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12-30-00: The January "Force of Hobbit" feature from E! Online has been published over at their site. Lots of great info, as usual. More

12-30-00: Bubbly Box Office Anticipated This Weekend (Excite News)
Another Christmas Day debut, New Line's Cuban missile crisis drama "Thirteen Days," grossed $103,000 through Wednesday on eight screens... More

12-29-00: Here are the latest worldwide Sean Bean TV appearances. More

12-28-00: Company of the Ring has scored some photos from Jackson's recent (and much publicized) film wrap party in New Zealand. Good stuff. More

12-28-00: It's official: the voice of Treebeard has been selected, and it's actually a current member of the trilogy's cast! Can you guess who it is? More

12-28-00: For you fellow Linux gurus out there, Planet Tolkien spotted a small tidbit in a Linux magazine that mentions The Lord of the Rings. More

12-27-00: Harry Knowles' final installment of his "Aventures in Middle Earth" series has been posted. In it, he sums up his thoughts. More

12-27-00: Interested in reading a first-hand account of Jackson's wrap party? Richard Woodd has the report for us. Interesting stuff here. More

12-26-00: A couple of new photos (one of Aragorn with some stone trolls and another of Frodo) have been published by USA Today. More

12-26-00: A Feast of Film (Newsweek)
Jan. 2001 — After last year’s inconsequential lineup of movies, some Hollywood executives are starting to sound like football coaches justifying... More

12-26-00: Watch Out Harry, Hobbits Are Coming Back (MSNBC)
THESE TWO FILMS will be going head to head,” said Adrian Bourne, managing director of the trade division of HarperCollins Publishers. Borne... More

12-26-00: Lord of the Hobbits (The Irish Times)
In a place named Middle-earth practical English common sense meets the mythic with an imaginative genius and epic grandeur as found... More

12-26-00: Fantastic Development: 'Lord of Rings' Trailer (The ATC)
Hollywood --- Fantasy meets reality when New Line premieres the teaser trailers to its The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, attached... More

12-26-00: Picking her Roles and Colleagues (International Herald Tribune)
HALF MOON BAY, California. Cate Blanchett is looking particularly ethereal. Perhaps it's the way she's roosting on a pillow on the floor of... More

12-26-00: Parts IX and X of Harry Knowles' series of articles titled "A Geek's Adventure in Middle Earth" are now available. Great stuff! More

12-24-00: We've got a confirmed (yes, 100% confirmed) release date for the trailer for Fellowship of the Ring. We don't have to wait much longer! More

12-24-00: Ringers Revel at Wrap Party (The NZ Herald)
Wellingtonians showed they could party with the best of them last night at a function to mark the end of filming for The Lord of the Rings trilogy. More

12-24-00: Rings Under Their Eyes (The Evening Post)
The wrap party marking the end of 15 months filming for director Peter Jackson's $650 million, three-film project was held last night in Shed 21 on Wellington's waterfront with more than 2000 guests enjoying an all-night shindig. More

12-23-00: Blanchett Tackles New Queen (Sci Fi Wire)
Cate Blanchett, who received an Oscar nomination for playing Elizabeth, told SCI FI Wire that it's a completely different thing playing the queen... More

12-23-00: Guess which world-famous individual likes Lord of the Rings? The answer can be found inside this short Yahoo! News article. More

12-23-00: The unofficial Dominic Monaghan (Merry) web site has received a letter from "Dom" with some interesting info in it about filming. More

12-22-00: Parts VI, VII, and VIII of Harry Knowles' series of articles titled "A Geek's Adventure in Middle Earth" are now available. More

12-22-00: Rings Cast Celebrates (The Dominion)
Fifteen months of film production drew to a close last night on Wellington's waterfront at [TLOTR] end-of-shoot party for cast and crew... More

12-22-00: Scoop has released some fantastic images of a Hobbit bridge. They were taken at the old Hobbiton set, which has been torn down. More

12-22-00: Rings Party Tickets Scalped for $1500 (The Dominion)
Tickets to a massive Lord of the Rings' wrap party on Wellington's waterfront on December 22 are being scalped for more than $1,500 each... More

12-22-00: Rings Party Security Tightened (The Evening Post)
Security for The Lord of the Rings wrap party [Friday] ... has been increased because some tickets may have been scalped for up to $1500 each. More

12-22-00: Three -- 'Rings' Circus (The Boston Globe)
A year from today, there's a good chance you or someone you know -- or, at the very least, someone who knows someone you know -- will be... More

12-20-00: Cirdan alerted me to several new (and old) pics that have just been released. The first few are pics of the Minas Tirith set from The Evening Post. The others are cleaned-up pics of Gandalf in Moria and the armies of Gondor and Rohan. There is also a wonderfully cool Hobbit pic! More

12-19-00: Parts III, IV, and V of Harry Knowles' series of articles titled "A Geek's Adventure in Middle Earth" are now available. Fantastic! More

12-17-00: Here's another article about LOTR's upcoming wrap party, to which 3000 invited guests will flock. Don't you wish you could attend? More

12-16-00: Lots of Tolkien fans would do anything to get tickets to the film wrap party that Jackson and company are holding in New Zealand. More

12-16-00: Here's part 2 of Harry Knowles' coverage of his trip to New Zealand. Lots of new spoilers here. This is a must-read article. More

12-14-00: We've got more pics of the Minas Tirith set for you. These are from a foreign magazine, and were noticed by Tolkien Online first. More

12-14-00: David C. alerted us to this spoiler-filled article from Harry at Ain't It Cool News. It appears that he took a trip to NZ recently... More

12-13-00: It's a question that would stump even Gandalf. Can people take photographs of Lord of the Rings film sets without permission? More

12-12-00: The Evening Post has scored some new photos of the Minas Tirith set in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. These are pretty nice! More

12-12-00: Tolkien Online has received word from a spy that confirms all of our suspicions about the great Rings pics released Saturday. More

12-11-00: Thanks to the guys at Tolkien Online for this bit about LOTR special effects. An employee at Weta divulged some info in a recent article. More

12-11-00: Do you know why Jackson's Lord of the Rings will be the greatest set of films ever? Here are the reasons, straight from Madman Magazine. More

12-11-00: Actors from Jackson's Lord of the Rings appeared at a recent charity show in New Zealand. This article includes a pic of Mr. Monaghan. More

12-09-00: Cirdan from Herr Der Ringe Film was the first to find these fantastic pics of Gandalf in Moria and what appear to be Gondorian and Rohirrim soldiers. Both pics are from TV Spielfilm, a German magazine. More

12-08-00: Here's a story that's sure to make some Tolkienists livid! Liv Tyler (Arwen) might be replacing Cindy Crawford as Revlon's cover girl. More

12-08-00: Michael H. from Stragglethorpe Hall in the United Kingdom was kind enough to inform me about a postcard that was sent from J.R.R. Tolkien himself to his (Michael's) Uncle. It'll be up for auction on Dec. 13th. More

12-08-00: Here's the latest news from Mithril. Postage dates for Christmas on now available on their site, so order soon for delivery by the 25th! More

12-07-00: Dare anyone think that Jackson's Lord of the Rings is going to have more in common with his horror films then we all expect? Oh my! More

12-07-00: The Evening Post has a report on another recent showing of some Rings footage to about 150 cinema owners and distributors. More

12-06-00: Here are the latest Sean Bean TV appearances. More

12-06-00: Cirdan alerted us to this fantastic overhead photo of the Minas Tirith set by The Evening Post. It's worth a look-see! More

12-05-00: Did you have a bad day like I did? Here's a little something that will make it better for you. Someone really has it in for Star Wars. More

12-05-00: Bad news! My bud Joram (Ringbearer) contacted New Line, who confirmed that a LOTR teaser WILL NOT be attached to D&D! More

12-05-00: More bad news! The release date for 13 Days, a film that a LOTR teaser is rumored to be attached to, has been pushed back! Argh! More

12-05-00: Rings is entering the home stretch, as this article from Science Fiction News elaborates upon. Filming is scheduled to wrap Dec. 22. More

12-05-00: Peter Jackson is up for New Zealand's "Man of the Year!" Stop by the NZ Herald web site and cast your vote for our hero today. More

12-04-00: For you Tolkien aficionados out there, Michael Martinez's latest article is now available at Were the Elves greedy slobs? More

12-04-00: David C. was kind enough to alert us to this article from Empire Online in which Christopher Lee (Saruman) speaks out about his role. More

12-03-00: Merry from has scored an interview with Mr. Robert Neale, who was one of the readers at the Palmerston library's hosted reading of the entire LOTR trilogy. Neale once met Professor Tolkien himself. More

12-03-00: The faithful Leonides sends word that we could see a LOTR teaser in theatres as soon as December 8th, possible attached to D&D. More

12-01-00: E! Online has updated! Their December feature includes mostly old information, but there is an interesting interview with Gimli. More

12-01-00: Sir Ian McKellen's latest E-Post is filled with lots of juicy information. Check inside for his great description of the Rivendell set. More

12-01-00: The folks at Tolkien Online have received word that the LOTR trailer may be attached to Kevin Costner's 13 Days quite soon. Exciting! More

12-01-00: New Line's latest flop caps off a bad year, as this article elaborates upon. Will The Lord of the Rings save the day for this studio? More

11-30-00: Some exciting LOTR toy news here! Sideshow Toy is partnering with Weta Workshop to produce a line of polystone collectible toys. More

11-30-00: Interested in catching Sean Bean (Boromir) on your local television station? Nona was kind enough to send us listings for next month. More

11-29-00: Spoiler alert!! Want to see Jackson's version of an Oliphaunt? Well, you can... or, at least, you can see a dead version. More

11-29-00: Exciting news! We have an official statement here from Sam Balcomb with Elves will not have pointy ears in his film. More

11-28-00: We've got some sad news. Rayner Unwin, of Allen & Unwin publishers (the first to publish LOTR) has died. Thanks to Paul K. for the note. More

11-27-00: Chris alerted me to this bit from Dark Horizons. Big news here, folks!! Some footage from Rings will be shown in Wellington, New Zealand next weekend. Check inside for info on how you can register to attend! More

11-26-00: Well, it looks like John Rhys-Davies' reading of the first chapter of The Lord of the Rings in a New Zealand library was a success. More

11-26-00: Many fans are concerned about how the accents and languages of the various races of Middle-earth will be portrayed on film. This article serves to allay any fears that these people (including myself) might have. Great! More

11-26-00: Sauron's Bane was kind enough to send us this scan of an article that ran in the U.K. television guide, Radio Times. Not much new here. More

11-24-00: Palmerston North city library in New Zealand is going to be hosting a public reading of The Lord of the Rings, with John Rhys-Davies (Gimli) reading the first chapter. BTW, I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! More

11-21-00: Special thanks go to Chris B. for tipping me off to this video report from TV One news. Scroll down to the November 13th archive. More

11-21-00: Hmm, it turns out that the report from The Evening Post that the Rings premiere will be held in Wellington, New Zealand, was false. Claire Raskind says any judgement on this matter is premature. More

11-20-00: If you're wondering where The Lord of the Rings will be released first in New Zealand, the answer is Wellington. The answer to that same question on a worldwide scale is yet to be determined. More info is inside. More

11-19-00: Nathan Lindsell sends word that there are a couple of non-Sierra Tolkien RPG games in the works. Check inside for more info: More

11-19-00: The Christchurch Press recently got to attend a Lord of the Rings press conference. This is their report, courtesy of Sharon. More

11-19-00: Here more information from The NZ Herald that wasn't posted on the 17th. Includes some interesting statistics and a small surprise. More

11-17-00: There are lots of new pics available in our image directory, including a map of New Zealand showing where film sets are located. More

11-17-00: The NZ Herald asked Erica Challis of to name the top Tolkien sites on the Internet. Here's her list (we're included). More

11-17-00: More The New Zealand Herald. This is a VERY lengthy article, but well worth the read. Includes a pic of Gandalf, Frodo, and Eómer. More

11-17-00: Here's an article from The New Zealand Herald titled "Road to Rings." It's interesting, and give some nice LOTR-related statistics. More

11-17-00: Woo-hoo! The Gaucho sends word that we can expect a new Lord of the Rings trailer to be released on the Internet by December. More

11-17-00: Sharon submitted these tidbits from Contact to us, along with yet another cast photo. This one is of Jackson and various others. More

11-16-00: Interested in another take on the 20-minutes of LOTR footage that was recently shown? Tolkien Online has a fantastic exclusive report. More

11-16-00: Good news for some. The folks at Ancanar won't be using those crazy, huge Dungeons & Dragons-style Elf ears in their film. Whew! More

11-15-00: Here's an article from The Evening Post that serves as a companion to their infamous Nazgūl photo that came out yesterday. More

11-15-00: New Zealand Health Ministers wearing 5kg helmets from The Lord of the Rings? Believe it or not, you can find an explanation inside. More

11-14-00: Lots of new spoiler pics have been added to our image area, including one of a Black Rider crashing and burning. Great stuff! More

11-14-00: Ain't It Cool News has a LOTR scoop for the first time in quite a while. Click for more info on an Australia footage screening: More

11-14-00: Here's another article from The Evening Post. It concentrates mainly on filming that is continuing in the Wellington area. Includes a pic. More

11-13-00: The Evening Post is ticked off about not being invited to the recent press briefing (which is where all the other papers got these great group photos). Hmmm, I wonder why they weren't invited? BIG DUH!!!!!!!!! More

11-13-00: Here's the latest news from Mithril. The folks there are starting a master figure auction for the Lake-town Guardsman soon. More

11-13-00: Yet another article about the approaching end of filming. This one includes a nice quip from Rhys-Davies (Gimli) near the end. More

11-12-00: Lots of new pics have been posted in our image area. Stop by to check out a fantastic group cast photo, pics of Elijah Wood and Peter Jackson talking to reporters, and a photo of part of Minas Tirith. More

11-12-00: Exciting news here for some of us!! Bakshi's animated Lord of the Rings is tentatively scheduled for release on DVD sometime next year. Contact information is inside; use it if you want to support the release. More

11-12-00: Here's the Sunday Star Times version of the recent interview with Peter Jackson. Includes a pic. Very long; well worth the read. More

11-12-00: Yes, Lord of the Rings will meet its filming deadline! Shooting is scheduled to wrap-up on December 22nd. This article from Stuff has the details, as well as some comments from Peter Jackson. Check it out. More

11-12-00: Looks like John Rhys-Davies is pretty impressed with Jackson. This short article from The New Zealand Herald contains his high praise. More

11-12-00: Yes!!! Finally, some exciting news! Joram over at Ringbearer passed this on to us. It's an interview with Jackson himself. Lots of juicy tidbits. It even includes a pic of Elijah Wood and PJ. More news to come soon. More

11-11-00: John Badenhorst was kind enough to send us some information on the Hobbit stage play taking place in London. Pics are included. More

11-11-00: This article is, as Sharon put it, simply inane. Read it if you were ever interested in how the LOTR crew's houses are getting cleaned. More

11-10-00: Scoop has released three new images of what appears to be the mill at Bywater. Very interesting. What they had built looks fantastic. More

11-09-00: We know who will be composing music for LOTR, but who will be performing it? This article from The Evening Post has the scoop on an orc-estra (pun intended) that is doing its best to be Jackson's choice. More

11-09-00: What will Sean Bean be doing after Lord of the Rings? Info on his next film project can be found inside. This is actually kind of interesting. More

11-08-00: We've got a whole slew of new pics, including a pic from McKellen's site of the Fellowship crossing some mountains, a pic of a forest battle, and some prototypes Lord of the Rings movie posters. Check 'em out! More

11-08-00: "Sauron's Bane" sends word that Little Nicky will be released on November 17th in the UK, and the LOTR trailer may be attached to it, so all of you UK fans should watch the theatres if you want to catch it.

11-06-00: Here's a more lengthy article about the end-of-filming party that was held by LOTR cast and crew in Clyde, NZ on Saturday night. More

11-06-00: Judging from this very brief article from The Otago Daily Times, Peter Jackson and crew know how to get down and party, Hobbit-style! More

11-06-00: Here's an article about Sean Bean (Boromir) from WM Mag, and yes, it includes a LOTR reference, so I don't want to hear complaints! More

11-05-00: Cirdan sends word that, in the December issue of Total Film Magazine (UK), there are three new exclusive pics from The Lord of the Rings. Can anyone get a scan of these for me? If so, please send them here.

11-05-00: has updated. Check out the latest E-Post for Sir Ian's answers to questions being prepared if the film trilogy bombs. More

11-05-00: Here's the latest news from New Zealand, delivered to us by the good folks at The Realm of the Ring. Everyone must be hungry for more. More

11-05-00: David (not my brother, another David) has dug up another photo that he has questions about. Read his analysis and view the pic inside. More

11-03-00: Cyphany found a hidden photo on the web site. It appears to be a genuine still of two figures in front of a waterfall. More

11-03-00: Cirdan has the lowdown on Harper Collins' recent announcement of two Tolkien titles, which are to be released next year. They are The Fellowship of the Ring Movie Companion and The LOTR Movie Souvenir Guide. More

11-03-00: Here's the latest article from The Southland Times. It's about the $15 million that Queenstown has pulled in ... all thanks to LOTR. More

11-03-00: Warren C. says that Young People's Theatre in Toronto, Canada has an adaptation of The Hobbit playing now. He'll try to get a review. More

11-03-00: Nona e-mailed yesterday with a correction to the Sean Bean news item we reported on November 1st. Please be sure to read this. More

11-02-00: Will Arwen be part of the Fellowship after all? Itzy has found some evidence in a LOTR poster that would seem to substantiate this. More

11-01-00: All right, we have more Sean Bean news, but not from who you think. This bit comes to us by way of a spy called "Sauron's Bane." More

11-01-00: I can't say much for this Evening Post article, but the pic attached to it is fantastic. Get a good side view of an Orc right here: More

10-30-00: This isn't quite the sort of news we've been hoping for, but ... Orlando Bloom took a fall on a horse a few days ago and bruised his ribs. More

10-29-00: One of our informants showed me something I didn't know about today. On the official Ian McKellen site, there is a photo area: More

10-29-00: Finally, a new picture to talk about! It's from The Evening Post and it appears to be a broken castle. Perhaps it's Minas Tirith after the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. In any case, let the discussion about it begin! More

10-28-00: Here's the latest Sean Bean (Boromir) news from Nona. Some people have been complaining about the amount of Sean Bean news being posted on this site, but believe me, if we had ANY news relating to actual production of the film, you could find it here first! At least this is something to read. More

10-28-00: Jonny Grindlay, who is with our sister site, The Realm of the Ring, is famous once again! This article covers his recent MPEG creation. More

10-28-00: Here's a pretty amusing editorial from The Dominion regarding the recent string of stories about the NZ Army's involvement in LOTR. More

10-27-00: A German investment company is trying to raise $380m to invest in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Things are happening! More

10-27-00: Want to see some pics of Boromir serving as goalie in an England vs. Scotland charity football match at Wembley on October 19th? More

10-26-00: Here's the latest news from our pals at Mithril. Their long-awaited new release, titled "The Shire to the Barrow Downs," is now available. More

10-26-00: Interested in watching Sean Bean (Boromir) perform on television? Here's a schedule of his upcoming worldwide TV appearances. More

10-26-00: The winning punch line has finally been selected in John Cook's bi-monthly Fraud of the Rings cartoon contest. You've got to read it! More

10-25-00: This isn't LOTR-related (it's D&D related), but it's still a picture of a cool CG dragon. Perhaps we'll see something like this in LOTR. More

10-25-00: Here's another article regarding the New Zealand Army controversy, this time from the Stuff site. A few interesting tidbits, nothing more. More

10-25-00: There seems to be some controversy surrounding the New Zealand Army's involvement in Lord of the Rings filming. Details inside. More

10-25-00: Here's that L.A. Times article I had requested. John R. sent me a link to the online version and Justin B. scanned the article for me. More

10-25-00: Jeff L. wanted me to let you know about a site he and his friends are working on. It's called Tolkien Evolution. They'll be opening the site very soon, and it's impressive so far. Keep checking here for their announcement.

10-24-00: John R. says that the L.A. Times for October 22nd has some information on Wellington in it, as well as a small LOTR mention. Can anyone get a scan of this for me? If so, please e-mail it to me. Thank you!

10-24-00: Filming is due to wrap-up in Te Anau very soon. For now, cast and crew have the weekend off to fish, bungy jump, and skydive. More

10-24-00: Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) is taking advantage of the expected LOTR merchandizing bonanza immediately. How? With Gandalf T-shirts. More

10-23-00: Here's another article, this time from MSNBC, covering the "Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings" movie success debate. Boring! More

10-22-00: The Sheffield Star is publishing excerpts from the new book called Sean Bean: The Biography. The text of the first installment is inside: More

10-21-00: Are you interested in perusing the largest Sean Bean bibliography in the world? The Compleat Sean Bean has compiled a good one. More

10-21-00: More news from Nona. Sean Bean (Boromir) will be appearing on BBC America television today at 3:00pm PT. Check your local listings. More

10-21-00: Long days and "roughing it" while working with horses on the movie Lord of the Rings were all part of the experience, Wilson says. More

10-20-00: Nona sent us this article from The Express, a UK magazine. It turns out that Sean Bean (Boromir) has lost his battle to prevent a 70 foot tall, 100-year-old ash tree overlooking his home from being cut down. More

10-20-00: Here's an interesting Yahoo! News article regarding how the upcoming Harry Potter flick might stack up against The Lord of the Rings. More

10-20-00: According to this article from The Timaru Herald, cast and crew of The Lord of the Rings are making good use of their time in Twizel. More

10-20-00: The folks at The Realm of the Ring have come up with a fantastic  MPEG tour of various Lord of the Rings sets. It's worth a download. More

10-18-00: Here's a VERY long article from a magazine called The Listener. It's so long that nobody was willing to try to enter it into the computer, so we've secure these 10 large scans for you to peruse at your leisure. More

10-18-00: Jonathan from Tolkien Online has information on where to find a recent interview with Dominic Monaghan (Merry). Interesting stuff here. More

10-18-00: Remember the bloke that got arrested for stealing over 90 minutes of Lord of the Rings footage? His name has finally been released. More

10-18-00: Winona Kent sends word that a great new biography of Sean Bean (Boromir) is now available. Click inside for purchasing info. More

10-18-00: Today was the first day of filming for the Ancanar crew. Stop by their web site for some goodies. Their work has been impressive so far. More

10-17-00: Special thanks to David at Tolkien Online for pointing out this interview with Orlando Bloom (Legolas) from the Otago Daily Times. Nice! More

10-17-00: Leonides, Kales1, and Gwaihir have started an online story on our message board about their struggle to keep secret Lord of the Rings audition scripts from being captured by Jackson and his henchmen! More

10-16-00: Rings film crew is leaving mid-Canterbury, as this short NZPA article reports. Also, destruction of the Edoras set began this week. More

10-16-00: Here's more info on the "mistreatment" of Rings extras. This article also includes a fantastic pic of some Gondorian soldiers! More

10-15-00: This article isn't exactly Tolkien-related, but it does talk about the recent decisions by studios to shoot film sequels simultaneously. More

10-13-00: The kids at Peter Jackson's old school, Pukerua Bay, having been working on a Hobbit play (using puppets) for the past year. More

10-13-00: TV One has put together some sort of special behind-the-scenes report on Lord of the Rings. I haven't had a chance to view it myself. More

10-13-00: Things apparently got a little overheated in the Lord of the Rings temp wardrobe late yesterday, as this Southland Times article elaborates. More

10-12-00: The Realm of the Ring has made available to us an MPEG version of the recent TV One news segment regarding filming at Queenstown. More

10-12-00: Jeremiah from The Tolkien Archives was kind enough to alert me to this short article detailing the latest LOTR computer game news. Electronic Arts is in final negotiations to secure the rights to produce a game. More

10-12-00: The good folks at The Realm of the Ring have given us some screen shots from a recent TV One segment regarding Queenstown filming. More

10-11-00: The Southland Times has had a chance to interview John "Gimli" Rhys-Davies and they've compiled it into a very informative article. More

10-11-00: Today, Lord of the Rings cast and crew celebrate the one year anniversary of the start of filming. Producer Barrie Osborne said he could not recall celebrating a film anniversary since Apocalypse Now. More

10-11-00: What we reported yesterday has been confirmed! Reports that Lord of the Rings extras are being mistreated are completely unfounded. More

10-10-00: Sharon was kind enough to allow us to post her comments on this whole extra exploitation fiasco (see article below). Interesting stuff. More

10-10-00: Hmmm, here is another report concerning alleged exploitation of horse-riding extras by the crew of Lord of the Rings. Sounds phony. More

10-10-00: Lord of the Rings crew are packing up and leaving Queenstown after filming some Fellowship scenes. The complete details are inside: More

10-10-00: John Cook e-mailed me today with news that his latest Lord of the Rings cartoon contest is up. Stop by and submit a punchline! More

10-10-00: This isn't LOTR news, but I think it's pretty exciting. Jurassic Park is being released on DVD today! Why not pick up your own copy? More

10-09-00: Here's a rather lengthy (and interesting) interview with Sean Astin, who will be playing Sam in LOTR. Includes several nice pics. More

10-08-00: Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) took part in a radio interview yesterday. I haven't had time to listen to it myself, but I hear that it was good. More

10-08-00: Jackson is receiving some smoke (hehe) from a few organizations that want his flick to be politically correct. Basically, they don't want anybody to smoke in the trilogy! Fortunately, Jackson isn't backing down. More

10-07-00: This isn't LOTR-related, but I thought some folks might be interested. I recently attended our local museum's presentation of "The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park" and I also got a chance to attend an advanced screening of the upcoming Jurassic Park DVD on a 22 foot HDTV. Pics and a report are inside. More

10-06-00: A guy named Joe e-mailed me yesterday and said that if we get a slow news day, we could post a link to this Mordor-focused trailer he has created. It's excellent stuff and I recommend that you check it out. More

10-05-00: Our friends over at Tolkien Online have posted an interview with an advisor on the upcoming Lord of the Rings board game. Fascinating. More

10-05-00: Would you be interested in helping to create a multimedia introduction to the history, characters, and languages of Middle-earth for Tolkien newbies? Hans from Norway has volunteered to coordinate such a venture. More

10-05-00: Ancanar is due to start filming in California on the 15th. Get the scoop on this and lots of other news in's latest update. More

10-05-00: Visit Sir Ian McKellen's October 3rd Grey Book update to read about his views on Gandalf's relationship with his horse, Shadowfax. More

10-05-00: On October 3rd, Sir Ian McKellen updated his E-Post. If you haven't already visited it, I encourage you to do so. Very interesting info! More

10-05-00: We now have a full color version of the pic of Minas Tirith that was released yesterday. The set sort of looks like an apartment! More

10-04-00: An interesting new photo of the Minas Tirith set, which is located to the north-west of Wellington, is now available through this link: More

10-02-00: Here's a short article from The Otago Daily Times about filming in and around Methven. It seems that the town, similar to New Zealand itself, has received something of an economic boost from cast and crew. More

10-02-00: Sharon, who occasionally contributes news to this site, and Beren, webmaster of Tol Galen, recently got a chance to visit a LOTR set. More

10-01-00: Welcome to October! Here are the results of the Sean Bean "sketch a squirrel" charity auction. The picture ended up selling for £365. More

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