealand resident Derek Burrows discusses his kids being cast as extras in LOTR. More

09-19-00: Ann Donahue from takes a look at New Line's increased marketing activities on the Net. Sadly, no fan sites are mentioned. More

09-19-00: Not much news today, but here's a small update consisting of some Sean Bean news and an EW tip. "Huh?" Just check it out. More

09-18-00: The Southland Times has the scoop on the LOTR auditions that were held this weekend in Queenstown. Includes a pic. More

09-18-00: Rings filming is going on at Whitireia Park. This Evening Post article has the details, as well as a pic of some fiendish Orcs. More

09-17-00: Here's an article from The Ashburton Guardian about Edoras. There isn't much new info here, but there is a new pic of the set. More

09-17-00: The Christchurch Press is getting in on action with their own article about the Edoras set on South Island. Includes a photo. More

09-17-00: Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) has been featured in another article from The Press. In this one, he discusses some of the filming secrecy. More

09-15-00: Sharon was the first to alert us to some new TV One footage of the Edoras set, and The Realm of the Ring came up with an MPEG clip of the segment a few hours later. All of the details are inside. More

09-15-00: I'm pleased to announce that a new site called The Shire Post is now open for business. The site, webmastered by Tom Maringer, is hosted right here at Check it out! It offers some unique services. More

09-14-00: Stuff has posted a very amusing character comic of Peter Jackson on their web site. The artist who created it is named Murray Webb. More

09-14-00: Whilst surfing NASA's Human Spaceflight site the other day (I'm hoping to work for NASA when I graduate) I came across a fantastic and quite detailed photo of Ruapehu from orbit. It's definitely worth a look. More

09-14-00: Good news for us college students! New Line is planning to give advanced screenings of 10 of its upcoming films at many colleges around the United States. N.C. State, which is where I'm transferring next year, does have a movie theatre. Maybe I'll get lucky. Keep your fingers crossed. More

09-14-00: The top 2 questions for Peter Jackson have been selected. My contact will try to get the answers this week or next week. More

09-13-00: Joram at Ringbearer has some totally stunning pics from the latest edition of Vanity Fair. Lots of characters in full costume. More

09-13-00: Here's an article from The Southland Times about an upcoming casting call that will take place in and around Queenstown. More

09-13-00: I was pleased to hear from Peter Johnson, the founder and former webmaster of this site, today. He wrote telling me that someone is posting excerpts from LOTR audition scripts on the message board. Stop by and look for messages from "Khamul the Easterling." More

09-12-00: is offering a movie posted signed by the cast of Ancanar for sale on eBay. At the least, stop by and check out the pic! More

09-12-00: Here's a rather humorous story about Sir Ian McKellen meeting the Wizard of Christchurch. I guess they have a lot in common. More

09-11-00: Cirdan managed to get his mitts on a pic of John Noble, who was recently confirmed as the actor who will portray Denethor. More

09-11-00: Michelle C. was kind enough to send me this scan of an article from a Scottish newspaper. It's about Pippen's accent in the LOTR films. More

09-11-00: One of my contacts, who wishes to remain anonymous, has offered to ask 2 questions to the cast or crew of The Lord of the Rings. More

09-09-00: I agreed to help out my buddy Gimlio by posting some information on a Rings RPG game he is involved in on AOL. Check it out! More

09-09-00: Michael Martinez over at has received information that claims that Angela Dotchin has been cast in Lord of the Rings. More

09-08-00: Sharon was kind enough to send us a scan of a photo of the horse that will be playing Bill, Sam's faithful equine companion. More

09-07-00: Sir Ian McKellen updated his E-Post a few days ago. Stop by to find out who McKellen would have picked as Gandalf other than himself. More

09-07-00: This Southland Times article reports that Wood, Astin, Monaghan, and Boyd (the Hobbits) are feeling right at home in New Zealand. More

09-07-00: David S. sends word that he's heard rumors about Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) possibly landing a role in the upcoming Harry Potter film. More

09-07-00: Cirdan got the scoop from New Line on who is playing Denethor! It's not Donald Sutherland as previously thought. It's John Noble. More

09-06-00: Here's the latest update on Sean Bean television appearances in the United States. Thanks to The Compleat Sean Bean for the update. More

09-06-00: Lord of the Rings film crew may return to Golden Bay, despite denials from the producers. Scouting will be done over the next few weeks. More

09-05-00: Harp maker Keith Harrison is hoping that a one of his creations that was borrowed by Peter Jackson will make it into the big screen. More

09-05-00: Fifteen Nelson police have breached police guidelines by moonlighting as drivers on a Lord of the Rings movie set without permission. More

09-05-00: Here's the latest update from Mithril. New figure pics! More

09-05-00: As usual, The Realm of the Ring has scooped the best of the fan sites and has made available a pic of the new Minas Tirith set. More

09-04-00: Some new Hobbiton spy photos have been released by Scoop! These are older photos, but they're still quite interesting. More

09-03-00: Sharon sent us a couple of articles about Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) and Sir Ian Holm (Bilbo) possibly starring in another NZ film. More

09-03-00: Here's the other article about McKellen and Holm. More

09-03-00: Alatar tipped us off to these awesome images of a new German Lord of the Rings board game that was announced a few weeks ago. More

09-01-00: The omnipotent Cirdan from Herr Der Ringe Film has sent us a report on his recent viewing of ... get this ... 20 minutes of LOTR footage! More

09-01-00: Sharon tipped me to this article. It's about a film school in Newtown, so it's not exactly LOTR-related, but it does have a news tidbit. More

09-01-00: Here's the latest press release from announcing casting week. Expect more news and updates from them in the future. More

08-31-00: The Lord of the Rings film crew at Takaka was forced to abandon their filming site due to poor weather. The crew moved to a packhouse in Motueka on Wednesday, but didn't meet with much success their either. More

08-31-00: The Otago Daily Times has an excellent article all about the Black Riders of Mordor making a visit to Arrowtown. Pic is inside! More

08-31-00: Oh no! The folks at Three Foot Six are now trying to stop The Press from selling blown-up photos of the Edoras set. More

08-31-00: The Southland Times has spotted Orcs and Trolls rolling into Central Otago in preparation for filming, which will begin next month. More

08-31-00: Interested in owning a fleece vest made specifically for the Lord of the Rings crew? Joram has the scoop on how you could win one. More

08-30-00: In this article, Bob Strauss from Daily News takes a look at this year's top films, and hints at what will be big in the movie world next year. More

08-30-00: More on filming in the Takaka/Golden Bay area. Elijah Wood (Frodo) and Sean Astin (Sam) arrived yesterday to start filming. More

08-30-00: Middle-earth has come to Takaka! Helicopters have been ferrying equipment to the top of Mt. Olympus for the past few days. More

08-30-00: The Lord of the Rings tech guys are playing it smart and opting for a Linux stack to render special effects for the trilogy. Good idea. More

08-29-00: Kids from some New Zealand schools yesterday participated in an audio conference with Lord of the Rings effects guru Steve Ingram. More

08-29-00: This is an old article from The Independent, a London newspaper. It's a story we brought you over a year ago about a dog named Frodo. More

08-29-00: Interesting news here. The Evening Post announced a few days ago that they had LOTR posters available for sale (pic inside). Now lawyers from Jackson's film company are preventing the Post from selling them. More

08-28-00: Could Mike Tyson be related to an Orc? This letter to the editor of a New Zealand newspaper seems to substantiate this assertion. More

08-28-00: Here's an article from The Evening Post which is basically just a rehash of what Sir Ian McKellen told us in his most recent update. More

08-28-00: Sharon has a new photo of the Edoras set from The New Zealand Herald available for us. It's a clearer image of Meduseld. More

08-27-00: Here's an interesting and rather lengthy article from The Sydney Morning Herald regarding the upcoming films. It's a good article to read if you're relatively new to this site (it provides a nice overview of the films). More

08-27-00: Rumors have been flying around that legal action has been taken against Sierra On-Line by The Saul Zaentz Company. What's up?  More

08-27-00: The New Zealand Herald is getting in on the buzz surrounding the new Edoras set on South Island. Some new tidbits are inside. More

08-25-00: Dark Horizons has scooped some pics that are to be published in an upcoming edition of the French magazine CineLive. We've seen the first 2 pics before, but the last is a pic of Aragorn in full costume! More

08-25-00: The Otago Daily Times has cashed in on the new Edoras buzz with their own article about the new set. Includes a pic. More

08-25-00: Tolkien Online has posted a short synopsis of a recent interview with LOTR actor Hugo Weaving (Elrond) that ran in The Daily Telegraph. More

08-25-00: Interested in auditioning for a stage production of The Hobbit? If you live in the Saratoga, California area your chance has arrived. More

08-24-00: Winona Kent has some information for us on a rather big Sean Bean television movie that will be airing in the United Kingdom soon. More

08-24-00: Filming for the $360 million Lord of the Rings movies will take place in Golden Bay next week, the film's publicist Claire Raskind says. More

08-24-00: Last weekend, Cirdan over at Herr Der Ringe Film arranged a Tolkien feast at a German castle with a special suprise for the 50 guests. More

08-23-00: Sir Ian McKellen has confirmed that Gandalf's rescue from Orthanc by Gwaihir WILL be seen in the films! More info is in his latest E-Post. More

08-23-00: has posted a massive update! Check their site to view a new movie trailer and get info on the latest character casting. More

08-23-00: This New Zealand Herald article has more information on the SGI servers running Linux that Weta has purchased for rendering. More

08-23-00: Here's the latest news from our friends at Mithril. Pics of some new projects (due out in Sept. or Oct.) are available for download. More

08-23-00: Philip from Tol Galen sends word that Claire Raskind was misquoted in yesterady's article about the Edoras set. No "large battle scenes" will be filmed at Edoras. Claire was referring to South Island in general. More

08-22-00: Woohoo!!! We finally have a new set: Edoras! This article has the details on the location, as well as a very nice pic. More

08-22-00: For you technical people out there, here is a short article detailing Weta's purchase of some SGI hardware for LOTR rendering. More

08-22-00: We have some interesting articles this morning. The first discusses the gastronomical habits of various Lord of the Rings stars. Hehe. More

08-21-00: It looks like whoever gave us that report claiming that the Closeburn set was Edoras is wrong! Cirdan has the details on what it really is. More

08-21-00: Cast and crew for Lord of the Rings are returning to Nelson to shoot scenes on a barren mountain-top in the Kahurangi National Park. More

08-21-00: British actor Sir Ian Holm (Bilbo) was so entranced by New Zealand during his stay he's keen to return and explore the country. More

08-21-00: The talent scouts for the film trilogy Lord of the Rings were pleased with the turn-out at the weekend's auditions held in Timaru. More

08-21-00: My views on LOTR thus far. A few other LOTR webmasters and I have decided to post our thoughts on the film so far, so here is my contribution. This is a special article for PJ and those working on LOTR right now. More

08-20-00: Thanks go to Scatha for this story. It's another article about New Line aquiring domestic distribution rights for the upcoming D&D flick. More

08-19-00: A new round of LOTR filming is set to start next week on South Island on a mountain in the Golden Bay area. I wonder what they're filming? More

08-19-00: Now this is getting a little ridiculous. An Upper Hutt man is considering taking legal action against a LOTR security guard who allegedly assaulted him. For goodness' sake, let Jackson do his job! The last thing he needs right now is disgruntled spies trying to get revenge. More

08-18-00: Hugo Weaving (Elrond) collapsed last night during a performance by the Sydney Theatre Company involving a strangulation scene. More

08-18-00: What we reported several days ago has been confirmed. Decipher will be creating a line of LOTR collectible cards which will include images from Peter Jackson's films, as well as digital imagery from The Silmarillion. More

08-17-00: Scoop has a photo of a staircase at Helm's Deep for us to pick at. Are these stairs entirely accurate? Shame if they're not! :-) More

08-17-00: Jeremy alerted me to this LOTR poll that is running over at Ain't It Cool News. Stop by and vote for Fellowship of the Ring right now! More

08-17-00: Cirdan has sent us some more tidbits on the Wizard wheel pic, which an anonymous informant is telling him was a fake and a setup. More

08-17-00: Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) has updated his E-Post area with some interesting, if not exactly Lord of the Rings-related, information. More

08-16-00: Cirdan sends word that Christopher Lee has no comment on the Wizard wheel pic, and an anonymous informant says that it's a fake. More

08-16-00: Personally, I think the New Zealand media is starting to go a little overboard with their news coverage. Here's an article Sharon alerted me to which explains that one of the recent LOTR prop theifs has won an extension of interim name suppresion due to "unusual media interest." More

08-15-00: Cast and crew from Lord of the Rings are returning to Central Otago for filming that is scheduled to take place at the end of this month. More

08-15-00: Michael Martinez has received an interesting report from New Zealand that would seem to place much higher stakes on the recent LOTR movies "Securitygate" happenings. Alleged sexual harassment? More

08-15-00: Cirdan alerted  me to the fact that has received confirmation from Howard Shore himself that he will score LOTR. More

08-14-00: Hugo from alerted me to this article that, while not exactly LOTR-related, still has a mention of the film and studio. More

08-14-00: Dave Verma of Highbury, New Zealand recently wrote a letter to the editor of The Evening Post regarding the "Wizard on a Wheel" pic. More

08-14-00: Jonny Grindlay, who works at our sister site The Realm of the Ring,   recently got interviewed by The Evening Post about several trips he has made to various LOTR sets. He's actually met some of the LOTR cast. More

08-13-00: John W. (who is currently working on the latest addition to the Tolkien Network, has dropped me a line with some information on Decipher's upcoming LOTR collectible card game. More

08-12-00: Here is a rather humurous article regarding some bad weather in Wellington that stranded various Lord of the Rings crew members. More

08-11-00: This is probably the biggest story today. A company called Decipher announced yesterday that they have aquired exclusive rights to create and market Lord of the Rings trading (and digital) card games. More

08-11-00: Khal alerted me to this article for our Swedish visitors. It recently ran in the Swedish newspaper Expressen. Beware of some errors! More

08-11-00: Here is a fascinating article from Michael Martinez and Should a canon be established for Tolkien discussion? If so, why? More

08-10-00: Myrddin, a new spy from New Zealand, reports that the Closeburn set is in fact Théoden's hall of Edoras!! More information is inside. More

08-10-00: Here's an article from The Evening Post that Sharon sent us. It doesn't appear to have been published online yet. It's just more speculation about the recent and now-infamous "Wizard on a Wheel" pic. More

08-10-00: An anonymous informant has told us that that recent reports of LOTR security guards acting violently are completely unfounded. Our informant has also given us an update on the status of the Minas Tirith set. More

08-10-00: According to this article, LOTR security guards are acting rather rude to folks passing by a Hutt River filming site. Of course, I'd probably be riled too if I were them. There have been LOTS of good spy photos lately. More

08-09-00: Jonathan at Tolkien Online has received word that actor Joel Tobeck will portray "Young Sméagol" in the LOTR trilogy. More

08-09-00: A Wellington man has been sentencing to 12 months supervision and a course of psych counseling after selling stolen LOTR footage. More

08-09-00: Scoop has "scooped" some awesome photos of the mysterious Closeburn set. What in the world could it possibly be? More

08-09-00: Ahh, behold our latest slew of Sean Bean news. A picture of Sean at a gala and some info on color-coded LOTR scripts are inside. More

08-09-00: A spot in New Zealand called Twizel is currently being considered as a film location. This article from The Timaru Herald has the details. More

08-09-00: I've received numerous e-mails regarding the fact that McKellen confirmed that neither himself nor Christopher Lee was the impaled chap on the spiked wheel at Wingate, but this doesn't rule out a stunt double. More

08-08-00: Sir Ian McKellen has updated his web site with some miscellaneous info, but at the bottom of his update he confirms that the infamous "Wizard on the Wheel" is NOT Gandalf OR Saruman. Who could it be? More

08-08-00: E-mails have been coming in from visitors who are speculating on what the recent "Death of a Wizard" pics could be. More

08-08-00: Here is an interview with a German metal band that I discovered a few days ago. The band is called "Unseeing Sentinal" and guess what: they want to get in on Lord of the Rings. I'm starting to notice a trend here. More

08-08-00: Tolkien Online has posted some wonderful analysis of the "Death of a Wizard" pic that turned up early this morning. Check it out. More

08-08-00: Here is the first article I've read that has given me qualms about Jackson's work. From Stuff, it's a description (and pic) of a scene in which a wizard (the article says it's Gandalf, it might be Saruman) dies on the spiked wheel located at the Wingate set. What the heck is this? More

08-07-00: I'd like to draw special attention to this article by Michael Martinez from last year. It was an interesting read for me. More

08-07-00: Leonides was kind enough to transcribe this New York Post article from September of 1998. It's a nostalgic look at the rumors that were flying while Jackson's Lord of the Rings project was in its infancy 2 years ago. More

08-07-00: Here's an article from The Irish Times detailing efforts to keep spies out of LOTR sets and keep the Internet fan frenzy to a minimum. More

08-07-00: Matt Grangier of Loop has written a very interesting and detailed article about Peter Jackson's special effects company, WETA. More

08-06-00: Michelle C. was kind enough to scan an article for us that she found in the Sunday Mail today. An interesting read, but nothing new. More

08-05-00: Growing interest in The Lord of the Rings is prompting people to buy customized Tolkien license plates. Thie article has the details. More

08-04-00: Here's something a little different. Cagliostro tipped me off to this article at It takes a humorous look at the LOTR films. More

08-04-00: Michael Martinez of has some interesting information on a Celtic band called Lothlorien tha he just recently discovered. More

08-04-00: Sharon sends us this snipped from The Dominion's diary section. We already know all of this, but it provides something to pass the time. More

08-03-00: I just checked and, yes, Howard Shore is down as scoring The Lord of the Rings in the IMDB. It's looking like this is for real, folks. More

08-03-00: According to Ain't It Cool News, Howard Shore is in final negotiations to write the music for The Lord of the Rings. James Horner is out? More

08-03-00: A video composition created by a grip for The Lord of the Rings has won an award. This Otago Daily Times article has the details. More

08-02-00: Winona has sent us another update on various television appearances that Sean Bean is expected to make. If you want Bean, click on in. More

08-02-00: The Evening Post just ran their own reiteration of what E! Online reported yesterday, but they do include a new tidbit at the end. More

08-01-00: Here is one of the first articles regarding Miranda Otto's role in The Lord of the Rings that I have seen. Some interesting info inside. More

08-01-00: E! Online has updated! Stop by for a question and answer session with Sean Astin and info on a break-dancing Star Wars wizard. More

07-31-00: It's not only New Zealand's feature film industry that is being given a fillip with the local production of Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy. More

07-31-00: Sir Ian McKellen's E-Post has finally been updated. Stop by to read McKellen's views on choosing directors and breaking into Hollywood. More

07-31-00: Here is a short article from Empire Online about Cate Blanchett. It ran a while ago (on July 5th), but at least it's something to read. More

07-29-00: Wired takes a look at some of the thefts and subterfuge surrounding the LOTR films. This is a good overview of what's been going on. More

07-29-00: Here's a hilarious article from Tolkien Online. It's not supposed to be funny, but the author just makes a pretty bad mistake in it. More

07-29-00: Tolkien Online revealed today that, according to the Good Morning show in New Zealand, Mark Ferguson has been cast as Gil-galad. More

07-29-00: The Realm of the Ring has hit the glass ceiling this time. Click to behold the first clear photo of what exactly is at the newly-discovered Wingate set. Some bonus pics of Helm's Deep are also inside. More

07-28-00: Zhalyi sent me this snippet from a recent article at Ain't It Cool News. It's a first-hand account of Sir Ian McKellen's arrival at Comic Con. More

07-27-00: The Realm of the Ring has scanned a fantastic photo from the front of a newspaper for us. It's a pic of the Uruk-hai storming Helm's Deep. More

07-27-00: Sharon has transcribed a column for us which was included with the print version of a recent article regarding Lord of the Rings thefts. More

07-27-00: Have you every wondered what the Helm's Deep set actually looked like structurally? The folks at The Realm of the Ring have, through various methods, come up with an official city map of the Dry Creek Quarry outlining exactly where the set pieces are located. It's very interesting. More

07-27-00: The folks at The Realm of the Ring have a new pic for us. It's some fake rock that was found across the road from the Helm's Deep set. More

07-27-00: Sharon was the first to alert us to this fantastic article that explains how Wellington police cracked the LOTR movie piracy case. This article reputedly took up over half the front page today. Great stuff. More

07-26-00: Middle Earth Toys has announced its first female action figure, the Noldorin princess Galadriel. There will be 3 figure variations made. More

07-26-00: Nona has graced us with another of her excellent schedules of Sean Bean (Boromir) appearances around the world on TV and in films. More

07-26-00: I received several e-mails about this in the last hour, so I guess I'd better post a note! MSN has opened a new LOTR channel. More

07-26-00: The Realm of the Ring has another update for us on the status of Helm's Deep. It looks like they're preparing to build Minas Tirith now. More

07-25-00: A contact for The Realm of the Ring spotted the car owned by Blu James McLennen, who has been charged with stealing props from various Lord of the Rings sets, in Cartertown. See the article below for more info. More

07-25-00: The man responsible for the latest prop thefts in Wanaka has been sentenced to 250 hours of community service. According to this article, the man was so obsessed with Lord of the Rings that he tattooed his body. More

07-25-00: The Otago Daily Times reports on a party that was attended by Frodo and the other Hobbits. Includes a photo of a Hobbit getting kissed. More

07-25-00: Tolkien Online has their own report on the Lord of the Rings footage at Comic Con. It has lots of interesting info. Well worth a read. More

07-25-00: Thanks to Jeremiah Lewis, we have an article from Movie Insider that has info in it regarding the LOTR footage shown at Comic Con. More

07-25-00: John Cook over at Sev is running another Lord of the Rings cartoon punchline contest. Stop by and submit your own punchline. More

07-24-00: Frodo, Merry, Pippen, and Legolas hit the mall for lunch yesterday. Only Sam was missing. He had gone sightseeing in Queenstown. More

07-24-00: Weekender has finally released another LOTR article. This one covers the casting of Karl Urban as Eomer. Nothing we don't already know. More

07-24-00: Sharon sends word via an Evening Post article that Geoff Murphy has joined The Lord of the Rings film project as second unit director. More

07-23-00: According to, the composer for The Lord of the Rings has been selected. Can this report be trusted? I have no idea. More

07-23-00: Inquest Magazine's July issue featured some LOTR cover art and some general information on the films. I wasn't able to get a copy to scan, but they published most of the magazine info online, so here it is. More

07-23-00: The Realm of the Ring has brought us a report on the current condition of the Helm's Deep set. Includes info on a newly discovered set. More

07-23-00: This story is slightly amusing! An former security guard on a LOTR film set took 500 photos of scenes that he was hired to stop other people from recording. It's too bad he wasn't able to share some of his work. More

07-23-00: Looks like we missed a few photos from Women's Weekly magazine. Special thanks to John S. for alterting us to these. Stop in and view some pics of Elijah Wood (Frodo) and Sean Astin (Sam) filming. More

07-21-00: Sharon alerted us to this article about a Queenstown ball. It took place last night and was attended by Elijah Wood (Frodo), Sean Astin (Sam), Dominic Monaghan (Merry) and Orlando Bloom (Legolas). More

07-21-00: Remember those FoxTrot comics with a LOTR twist that ran in various newspapers about a month ago? Another comic strip author has decided to get in on the fun. will be posting several of his strips. More

07-21-00: Dark Horizons posted a fascinating little report yesterday. According to some inside sources, most of Jackson's footage involving Liv Tyler will be left on the cutting room floor because she totally butchered her role. More

07-21-00: Leandro over at El Señor de los Anillos has received word from New Zealand spy Galadriel that the recent photos of what appears to be a statue of a troll is, in fact, a model of an Olog-hai. Very interesting scoop. More

07-20-00: In the mad rush over the past few days I forgot to post this pic of a strange looking creature from The Digital Bits. This appears to be similar to a creature that appears in the Lord of the Rings preview. You decide. More

07-20-00: Some folks are really going nuts over Lord of the Rings! Another man is now facing charges for theft of LOTR design concepts and props. More

07-20-00: It's not often that Michael Martinez  ( recommends a site, but he decided to today! Read his review of The Tolkien Trail inside. More

07-20-00: Nona has sent me a slew of articles she has scanned. Lots of interesting information here, along with some nice pics of Sean. More

07-20-00: David W. sent me this link. It looks like New Line Cinema will be presenting a featurette on Lord of the Rings, among other New Line releases, at the San Diego Comic Convention 2000. Wish I was attending! More

07-20-00: The New Zealand Defence Force is keeping quiet about involvement in the Lord of the Rings films. Why the secrecy? Nobody really knows. More

07-20-00: Another LOTR actor will appear in Star Wars: Episode II? Incredible! The news came yesterday that Marton Csokas (Celeborn) will join Christopher Lee (Saruman) in George Lucas' highly anticipated flick. More

07-20-00: Why the lack of updates recently? What are these slick new banners doing on the site? The answers to these questions are inside. More

07-18-00: Andy H. e-mailed me to make a slight correction to the recent Evening Post article regarding the upcoming Harry Potter film. He says the November release date will probably be set back. Visit his site: More

07-18-00: Kor S. sent me an e-mail yesterday with evidence that the horse Jonny spotted in the recently-released Lakt Atlanta photo may not be a horse at all. By cleaning up the image some, he discovered a Hobbit. More

07-17-00: Here's the latest news from our friends at Mithril. It's mainly info regarding the Historicon convention held in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. More

07-17-00: Jo'Asia was kind enough to translate part of a recent interview with Polish composer Wojciech Kilar for us. Kilar says he wouldn't mind scoring LOTR, but he's worried about the large amount of work involved. More

07-17-00: Harry Potter is big right now, but can he stand up to Hobbits? Sharon sent us this Evening Post article which has info regarding a Harry Potter movie that is slated for release less than a month before LOTR is released. More

07-16-00: Jonny has spotted what appears to be a horse in the most recent official pic released from the official German LOTR movie site. More

07-16-00: I know you've all been waiting for it ... haven't you? Here's my review of Sir Ian McKellen's stellar performance in X-Men. More

07-15-00: This must be Sean Bean week! More from Nona (or rather, from This is Essex) regarding ... what else ... Boromir's new flick, Essex Boys. More

07-15-00: We have more photos from The Realm of the Ring available, including a pic of the current condition of the Helm's Deep set, another photograph of a bluescreen at the Rivendell set in Lower Hutt, and more. More

07-15-00: Nona spotted this Sunday Times article for us, which includes extensive information on Sean Bean's involvement in LOTR. More

07-15-00: The winner of our most recent Lord of the Rings trivia contest has been decided. Answers to the trivia questions are also available. More

07-14-00: The webmaster of Tol Galen captured this Lord of the Rings radio report and converted it into RealAudio format for us to listen to. More

07-14-00: Here's a rather interesting article from Weekender. The Royal New Zealand Air Force looks to be shorthanded as personnel are "volunteered" into extra duty as extras for The Lord of the Rings. Lucky blokes! More

07-14-00: IGN FilmForce interviewer Kenneth Plume recently interviews Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf). Lots of info on LOTR and various other films. More

07-14-00: Nona sends us even more info regarding Sean Bean (Boromir) and his upcoming film, Essex Boys. A newspaper article scan is included. More

07-13-00: Important news here from Jeremy! The voting booth over at IGN is asking which movie you want to see first. Currently, The Matrix II and Star Wars: Episode II are both beating The Lord of the Rings. More

07-12-00: Nona just sent us a slew of into regarding the Gala Screening of Sean Bean's new film, Essex Boys. Some very interesting info is here. More

07-12-00: My good buddy Joram over at Ringbearer got the chance to submit a few questions to Sir Ian McKellen. He posted the answers here: More

07-12-00: Mithril's master figure auction (M133 Lake-town Guardsman) has just started and will finish on Friday, the 21st of July. More details here: More

07-12-00: Pete was kind enough to drop me some info on the San Diego ComicCon conference. The Lord of the Rings is to be featured. More

07-12-00: Jim sends word that Christopher Lee has been cast in Star Wars: Episode II, which is currently filming in Australia. We're wondering how he can juggle both of these films at once. Maybe he really is a wizard! More

07-11-00: I have no clue how they did it, but IGN Movies got their mitts on some pics of LOTR helmets and shields, as well as a model of a Dwarf. In addition, our sister site has a pic of some armor found near a set. More

07-11-00: The Wellington stuntman who was charged with selling advanced footage from The Lord of the Rings has pled guilty as charged. More

07-11-00: Two horse handlers on The Lord of the Rings trilogy are to marry in Wellington's Downstage Theatre next week because of the Fiji coup. More

07-10-00: The Realm of the Ring has released more pics from the Moria set. View a bluescreen and decorative stone piece inside. More

07-10-00: Sir Geek himself has pinned down the release date for the first theatrical preview for The Lord of the Rings: December 20th. More

07-10-00: Eric B. spotted this short segment about Dominc Monaghan (Merry) in his local paper. Nothing here we don't already know. More

07-10-00: The official German LOTR site has released another official pic. Cirdan, who sent it to me, says it's a pic of Lake Atlanta. I can't figure out what's actually going on in the pic. Maybe you can. More

07-09-00: I'm not old enough to remember the LOTR buzz that began in the late 60's and ended, strangely enough, sometime after Bakshi's flop; but this article from Fox News reports that the buzz is returning once again. More

07-09-00: November may not be the release date for a Lord of the Rings trailer after all. Ain't It Cool News brings you a report regarding this. More

07-09-00: Remember our exclusive Elven tent pics? Well, the folks at our sister site, The Realm of the Ring, have done it again. Behold, several photos of a stone column taken at Jackson's studios in Miramar! More

07-09-00: Lots of Sean Bean news from Nona lately! This particular article is from The Sunday Express and has some general info on him. More

07-08-00: Nona sends us some information on the official site for Sean Bean's (Boromir) new film, Essex Boys. Some other tidbits are also inside: More

07-08-00: Interested in finding out how Ralph Bakshi felt about his 1970's animated version of The Lord of the Rings? Hear it from the man behind the film. Thanks to John K. for letting us know about this article. More

07-08-00: Mark N. pilfered this short Cinescape article for us. It discusses how detail-oriented Peter Jackson and his crew have been thus far. More

07-08-00: The great spies over at The Realm of the Ring managed to snap a few photos of what appears to be an Elven tent. The photos were taking at the Stone Street Studios in Miramar. More pics are coming soon. More

07-07-00: Many other movie sites are reporting the alleged date for the theatre release of the next LOTR teaser trailer. Here's my two cents. More

07-07-00: Nona sent us this article from a German magazine. It was originally published back in April, but it still has some relevant information. More

07-07-00: Interested in Miranda Otto (Eowyn)? John R. sends word that trailers for her new film, What Lies Beneath, are running in the U.S. If you're planning on going to a film soon, keep your eyes open for a glimpse of her!

07-06-00: It took them a while, but Cinescape finally scored another LOTR scoop. In their article, some of the cast members explain that, while Tolkien's books are character-driven, that doesn't work for the big screen. More

07-06-00: Michael M. was kind enough to send me a link to HSX, a site that allows you to put play money into stocks for movies and actors. He's been betting on LOTR and Sir Ian McKellen and he's winning! More

07-06-00: My pals at sent me this bulletin early this morning. They've updated their nifty site. I encourage you to check it out. More

07-06-00: Kudos to Robert H. who tipped me off to this article from SF Gate, which includes a short blurb with info on LOTR merchandising. More

07-05-00: 3 new pics of the Gate of Moria set in Lower Hutt have been added to Images. Thanks go to The Realm of the Ring for these shots. More

07-05-00: Exciting news! Our sister site, The Realm of the Ring, has its own domain name now, as well as a Shockwave version of the site. Visit them at for the latest news from New Zealand. More

07-05-00: Tolkien Online brings us the most informative and detailed article thus far regarding the equine actors in The Lord of the Rings. Lots of pics have been posted as well, including several of the horse that plays Shadowfax. More

07-04-00: Cate Blanchett (Galadriel) is having some trouble speaking the Elvish language, as this article from The Evening Post elaborates upon. More

07-04-00: Brian K. sent me this scan of a wonderful piece of stained glass patterned after a poster you may find familiar. The piece will be going back to Glasgow, Scotland to be placed in a museum and then sold. More

07-03-00: This is an interview with Sean Bean (Boromir) sent to us by Nona. Some interesting info, as well as a few Lord of the Rings mentions. More

07-03-00: E! Online has made another update. Read about the scene Jackson is filming in which Frodo offers the One Ring to Galadriel. More inside: More

07-03-00: Here is even more buzz from The Evening Post regarding the merchandising deal New Line Cinema recently made with Marvel. More

07-03-00: Tolkien Online met with Brad Dourif (Wormtongue) at the Dragon*Con 2000 conference. They have some interesting notes. More

07-02-00: The four lead Hobbits from LOTR will be attending the Air New Zealand Queenstown Winter Festival this July. Legolas will also be there. More

07-02-00: Are you getting tired of hearing about the LOTR stuntman who has been charged with stealing film footage? I am. The New Zealand media appears to be latching onto this story, though. Can anyone say Elian? More

07-02-00: There are rumblings of discontent brewing in Middle-earth, at this Sunday Star-Times article elaborates upon. Just more of the same! More

07-02-00: If you're interested in the merchandising side of these films, you'll be interested in this press release from Marvel. The news broke last week that they have been awarded the toy license for LOTR from New Line Cinema. More

07-02-00: Here is a small article from CounterAction regarding filming in the Ruapehu region. Includes a photo of Jackson at Whakapapa. More

07-01-00: E! Online pulled some strings to get an interview with the one and only Cate Blanchett (Galadriel). Lots of nice tidbits for LOTR junkies. More

07-01-00: Good news! I've finally had time to start another contest. Hop on over to Contests, answer our trivia questions correctly, and win yourself a cool Tolkien mouse pad featuring the art of Steve Agland. More

07-01-00: Nona writes in again with more info on some of Sean Bean's (Boromir) various television appearances. Hey, if you're bored: More

07-01-00: Calling all French LOTR fans! Nona sends word that there is an article in a French magazine. Could someone scan it for us? More

07-01-00: Here is another article from the August edition of Film Review. Thanks to Nona for the scan. It's all about the LOTR preview. More

06-30-00: Jonny over at The Realm of the Ring has created a stellar animation depicting the construction of the Helm's Deep set. More

06-30-00: Nona sent me this scan of a review of Sean Bean's (Boromir) film Essex Boys from the August, 2000 edition of Film Review. More

06-30-00: Fortune has released charts for the top movie sites for May. The official LOTR site is listed. Scroll to the bottom of the page: More

06-30-00: The Toronto Star brings us yet another report on the disgruntled masses of fans who dislike the thought of Tyler as Arwen. More

06-30-00: Thanks go to for this release from The Tolkien Society stating their official position on these new films. More

06-29-00: Several New Zealand newspapers are now publishing their LOTR articles online in one location. How very convenient for us! If you're even slightly interested in these films, you MUST bookmark this link: More

06-29-00: Here is yet another article regarding the LOTR stuntman who has been arrested. This time the New Zealand Herald has the scoop. More

06-29-00: Straight from The Sunday Times, here's a scoop regarding anger over Cate Blanchett, Liv Tyler, and a few other casting choices. More

06-28-00: Jonny updates us on the status of the Helm's Deep set. He also has info regarding the soon-to-be-built Minas Tirith set. More

06-28-00: Winona Kent checks in with notification on the latest television appearances made around the world by Sean Bean (Boromir). More

06-28-00: David U. sends word regarding an article on another movie fan site and adds his own observations to the mix. Hey, it'll burn time. More

06-27-00: Scoop got a couple of great photos of what they claim is the entrance to Helm's Deep. You'll have to be the judge. More

06-27-00: John Cook over at Sev is running another LOTR cartoon and asking visitors to submit punchlines. See how clever your entry can be! More

06-27-00: Powers pointed out this MSNBC article which includes a short LOTR mention. You have to scroll down the page a bit to view it. More

06-26-00: Austin alerted me to this article from Inquest Gamer magazine. It's a feature on the LOTR preview. Includes screen caps. More

06-26-00: Yet more data is available on the LOTR stuntman who has been charged with stealing LOTR footage, this time from NZ City. More

06-26-00: Nathanial sent me this link to a Toronto Star article, which provides some info on the films. Nothing new, but hey, it blows time. More

06-26-00: Here's more info from the New Zealand Herald regarding a Yugoslav stuntmant who has been charged with stealing LOTR footage. More

06-26-00: Jonny from The Realm of the Ring got us this Evening Post article regarding a New Zealand man who is being charged for placing unauthorized LOTR footage on the Internet. I wonder who this could be? More

06-26-00: Timothy sent me the link to this article from a UK newspaper. There are errors in it, but there is also some interesting info. More

06-25-00: Thanks go to and Sharon for this long Dominion article, which has more news about animal training in LOTR. More

06-24-00: The webmaster of The Mines of Moria has discovered what he thinks is a pic of some Ents. You'll have to be the judge. More

06-24-00: Michael Martinez over at got me that Settle Post article we were seeking. There's not much here, but if you're interested: More

06-24-00: One of the local papers here in North Carolina recently featured an article discussing the 100 most important religious books of this century. J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" was included. More 

06-24-00:, the web site for the movie that California studio Elemental Films is working on, has had its first major update. More 

06-24-00: Jonny over at The Realm of the Ring took some past spy photos and combined them. The result is, as he put it, very classy. More 

06-23-00: Austin G. clued me in to this article from It takes a look at what has come before in terms of LOTR films. More 

06-23-00: Here is a list of several upcoming television appearances by Sean Bean (Boromir) from Winona, who is keeping us updated. More 

06-23-00: Here is some information on upcoming figures of Galadriel and the Barrow Wights from Middle Earth Toys. Thanks go to Tommy. More 

06-23-00: Winona Kent got us this article regarding Lord of the Rings from the June, 2000 issue of Flicks. I must warn you that it's short. More 

06-23-00: Interested in Sean Bean's (Boromir) roll in Essex Boys? Winona Kent scanned this article from the June, 2000 issue of Flicks. More 

06-22-00: Steve was kind enough to get us a scan of the Game Informer article we were asking for. No news, but it passes the time. More 

06-22-00: Jonny at The Realm of the Ring did some exploring at Base Jamb earlier and discovered a piece of fake skin. A pic is inside. More 

06-21-00: David C. sends word that a LOTR audio feed is back up. It's the dramatization of "The Hobbit." It's not the BBC version, but as David himself put it, anything to make the days go by faster helps a lot. More 

06-21-00: Check out these miscellaneous pics from Jonny over at The Realm of the Ring as well as the folks at Cinescape. More

06-21-00: Chris K. spotted this informative article regarding Sierra's Tolkien RPG game, which appears to be back on schedule. More 

06-21-00: Here is the latest from Mithril courtesy of Adam. More

06-21-00: After spotting the recent posts regarding LOTR swords, Austin G. (being partial to broadswords) sent me this link to another sword. More

06-20-00: Helena M. spotted a feature about J.R.R. Tolkien over at It has some MP3 excerpts from the trilogy. More

06-20-00: There is to be a film festival in Wellington from July 14th through the 30th. Ringbearer has the details and pics you crave. More

06-20-00: Sci-Fi Magazine recently featured a small article regarding Lord of the Rings, the cast members, and the fan sites. Interesting. More

06-20-00: Dark Horizons has a totally awesome LOTR movie poster. Honestly, I can't determine whether it's geniune or not. More

06-20-00: Oops, made a mistake. Rick D. was referring to a different LOTR sword, and this one is certainly more handsome. View it here: More

06-19-00: Rick D. was kind enough to drop me a line concerning a real dagger by Greg Hildebrandt that is up for sale. Check it out: More

06-18-00: Have any of you noticed Sean Bean (Boromir) in an American commercial for Accuvue contact lenses? Charles did, and was kind enough to e-mail me about it. Winona Kent has the details for us. More

06-18-00: Jonny scouted out the Wairapa area where some LOTR filming is being done on the 5th and he got some photos on the 6th. More

06-18-00: A segment of today's Washington Post featured a LOTR article by Terry Pratchett. No movie news. Thanks to Mike for the tip. More

06-18-00: Michael Martinez of fame has dug up some info on the recent casting of Robyn Malcolm, as well as the Ancanar film. More

06-18-00: Cirdan has a recent German television report on Lord of the Rings available for download on his site. More info, as usual, is inside: More

06-17-00: Hannibal Took (his real name) clued me into this LOTR article that ran in a Milwaukee newspaper recently. Sadly, no movie tidbits. More

06-17-00: Mithril's next master figure auction (M132 The Bard of Esgaroth) started on the 14th and finishes at the end of this month. More

06-17-00: Winona Kent has offered to start keeping us updated on Sean Bean's (Boromir) various TV appearances. Here's the first batch. More

06-16-00: Dark Horizons has a couple of new and very interesting production pictures showing the Fellowship and a Black Rider. More

06-16-00: Attention gamers! GameSpot has learned that New Line Cinema is close to finalizing a licensing deal with an unannounced publisher to develop interactive games based on the LOTR movie franchise. More

06-16-00: Sir Ian McKellen has updated his official site with more answers to questions about the movies send it by fans. Interesting issues. McKellen confirms that Arwen will NOT accompany the Fellowship! More

06-16-00: Elemental Films now has an official web site for their upcoming short LOTR film: A press release is inside. More

06-16-00: Michael Martinez has cranked out another article for fairly quickly. This one is in reference to Ancanar, the short LOTR film that a Hollywood studio called Elemental Films is making (see above). More

06-15-00: Philip spotted this article for us over at Tol Galen. It includes info on a new actor and some filming going on near Featherston. More

06-15-00: Michael Martinez's latest article is a mandated read for any rabid J.R.R. Tolkien fan covering various ethical issues. More

06-14-00: I'm baaack!! I must apologize once again for the long delay, but I have some great news and pics coming that you can't miss. More

06-05-00: The official German LOTR site has posted another official production pic. This one looks pretty interesting. More

06-05-00: DWC sent me a link to this hilarious article. Rumor or fact? You, as intelligent visitors to this site, must decide for yourselves. More

06-05-00: Well, it's happening again. I'm going to out of town for a couple of weeks. My family is moving to a place called Brandywine. More

06-05-00: An anonymous informant recently sent me what appears to be a photo of John Rhys-Davies as Gimli in costume. More

06-04-00: Michael Martinez over at has an interesing scan of a letter receioved by Model Pool extras for Lord of the Rings. More

06-04-00: The third X-Men movie trailer is now available. Read comments from Harry and Moriarty (and download the trailer) here: More

06-04-00: Some scans of a recent Sean Bean article showed up in my inbox yesterday thanks to Nona. The article is from 442 Magazine. More

06-02-00: The winner of the LOTR cartoon contest has been decided. The winning entry, as well as some others, are inside: More

06-02-00: Here's some exciting news about a new sister site we're planning on opening in July. If you collect Tolkien memorabilia (figures, paintings, etc.) there is an opportunity for you to contribute to this new site. More

06-01-00: E! Online has updated. Lots of news, including some tidbits regarding Ents, cast wardrobe, music, and Bombadil. More

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